The Dark Side

 by Estee 

Story moved to Blackraptor in October 2009

Chris, Buck and Ezra relaxed on the patio, enjoying the warm rays of the afternoon sun.  It was one of the first mild days of the year and they were happy to be able to spend some time outside.

Several yards away, Vin and JD were also taking advantage of the sunny day, testing out the new mini golf set Uncle Ezra had brought for them.  Vin swung his little plastic club and watched as the slightly oversized, hollow plastic ball went sailing across the yard.  “Yes!”  He thrust his fist in the air, then turned to JD.  “Go get the ball, JD.”

JD’s eyebrows drew together and he stomped his little foot.  “That’s not fair!  I got it last time!”

Vin shrugged a shoulder, then turned to practice swinging his club at an invisible target on the grass.  “I get it after your turn, and you get it after my turn.  That’s the deal.”  It wasn’t his fault that JD couldn’t hit the ball.

“Well,” JD stomped his foot again, scowling at the older boy.  “I ain’t getting it this time!” he shouted then folded his arms across his chest and turned his back to Vin.  “Hmph.”

Vin glanced at JD’s backside, then up at the patio.  Nobody was paying attention to them right now, although, he knew he’d be busted as soon as the deed was done.  JD could be very loud.  Taking a moment to weigh the potential consequences, he quickly came to the conclusion that, yes, he’d probably end up in trouble, but he doubted it would be a lot of trouble.  It wasn’t like it was a real club, he assured himself.  And then, suddenly, it was just too tempting . . ..  He raised the plastic club and swung it forward.


“OW!”  JD’s hands flew to his backside and he spun around, shocked.

“Oops.”  Vin tried real hard to look apologetic, but his face just wouldn’t cooperate.

“You did that on purpose!”  JD squawked, loud enough to draw the attention of the men on the patio.

“You boys okay?” Buck called out.

JD stood rubbing the seat of his pants, deciding whether to get Vin in trouble or not.  “I’m okay,” he finally replied, giving Vin a disgruntled look.  It stung, but he wasn’t a baby.

“Uh . . . sorry,” Vin said, unable to stop himself from grinning.

JD’s eyes narrowed, Vin didn’t fool him.  “You ain’t sorry,” he said, raising his own golf club and waving it menacingly, “but you’re gonna be.”

Vin’s eyes lit up and he lifted his club to meet JD’s.  “Oh, yeah?”

The two boys stood face to face, grinning at each other, and then JD declared, “There can be only one!” and began swinging the club . . . er, katana wildly.

“Ha!”  Vin shouted, and began making the humming noise of a lightsaber – a green one, just like Master Qui Gon Jinn’s.  “You can’t defeat a Jedi Master!”


“Wanna bet?”




Out of the corner of his eye, Vin noticed that Chris was striding across the yard toward them.


Grown-ups were no fun at all, sometimes, he thought, quickly getting in one last Whap!  before he backed away from the duel. 

The two men remaining on the patio sat back in their chairs, watching with amusement as their boss and team leader moved in to take charge of the unruly situation.  It was obvious to them that Vin was aware of the approach of one of his fathers, but little JD seemed not to have noticed. His eyes were closed as he slashed his club back and forth, still deeply involved in the battle. 

Buck squinted his eyes, as if he were suddenly afraid to keep watching.  He glanced at Ezra and said, “I have a bad feeling."

As soon as Vin saw the look on Chris’ face, he dropped his 'saber'.  “JD,” he tried to warn, but JD didn’t hear him.  “JD!” he said louder, and finally JD opened his eyes, but by then it was too late.  Unable to halt the momentum of his plastic golf club/katana, it struck full-force, connecting just below the belt.



The spectators on the patio winced and crossed their legs.

Chris growled, doubling over in pain.

For a moment, JD seemed frozen in place.  He stared at Chris with wide fear-filled eyes then he dropped his club and took a step backwards. “Uh . . . sorry, Chris,” he took another step back, “sorry.”

Chris stood up straight -- well, almost straight -- and fixed a glare on both boys.  ‘Anger leads to the Dark Side’ Yoda had said, and Vin believed it.  Chris’ face was red and his clothes were black and he looked like the most-scariest Sith Lord ever, at that moment.  Fear, also, lead to the Dark Side, but he’d have to deal with that later.  Right now, there was only one thing to do, he thought.  “JD,” he said, glancing toward the safety of the patio. “Run!”

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