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Little Britches Old West Stories

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The original stories in the Little Britches Old West universe:

The Train West - K. Poffenberger

Orphan cousins Vin Tanner and JD Dunne are sent out west to find a new family but Josiah can't find one that will take both boys. Determined to keep them together, Vin runs away with JD to live with the Indians. Will the team find the boys in time and will Vin and JD find a home together......


In the Arms of Love - K. Poffenberger

Vin and JD have traveled from Boston to the West to find a family and finally have found a home in the strong arms of Chris Larabee and Buck Wilmington. It's not a smooth homecoming as they all adjust to being a family. Chris and Vin especially have a lot to overcome, but with love, they just might make it....


More stories in the LB Old West universe:


Stories Staring with A

All Hallows Eve - Jeanne

It's been a rough few days for a very sick Vin and his new father who has worn himself out trying to care for the small boy. While the two sleep, an angel makes her visit.....


Almost Home- Ann Stuart

Overhearing part of a conversation between Chris and Buck, Vin thinks they don't want the boys any longer. Determined not to be separated from JD, he takes the boy on a dangerous journey. Chris and Buck reach them in time to see a rattlesnake strike Vin. Will they be able to save the small boy and keep their new family intact?

Stories Staring with B

Banking Disaster - Phyllis

Vin and JD are caught in the middle of a shoot out with bank robbers.


Between Heaven and Hell - PennyM and May Robinson

With Christmas only a few days away, all is not well in the Larabee/Wilmington household. Buck's injured, JD's worried and Chris is torn between staying home and taking the boys on a pre-planned adventure intended for the whole family. A compromise is reached but the consequences could be dire.


Birthday Treasures - Raul Sanchez

Chris is at wits end when Vin keeps disobeying him and playing with guns so Buck suggests that maybe he should teach the child how to shoot. The small boy proves to be a natural and when Vin's birthday comes around, Chris gives him his own rifle. But it's 'Uncle Ezra' who surprises with his present.....


Bogs and Bugs - Ruby

JD in a hole... Bob the Beetle... Marion the Caterpillar... This is a goofy, fun little romp.


By Any Name - Wendy W

It's time for the boys to call the men something other then 'Mister.' But what? Chris isn't sure he is ready to be called 'Pa' again, but small Vin shows him it isn't the name that matters, it's the love....


Stories Staring with C


Carving Their Niche - Joy K

The weeks following the boys' arrival at Chris and Buck's place are spent adjusting to being a family. While JD is starting to believe that life can be good again, Vin has problems trusting that something won't go wrong. Can Chris help him learn how to become a kid again and can Vin, in turn, show Chris how to live again?


Change of Heart - Winter

A trip into town turns serious when Vin is accidentally shot by someone gunning for Chris. Will the incident prove that the boys don't belong with the gunslingers?


Christmas Eve in the Territory - Jeanne
Vin & JD learn some new traditions about Christmas.



Stories Staring with D


Dark Memories - Ann Stuart

When a gang of bad guys capture Chris, Buck, Josiah  and Nathan, it's Ezra, Vin and JD to the rescue. And Vin is finally able to let go of a memory that has haunted him for far too long...


Dear God - Marian

Vin writes a letter to God.


Digging For Stones - Raven

JD "helps" Buck with the gardening, and mayhem ensues.


Down Came the Rain - KT

A violent storm wreaks havoc for Buck and JD on the road, as well as those in town.

Dream Catcher - Kathy M
Vin helps JD deal with bad dreams


Stories Staring with E


Echoes of Past Deeds - Wendy W

A nightmare from Vin and JD's past rides into town bringing to light shameful secrets. The peacekeepers gather round to protect the boys and recuse Vin. But who will rescue him from the small minded people in town?


Echoes Silenced - Wendy W

Nettie hears the unkind talk in town and is not happy. She sets out to right things and, in the process, is designated one of Vin's 'save havens'....


Extended Family - Wendy W

Nettie is adopted by the boys as a Grandmother and she introduces them to the 'Grandma rules'.....


Extenuating Circumstances - Wendy W

While looking for a show and tell item for school, the boys find a dead coyote and her pups, which are too young to be weaned. When he spys Chris get rid of the puppies, an angry Vin starts to act out and Chris must teach him the difference between a firm hand of guidance and a hand of punishment....

Ezra Claus - MMW

When the boys share the gift of the season with a depressed Ezra he becomes blessed as well. And inspired to take on the part of Santa Claus.....

Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Secret - MMW

Unable to sleep Christmas Eve, the boys discover a bag of gifts left by Father Christmas. Is it a secret ploy to get Buck and Chris, or is it truly a gift from a mysterious red-coat benefactor?


Stories Staring with F


Family Secrets, Family Ties - KT
Hidden things about Buck's past are revealed when his mother comes to visit.


A Father's Embrace - Jeanne
A little Father - Son comfort.


Forgiveness - Laramee
Vin's injured and Chris, Buck and JD hold vigil at his bedside.


A Friend in Deed - Winter

An accident while cleaning the rifle leaves Buck injured and the two boys on their own. Vin rides for town and Chris, but is thrown off his horse and knocked out. Chris arrives home in time to help Buck, only to find that Vin is missing. How will Chris be able to find Vin in the dark? Peso has the answer....


Stories Staring with G


Glass, Frog, Shoes: A Typical Morning - MMW

Just a regular morning and all the bumps and trials along the way


A Good Name - Tidia
Part of the Last Words Series: Vin's mother's last words.


Stories Staring with H


Halloween Plans - Wendy W

Vin and JD are planning a special Halloween surprise for Buck and Chris when Vin cuts his hand using the knife he isn't allowed to use. Vin opts not to tell anyone and gets JD to go along. When Chris finds out and starts to come down on him, Buck interrupts and teaches Chris a few things about raising kids.....


Heartstrings - Winter

The boys and Buck struggle to become a family, but Chris is resisting them all the way. Vin is determined that this is going to be his and JD's home and goes about making it happen. Will Vin be able to break into Chris heart in time?


Humble Pie - JJJunky

A friend who's not a friend, Ezra 'cheating' at cards, and hurtful words toward Nathan cause Vin to question relationships, struggling to find the truth.


Stories Staring with I


If You Love Something... - Winter

When Vin's beloved horse Peso goes missing and then turns up as the property of someone else, the grown-ups all try to get the horse back for the child. But it is 'Uncle Ezra' who comes though, earning Vin's undying devotion....


Stories Staring with J


JD's Sacrifice - Phyllis

Chris is injured and both boys think he's dead. After Vin spills his anger and fear, JD makes the biggest sacrifice of his life.

JOY'S BIRTHDAY 'ZINE... (Collection)
2. For I Was a Stranger - Estee

When Ezra is stricken down by a fever while taking care of Vin, it’s up to the little boy to ride for help. Out on the road, he meets a young stranger who needs some help as well.

3. Holiday Vigil - LaraMee

Chris spends the last night of the year tending a very ill little Vin.

5. Retribution - MMW

When Chris and Buck are delayed on the road back home by a storm, the other men take care of the little boys. Then someone from Ezra’s past comes to town and uses Vin Tanner to gain retribution against Standish.


Stories Staring with K


Keepsake - Wendy W

Vin is missing his Mom and so Ms. Nettie finds a 'keepsake' for him to hold to remind him of her...


Kidnapped - Phyllis

A wagon train travels through town. A distraught woman grieves for her lost son. Young JD seems to be just what her new husband needs to keep her quiet. Only one thing stands between his goals and dreams... Buck Wilmington. When Buck is injured and JD goes missing, Chris and Ezra head up the search while Vin and Nathan care for Buck.


Stories Staring with L


Lessons - Aramis

While JD finds learning is fun and easy, Vin finds it just the opposite. He is determined to hide what he thinks is his shameful secret, but when he is mistreated by the school teacher, Chris and the rest of the team spring into action to avenge the boy...


Life's A Picnic - LaraMee

Chris rewards the boys for working hard with an afternoon trip to meet up with Buck. When an accident leaves Chris injured and disoriented, the boys have to take care of him. Waiting for Buck to pass by, Vin makes a tough decision.


A Little Souvenir - Estee

A different view on how Vin came to be with Chris and Buck. Chris goes on a trip and brings home "a Little Souvenir"


Live By the Gun - WendyW

When a journey to see old Indian drawings in New Mexico's desert turns into a perilous, and life threatening adventure for Chris and Vin, the young boy must find the strength to save his new father. As they struggle to come to terms with Chris's past, they begin to bond as father and son…


Stories Staring with M


A new series based on the episodes

Ghosts of the Confederacy - LaraMee (OW)
A new series begins, this one based on the episodes. The first story tells how the group comes together to save a village

One Day Out West - Beth Green (OW)
The second story in this series based on the episodes. Lucas James brings trouble to town and the judge hires the men to protect the community.

Making Arrangements - LaraMee (OW)
An interlude introducing the family's living arrangements

Working Girls - Estee (OW)
The third story in this series based on the episodes. Buck & Chris rescue a working girl, which starts a chain of events including Ezra in a dress and JD considering marriage.

Safecracker - MMW (OW)
The fourth story in this series based on the episodes. Teri Greer and Olivia arrive in town, bringing a whole new brand of trouble.

Witness - Jeanne (OW)
The fifth story in this series based on the episodes. Billy Travis comes back to town only to be haunted by the "devil" who killed his father.

Nemesis - Beth Green (OW)
The sixth story in this series based on the episodes. Chris finds clues to the murders of his wife and son, but his intensity and anger cause Vin to worry about his place with Chris.

The Collector - LaraMee (OW)
The seventh story in this series based on the episodes. Guy Royal brings trouble for Nettie Wells and other small ranchers in the area.

Manhunt - Estee (OW)
The eighth story in this series based on the episodes. Tensions run high when an Indian abducts a white girl.

Interlude: Leaving Town - Estee (OW)
An interlude in this series based on the episodes. Sounds like Chris better be on guard.

Inmate 78 - LaraMee (OW)
The ninth story in this series based on the episodes. Chris is wrongfully imprisoned and the others hunt for him. Vin fears losing his new "Pa"

The New Law - MMW (OW)
The tenth story in this series based on the episodes. The Railroads want a real marshal, so the peacekeepers are no longer needed. Are the seven breaking up?

Sins of the Past - KT (OW)
The eleventh story in this series based on the episodes. JD thinks Buck won't want him anymore when Lucy claims Buck is the father of her baby. Vin's past comes back to haunt him when Yates shows up to take him back to the orphanage.

Love and Honor - Lynda (OW)
The twelfth story in this series based on the episodes. Buck defends Inez's honor. Vin gives Chris a scare and starts to understand why Chris doesn't want him as backup.

Vendetta - KT (OW)
The thirteenth story in this series based on the episodes. The Nichols come to town to avenge the death of a member of their family and Chris Larabee's father-in-law is who they want.

Catching the Easter Bunny - LaraMee (OW)
An Easter interlude in the Magnificent Little Britches Series. The boys set a trap for the Easter Bunny with comical results.

Wagon Train - Part 1 - Estee (OW)
The fourteenth story in this series based on the episodes. A Wagon train comes through town and Dicky O'Shea wants their land. The seven go along to protect the travelers.

Wagon Train - Part  2 - Estee (OW)
The fifteenth story in this series based on the episodes. A Wagon train comes through town and Dicky O'Shea wants their land. The seven go along to protect the travelers.

The Trial - Jeanne (OW)
The sixteenth story in this series based on the episodes. Nathan's father is on trial for murder, and Ezra's mother is jailed for theft.

Interlude: Kaleidoscope of Time - Beth Green (OW)
An interlude in this series based on the episodes. Just how did Vin get that spy glass?

Chinatown - LunaDey (OW)
The seventeenth story in this series based on the episodes. A Chinese man from the railroad camp comes to town to find help to solve the cases of workers missing from the camp. Ezra finds some trouble of his own with a small girl named Li Pong.

Achilles - Nancy W (OW)
The eighteenth story in this series based on the episodes. JD takes Vin's rifle and an accident brings tragedy. Meanwhile, Ezra struggles with Big Lester Banks.

Penance - MMW (OW)
The nineteenth story in this series based on the episodes. A woman is murdered in town and Josiah is accused of the crime, with only little Vin proving his innocence.

Lady Killers - Nancy W (OW)
The twentieth story in this series based on the episodes. JD pays the price when Buck has a hard time believing that Maddie Stokes is dangerous.

Serpents - MMW (OW)
The twenty-first story in this series based on the episodes. The quest for statehood brings trouble to town. Buck falls in love, Ezra deals with $10,000 and Vin learns a lesson about guns.

Interlude: Tied to the Tracks - Estee (OW)
An Interlude in this series based on the episodes.  A damsel in distress, a doll and railroad tracks bring trouble for JD.

Obsession - LaraMee (OW)
The twenty-second story in this series based on the episodes. Ella Gaines comes to town reawakening dreams and desires in Chris, but puting distance between Chris and Vin.

Mementos and Memories - Joy K

A mishap with tar creates a crisis for Vin when it threatens the only symbol he has to remember his Ma and Pa, but Chris shows him otherwise....


Misfire - Sage

What happens when a man calls Chris out, and Chris's gun misfires?


The Most Special Day - MMW (OW)
Vin and Chris celebrate a very important anniversary.


Stories Staring with N


Never Alone - Tidia
Part of the Last Words Series: JD's mother's last words.


No Sacrifice Too Great - Angie
Buck is critically wounded and JD is suffering the consequences.

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Stories Staring with O


Of Worth Beyond Gold - Wendy W

Two bank robbers kidnap Vin and JD in hopes of distracting the town peacekeepers. Will the new family be re-united, or torn apart forever…


One Little Word - KT

One little word leads to pain and confusion for two little boys... and their fathers.


One Quiet Morning - LaraMee
JD tags along and Vin is not happy about it, leading to a very dangerous situation.


Stories Staring with P


Pageant - WendyW

Vin and JD participate in the church Christmas Pageant, but things are a little tense when Chris may have to miss their performance.


Parent Trap? - Silverwolf

Buck and Chris invite two ladies along on a picnic with the boys. Things go ary when the enterprising lads, not impressed with either lady, ply them with special bug repellent, tea, and other evils…


Peace and Joy - Wendy W

Christmas brings unwanted memories for Chris, but with the help of Buck, Vin, JD and Miss Nettie, new traditions and memories are born.


Peaches Comes for a Visit - Marian

Vin is missing and it looks like a monster going by the name of 'Peaches' is the one who took him…


Phenom - Gray

Vin's past catches up to him with a vengeance. Will Chris and the rest of the peacekeepers be able to save the child and help him on the road to becoming the man he is meant to be…


Presents and Promises - Barbretta H

Vin often sacrificed his own desires for JD - something Chris was trying to put a stop to. It wasn't good for JD to have his own way all the time, nor was it fair to Vin. Vin learns that part of protecting his young cousin is letting him take the blame for his own mistakes, while Buck learns that giving in to JD every time can create a monster…


Stories Staring with Q



Stories Staring with R


The Raid - Jeanne

Vin and JD are stolen away by Indians, leaving an injured Josiah behind.


A Real Father - Joy K

Late one night, a guilt-ridden Chris sits by Vin's bed watching him sleep and replaying a day gone bad over in his mind. As he thinks back over the day, and the past, he realizes just how good he has it and vows to become a 'real father'...


Reflections on Giving Thanks - Jeanne

Chris and Vin visit Sarah, Adam and Siobhan's graves as Chris explains to Vin who Siobhan was. While Vin rests, a despondent Chris holds a conversation with his baby daughter and realizes how Vin makes life worthwhile once again…


Return Journey - WendyW

A train trip to see a doctor for Vin's back leads to disastrous results and threatens to tear the family apart.


Riding Herd - MMW
A small party turns into a mob and the adults come up with a unique solution to crowd control.


Stories Staring with S


School Days - Janice

It's the start of school for Vin and he isn't happy about it. Between being chased by girls, bored with schoolwork and bullied, there doesn't seem to be a good reason to go. It's up to Papa Chris to find one and change Vin's mind....

School Supplies - Jeanne
An accident with new school supplies lead two very insecure boys to worry about their new home


Second Chances - JJJunky

When Vin and Chris are assaulted in their camp, Vin's expertise with the rifle saves the day, but not before the child is severely injured. It's more then physical injuries, however, that the boy needs to recover from as another piece of Vin's past is revealed…


Settle For Less - Wendy W

Chris is shot far from home, leaving Vin to fend for himself in the strange town where no one there will help him. The resourceful boy is finally able to summon help, but it is Ezra who comes up with revenge on the people who turned their backs on the child in need…


Shared Tradition - MMW

Vin and Nathan discover something in common while Vin recovers from an illness.

Starting Over - Angie
JD is injured during a shoot out. Will he recover? Will things ever be the same?


Stories Staring with T


Taking Flight - Cassie

A new resident named Icarus joins the Larabee-Wilmington family for a short visit. During his time there, JD and Vin learn a lesson in what makes up a family, as do Chris and Buck...


To Protect His Own - Joy K

It's Vin's nightmare come true when Ebenezer Sanders, operator of the orphanage, comes to Four Corners. Afraid that the evil man would now carry out his threat to kill everyone the boy holds dear, Vin decides his only hope is to take out the threat himself...


Stories Staring with U


Unexpected Treasure - Joy K

While spending a few days with Josiah, Vin and JD learn about dealing with peer pressure and doing what is right. And just what makes a friend...


Stories Staring with V

Visit in the Night - LaraMee

A frightened Vin makes a visit to his wounded guardian.


Stories Staring with W


Wallbee - Marian

JD is missing his 'lovey' which was taken away from him at the orphanage. Vin has recovered the item, but needs Chris's help to do some fixing…


Stories Staring with X



Stories Staring with Y



Stories Staring with Z


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