Christmas Surprise

by KT

An Alternate "Little Britches" Universe

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be.

Buck eased the door closed, not wanting to make a noise. It was important he didn't wake anyone yet, that would spoil the surprise. It had taken a stroke of luck and the kindness of many to arrange, he didn't want to spoil it the last minute. Lowering his pack with care he peeked into the den. There was the Christmas tree, lit and sparkling, welcoming him home. As he turned to go he spotted an envelope pinned over the fire place. Stepping closer he saw it was addressed, in red felt tip pen, to Santa. With infinite care he took it down, opened it and read:

Dear Santa,

Chris and Vin and my uncles will buy me present so you don't need to, so can you get me something else? Please Santa can you keep my da safe and send him home. I know he had to go and help fight the bad men and it's really important, but please can you send him home for Christmas.

Love JD.

PS In case you can't find him, he's in Afghanistan.