DARKEST HOURS by Estevana Rey

This story was written for Tiffiny as a result of the 1999 fan fic auction sponsored by the M7 fic list. Much of the credit for the good ideas in it belong to her, and she also gets the blame for Vin, Ezra and JD all having to suffer in just one story.

THANX: To the Dirty Dozen and the Bad AOeLement chat group for their continuing encouragement and inspiration; to my beta readers, Barb G. and Bonnie, for their helpful suggestions and boo-boo finding; and to Amanda, who refused to stop bugging me until it was finished!

WARNING: Gets kind of gross and yucky in parts.

Size: Approx 220K

Part 01-06
Part 21-26
Part 07-10
Part 27-32
Part 11-15
Part 33-39
Part 16-20
Part 40-44

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