Dear God...

by Marian

As he watched his new family getting ready for Christmas…the boy spoke…

Dear God,
I don't know if you 'member me, but my name's Vin Tanner and the last time
I talked to ya my ma was mighty sick. I asked if you could please not make
her hurt no more. That were 3 years ago and I was sooo mad at ya, I said I
hated ya, 'cause after I asked ya my ma went a way for good. I didn't want ma
ta go away. I miss her sooo much but now I got me a pa an' a Buck an' I just
want her ta know that I'm ok . She don't need ta worry 'bout me no more.
Unca Josiah told me 'bout your little boy. Real sorry he had to die like
that. Hope he's happy now being with his ma.
I thank ya God for givin' me JD and a new pa… Two new pa's. Well I got
ta go now. We's goin' to get a Christmas tree just wanted ta thank ya for
takin' my mama an' keepin' her safe until I can watch out fer her.
Merry Christmas.

The little boy stood to walk away, stopped and turned back saying,

yeah. I don't hate at ya no more.

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