Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction (General Audience)
A list of Magnificent Seven stories by various authors that are archived on the blackraptor website, most of them suitable for readers of all ages (those that may be too intense for some readers are marked with a star).
Magnificent Seven Screen Captures
Many lovely screen grabs of our favorite seven men, courtesy of my good friend, Joy K.
Project Newman - Now and Again Fan Fiction
Stories by various authors based on the sci-fi series Now and Again, all of them suitable for readers of all ages. This site was formerly located on another server and was moved to blackraptor in January of 2002.
Without a Trace Fan Fiction
Fan fiction based on the series Without a Trace which features Martin Fitzgerald as a main character.
Nancy's Forever Knight Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction based on the wonderful Forever Knight TV series, written Nancy W. There are adult versions of some of them available, but the ones linked to this page are suitable for general audiences. You should probably know that my favorite characters are Javier Vachon and Natalie Lambert, so they figure prominently in most of these stories.
Judy's Fan Fiction
Not part of this site, but dedicated to a good friend, Judy Freudenthal, who passed away in May, 2004. Miss ya', Judy!
Miscellaneous Goodies
Blood Groups Reference Charts

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