All of the stories listed here will feature Martin Fitzgerald as one of the main characters.

Bad Moon Rising - Deirdre (Martin, Danny, Jack, OC)

Back to Work - Angela Gabriel (Martin, Viv)
Missing scene from the episode "Safe"

Bludgeonings of a Chance - Julia Verinder (Martin, Sam)

But One Heart - Julia Verinder (Danny, Martin, Viv, Sam)
Warning: Some adult situations depicted

Cast a Dark Shadow - Deidre (Martin)
(Contains material which may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Cold Case - ELG (Martin, Danny)

Cupid's Wayward Arrow - Deirdre (Martin, Danny)

Disability - Beth Green (Martin)
Based on the episode "Safe"

Double Vision - CC (Martin, Vin Tanner)
Xover "Magnificent Seven" (ATF)

Fragile - JIN (All)
Based on the episode "Safe"

A Gesture of Friendship - Rhiannon (Viv, Martin, Danny)
Based on the episode "Safe"

The Guardian - JIN (Danny, Martin)
Follow-up to the episode "A Day in the Life"

Hindsight - Laurel (Martin)

How Hard Can It Be? - Zentry (All)
Crossover Magnificent Seven (OW)

In Extremis - Epilogue - Deirdre (Martin)
Follow-up to the episode "In Extremis"

The In Service - Mady Bay (All)

Into the Dragon's Lair - Deidre (Martin, Jack)
(Contains material which may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

It Was a Beautiful Day - JIN (Martin, Danny)

The Kiss - JIN (All)

Let the Games Begin - Cathy Roberts (Martin, Danny)
Gen version

Letting Go - Debra Noellert (Martin, Danny)

Lost 'n' Found - Mary Ann (Martin, Vin Tanner)
Crossover Magnificent Seven (ATF)

Medley - Laurel (Martin, Samantha)

Misadventures - Estee (Martin, Danny)
Follows "Misinterpretations"

Misinterpretations - Estee (Martin, Danny)
Follows "Misperceptions"

Misgivings, Misapprehensions, and Missing Persons - Beth Green (Martin, Jack, Buck, JD)
Crossover Magnificent Seven (ATF)

Misperceptions - Estee (Martin, Danny, Sam)

A Nightmare Eased - Mady Bay (Martin, Danny, Viv)
(Contains material which may be unsuitable for young or sensitive readers)

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Deidre (Martin)
(Contains material which may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Now You See 'Em - Xiola (Martin)

One of Our Own - Mady Bay (Martin)

Real Dark Night of the Soul - Julia Verinder (Martin)

Reflections - Laurel (Martin)

Repercussions - Laurel (Martin, Danny)

Saying Goodbye - The Neon Gang (Martin)
Based on the episode "Shadows"

Shoot. Don't Shoot. - Mady Bay (Martin)

Somehow - JIN (Martin)

Strength in the Night - Skylark (Martin, Danny)

Survival - Beth Green (Martin)
Based on various 4th season episodes

Through a Stranger's Eyes - Deidre (Martin)
(Contains material which may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

The Unsub - Laural (Martin)

Where's Martin? - Estee (All, Victor Fitzgerald)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - mcat (Martin, Vin Tanner)
(xover "Magnificent Seven" ATF universe)

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