All the King's Men - Debbi K. (Dr. Morris, Michael)
Dr. Morris and Mr. Wiseman - Jewel (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Eva - azuremonkey (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Every Living Thing - Chris (Michael, Dr. Morris) [Post "Lizzard Tale"]
Fine - Amanda Ohlin (Heather)
Fool's Wager - Amanda Ohlin (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Intelligence Tests 1 - Jewel (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Let It Snow! - Bliss Jones (Heather)
Merry Christmas, Mr. Wiseman - azuremonkey (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Murphy's Law - Amanda Ohlin (All) [Novella]
Not Again - Amanda Ohlin (Dr. Morris, Sam Beckett) [xover Quantum Leap]
Options - Amanda Ohlin (Dr. Morris)
Semper Fi - azuremonkey (Michael, Dr. Morris, Lisa)
The Show - Agrafka (Michael, Dr. Morris)
Some Night - azuremonkey (All)
Some People - Bliss Jones (Michael)
Sparring: Prelude - azuremonkey (Craig Spence)
The Stages of Grief - azuremonkey (All)
Sweet and Becoming - Hilary Fox (Michael, Dr. Morris, original characters)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream - Jewel (Michael)
Traffic - Amanda Ohlin (Michael, Dr. Morris)
The Way It Should Be - Amanda Ohlin (Michael, Dr. Morris)
When It Rains - Jenefer Alvis (Michael, Lisa, Heather) [in progress]
A Woman Doesn't Know - Bliss Jones (Lisa)

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