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By the end of its 3-season run, the writers of FOREVER KNIGHT had seen to it that nearly every recurring character on the show, both mortal and vampire, was dead. Many fans felt betrayed and disheartened by this turn of events, and these stories either attempt to remediate that sorry state of affairs or choose to ignore it entirely.

The central character in most of these stories is vampire Javier Vachon, who was killed in the second to the last episode of the series when he was poisoned by a 2,000-year-old vampire with the appearance of a 12-year-old girl. This old and powerful vampire, Divia, was in her mortal life the daughter of Lucien LaCroix, a general in the Roman army, and it was she who turned him into a vampire in 79 AD. 20 years later, LaCroix was forced to decapitate his evil daughter / master and seal her in an Egyptian tomb where she remained until the present day, when grave robbers inadvertently released her.

As of the series' end, LaCroix was the head of Toronto's vampire community. More significantly, he is also the master of vampire and Toronto homicide detective Nick Knight, whom he brought across in 1228. After Divia killed Vachon and Vachon's vampire "child" Urs, she attempted to kill Nick and LaCroix, as well. However, she was staked by Nick and burned by LaCroix, who scattered her ashes in the hope that she would not regenerate again as she had while in the tomb.

Vachon has a vampire twin - created at the same moment he was by the same master, who drained blood from each of them and then returned their mixed blood to them both along with her own. The twin, known as The Inka, and given the name "Amaru" in these stories, allegedly died in an earlier episode when he flew into the sky carrying a bomb. However, it is this writer's contention that he would not have been stupid enough to have let a bomb detonate in his hands when he could have tossed it several hundred feet out over Lake Ontario.

Detective Tracy Vetter was a mortal friend of Vachon's. She was also Nick's partner. Tracy died in the final episode trying to protect Nick from a derranged gunman, not knowing that he was a vampire until her final moments. In the same episode, forensic pathologist Natalie Lambert, who became romantically involved with Nick while attempting to cure his vampirism, experienced the suicide of a close friend. Natalie, despondent over her loss, and Nick, wracked with guilt over Tracy's death, seek solace from each other and decide to risk an attempt to consumate their relationship even though both of them know it could mean death for Natalie. During the act, Nick unwittingly takes too much of Natalie's blood, killing her. Overcome with grief, he begs LaCroix to release him from his pain. In the series' final scene, we see Nick weeping over Natalie's body as LaCroix prepares to drive a stake through his heart.

The Phoenix begins a few months after this final episode and is Vachon's and Natalie's story. It is followed by The Changeling, which brings Tracy Vetter back into the picture.

Dark Light is a hurt/comfort saga that ignores the events of the final two episodes and presumes that all parties are alive and well, except for Vachon, who is the recipient of the hurt. Jodi, a blind friend of Tracy's from the episode Blind Faith, and her guide dog, Perry, appear in this story, a fact which is mentioned because a lot of viewers had a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of a vampire pooch. The nature of this story is such that it would have been odd if these characters were not used, so they were.

A Little Night Magic and Father, Son and Unholy Spirits are stories that are probably best appreciated by readers who are thoroughly familiar with the series, especially the third season, but hopefully, they are enjoyable to all.

Happily Ever After and Knight Before Christmas are pure, unadulterated fluff, but dang, they were fun to write!

I love positive feedback, but if you hate my work, please don't tell me!


A short bit of fluff designed to ease the collective trauma of the third season. (Nobody dies. Nobody ever dies...)
Characters: All


(Novel) Having mysteriously survived her encounter with Nick in the episode Last Knight, Natalie Lambert has returned to a life in which vampires no longer play any part - until one of them turns up in a local hospital, in desperate need of her help.
Characters: Vachon, Natalie, Nick, LaCroix, The Inka, Grace, Janette, OFC


A Forever Knight Christmas story, in which Nick asks LaCroix to perform an unspeakable act.
Characters: Nick, LaCroix, Tracy, Vachon, Screed, Urs


(Novel) In this sequel to "The Phoenix," Vachon, Natalie and the vampire community deal with the unthinkable when they discover an alarming secret surrounding the "death" of Tracy Vetter. Meanwhile, a forgotten incident from his past returns to haunt LaCroix.
Characters: Vachon, Natalie, The Inka, Tracy, Nick, LaCroix, OMC, OFC


In the moments immediately following their deaths, Tracy and Natalie discover that nothing is absolute - or final, and that sometimes, you get a second chance.
Characters: Tracy, Natalie, Vachon, Nick, LaCroix, Urs, The Inka, Screed, Sparks


(Novel) After a freak accident leaves Vachon seriously impaired, Natalie searches for a way to help him while Tracy and the vampire community defy the Enforcers who would see him destroyed.
Characters: Vachon, Tracy, Natalie, Nick, LaCroix, Urs, The Inka, Jodi, Perry


In this "alternate universe" retelling of the episodes Black Buddha 1 & 2, Nick's new partner, Detective JD Vachon, must deal with a new wrinkle in his reality - an intriguing vampire named Tracy Vetter.
Characters: Vachon, Tracy, Nick, Natalie, Schanke

* These stories also have an adult version. If you would like to read those, instead, please e-mail me stating that you are 18 years of age or older and specify that you are requesting the URLs for my adult Forever Knight fan fic (otherwise, you may get a big list of Magnificent Seven stories, which, while all very delightful, aren't mine, and, more importantly, are not about Vachon!) Please try to be reasonably coherent - if you write like a 10-year-old, I am going to assume you are a 10-year-old.

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