Preparing For Life

by Marian

To read this story it would help if you read the stories that precede it in the following order. Nathan, Someday, and A Mysterious Stranger.

In his search to fulfill a promise, Nathan Jackson came to Denver. Here he knew he would find a home.Just as he knew he'd lost his heart. It might have been a promise that brought him to Denver. Yet, it was the beautiful Rain who kept him there.

Once he had fulfilled his promise, Nathan needed to find a place to hang his hat. Having a place to invite friends over and more impotantly a place that his Rain would love.

Nathan looked for days, weeks, months and couldn't find anything that would speak to him.He decieded to wait for Rain. For he knew that the only home he could be happy in was the one with her. He longed to wake with her in his arms. Then and only then would he be home. So until then he would stay with Josiah just a little bit longer.

+ + + + + + +

Monday 15th of May. Nathan Jackson became the newest member of the ATF's Team 7. Team Leader Chris Larabee called for a meeting to begin setting up the offices. He wanted everything ready for June 1st, the offical day Team 7 would open their doors for business.

With the arrival of 3 new Agents, Team 7 was now in full force. It didn't take long for the Agents to come together. They developed into a strong unit. Team 7 consisted of Buck Wilmington, Josiah Sanchez, Nathan Jackson , Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish and JD Dunne. Each one brought his own special abilities and together they would become a force no one wanted to reckon with.

Nathan found that he wasn't the only one with something missing in his life. They all were. Each one needed and wanted a place to belong.They found it in each other. They weren't 7 men. They were 7 brothers, a family. Nathan was right, he did find a home in Denver.

His work and newly found family kept him busy, giving him as little time as possible to dwell on Rain.

Meanwhile, in another part of Denver...

Rain was adjusting to her new life. Keeping as busy as possible leaving little time to think and reflect on her past life with Samuel, losing herself in her work and trying to forget.


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