A Mysterious Stranger

by Marian

ATF Universe

To read this story it would help if you read the stories that precede it in the following order: Nathan and Someday

As time passed the pain and realization of living alone took its toll on Rain.

She'd close her eyes hoping sleep would come to her. Sleep filled with dreams of Samuel and their childhood haunted her. Knowing she would never see him again brought tears to her eyes.

One night a stranger began to appear in her dreams. Something about him gave her comfort and made her feel as if it were all a bad dream. When she'd awake Samuel would be in his room and everything would be as it was before the war. But Samuel was dead. All the tears she shed wouldn't change anything.

The stranger stayed in her dreams. His strong touch wrapped around her, giving her strength and love, helping her get through the days and nights. He offered her hope for a brighter future.

Who was this gentle, loving soul? Where did he come from? Did he really exist? Why couldn't she see his face? Hear his voice?

Rain awoke promising herself she would find the answers. Perphaps there was a clue in Samuel's letter to who her mysterious stranger was. She was determined that if he did exist, she would find him.


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