by Marian

ATF Alternate Universe

This story follows Nathan

She smiled as she watched him drive away, knowing they would see each other again.

With a heavy heart, Rain opened the package. She found a small golden cross, reminding her of the one she had as a child.

The golden cross triggered memories of her youth and the family she once had. Now with the death of her brother, she was all alone. No longer would she hear his voice, see his smile or enjoy his friendship.

With shaking hands she opened the letter. Her eyes were filled with tears as she read his last words.

Dearest Rain,

I miss you and I can't wait to sit up all night like we always would talking till morning. I just heard that we may be home soon. I hope this is for real this time. You have no idea how often we hear this and it never happens. If this one is the truth I will soon be looking into your smiling eyes and getting warm from your beautiful smile. Oh how I miss your laughter.

Rain we got this new Medic and he's such a nice guy. He carries himself with dignity, commanding respect and yet not forcing it. We all think of him as a friend and he in turn he treats each one of us the same. You can talk to him and you just know he is really hearing you. The men have come to calling him Doc or The Healer.

I hope that one day you get to meet him. When I look at him I can see you at his side. It would warm my heart to see you together. His name I was told is Nathan Jackson.

Time to go. Next time we talk I hope it will be face to face.

Love always,


A short distance away, a man sat watching. He saw the tears begin to flow and he wished he could comfort her, hold her, tell her everything would be alright. Someday he would, tell her so much more. Maybe that day would be their wedding day. Nathan Jackson knew that day would come. However, if he had to wait, he was willing to wait forever.


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