by Marian

ATF Alternate Universe

In the war he treated many soldiers. Each soldier who passed by the medic was treated with understanding and respect. In turn, the soldiers took to calling him 'Doc'. or 'The Healer.' It was during the war, his life changed forever.

The event occurred two weeks prior to going home.The Healer was sitting holding onto a dying soldier.As soldiers passed, they heard the soldier ask, "Please Healer, give this package and letter to my sister." Before the Healer could answer the soldier was gone.

To all who knew him The Healer was a man of honor. His name was Nathan Jackson. Nathan vowed upon the young soldier's death to find his sister.

When Nathan returned to the States he found the vow he had made haunting him.

Foremost in his mind was his search for the young soldier's sister. He knew no peaceful sleep would come until he found her.With help from an old friend, he found she last lived in Denver.It was to be a lif-changing discovery for the former medic and lawman.

Upon arriving in Denver, Nathan was met by his dear friend Josiah Sanchez. Josiah had good news for his friend - the ATF was putting together a new unit headed by Chris Larabee. Chris was hand-picking his team and wanted both Jackson & Sanchez. This was truly good news for both men. It meant after all these years they would be working together again.

However, Nathan's first order of business was to find the young soldier's sister. It didn't take him long to find her. He couldn't believe his eyes. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Approaching her, he introduced himself and told her how sorry he was for her loss. Giving her the package and letter, he turned as he said good-bye.

When he got to the car he turned back watching her.He knew he would see her again, for his life would not be complete without a little Rain.


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