The Personal Journal of
John "J.D." Dunne

  • Chapter One - Pilot - wherein JD's mama dies and he decides to head west.
  • Chapter Two - One Day Out West - wherein the boys return to town and meet the master of their destiny, Judge Travis.
  • Chapter Three - Working Girls - wherein JD laments missing out on the bootie calls at Spring Break.
  • Chapter Four - Safecracker - coming soon.

Characters from "The Magnificent Seven," were used without permission and this story in no way signifies support of, or affiliation with, The Mirisch Group, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment, or CBS Worldwide, Inc. This story will not be sold for any reason.

NOTE: these journal entries, though completely unrelated in content, were stylistically inspired by Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary, Bonnie Rutledge's "Llama War Diaries," and Cassandra Claire's "Very Secret Diaries" of the LOTR characters.