The Personal Journal Of John Dunne

~ Chapter Two ~

April 21 - Town is less than twelve hours from Seminole village, but return trip has taken nearly a week already. Buck and Josiah still wounded, so are, understandably, slowing us down, but suspect we need not stop and make camp before dark EVERY night. Suspect is ruse by Vin and Chris to sneak off and watch sunset together. Wish Buck would ask me to watch a sunset with him.

April 22 - Due to dawdling, looks like Buck will be completely healed by time we finally hit town. Josiah is still hurting some. Think he just needs the good doc's undivided attentions.

April 23 - Town v. exciting place, much better than Fort Lauderdale, despite absence of sexy co-eds in bikinis. Stand off in progress when we finally arrived! Man called Judge Travis caught one Lucas James shooting shopkeeper. Suspect was because the Potters refuse to carry Playboy, as is "family-run" establishment.

We were all just happy to stand around and watch, until Lucas called Chris a cowboy.  He didn't like that much -- though, seems to put a smile on his face whenever Vin uses the nickname.  Hmm.  Chris and Vin are heading off for a mini-break in Tascosa; wonder who plans to stay on here?

Volunteered to be sheriff, should look good on resume.  Have had to arrest Ezra -- he seemed reluctant, until realized would not be alone in jail.

Buck came storming into sheriff's office.  Apparently bartender told him I am both versatile and ambidextrous.  Think he would have preferred to discover that for himself.  In rage, made disparaging remarks about bowler hat again.  Was going to ditch, as is NOT latest fashion trend, despite assurances by salesman, but have now decided to keep -- just to annoy Buck.

April 24 - Mob of townspeople formed outside jail today. Had to hold them off with trusty rifle, just like John Wayne in "Rio Bravo." Was grateful, though, when Vin came to my aid. Of course, afterwards, he admitted it was just because he thinks standing next to me makes him look older.

Later, Judge started trial, even though no witnesses would come forward -- think was because new episode of "Oz" was on.  Only men to show up were those employed by Stuart James -- must not have cable.  On personal note, was hero!  Held off two-dozen gunmen until Chris arrived!  Yay me.  Of course, am told I hit my head at some point, so maybe memory isn't as accurate as could be.

Lucas got away.  Didn't even say thank you for the extra spit I put in his grits this morning.  Ingrate.

April 25 - Held funeral for Judge today -- loads of fun! Rocks-in-coffin trick a classic!! LOL!

April 26 - Chris has decided to go after Lucas and bring him back for trial. I'm so in!! Ezra wanted to come, too, but Chris doesn't trust him. Ezra said he could help because Lucas likes him. Is true. I saw them liking each other through the bars the other night when they thought I was asleep. Didn't know you could play Go Fish without cards. Hmm.

Have returned to town with Lucas in tow.  Buck, like knight on white horse, arrived at last minute to save day -- definitely has hero complex.  Must remember to allow him to save me whenever possible.

In our absence, town finally found balls -- think must have been in crate out behind Potter's store.  There will be a trial, with witnesses and jury.

Judge asked us if we would stay the month -- is paying us to look cool and carry big guns.  Hurrah!!  Was first person he asked and said yes, if everyone else would stay, too.  They all said yes -- they must really like me!  Knew this would be way better than taking accounting at college.


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