Stories archived at Project Newman must contain subject matter that is equivalent to a film rating of G, PG, or PG-13.

The following stories cannot be accepted:

- Stories featuring real people, including actors, as characters.

- Stories depicting violence, strong language and sexual situations which would merit a film rating of R, R-17, or X

Authors are repsonsible for rating their own stories.

If you feel the content of your story may offend someone because of the nature of sexual activity or violence involved, you may wish to include a disclaimer at the beginning. Slash stories, regardless of content, will be archived as "Adult" fan fiction.


If you do not have web space for your story:

If you can save your story in HTML format, please do so and send it to the webmaster as an attached file.

If you cannot save it in HTML, and it has been posted to the fic list, let the webmaster know if the version you posted to the list is the one you wish to post on a web page. If so, the list post will be converted to web page format.

If your story has not been posted to the fic list, or you wish to use an more updated version of a posted story for the web, send the story to the webmaster in e-mail form with "NAAFic" and the title of the story in the subject line. Do not label it something generic like "My story" "My fic" "Mary Sue's story" etc. If there is more than one part, label the parts in the subject line.

All stories submitted MUST be finished. They should also be the "final" version of the story, as time contstraints may not allow for the webpage to be updated once it is posted.

If your story is, or will be, on a web page:

If you have your own website, and/or already have a web space for your story, DO NOT submit the entire story. All that is needed to include it in Project Newman archive is the URL (that would be that http://.... thing) Once the story is up on a web page, send the URL to the webmaster and the link will be added to the main page. If your story is not yet complete, please indicate that it is still "in progress."

Contact the webmaster if you have any further questions.