Spoilers: "Origins", "On the Town", "Over Easy", "Deep in my Heart is a Song", "Everybody Who's Anybody", "The Bugmeister, Part Bee", "The Eggman Cometh"

Takes place directly after "The Eggman Cometh."

The Stages of Grief

by azuremonkey

Part 1: Shock

"person(s) experiences shortness of breath, tightness in the throat, a need to sigh, muscular limpness, and loss of appetite in the first hours after a loss is experienced".


(Michael, Lisa and Heather are running.)

Michael: Wait, they'll be able to track your scent. Every step, every plant, they'll track you that way.

Lisa: What else can we do?

Heather: Excuse me, but can I ask something here?

Lisa: Not now Heather! (to Michael) What do you suggest?

Michael: (looks her straight in the eye) Do you trust me?

Lisa: (slightest of hesitations): Do we have a choice?

(Michael grabs Lisa and lifts her up with one hand.)

Lisa: (holding back a scream) Wait, this won't help! They'll still track you and Heather.

(Michael reaches over with his other hand and lifts Heather up.)

Heather: Cool!

Lisa: Wait... how can you do this?

(Michael, not answering, begins to run. Picking up momentum, he guestimates that he's doing about 35 miles per hour. Dr. Theo had projected that to be Michael's top speed. Through sheer will, Michael picks up more speed.)

Lisa: (softly) I can't believe it.

Heather (whispering to her mother) He's not even winded.


Dr. Theo: Well?

Special Agent #1: Team 2 picked up tracks. But then they suddenly stopped. That was five minutes ago.

Dr. Theo: (softly, almost to himself) He's carrying them. He knows we can track their scent.

Special Agent #1: Sir?

Dr.Theo: Continue to search the area where their scent leaves off. Even if he's carrying them, they will still brush a plant or a tree. Look for a path he might make. Whatever you do, don't lose them!


Heather: Wait! I know where we are! We're near my high school, a few blocks from Foxhurst Road.

Michael: Heather, do you remember that secret place I... your dad used to take you to?

Heather: Yeah, it's not too far from here!

Michael: Tell me where, sweetie.

Heather: Okay, keep going a few feet more and then veer a little to the right.

(Michael continues to run, never slowing down or seeming to tire)

Heather: But... how do you know about the secret place?

Michael: I'll explain it all when we get there.

(Lisa and Heather exchange a glance, but neither say anything. Heather helps Michael find the hidden place)

Lisa: What is it?

Heather: It's a cave. Well, not really a cave. More like... a hole, that's pretty big.

Michael: Okay, don't touch anything. I'm putting you down. Don't move from this spot.

(Michael puts them down and clears the area away from the hole. When it is wide enough to accommodate them, he gestures for them to enter. When they have, he carefully clears the area where they stood. Crawling into the hole, he replaces the foliage around the hole, to hide it once more)

Michael: I don't know how long we'll be able to stay here.

Lisa: Okay, that's it! I want to know what's going on!

Heather: Mom, I thought you weren't even talking to him anymore?

Lisa: Well, things changed... a little. Recently. Never mind. (to Michael) Start explaining.

Michael: (with a sigh) I've rehearsed this. You don't know how many times. I've run the scenarios inside my head, over and over. But, the reality is that there's no way to say this that's not going to freak you out. So I'll just say it.

Heather: This is so weird. One minute we're having raw fish, the next, we're running in the middle of the night. Does anyone else think this is weird?

Lisa: Mr. Newman, theatrics aside, can we get on with the explanation?

Michael: Don't you think, after all we've been through, that it's strange you still call me 'Mr. Newman'?

Lisa: Yeah, well, I've gotten used to calling you that.

Heather: Does anyone want to know what I think is weird?

Michael: Lisa, ask me what my first name is.

Lisa: Okay, fine. If that's what it's going to take to get answers from you. Mr. Newman, what's your first name?

Michael: Michael. I go by Michael Newman now.

Lisa: (a little stunned) Well, that's nice, but —

Michael: I go by Michael Newman now. But I used to be Michael Wiseman. Your husband. (turning to Heather) and your father. (stunned silence) Lisa, Heather, I'm not dead; I'm right here.

Part 2: Denial

"allows the slow assimilation of the loss. At first the thought is that the report must be wrong. There is often the feeling that a mistake has been made... As time passes... reality is faced."


Lisa: (stunned) Oh, my God. No. Please, no.

Michael: Lisa, I can explain...

Lisa: (shock, hurt and anger clearly written on her face) I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing - or even why you would want to do something like - this -- to us - I-I... this is ridiculous...

Heather: (hesitant) Mom...?

Lisa: (anger) Mr. Newman, or Michael, or whatever your name is. My husband, Michael Wiseman - Wiseman, not Newman - is dead. He was hit by a subway train last fall.

Michael: (quietly) But what if he didn't die?

Heather: Mom, wait...

Lisa: He's dead. Dead and buried. Do you know how I know? Because I was there. At his funeral.

Michael: You wore orange.

Lisa: Yes, I did, but... Wait, how did you know that?

Heather: MOM!

Lisa: (finally turns to Heather) What?!?

Heather: Listen, this is going to sound weird, but you've gotta admit... He knows stuff about us. And he keeps getting us out of trouble. And... stuff.

Lisa: (raised eyebrows) You believe this strange man standing in front of us -

Heather: Who has saved us, both of us, many times.

Lisa: -- be that as it may, you believe he's your dead father? Is-is that what you're saying?

Michael: I was alive after I hit the train. At least my brain was. I don't really understand the how's and the why's of it, but...

Lisa: (gives Michael a look that quiets him, turns back to Heather) What are you saying, Heather?

Heather: He likes spicy pecans.

Lisa: SO? Many, many people in this world probably like spicy pecans.

Heather: He knew where the phone in our house was, he knew... he knew this place and...

Michael: I have photosensitivity syndrome.

Lisa: Again, I will state that there are probably a lot of people in the --

Michael: I know about the love letters you have in a box in the closet. I know all the names of Heather's teachers, starting from pre-school. I know how you used to make huevos rancheros just for me on Sunday mornings.

Lisa: (long pause) Who are you?

Michael: I'm Michael Wiseman. Husband. Father. Former insurance salesman.

Lisa: You live in some kind of a terrarium, or something. I've seen where you live -

Heather: You have?!

Lisa: -- and believe me, Michael would - could never live in a place like that.

Michael: It's not by choice. (sigh) I-I-I'm me, but I'm not really me. Understand?

Lisa: No. Frankly, I don't understand any of it. You say you're Michael, but you look nothing like him. Plus, I have a death certificate that says that Michael - or you - is dead. None of it makes any sense.

Heather: Wait, why don't we back up a little? Who's the doctor guy? Does he have something to do with all of this?

Michael: You're right. I should start from the beginning. But, brace yourselves. You're going to find it hard to believe...


Charlie: Listen, old man, there's something going on here, but I think I should get some kind of a story. I want to know what's going on.

(The Eggman has his back to Charlie, surveying the bed, which has a single gas mask, a briefcase and fake papers)

Eggman: Oh?

Charlie: Yeah! You've got some grudge against this guy, that's one thing. But you're crazy over it. I'm not sure I want in on this anymore.

(Eggman puts on the gas mask and nods while opening the briefcase)

Charlie: Yeah, and I think I should have a gas mask too.

(Eggman turns to Charlie, nodding, holding out an egg)

Charlie: Wait! Listen, I was just kidding. We're buddies, right! Listen! I helped you -

(Eggman drops the egg, watches Charlie die and leaves the room, noting the dead prostitute on the stairs. Exiting the building, he sees two drug addicts lying dead on the corner. Unconcerned, he continues on)


Dr. Theo: (into the phone)... extend the radius out to 250 meters, then! (hang up)

Special Agent #1: Sir, he's probably not in the area anymore.

Dr. Theo: I know. Plus, even if he's still here, he knows this area better than we do.

Special Agent #1: What now?

Dr.Theo: You've got that insurance guy tagged?

Special Agent #1: Yes, he's currently at work, but he's taken a place in the city. Should we also keep on eye on is house and his wife?

Dr. Theo: Yes. I want the real estate office, the insurance guy and his wife bugged. I want every base covered.

(Dr.Theo's phone rings)

Dr. Theo: (into the phone) Yes? What?... When?... Right. We'll be there in half an hour.

Special Agent #1: Mr. Wiseman?

Dr. Theo: No. Apparently, there's been a breakout at the prison. Keep everyone else on their assignments. And then let's go see about this.


Michael: We're almost there. You guys OK?

(Lisa is staring out the windows, too stunned to talk)

Heather: I think we're on overload here.

Michael: Sorry. I hated to rush this, but who knows what the Doc's got up his sleeves.

Heather: Uhmmm, what's the plan?

Michael: I have no idea. We had to leave that area. We'd probably been there too long.

Heather: Keeping on the move for now is good.

Michael: We'll spend the night somewhere else. I just wish...

Heather: What?

Michael: I wish I was a different kind of person. Then I'd know what to do in this situation. I feel like there are better things -- things I could have done different, things I should be doing -- to help us get away, but... (sighs)

Lisa: (quietly) Then you wouldn't be Michael.

(Both Heather and Michael turn to look at her. Lisa is looking at Michael. Michael begins to speak, then glances out the window)

Michael: Ahhh, this is our stop.

Lisa: Right.

Heather: Let's get going.

(Michael, Lisa and Heather exit the subway, climb the stairs and disappear into the New York crowd)


Dr. Theo: What do we know so far?

Government Suit #1: Not much. We were hoping you could fill in the details.

Government Suit #2: He escaped last night, with a convict known as Charlie "The Connection" Klein. Frankly, that's a bad combination.

Special Agent #1: Why?

Government Suit #2: Because Charlie has connections. Everywhere. Hence, his nickname. Anything anyone could ever possibly want, Charlie knows where to get it.

Dr. Theo: If he escaped last night, why did you wait until now to contact us?

Government Suit #1: We wanted to keep it quiet. See if we could take care of this quickly.

Dr. Theo: And what's happened to change your mind?

Government Suit #2: There's been an incident.

Special Agent #1: With the maniac that likes eggs, there usually is. What did he hit and when?

Government Suit #1: A little, run-down motel on the south side, this morning. Killed 14 people in a 2-block section.

Government Suit #2: Including Charlie Klein.

Dr. Theo: So, he's got, what? A 26-hour jumpstart on us?

Government Suit #2: We couldn't come to you any sooner. We didn't have the authorization.

Government Suit #1: Right, but it's been granted now. So just get the guy who took care of this crazy last time to handle it again. What we need is a time frame. How soon can you get this guy?

Special Agent #1: Uhhhhh... We might have a problem...

Dr. Theo: 24 hours. Count on it.

(Dr. Theo gets up and leaves the room. After a slight hesitation, Special Agent #1 follows)

Special Agent #1: What was that about? Have you forgotten that our special weapon is currently AWOL?

Dr. Theo: I have a feeling that might change.

Special Agent #1: Why?

Dr. Theo: Call it a hunch.


Michael: I knew this would be safe.

Heather: I can't believe we broke into someone's house!

Michael: We didn't really break in... exactly.

Lisa: The penthouse belongs to Glenn Harris, a friend of your fa-Mi-Uhmmm...

Michael: Glenn and I went to college together.

Heather: How come I've never met him?

Michael: He's never around. He travels a lot.

Heather: And that's how you knew it'd be OK to come here?

(Michael nods. Lisa still looks a little flustered)

Heather: How do you know that doctor guy won't come looking for us here?

Michael: There's little chance of that. Last time I talked to Glenn, it was about 10 years ago. I doubt the Doc's case file on me goes back that far and that deep.

(Lisa sits down hard, almost collapsing)

Heather: Mom? Are you OK?

Michael: Heather, get your mom a glass of water.

(Heather and Michael share a look. Michael smiles reassuring at her. Heather goes into the kitchen. Michael sits down next the Lisa on the couch)

Michael: Want to talk about it?

Lisa: Yes. No. (sigh) I don't know.

Michael: What don't you know?

Lisa: (finally looking at him) I don't know how I can believe everything you've told me. It all sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. But...

Michael: (waits a beat, then prompts) But...?

Lisa: It's too fantastic to be real. But... I believe you.

(Finally, with a burst of energy, she gets up and begins to pace. She misses the look of shock, happiness and relief that Michael gives her)

Lisa: I don't know why I should believe you, but I do. I mean, you don't look like Michael, but you talk like him. You don't dress the way Michael did; you don't even have the same shoe size. But, you... (stops and shakes her head) You remember that night in the city, when I bought you the shoes? (Michael nods) You were this stranger, sitting on the sidewalk. I should have been frightened, scared, something. But I wasn't. You know why? (doesn't wait for Michael to answer) There was something about the way you looked... at me... I can't describe it... that look...

(Michael stands and watches Lisa pace)

Lisa: You know, I was so unsure of everything, even after we got married, especially when I was pregnant with Heather. I was so scared and frightened - all the time. But, then you'd look at me, just that look you'd get - just for me - and somehow, I'd feel fine. Confident. Like I could handle anything. That night in the city, I was feeling unsure and very scared. And then I ran into you, singing our song. And you gave me - the look. And I stopped being scared.

(With a sigh, Lisa stops pacing and turns to Michael)

Lisa: And I have to tell you, I'm really scared right now. For all of us.

Michael: Oh, Lisee... (reaches for Lisa and holds her, hard)

(Heather peeks out from the kitchen and sees Lisa and Michael hugging. With a smile, she turns away and looks around the kitchen. Noticing a TV, she turns it on, and then rummages through the kitchen cabinets.)

Heather: (singing) Then the morning comes... Take your knocks, shake them off. Da-da-da-da...

TV Reporter: ... with a tornado watch in western Texas...

Heather: (talking to herself) God! I can't believe how long it's been since we've eaten. Hmmm, I wonder if, with his new body, Dad needs to eat? Oh, well, I should see if I can make something for us to munch on.

Michael: There's some stuff I left out of my explanation...

Lisa: Because of Heather. I know. I'm just waiting for you to say it's not that bad.

Michael: I wish I could, but - (listening) Wait, did you hear that?

Lisa: What?

TV Reporter: ... sources say this man, nicknamed the Eggman, escaped from prison...

(Michael moves away and walks into the kitchen)

Heather: (looking up) Hey, I was just -

Michael: Wait!

TV Reporter: ... killed 14 people in Manhattan this morning. This incident is certainly linked to the criminal known as the Eggman, who terrorized several international cities last fall...

Lisa: (following him into the kitchen) What? What's going on?

Michael: (stunned) Oh, my God. No. Please, no.

Part 3: Bargaining

"... requires a greater level of acknowledgment that the loss has occurred, but resistance lingers to the extent that we attempt to make deals to reverse fate."


(Eggman is standing in front of some lockers. He quickly puts a bag into the locker, closes it and puts a few coins into the machine. He takes the key and puts it in his pocket. He picks up a duffel bag by his feet and walks out of the station)


Lisa: Michael, you're scaring me.

Michael: Listen, this is serious.

Heather: Well, yeah, some guy going around killing people is usually serious. What's it got to do with us?

Lisa: Eggman...? Why do I feel like I should know something about it?

Heather: Don't we have more important things to talk about?

Michael: This guy is pretty scary. I really only dealt with him once. (pause) Actually twice.

Lisa: The egg. That egg you gave me in the subway station. (looks at Michael)

Michael: Yeah, that's the same guy.

Heather: Wait, this insane Egg dude -

Michael: Eggman.

Heather: -- Eggman, whatever, this guy they're talking about on TV who killed 14 people this morning, that's the same guy from before?

Lisa: And that egg you gave me...?

Michael: He puts nerve gas in ordinary eggs. As someone once said to me, "Crack the egg, breathe the gas." Really simple. And really deadly.

Lisa: But-but, wait! You can't be hurt by it, right? I mean, with your new... With this new... With the way you are now, that nerve gas can't affect you, right?

Michael: Actually, it can.

Heather: So, if you breathe the gas, you can die, just the way we can?

Michael: Right.

Lisa: Then, why? Last time - before - why did you go after him?

Michael: It wasn't really my idea. I got volunteered for it. I was reluctant at first.

Heather: Until you saw us in the subway car. You freaked out big time when you saw us there.

Michael: (smiling for a second, remembering) I had no idea what was going to happen. And then I turned around and there you three were. And Doc talking into my ear. It all happened really fast.

Lisa: I don't understand. You gave me the egg and then you ran after him. What if he had more eggs? He could have killed you!

Heather: Yeah, for real this time.

Michael: Actually, he did have another egg. I trapped him in a cab. He was wearing a gas mask and broke the egg. Or maybe I broke the egg. I can't remember. Anyway I tore the gas mask off of him and waited but nothing happened. That egg turned out to be a dud.

Lisa: But, you didn't know that! How could you take a chance like that?!

Heather: Yeah, dad, you could have been killed!

Michael: But... I had to. I didn't have any other options.

Lisa: But, why you?

Michael: I don't know. That's just the way it is. I have this new body. And all these things I can do that no one else can.

Heather: Like carrying both Mom and me and running for miles, without running out of breath?

Michael: And falling off buildings. And not feeling any pain if I burn myself. Going through concrete and bricks. Getting hit in the chest at close range with 8 bullets.

Lisa: (understanding) No wonder I couldn't find you in any hospital. Or that the IRS didn't know who you were.

Heather: Wait! When was this? You got shot? And Mom was there?

Michael: It was really nothing.

Lisa: Nothing, yeah right! This madman had a gun on me. And... your dad... made him point the gun at him. You took 8 bullets for me.

Michael: Like I said, it didn't really hurt. A couple of hours in the operating room with the doc and I was fine.

Heather: Hmmmm. I wonder what other things you two have been keeping from me.

Lisa: That's it. There's nothing else I'm keeping from anyone. But, I have to tell you Michael. I don't like you taking risks like that. Even if you are superhuman, now. Promise me you won't do anything that might put your life in jeopardy again.

(Michael has turned away and is staring out into the night sky, deep in thought)

Lisa: Michael? Do you hear me? Promise me!

Michael: (turning back toward Heather and Lisa) I promise. I'm through taking risks.


(Eggman walks up to a post box and drops a note in. Quietly, he continues walking down the street)


Roger: (talking into the phone) Wait, hold on a minute. I don't understand any of this! You're voluntarily with this Newman character? Why? Last time I checked, you couldn't stand him.

(Roger listens to Lisa, on the other end)

Roger: What's changed? Why are you being so vague? (listening) I don't know if I like this, anyway! Lisa...

(In the background, Janet, who had been blowing kisses at Roger, stops)

Janet: (whispering) Is that Lisa? What's going on?

(Roger is ignoring Janet, concentrating on Lisa)

Roger: (on the phone) I'm not really sure it's a good idea to be with that man. You know what keeps happening whenever he's around. Trouble just follows him -- like a stray puppy! (listening) Well, be that as it may - (listening) What do you mean you can't explain? Of course you can. Just start from the beginning.

Janet: Maybe I should talk to her.

Roger: (on the phone) Who's who? Or, that's just the TV.

(Roger doesn't look at Janet as he says this, which is good, since she is giving him a nasty look)

Roger: (on the phone) Lisa, wait! Lisa! (hangs up the phone) Darn it all!

Janet: (miffed) She hung up on you, did she?

Roger: (big sigh) I have a bad feeling about this.

Janet: (still miffed, but concerned for Lisa) Do you think she's in trouble?

Roger: Well, I know she's in over her head. That guy -- Newman whatever -- he's not good news.

Janet: Who's this Newman person?

Roger: Oh, he may look like a stud-muffin. And I suppose a woman like Lisa would easily fall prey to someone like him.

Janet: Why would you say that? Lisa doesn't strike me as a stupid person.

Roger: Well, she's not stupid. Far from it. But, she's also not like you.

Janet: (voice dropping a few degrees) And what's that supposed to mean?

Roger: (oblivious) It's just that Lisa doesn't have much experience. You know, in matters that pertain to - well, the bedroom, as it were.

Janet: (frosting up the room) Really?

Roger: Yes. And this Newman fellow - now he's a piece of work. And I've seen him give Lisa looks. Of course, I've seen Lisa return those looks. Not that I can blame her. It's all his fault, I'm sure. But there was that kiss in the subway station. And she didn't seem to mind...

Janet: You have a thing for her, don't you?

Roger: (finally responding to the tone in Janet's voice) What? What do you mean?

Janet: A thing. You know, in matters that pertain to the bedroom'. You have that for her.

Roger: Don't be ridiculous. Of course not. She's a friend, nothing more. Heather's my goddaughter. Michael was... my coworker. And my friend. Lisa and I are friends. Wait! Where are you going?

(Roger finally notices that Janet has put her shoes back on and is on her way out the door)

Janet: Do you have a bad feeling about this also, Roger? Well, you should. 'Night.

(Janet exits, slamming the door. Roger, baffled, sits back on the couch and scratches his head)

Roger: Women! The only thing missing tonight is Ruth.

(Phone rings. Roger just stares at it, getting a "very bed feeling" about it)


Special Agent #1: Got it!

Dr. Theo: (triump in his voice) You got a trace on that call.

Special Agent #1: Yes sir. He's not too far from here.

Dr. Theo: And you're sure it was him calling.

Special Agent #1: Well, actually, it was the woman - Mrs. Wiseman. But, I'm almost certain they're together.

Dr. Theo: Oh no doubt. Now that the whole family's reunited, I doubt they'd separate that quickly.

Special Agent #1: Should we go get them?

Dr. Theo: (thinking) Not yet.

Special Agent #1: I don't understand. The clock on the Eggman is ticking. (Dr. Theo gives him a look) So to speak.

Dr. Theo: Let's give Mr. Wiseman some more time. For now, just put some men on the whole family. I'll be waiting inside the townhouse. Bring him directly to me.

Special Agent #1: Sir, I don't think he'll voluntarily give himself up.

Dr.Theo: Oh, but he will. Trust me.

Special Agent #1: Why would you think that?

Dr. Theo: Because I know something he needs right now. It couldn't have happened a better way. It's a pity 14 people had to die, but... Well, I couldn't have planned it better.

(Dr. Theo walks out of the truck, leaving Special Agent #1 shaking his head, wondering if the pressure had become too much for the Doctor)


Lisa: (walking out of the bedroom) That was not fun.

Heather: (on the couch, holding a magazine) Uncle Roger?

Lisa: Yeah, he was upset, obviously. But, I couldn't explain too much. Not just yet. It was this hard for us to believe, I can only imaging what Uncle Roger would say.

Heather: I know what he'd say. He'd say, That's very interesting. Maybe we should take a nice drive, while you give me all the details.' And then we'd end up in Bellvue!

Lisa: (chuckling a little) Probably. (looking around) Where's... your dad?

Heather: It takes a while to get used to, doesn't it?

Lisa: Yeah. I never thought I'd be able to say it again. To think it again. I always felt like he hadn't left, but I chalked that up to silly fantasy. A way to avoid reality.

Heather: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Lisa: But to know that he didn't die! To be able to hug him again. Even if he doesn't feel the same, he still does. That probably sounds strange...

Heather: Not for me, Mom. For a moment, when he held me a few days ago, I felt safe. And protected. Like I used to with Dad. So I know exactly what you mean.

Lisa: Uhmm, excuse me, but when did you run into him a few days ago? You've been grounded since time began, practically. After the stunts you pulled recently.

Heather: Never mind. It's really not all that important. Anyway, I'm just saying that I'm glad Dad's back too. Now we can be a family again.

Lisa: Sort of. But your father and I have a lot to discuss. Speaking of which, where is he anyway?

Heather: I don't know. I thought he was with you.

Lisa: No. (getting up to look around) I made the call by myself. And he's not in the kitchen. (urgently) Heather! Did he leave?

Heather: Maybe he ran out to pick something up.

Lisa: (panicked now) No! He left. I knew it! How could he? How could he do that to me, to us, again?

Heather: Mom, calm down. I'm sure he's fine. What's the matter?

Lisa: (sitting down, angry and worried) He broke his promise to me.

Heather: (understanding) Maybe we're worrying for nothing. I mean, he's superhuman now. Maybe...

(Both lapse into silence. Slowly, Heather reaches for Lisa's hand. Holding hands, they sit and wait)


(Michael is escorted into the townhouse by Special Agent #1. Dr. Theo is standing in the exercise room, his back to Michael)

Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman. How good to see you again.

(Special Agent #1 leaves)

Michael: Let's not play games. You know why I'm here.

Dr. Theo: How would I know any such thing. The last time we spoke, we were saying something about trusting you. Which I did. And what did I get in exchange for that trust?

Michael: Look -

Dr. Theo: A bump the size of Michigan on the back of my head. (gestures to his head)

Michael: I'm not apologizing. I'm here to make a deal.

Dr. Theo: (turns to face Michael) I'm listening.

Michael: I'll promise anything you want. Just tell me where the Eggman is and help me catch him.

Dr. Theo: You've made promises before Mr. Wiseman. Several times. Yet the last two days have showed something altogether different.

Michael: I won't run away again. I won't have any contact with my family. I'll promise anything.

Dr. Theo: I don't know if a mere promise will work this time.

Michael: Be as tough as you want. Enforce anything you want. (pause) Just don't let him get to Lisa and Heather. Please.

Part 4: Anger

"... a loss stirs feelings of rejection and powerlessness that lead to feeling anxious and angered. Anger often causes the most consternation as it is an emotion with which many are uncomfortable."


(At 6:00 am, the blinds open. Dr. Theo is standing by Michael's bed, looking at Michael sleeping)

Dr. Theo: (after a while) Time to get up, Mr. Wiseman.

Michael: (slowing waking up) Oh, man. I had a doozy of a dream, Doc. Only, it felt so real. I didn't want it to be a dream.

Dr. Theo: (briskly) You have approximately seven minutes to get ready and meet me in the exercise room.

(Dr. Theo marches out of the room. Michael continues to lie in bed a moment longer and then, reluctantly, gets up. Going into the bathroom, he removes his clothes and hops into the shower)

Michael: (talking to himself) Yes, campers, it's another fun day at casa federal prison. All sunshine and happiness, all the time. I can't believe I gave up a night with my wife for gloomy', my morning compadre. I can't believe I actually miss the singing. Oh, well, I guess there won't be too much of that any time soon.


(Heather is asleep on the bed. She awakens abruptly and sees Lisa moving around in the other room. Yawning, she makes a face at the clock and walks into the living room)

Heather: Did you sleep at all?

Lisa: (with a fake smile) Sure I did.

Heather: Right. Now I know I didn't get my ability to lie from you.

Lisa: Perhaps it's a quality that has been dormant in your father. Until now.

Heather: Ohhh, boy. Glad you're not mad at me.

Lisa: I'm not angry anymore. I'm resolute.

Heather: Resolute? About what? (getting suspicious) What's going on in your mind, Mom?

Lisa: I've thought about my next move very carefully.

Heather: Our.

Lisa: What?

Heather: Our. Next move.

Lisa: Needless to say I've been thinking.

Heather: While you were sleeping, right?

Lisa: (slightly exasperated) Heather!

Heather: Never mind. I'll make coffee. You talk.

Lisa: Since when did you start drinking coffee?

Heather: Since my dad came back from the dead. Most people think having someone you love die forces the person to grow up. They have no idea what resurrection can do!

Lisa: I don't know if I like the idea of you getting involved. This could be dangerous...

Heather: (in the process of making coffee) Mom, seriously, I ran like a fugitive in the middle of the night. We have federal agents and lord-knows-who-else after us. I slept in an apartment that we broke into yesterday. I think I'm beyond involved.

Lisa: I've been concerned with too many other things lately. I've let you get away with far too much, young lady.

Heather: Oh, man, here's the start of the young lady' lecture! You're still stuck on that museum thing, aren't you?

Lisa: (reluctantly) Well, yeah. I guess I am. What kind of mother lets her daughter walk into who knows what? And not even follow her? They must have awards for idiot-mothers-of-the-year that I could win.

Heather: That's not what's bugging you. (Lisa winces) Sorry, poor choice of words. You're stuck on what I didn't tell you about that night. What I left out was that Dad was there.

Lisa: Where?

Heather: In the museum. Things started getting a little... wonky.

Lisa: Wonky? Is that a word?

Heather: But, it was fine. Dad showed up. (musing) Not unlike the way Superman used to whenever Lois needed him. (back on topic) But, anyway, Dad showed up and told me to leave. So I left. That's it; that's all there is to tell.

Lisa: (pause, then nods) Right.

Heather: Mom? It's too late to be worrying about this.

Lisa: (with a heartfelt sigh) So I should stop worrying, right? (Heather nods vigorously) OK, so my sleep-deprived thinking is...


(Michael's working out. Dr. Theo is monitoring the status and catching Michael up to speed on the Eggman)

Michael: And we have no idea where he is now?

Dr. Theo: Not definitely, no.

Michael: Then you have a guess where he might turn up?

Dr. Theo: Not really, no.

Michael: Boy, you're a fount of information, aren't you?

(Special Agent #1 walks into the room)

Special Agent #1: Well, it's nice to see the hatchling back where he belongs, doing what he was created to do.

Michael: (a little grumpy) You should go back to your nest, to finish hatching.

Dr. Theo: Gentleman, that's enough. (to Special Agent #1) Any news?

Special Agent #1: This was just delivered. (holds an envelope out to Dr. Theo)

Dr. Theo: It's been tested?

Special Agent #1: Not a trace of anything. He's good.

(Dr. Theo opens the envelope and reads the note. He looks at the key that is also inside, turning it over)

Michael: Don't keep me in suspense. I'm dying over here.

Special Agent #1: Quaint choice of words.

Dr. Theo: I have a note from our escaped convict.

Michael: Well, good, cuz I was afraid it was from Santy Clause.

Dr. Theo: He mentions you. And the last meeting between the two of you.

Michael: How much could he possibly know about me?

Dr. Theo: According to this, quite a bit.

Michael: How?

Special Agent #1: Charlie "The Connection" Klein.

Michael: Is that name supposed to mean something to me?

Dr. Theo: That doesn't matter. He's listed his demands. And left you this key. (gives it to Michael)

Michael: What is it for?

Special Agent #1: It's the key to a locker at the bus station. We have some men watching it right now.

Dr. Theo: He says that only you can open the locker.

Michael: Great. What are we waiting for? Let's go! (begins to head out)

Dr. Theo: Not yet, Mr.Wiseman.

Michael: (turning back) What? What do you mean?

Dr. Theo: I mean that it's not time for action yet. First we finish the tests. I want to know that everything is operating well and within standards before we begin.

Michael: You want me to waste valuable time running on a treadmill, like a hamster?

Dr. Theo: Look at it however you want. But, yes, that's exactly what I want you to do.


(Michael is finishing his workout. Occasionally, he mutters the words "Stupid" and "Waste of time." Dr. Theo ignores him, easily. He has already outlined his plan to Michael. Special Agent #1 brings Dr. Theo a note. Dr. Theo reads it, whispers something to Special Agent #1 and turns back to Michael. Special Agent #1 leaves the townhouse)

Dr. Theo: Fine. Everything checks out normal. The body shows no signs of trauma or stress from your recent activities. I suggest you go and change. We haven't got much time.

Michael: Now he tells me to hurry. OK, I'm ready to change, but, wait...

Dr. Theo: There is nothing to wait for. You have your assignment. It's time to act. Now.

Michael: I'm not really sure...

Dr. Theo: (intently) Are you attempting to go back on your word? Because if you are, believe me when I tell you that next time, there won't be a next time. There'll just be your brain, left on an operating table, to die. And that body, which I know you've become accustomed to, will be attached to someone else's brain. If you believe nothing else, Mr. Wiseman, believe that.

Michael: Don't worry, I believe you. No need to get hot under the collar, Doc.

Dr. Theo: Then I suggest you proceed with the plan and quit wasting valuable time. And I repeat, Now!

Michael: Right. I'll just go in there and change.

(Michael walks into his old room. Looking around, he notes the spartan furnishings and drops his head)

Michael: Making a deal with the devil the first time is one thing. To willingly do it again... Doc's going to have to get a therapist for me soon. The body may be functioning just fine, but I think there's something wrong with my head.

(Michael changes and walks back into the main room, where Dr. Theo is waiting)

Michael: It's just that I was about to say, Lisa and Heather -

Lisa: -- are right here.

(Michael turns around quickly to see Lisa and Heather being escorted into the townhouse by Special Agent #1)

Michael: Lisa! Heather! What are you two doing here?

Lisa: (visibly angry) I'd ask you the same question, but I already know the answer to that. And what would be the point? You seem to have mastered the art of lying like a pro in the last year or so.

Michael: (turns back to Dr. Theo, angry) Wait a minute! You said you wouldn't tell them about this! Why are they here?

Dr. Theo: Actually, Mr. Wiseman, I had nothing to do with this.

Lisa: (said with hostility toward Dr. Theo) No, this time he's right; he had nothing to do with this.

(Dr. Theo inclines his head toward Lisa a little and moves back a few steps, out of her range of fire)

Lisa: First you barge into my house!

Michael: Wait!

Lisa: You barge into my house and make us run into the night with you. Then you spend the rest of the evening and well into the morning giving us a fanciful story that you expect us to believe. And somehow we do!

Michael: Lisa...

Lisa: Then, you drag us out of the woods, only to force us to break into someone's home. And just when we begin to hope, just when you have us right where you want us, you run away. Like a thief. Taking all of our hopes, our dreams, our future - everything - away with you!

Heather: Glad you're just resolute and not mad, Mom.

Michael: Lisee, I can explain...

Lisa: Oh, I would have thought you'd have gotten tired of making things up. Of just outright lying.

Michael: (quietly) I never lied. These past two days, I never lied to you. Not once.

Lisa: (exploding) How can you say that! You made a promise! And you broke it, two seconds later, without so much as -

Michael: (urgently cutting her off) I didn't lie! I meant what I said. I'm through taking risks' - with you and Heather.

Heather: Nice save, Dad. But not good enough.

Michael: I mean it.

Lisa: (laughing without warmth) And that's your answer? You're going to continue putting your life in danger. Not caring that your daughter and I are home, sick with worry for you?

Michael: It's better that I take the risks. I'm... expendable. Just ask the doc. But you and Heather aren't. Not to me.

Heather: Isn't there any other way?

Michael: Oh, honey, I wish there was, I really do.

Heather: And this is what? The end of our family? Again!

Michael: Heather, I - (stopping and then starting again) I do, you know.

Heather: You do what?

Michael: Know that you love me. The past, my last day before I got hit by the train, how you thought you treated me, what you did or didn't say - all that - it doesn't matter. Even if I never hear you say the words to me again, I'll always know you love me.

Heather: (crying a little) Dad -

(Michael and Heather hug. Dr. Theo and Special Agent #1 look at each other; Special Agent #1 rolls his eyes. They move aside, quietly, allowing the Wisemans a few minutes alone)

Lisa: (crying a little too) You know, that speech is not going to work on me. I know you too well, Michael Wiseman.

(Michael turns to Lisa, but still keeps an arm around Heather)

Michael: I thought I knew you too, Lisa Wiseman. But, my mistake. You still continue to surprise me.

Heather: Mom's gotten pretty kick-ass lately. She got her real estate license and everything. And she took on your old insurance company to save our house.

Michael: (still looking at Lisa) I know. She's not the same woman I married over 18 years ago. She's even better now.

(Michael moves toward Lisa)

Michael: You know, I used to be scared all the time. But after we got married, I stopped being scared. I didn't have to be; I had you. And that was all I ever really wanted. I knew it then and I know it today. I'd marry you all over again.

Lisa: I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this. I think I might make myself sick with worry.

Michael: I know. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say, except that I'm sorry. And, I love you.

Lisa: I don't even know who you are anymore.

Michael: I just look a little different. I haven't changed where it matters -- inside.

Special Agent #1: (to Dr. Theo) Sir, shouldn't we be moving this along. We don't have much time.

Dr. Theo: Neither do they.

(Special Agent #1 nods. The phone rings; Dr. Theo answers it)

Dr Theo: (into the phone) Yes. Understood. (listens) We'll be right there. (hangs up) Time to move.

Lisa: What?

Michael: I have to go.

Lisa: But, there's so much we have to talk about.

(Michael looks at Dr. Theo, standing impassively watching Michael's every move)

Michael: I have to go.

Lisa: Is that all you're going to say?

Michael: I really have to go.

Heather: When are we going to hear from you again?

Michael: (with a quick look at Dr. Theo) I don't know. I have to take care of this.

Dr. Theo: Gentlemen, let's go.

(Michael is rushed out of the townhouse, with Special Agent #1 close behind him. Dr. Theo begins to walk away, stops and turns around)

Dr. Theo: Carter, keep an eye on the Wisemans. Until I return.

(Lisa and Heather exchange an uneasy look. Dr. Theo smiles a little and walks out of the townhouse. Lisa and Heather are left with 2 men, keeping watch)


Michael: God, I hated leaving them like that.

Dr. Theo: Would you like to hear his list of demands?

Michael: I'm sure it'll be fascinating. Please, don't let me stop you.

Dr. Theo: I was sure you'd feel that way. He wants $20 million this time.

Michael: Boy, inflation. It'll kill you every time.

Dr. Theo: And he wants us to hand you over to him.

Michael: With or without the platter?

Dr. Theo: No negotiating.

Michael: Good, that's just the way I want it, too.

Dr. Theo: Driver, let's go.

(The limo starts up)


(Lisa and Heather are standing where Michael left them. Uneasily, they watch their watchers)

Heather: (suddenly, doubling over in pain) Owwww! Owww! Oh, it hurts! Owwww!

(The two guards start to move a little closer to Heather, but keep their distance)

Lisa: (moving over quickly to Heather) Honey, what's the matter?

Heather: I don't know! It hurts! Make it stop!

(Both guards move even closer to Heather)

Lisa: Where does it hurt?

Heather: Here!

(With that, Heather, who had grabbed a weight when she bent over, hits both guards with one swing)

Heather: Wow! I didn't even know my own strength!

Lisa: What are you doing?

Heather: Are we just going to wait here?

Lisa: Well, I-I-I'm, not -

Heather: Right! Let's go!

(Heather runs out the door, with Lisa following. They see the limo start to pull away. They jump in Lisa's car and follow)


Dr. Theo: (into mic) Mr. Wiseman, can you -

Michael: (into mic) -- hear me'. Yeah, I know the routine by now.

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Walk slowly to the lockers and scan them first.

Michael: (into mic) Right. (scans the lockers with a hand-held device) It reads clean.

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Go ahead and open it. But keep your eyes open for anything.

Michael: (into mic) Right.

(Michael opens the locker. He pulls out the bag the Eggman had left earlier. Unzipping the bag, he searches it)

Michael: (to himself) I don't get it.

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Get what?

Michael: (into mic) It's filled with junk. Why would he go through all that trouble and then fill the bag with junk?

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Maybe it just looks like junk to you, Mr. Wiseman. Once we get it back into the lab -

Michael: (into mic) No! This is for me. He set all this up for me! What am I missing?

Eggman: Bye, bye.

(Michael looks up to see the Eggman wearing a gas mask. Next to him are Lisa and Heather. The Eggman is holding an egg in his hand)

Part 5: Acceptance

"... occurs with time; realization sets in that the situation is not going to be the same as before, or that the person is not going to return and there is nothing that could have been done to change the outcome."


Michael: Wait! You don't want them! You want me, remember?

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Mr. Wiseman, I have some news. Apparently, your daughter enjoys lifting weights.

Michael: (into mic) We'll discuss this later. (to Eggman) Let them go. You can have me.

Dr. Theo: (into mic) I take it they're already here.

Eggman: All three.

Michael: No, not all three. You have me. That's it. That was the deal. That's what you wanted.

Lisa: Michael, no!

Heather: Kick his butt, Dad!

(Michael looks over quickly at Lisa and Heather and then turns his attention back to the Eggman)

Michael: I have your $10 milion. (holds up the briefcase)

Eggman: $20 million.

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Mr. Wiseman, what's going on?

Michael: I can't get $20 million; I have the $10 million. In cash, right now. You can have it. But you have to let them go.

Eggman: Like last time?

Michael: No, this time it won't be like that. You can have me and the $10 million. Do you want me to open the briefcase, so you can see the money?

(The Eggman hesitates, thinking it over. Michael bends down, to open the briefcase. Meanwhile --)

Roger: Lisa, there you are! Ruth called and made me promise to find out what's going on -

(Lisa, flinching, looks over to see Roger strolling up to them, oblivious of the egg. The Eggman turns to see what has Lisa's attention)

Heather: Ohhhh, the pain in my tummy!

(Heather doubles over. The Eggman, confused, looks at Heather, then at Lisa and then at Roger)

Roger: (noticing the Eggman's gas mask) Uhmmm, you look a little busy.


(Michael, seeing the Eggman distracted, slides the briefcase across the floor, aiming for the Eggman's legs. At the same time, he also starts to slide across the floor, reaching for the egg)

Lisa: Roger, get away! Now!

Dr. Theo: (into mic) Mr. Wiseman?

(Lisa pushes away from the Eggman and begins to run toward Roger. Realizing Heather's not following, she looks back. The Eggman gets hit by the briefcase. Stumbling back, he lets go of the egg and falls to the ground. Michael realizes he's not going to catch the egg in time)

Michael: Lisa, Heather, get away!

(Heather drops to the floor and catches the egg before it hits the ground. Michael finally reaches her, still sliding across the floor. He stops and puts his hand on her arm)


Heather: (whispering) We got the bad guy. Let's just go, Dad. Leave it all and we'll just go.

Michael: (whispers back) I can't. It's not that easy anymore.

Heather: (looking at his nose) It's back in, isn't it?

Michael: That was the first thing he did.

Dr. Theo: (shouting into mic) Mr. Wiseman!

Lisa: (shouting) Oh, my God! Heather, are you all right? Someone take that thing out of her hands.

(Michael, getting up, helps Heather up gently and takes the egg from her. Lisa runs over to them)

Michael: (into mic) Situation contained, Doc.

(Agents run over and take the egg from Michael. They take the Eggman, still stunned and lying on the floor, into custody)

Michael: (to Heather) Are you alright?

Heather: Yeah, I'm fine.

Lisa: What were you thinking? For that matter, what were you both thinking?

Heather: It's OK, Mom. It's all done now.

Michael: (to Lisa) How are you?

Lisa: I'll let you know as soon as my heart stops racing.

Michael: Mine is too.

(Reaching over, Michael takes Lisa's hand and puts it over his heart, pulling her closer. They kiss, while Heather looks on, happy, and Roger looks on, stunned and little upset. Michael and Lisa move back, but still look at each other)

Roger: (walking over to them) Well, did I miss something?

Heather: Uncle Roger, what are you doing here?

Roger: As I said, when I told Ruth about you two being with this Newman character, she was not happy.

Heather: How'd you find us?

Roger: I saw your mom follow the limo, so I followed you.

Michael: A regular parade. And you know how I love a parade.

Roger: Listen, mister, I don't know who you are, but -

Lisa: Roger -

Roger: Lisa, let me handle this. I've been in the insurance business for a verrry long time. I know how to handle people like him.

Heather: Uncle Roger, you don't know the whole story.

Roger: Sweetie, be quiet a minute and let your Uncle Roger take care of this, OK? Listen, Mr. Newman, I don't know who you are and frankly I don't care. What I do know is that -

Lisa: Roger! This man is Michael.

Roger: (slightly flustered) So now you've got her on a first name basis, have you? And you're kissing her in public places! It doesn't matter what your name is; I still won't have you toying with a woman like Lisa.

Lisa: Roger, of course his name matters. It's Michael. My Michael. Heather's Dad.

(Roger looks at Lisa. Seeing the stubborn look in her eye, he turns to Michael)

Roger: You slipped her something, right? I've heard about men who put little white pills in trusting woman's drinks and then... --- well, doing very bad things to them. Suffice it to say, I won't let you get away with.

Heather: Uncle Roger, Mom's not drugged. This is really Daddy.

(Roger looks at Heather and then at Lisa, seeing the identical looks in their eyes)

Roger: (very confused) This is a some sort of a government conspiracy, right?

Heather: (laughing) You could say that.

Lisa: (looking intently at Michael) I still don't understand why you left the apartment, why you went back.

Michael: I had to. The day he got sent to the penitentiary, I saw this Eggman again. He looked at me, right at me, and said that he'd find a way to get to me. And those that I cared about. I could tell he knew about the kiss in the subway station. If he could find out about that, it would be just as easy for a man like that to find who you were. He might not have known about our relationship, but I couldn't run the risk of involving you and Heather. Not again.

Heather: That's what you meant about not taking any more risks with us.

Michael: The first time was bad enough, on the subway. I wasn't sure I could go through it a second time.

Lisa: (whispering) You could have told me.

Michael: (whispering, leaning closer) I wanted to, but --

Dr. Theo: (walking up to them) Mr. Wiseman.

Michael: (pulling himself together, turning to Dr. Theo) I did good, didn't I? Caught the bad guy. No one die. Not bad for a day's work.

Dr. Theo: Yes, well, you're needed over there.

Michael: I am?

Dr. Theo: Yes. You need to answer some questions.

Michael: (turning back to Lisa, Heather and Roger) OK, I have to take care of something. I'll be right back.

(Michael walks over to a group of agents. He finishes filling out the paperwork and answering their questions. Special Agent #1 joins him)

Special Agent #1: Almost through?

Michael: Yeah. Hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer. Listen, what are we going to do about... you know, my family?

Special Agent #1: It's already being taken care of.

Michael: What? What do you mean?

(Michael looks around and doesn't see Lisa or Heather anywhere)

Michael: Where are they?

Special Agent #1: Like I said, they're being taken care of.

(Michael looks around again)

Michael: Doc!!!!

(Agents grab Michael and escort him, struggling, out of the bus station)


(Michael is pacing, being guarded by five men, with no sign of Dr. Theo)

Michael: What's being done to them? I just want to know that they're alright.

(He gets no answers. Michael continues to pace and worry)


(Dr. Theo walks in. Michael immediately stops pacing and walks over to Dr. Theo)

Michael: Where are they?

Dr. Theo: (lifting a brow) By they' I assume you mean Lisa and Heather Wiseman?

Michael: You know I do. Where are they?

Dr. Theo: Why, they're at home. Sleeping, I imagine. Which is where you should be.

Michael: At home? Asleep?

Dr. Theo: Where else would intelligent people be at 5 of 11:00?

Michael: Well, if that's all it is, why did it take you so long?

Dr. Theo: Well, I must admit, I didn't take them straight home. We did have one stop to make first.

Michael: Doc, what are you talking about?

Dr. Theo: Well, I had to ensure that you'd keep your word, about having no more contact with them. There were only two options.

Michael: (upset, but trying to hold it together) You could have killed them. But you didn't do that because you said they were home, in bed.

Dr. Theo: That's right. Which really only left me with one course of action. (begins to walk away)

Michael: (yelling to Dr. Theo's back) Which was?

Dr. Theo: Go to sleep, Mr. Wiseman. 6:00 am comes early.

(Dr. Theo leaves. A moment later, the lights go out. Without breaking stride, Michael, visibly upset, continues to pace and think)


(Dr. Theo walks in with the morning paper. Checking to see that breakfast is ready, he continues on to Michael's room)

Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman, time to get up...

(Noticing the empty bed, Dr. Theo looks around. Michael walks out of the bathroom, already dressed)

Michael: I'm up. Let's go.

Dr. Theo: Are we in a hurry?

Michael: Yes, I'm in a hurry.

Dr. Theo: Well, I'm not. Let's have breakfast first.

(Dr. Theo heads for the kitchen. Michael holds on to his patience and follows him)


Dr. Theo: (on the phone) Have they taken care of...? (listening) Good. (hangs up)

Michael: What was that about?

Dr. Theo: Some loose ends that needed to be taken care of.

Michael: I thought we'd already taken care of it. He's back at the NY Pen, as we speak.

Dr. Theo: Yes, but that loose end found out about you. However Charlie Klein got the information to pass on had to be stopped.

Michael: Do I even want to know?

Dr. Theo: Probably not.

Michael: I'm back, the tracking device has been reinserted and everyone is back where they belong. What can be better? For you, that is.

Dr. Theo: Why don't we wait a few more minutes and see how much happier I can be, shall we?

Michael: (muttering to himself) Why do I not have a good feeling about this?

(Special Agent #1 walks up to them)

Dr. Theo: Everything done? Including the real estate woman and Bender's wife?

Special Agent #1: Yes, sir.

Michael: Ruth? What about Ruth? Does this have to do with the one stop you made before Lisa and Heather got home?

Dr. Theo: Nothing to concern yourself with. Believe me, Mr. Wiseman, they're not concerning themselves with you.


Roger: (walking in) Are you ready to go?

Lisa: Yes, I'm more than ready. I have no idea what's the matter with me lately. I feel like I'd forget my own name if someone wasn't calling it every five minutes.

Roger: I know what you mean. I chalk it up to middle age.

Janet: (walking over) I would certainly not call you middle-aged. Lisa, aren't you going to introduce me to your handsome gentleman?

Lisa: (confused) I thought you guys had already met.

Roger: (smiling at Janet, who's returning his looks) I believe I'd remember if I had met such a charming and beautiful woman.

Lisa: (with a slightly forced grin) My mistake, then. Roger Bender, my boss, Janet. Janet, my good -- and very old and dear friend -- Roger.

Janet: Hello, Roger. Are you looking for a house?

Roger: Yes, well, my wife and I, recently - that is to say - that we are no longer... Well, you know how it is when two people...

Lisa: (interrupting) Roger, didn't you say that Heather's waiting in the car and that we have reservations?

Roger: Of course, how silly of me to forget. Yes, Heather is waiting in the car and we do have reservations.

Lisa: Then we should get going. Janet, have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Janet: Same to you, Lisa. Bye-bye, tall and handsome.

Roger: (giggling a little nervously) Bye.

(Roger and Lisa walk to the front door)

Lisa: (whispering to Roger) Roger Bender, if you even remotely think about starting something with Janet -

Roger: Lisa, Lisa. I don't know why you would even get that idea. I'm still married to Ruth. We have a daughter. I'm not ready for the likes of - (takes a glance back to look at Janet) But I'd like to be ready for...

(Outside, they walk to Roger's BMW. Heather is already in the backseat)

Lisa: (warningly) Roger, I'm serious!

Roger: (opening the passenger side door for her) Relax Lisa. Nothing's going to happen between me and your boss. I promise.

Lisa: Good. Thank you for that.

Roger: Certainly. What do you take me for? (closes the door and walks around the car) But a man can dream. (attempts one last look) Oh, yes, a man can dream...


(Lisa, Heather and Roger are walking through the park at lunchtime)

Heather: What's wrong with me?

Lisa: (laughing) There's nothing wrong with you, sweetie. (puts an arm around her) It's called adolescence, that's all.

Heather: (shaking her head) No, no, I don't mean that. I mean, I feel really weird.

Roger: I think that's the same thing as what your mother was talking about, pumpkin.

Heather: (not sounding convinced) I guess.

Roger: Although, I have to admit, I'm not feeling 100 percent myself right now either.

(They walk toward Michael sitting alone on a bench. Michael, happy to see them, stands up. They walk up to him, brush past him and continue on)

Lisa: That's to be expected. You know what that nice Dr. Morris told us. We'd been in an accident.

Roger: That's right. He said short-term memory loss is to be expected.

(Michael looks at the retreating figures of Lisa, Heather and Roger. Dr. Theo walks out from behind a tree to stand next to Michael)

Michael: (softly) Awww, what'd you do to them, Doc?

Dr. Theo: Saved them. Believe me, Mr. Wiseman, the only other alternative was death.

Heather: I suppose. But it hurts when I try to remember.

Lisa: Don't force it honey. That's what the doctor said. If it comes back, it'll come back on it's own. Otherwise, we just accept the memory loss and carry on. After all, it's not like we forgot each other. Or where we live.

Roger: Or where we work... -- and go to school.

Heather: Or what my locker combination is. Yeah, I guess you guys are right.

Michael: What did you do?

Dr. Theo: Remember that drug I told you about? The one that makes you forget, but doesn't affect your learning?

Michael: (continuing to look at them) How much have they forgotten?

Dr. Theo: Everything from the last few days. And then a gradual decrease in substantial memory going back a year. Whatever they do remember, they'll wonder if they dreamed it.

Heather: I understand what you're both saying. It's just that...

Lisa: It's just what, honey?

Heather: I can't help feeling I'm forgetting something important.

Michael: And they don't have any memory of... Mr. Newman?

Dr. Theo: None whatsoever.

Heather: Like there's a big piece that's missing.

Lisa: (quietly) In a strange way, I know what you mean.

(Not able to stand looking at them any longer, Michael begins to walk away)

Dr. Theo: This way, we don't have to find a new location to put you. They don't have to die. And really, what's a little memory loss compared to life.

Michael: What kind of life is that? Not knowing, not remembering?

Dr. Theo: I believe I remember Mrs. Wiseman mention that she'd make herself sick worrying about you. If we continued to let them remember, what kind of life is that?

(Michael says nothing. They continue to walk)

Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman, if I can offer you some words of wisdom. In acceptance lies peace.'

Michael: I understand what you're trying to say. But there's one thing you forgot.

Dr. Theo: And what's that?

Michael: I still have all my memories of them.

(They get into the waiting limo and drive off)


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