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911 StoriesStories marked with a small flag
on the button refer to the events of Sept 11, 2001

and historical events ensuing from them,
including armed conflicts in the Middle East

Old West ATF Virtual Season Episode ATF Virtual Season Episode Alternate Universe Old West Crossover ATF Crossover
Star Trek Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons Seven Investigations Search and Rescue Little Britches Old West The Ranch
Two Blood Seven as Brothers Multi Universe Video Royal Navy Lifeboat AU MCAT AU
MCAT AU Artwork and Photos Poetry Halloween Christmas
The characters of The Magnificent Seven, because of their universal appeal and versatility, have translated themselves well into a variety of settings and scenarios ("universes"). Many of them are represented at this site and are described briefly below.

Star NOTE: If you see a single contrasting star on the button, the story will likely contain some elements that may be unsuitable for more sensitive readers, such as death of a major M7 character, homoerotic overtones, torture or other graphic violence, and/or controversial social, political or religious commentary.

Old West Old West - The Seven in the setting established by the series. Virtual Season Episode VS - an episode of the Old West "virtual season."
ATF ATF - The Seven as agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ATF Virtual Season Episode ATF VS - an episode of the ATF "virtual season" based on ATF "fanon."
Old West Crossover Crossover - incorporates characters and scenarios from another series or film into the Old West M7 universe ATF Crossover ATF Crossover - incorporates characters and scenarios from another series or film into the ATF M7 universe
Alternate Universe Alternate Universe - features the Seven in a setting/scenario that is unique to the story Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons - set in the universe of the popular role-playing game (Vin is a halfling elf. Josiah, Nathan and sometimes Vin and Ezra use magic)
Little Britches Old West Little Britches - an alternate universe wherein Vin and JD are small boys, the others adults The Ranch The Ranch - an alternate universe where JD is Chris's adopted son, and the others are family friends.
Star Trek Star Trek - Set in the universe of Star Trek DS9 with The Seven as the crew of the USS Maverick. Vin is a Vulcan in this A/U Star Wars Star Wars - The Force is with The Seven in these stories set in the universe of the mythic films
Search and Rescue Search & Rescue - The Seven as "Larabee's Unit," a wilderness search and rescue team. Seven Investigations Seven Investigations - The Seven as private investigators with Seven Investigations.
World War 2 WWII - The Seven join the Allied forces in the land, air and sea battles of World War II Two Blood Werewolf / Shape-Shifter - The Seven existing in the worlds of both humans and wolves, in various forms
Seven As Brothers Universe Seven Brothers - AUs in which the Seven are living as a family unit. Multi Universe Multi-Universe - Stories containing elements from multiple universes
Royal Navy Lifeboat AU Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution Universe - The boys are Brits in this adventure AU - the volunteer crew of an RNLI ocean rescue vessel. Video MCAT - Following the events of 9/11, the Seven form a team dedicated to investigating Major Crimes and Acts of Terrorism.
Video Music Video - Scenes compiled from the Magnificent Seven TV series and set to music. Poem Poem - Magnificent Seven inspired poetry
Halloween Halloween - Stories which either take place at Halloween, or have a supernatural theme. (Maybe be set in any universe) Christmas Christmas - Stories occuring during the Christmas holiday season, or having a Christmas-oriented theme. (Maybe be set in any universe)
Art Art and Images - Drawings, paintings, photomanips, original photos of Magnificent Seven characters. Las Vegas AU Las Vegas - The Seven as the staff of Las Vegas' Montecito Casino
Tenth Anniversary 10th Anniversary - The Boys 10 years after the timeframe of the series. Split Split Universe - Stories containing elements from two universes
Monarch of the Glen Monarch of the Glen - Set in the universe of the BBC series Monarch of the Glen.

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