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Eric is part of the ensemble cast of Without a Trace, which airs on CBS Thursdays at 10 pm Eastern. As Agent Martin Fitzgerald, he is a member of a team of FBI agents who specialize in missing persons cases.
(CBS 2002-present)
Eric starred in the critically acclaimed sci-fi series Now and Again, in the role of Michael Wiseman, a middle-aged insurance executive whose brain is transplanted into the body of a 26-year-old bio-engineered "superman" after he is killed in a subway accident.
CBS 1999-2000
As one of The Magnificent Seven Eric brought life to the role of Vin Tanner, a bounty hunter framed for murder who now carried a price on his own head, and whose tough, dangerous presence concealed the soul of a poet.
(CBS 1998-1999)
In the conspiracy drama Dark Skies, 24-year-old congressional aide John Loengard (Eric) finds himself hopelessly entangled in a cover-up that reaches higher and further than anyone imagines when he is involuntarily conscripted into the legion of "men in black."
(NBC 1996-1997)
Adventurer Brick McKenna carves out a place for himself in both the spectacular mountain country of the Pacific Northwest, and in the heart of his family who still grieve the death of Brick's older brother.
(ABC 1995)
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