A Part Of His Past

by Rose

ATF Universe

I don't own the seven and make no profit from my writing about them
They belong to John W. and a lot of other folks.

The ATF-U belongs to Mog.... We thank her for letting us play in her world ....

Thanks to Kari and Aletha for doing the beta reading for this.

I want to thank Melody, who reads my stuff and lets me know if I've made too many mistakes..and for letting me send my stories to her so she can send them to Nancy for her to post on her wonderful Josiah fiction site.....

Tissues may be needed for one small part of this story.

Joanna is my own creation and if you would like to use her in any story all I ask is you never kill her off or make her disappear for any reason and to please contact me for permission to use her. Thank you.

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