A Part Of His Past

by Rose

ATF Universe

1:30 PM Thursday

Chris, Vin Buck and Ezra waited for Nathan and JD to return to the living room and assure them that Josiah and Jo were both asleep. JD come in first and said Jo has went out like a light... He went in and got himself a soda then sit beside Buck on the floor near the couch. Nathan finally appeared some 10 minutes later and told them Josiah was snoring so he was sure the older man was asleep and likely to stay that way for a while.

"OK Ezra, what is this small problem?" Chris asked.

Ezra explained about how Josiah felt he was to old to raise a child and that he would most likely make other plans for the girl.

"I see.".said Chris.

"Chris, we got to do something, Josiah will be sorry later on if he lets the kid go now."Buck said.

"Maybe, but the man has a point ," Chris replied.

"Damn Chris you know I'm right. What the hell is wrong with you. It ain't like ya to want a kid to be without some family!" Buck almost yelled.

"I just think Josiah knows himself better then we do. And if he feels he's to old to handle the girl, then who are we to try to talk him into doing something he don't want to. And have you thought about how this will effect the team?" Chris growled back.

"The team !!! is that what you worry about. Well I for one would rather that little darling in there have her grandpa then us have a team!!" Buck snapped then stomped out of the cabin.

"Mr Wilmington has a point there. I would also wish for the child to have her grandfather in her life, But I would also hate to see us lose a member of this team". Ezra added in his opinion.

"Have you guys forgotten, there are lots of guys and girls working on a ATF team that has kids," Vin stated.

"No Vin we haven't forgotten that but those people are lots younger then Josiah and most of them have wifes or husbands to help them out."Chris said.

"We'd be there to help Josiah out." JD said in a small voice.

"It ain't the same JD, we wouldn't be there all the time and when Josiah had to work late so would we," Nathan told the young man.

"But Nathan, what will happen to her if Josiah don't take her?" JD asked.

"I don't know JD a foster home maybe," Nathan replied.

At this Vin Tanner just has had to speak up. "No way, I been that route and I sure as hell ain't not going to sit by and let that sweet little girl be shoved into the same cycle I was put through!"

"Vin, we don't get any say about what happens to her. If Josiah doesn't want to keep her then nothing we can do about it," Chris explained.

"So that's it cowboy, we just let this little girl get put into foster care and we don't even try to talk Josiah out of it. Well hell Chris maybe you can do it that way but I sure as hell can't!!" and with that Vin Tanner slammed out of the cabin.

"Well that went well," Ezra said

"Ezra, maybe Josiah will change his mind maybe he was just surprised or shocked about the whole thing and once he gets over that he'll want to see the girl," Nathan said.

"Highly unlikely Mr Jackson. He seemed adamant that he was just too old to raise a young child,"

"Well that's just stupid, cause I know lots of grandparents who are rasing their grand kids now a days," JD said.

"I too know of several situations of that nature," Ezra declared..

"Well there isn't much we can do about this until Josiah is feeling better and the situation with Miller and Zook is dealt with," Chris said.

"But Chris what do I tell Jo....she has been asking when she can see poppy all day," JD said.

"Just tell her Josiah isn't feeling well. I'm sure you'll think of something JD," Chris replied.

JD wasn't happy and he soon left the cabin and went for a walk after making sure Ezra or Nathan would listen for the little one to wake up. JD returned an hour later to find Jo crying and Buck yelling at Chris and Nathan while Ezra and Vin tried to stop Jo from crying.

When she saw JD she almost tossed herself into his arms . "jeeedeee, Jo see poppy now.....lease jeedee," she cried.

JD felt his heart would break. He looked around the room to see the other guys arguing and paying no attention to Jo or him . He decided there was only one thing to do. and he made the decision to do it. He wiped Jo's eyes and headed toward the room that housed Josiah. Vin and Ezra watched as the kid did what they figured he felt was right. JD walked into the room with Jo in his arms. Josiah heard the door and lifted his eyelids to see JD enter carrying a dark haired little girl.

"Josiah, I know you said you didn't want to see her but she's been asking for you for days now. And I think you own it to her to see her," JD said as he put Jo down on the bed beside Josiah.

Before Josiah could say a word, Jo worked her way up the bed until she was near his face, " Poppy...low Poppy.". Jo cried.

Josiah was taken aback when the little girl then tossed her arms around his neck and hung on for dear life.

"Her name is Joanna but she likes to be called Jo. Me and Buck have been taking care of her since Tuesday. She knows you're her grandpa and she calls you poppy," JD said and then he turned and walked out the door only to find stunned faces watching him . He went on out the door pass the men and sit down in a chair.

"Kid, are you nuts? Chris will probable kill you for pulling that stunt". Buck said as he pulled the kid toward him.

"I don't care Buck, she needed to see him, she just lost her momma and she needs someone to share her grieve with," the kid said .

Buck knew JD was thinking about his own momma and how he felt with her death. Chris only walked into the kitchen while Vin and Ezra went outside to watch the road. Nathan took a seat near the door of Josiah's room

Josiah found himself with an armful of little girl. She was pressed up against his ribs and had a strong grip around his neck.

Jo pulled away so she could look into his face. "Poppy...mommma and dadda gone.".she said as she reached up to place a small hand on his face.... Josiah saw that she had been crying and might very well cry again soon. Jo pulled away, then took her locket over her head and showed Josiah the pictures of her momma and dadda beside the picture of himself.......once again she spoke ....."momma... dadda... gone...

then she patted his face once more and said poppy...jo...lone..."

Josiah couldn't stop the tears that fell as he hugged the girl close and then he mumbled..... "Yes...poppy and Jo alone".

At that the little girl began to cry again and Josiah joined her in her grief.

Nathan entered the room a little later to find both of them asleep.. Jo slept on Josiah's chest and Nathan knew that had to be hurting the older man, but Josiah wrapped his good arm tighter around the small body when Nathan tried to move her. Josiah opened his eyes to see the concerned face of his best friend Nathan.

"Just wanted to move her off your ribs". Nathan said.

"No she's alright. " Josiah said... Guess I better get use to having her around huh"?

"Well you're all she has now Josiah, so I guess we all better get use to having her around". Nathan said.with a grin.

"What the heck am I going to do Nate, here I am 50 and working a job I can get killed at any time and now I got this tiny little baby who needs me."Josiah signed.

"Well the way I see it Josiah is that the good lord knew you couldn't be there for your own daughter so he is giving you a chance to be here for your grand daughter," Nathan said to his old friend.

"Going to make a big change in my life.and maybe even the team," Josiah replied.

We"ll work it out, don't you worry now about that. You just get yourself well, cause I got a feeling little Miss Jo here is going to be hard to keep up with," Nathan smiled as he joked to Josiah.

Chris entered the room as Nathan said this and he laughed and then said "Girl sure has JD and Buck running around."

"Good Lord you haven't let those two have control over her have you...Buck is bad enough but the kid, I bet he never says no to her,"Josiah laughed

"They offered and since we was busy looking for your ass I decided to let them handle the little fluff and they do alright even if they do spoil her too much." Chris replied.

Buck heard this as he entered the room. "look who's talking, who didn't make her eat her peas at lunch."

Chris glared at Buck but didn't say anything., but then Ezra entered and joined Buck in his opinion.

"Yes Mr Larabee, you did tell her she didn't have to eat those peas".

"As I remember Ezra you were the one who let her stay up late because you said she had taken a late nap and wasn't tired," Chris growled.

"And he's also the one who let her fall asleep on the couch while he was showing her card tricks," Buck laughed at the look on Ezra's face.

"I best be getting on my feet or you boys will have this child so spoiled I'll never be able to teach her a thing."Josiah said.

As the men turned to leave Josiah said to Buck. " Buck you want to send JD in here, I need to talk to him for a minute?"

"Sure Josiah," Buck replied.

JD slowly made his way into the room a short time later. He wasn't sure why Josiah wanted to talk to him but he was afraid it might be to give him hell for doing what he did..

"JD son, I hear I need to thank you for taking care of Jo here while I wasn't able. And too I need to thank you for making me realize this little girl needed me.. I got to ask you to keep on caring for her until I am up and about. Would you do that for me?" Josiah asked.

"Sure Josiah. she's a good kid and I don't mind watching out for her. And I know you'd do the same thing for any of us." JD answered " And as for the other well I just remember how much I wished I had someone when my mom died. And since she knew you was her grandpa I figured you was the one to share that with her," JD hung his head and hoped Josiah understood why he'd done it.

"Sometimes JD ..I guess we forget you"re just as smart if not smarter then the rest of us," Josiah said.

JD smiled and asked Josiah if he wanted him to take Jo to her own room.

"No thanks JD I think Jo and I will both take a nap," Josiah said.

Saturday Mid-afternoon
Larabee cabin in the Mountains

Chris Larabee watched as Buck, Vin and JD played in the leaves with little Jo. Ezra. Nathan and Josiah sit with him on the porch. It had warmed up considerable today and since everyone was getting restless and on each others nerves Chris figured that if they were all outside maybe they would burn off some of that restlessness. Josiah was making a fast recovery and Chris knew that they could give a lot of the credit to little Joanna for that., Chris would even go so far as to say the little girl had even managed to work her way into his own tough heart. Just at that minute she ran up and pulled Chris by the hand. "play hris?" she asked him. He really wanted to say no but those big blue eyes were looking at him the same way a certain brown pair did when he wanted something from Chris.

"Sure, why not." he said as he got up and walked down the steps with her.

"Another one bites the dust," laughed Nathan.

"Yes it appears Mr Larabee can't resist our charming little angel any better then the rest of us," Ezra replied.

Josiah and Nathan both chuckled and Ezra swore he hear Nathan snicker.

What pray tell do you find so funny Mr Jackson?" Ezra asked.

"Well Ezra I hate to be the one to tell ya this but ...you know that little tea party you and Jo were having this morning.....well seems Buck got pictures of the whole thing," Nathan bursted into rolling laughter at the look on the southerners face.

"I will kill him," Ezra said as he made his way off the porch and toward the group playing in the leaves.

But before he could reach his intended victim the small girl ran up to him and demanded to be lifted, Ezra picked her up only to find the two of them bombarded with leaves. Josiah heard the squealing laughter of the girl then the sound of five males voices joining in. It did his heart good to hear those sounds.

Late evening
Saturday night

"Chris, how much longer you suppose we're going to have to stay here?" Buck asked as the men played a round of poker.

"We don't hear anything by tomorrow we'll head back on Monday. This sitting around isn't getting Miller or Zook behind bars any faster," Chris replied.

"I'm with brother Chris on that. I want Miller and Zook found and put in prison. I don't want to have to look over my shoulder for the next couple of years wondering if one of them will show up to get me or Jo," Josiah said .

"Then I say we go find them and put them away for a long long time,"Ezra agreed.

They all nodded and then resumed the game. Before long Josiah admitted he was tired and better head to his bed. Nathan and Ezra had first watch so the other four decided to turn in also. Some 4 hours later Buck and Vin took over the watch. Vin decided to check outside while Buck made the rounds of all the doors and windows in the cabin. When Vin didn't return after 20 minutes Buck got worried so he went in and woke Chris. The two of them checked around outside but found no sign of Vin. They had just decided to get the rest of the guys up when Vin come running up the driveway.

"Chris, Buck we got company coming. Two trucks from the looks of it. We best get ready". Vin explained.

"Vin you go get Ezra and the others up. Buck you wake JD and have him and Jo go into the hideaway hole," Chris ordered

It took both Josiah and JD to explain to Jo that she had to go with JD down into the dark hole in the floor of the kitchen. Finally Ezra gave her a tiny light and his cards telling her he wanted her to keep them safe for him. Jo agreed and let Buck lower her to JD down into the dark hole.. Once the two youngsters were down.. the floor was put back in place and the rug throw over it, The men stationed themselves inside and out of the cabin. Chris and Ezra took the front while Buck and Nathan took the back, Josiah took a position near the living room window. Meanwhile JD had gotten Jo settled and had opened a small lookout hole in his hiding place. He could see the front yard of the cabin but nothing else. Vin took a position in the trees at the end of the walkway from the driveway to the cabin.. Soon all of them heard the sounds of trucks making there way up the long winding driveway. Each hide as best they could and waited on the enemy to come to them. The trucks stopped long before they got to the cabin. And from his vantage point from the tree Vin watched as six men exited the trucks. He signaled Chris that there were only six of them and Chris relayed the message back to Josiah, who made his way to the back and informed Nathan and Buck of how many to expect. Vin watched as three of the men circled around to enter from the rear of the cabin and three of them headed straight for the front. It was dark but Vin could make out Miller leading the front group., he waited until all three had gotten pass his spot in the trees then he slowly made his way down and stayed behind the men.

Chris Larabee waited until the men started to spread out in front of the cabin before he stepped into view. The three men were shocked at the men stepping out of the shadows and stopped where they were. "Miller it's time to put an end to this whole mess. Lay down your guns and we won't have to kill anyone," Larabee growled.

"Larabee go to hell, my men and I will kill all of you and take the girl. Once I have her no one one will bother me for fear I'll kill the girl," Miller snapped back

Even his own men knew Miller was wrong, but he paid them to do what he asked with no questioned asked. Miller had finally gone around the bend and his men knew it too. Right now the two with him wished they had left him yesterday when he come up with this crazy plan. But the truth was if any of them had try to leave he would have shot them himself, Miller had totally lost his mind.

"Where the fu-k is Sanchez, I want to see that son of a bitch that got my brother killed. Too bad Zook just didn't kill him out right, but he paid for that, him and his so called champion. You should have heard them scream when me and the boys were putting bullets into them. Hell I made sure no one took a killing shot until both of them suffered for double crossing me.....Come out Sanchez, I know you're in there," Miller screamed.

While this was gone on Millers men in the back decided now would be a good time to get the hell away from that madman. Just as they turned to start back down to the trucks they heard the click of two guns. "Going somewhere fellas?" Buck Wilmington asked with a grin.

Buck and Nathan had their three tied up like turkey to a feast in no time.

Josiah stepped out onto the porch and yelled out to Miller. " Here I am. come and get me you bastard."

At the sight of Josiah, Miller begin to fire his gun,. he never stood a chance since Larabee and Tanner both had expected him to react this way at the sight of Josiah. Miller was cut down within seconds and the two men with him dropped their weapons and give up.

The sounds of more men coming up the drive caused Vin, Chris and Josiah to take cover again, while Miller"s two men stood uncertain in the front yard.

Bob Petty and Schooner lead 20 men into the yard and Chris stepped out to greet them.

"What the hell took you so long Bob, hell I guess me and the boys better get back to work since you take so long to bust the bad guys".

"Fu-k you Larabee...".Bob said back... We been on this guys ass for two days now, but we had to wait and see if he'd really try to come here after you boys".

Buck and Nathan made their way around with their captives and Bob along with Schooner watched as Schooners men took all five men into custody and also as they took Miller's body away.

Schooner and Petty went into the cabin with Chris and his men ...Buck meanwhile had gotten JD and Jo out of the hideaway . To say Bob Petty was surprised to see a small dark haired girl run into the room and almost jump on Josiah Sanchez , the whole time calling out "Poppy k...Poppy k..".would be an understatement. But when the girl then proceeded to go around the room and ask each of the seven the same thing Petty couldn't help but laugh.

" So hris...I guess you and your boys can get back to work now?" Bob joked at the name he'd heard Jo call Chris Larabee...

"Yeah we might as well leave now since we're up anyway," Chris replied.

An hour later found the seven headed back to Denver with Petty and Schooner driving behind them.

Sunday Late Afternoon
Larabee Ranch

Vin and Chris were out at the stables feeding the horses .

"Reckon the boys were all pretty happy to get back to their own homes this morning". . Vin said

"Yep reckon they were...." Chris answered....." I'm glad Nathan decided to stay with Josiah and the little one for a couple of days".

"What you suppose old Josiah will do now, you think he'll quit the team"? Vin asked

"Don't know. But I'm sure he'll let me know when he decides," Chris answered.

"I for one will be glad to get back to work, time off ain't all that great to me. And since Josiah will have three weeks off to recover from his injuries I bet he'll stay with the team. He'd be bored if'n all he did was stay home and watch little Jo every day." the normally quiet sharpshooter said.

"Maybe, but I got the feeling he might be a little worried about the dangers of the job." Chris said.

"Hell Chris ain't a one of us who don't worry about that every now and then." Vin replied then added "You know Travis turned that box of Michelle 's over to Josiah today. I bet he'll be pretty upset once he goes through her stuff. maybe all of us should go on over to his place after work tomorrow and check on em."

"I don't think so, Nathan well let us know if Josiah needs us." Chris said.

Vin Tanner got the feeling that his friend Chris Larabee already had his mind set that Josiah wouldn't come back to the team. And that pissed Vin off, Chris was the sort of fella who didn't give anyone the benefit of the doubt. he always expected the worst of things.

"Well cowboy ,as Josiah would say we've got to have faith that everything will work out."Vin said

"You been spending way too much time with Josiah," Larabee growled.

Before Vin could make a reply the sound of Buck's truck had the two men looking toward the driveway.

"Wonder what those two are doing here?" Vin said.

Buck and the kid got out of the truck and met the two men by the corral. "Howdy boys!" Buck said

"What's up Buck , didn't expect to see you two until tomorrow at the office?" Chris asked

"Me and the kid got cleaned up and ate then we got to thinking little Jo only has those four outfits me and JD got her on the way out of town, so we were going to run over to the mall and do some shopping for the little angel, Wanted to stop by and see if you boys wanted to go with us," Buck answered.

"I don't think so Buck. I got stuff around here needs done." Chris answered.

"Ok Chris, what about you junior want to help me and JD pick out some stuff for Jo?" Buck asked Vin.

Vin Tanner was torn. He would like to help Buck and the kid and he'd never been shopping for a kid that little before it might be fun. But he hated to leave Chris here alone since he had the feeling something was bothering Chris and Vin was hoping if he stuck around maybe Chris would talk to him.

"No boys, I'll stick around here and help Chris. You two go a head and have fun." Vin said with a smile.

Buck and JD left and Chris with Vin behind him headed for the house for a beer.

They took the beers into the living room and both starched out in a chair. "So cowboy, want ta tell me what's got you so troubled?" Vin asked.

"Ain't nothing got me troubled, why would you think there was," Chris snapped.

"Cause you been quieter then usual. And you've had a sour look on your face since I got here this morning," Vin snapped back.

"Hey I didn't ask ya to come out here, if you don't like the mood I am in then go the hell home!" Larabee growled

"Come on Chris, I think ya need to talk and I am here ..so talk,"

" Don't got nothing to say, so why don't you just go the hell home!" Chris yelled.

"Larabee, anyone ever tell ya your as hard headed as a mule!" Vin said as he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Chris watched as Vin Tanner slammed the door and he listened while Vin got in his jeep, gunned the engine.and drove away. Chris hated it that he couldn't share his troubles with Vin, But Chris Larabee had never been one to share his thoughts or troubles with anyone. Maybe someday he would , But until then he hoped Vin would try and understand. Once he was sure Tanner was gone he got up and walked to the room that use to be Adams. He looked around in there then went to his room and got a box out of his closet . He took out a bundle of pictures and slowly looked through them. Adam as a newborn, his first birthday, his first christmas, so many pictures for such a short life. Chris hung his head and let the tears fall. Things had been easier since he had joined together the team. But seeing Jo, Chris had felt such loss and he just wanted to stay away from the little girl. He figured if he didn't spend time around the little girl then the feeling of loss would ease once again. But God how he hated himself for feeling that way. Neither Josiah or Jo should have to suffer just because he didn't want to feel that loss. And Chris knew Josiah would need his friends with taking care of the little girl.

Chris stood and put the pictures back away then he went back out to the living room. he sit there for several minutes then reached over and picked up the phone. "Jackson here". Nathan answered Josiah's home phone.

"Nathan, Chris here. wanted to check on Josiah and see how things were going with him and Jo," Chris said.

"Jo seems to be settling in just fine. Josiah and I set up a little bad bed for her in his bedroom and right now she's in there taking a nap. As for Josiah .well he was a mite upset when he started going through that box the judge sent over. He went for a walk , ask me to keep an eye on Jo until he got back. Once he has some time I think he'll be fine but you better then any of us know how he must be feeling right now," Nathan replied.

"Has he said anything about the job"? Chris asked.

" Nope not so far but then he's had a rough week and needs some time to think things through," Nathan said.

"So is there anything you guys need. I could run to the store and get it for ya if you do?" Chris asked.

"No thanks Chris, we got plenty of food and some of Josiah's neighbors came over with some clothes for the little one. and then about an hour ago Ezra showed up here with all sorts of toys and dolls, Said he wanted Miss Jo to have something to play with since he wouldn't be here with his cards to entertain her," Nathan answered.

" Ok Nathan, if you two need anything let me know. Why don't you take off tomorrow and keep Josiah company," Chris informed Nathan.

"No need Chris, Josiah says he needs to get use to being with Jo by himself, and tomorrow would be as good as any day to start."Jackson told his boss. . "See you in the office then." Chris said then hung up the phone.

Vin Tanner was highly pissed at his boss. Damn the man anyway, couldn't he see Vin was only trying to help him. Tanner really didn't what to think his boss and friend was so petty as to begrudge Josiah his grand daughter. But since Chris found out about the girl he'd been acting might weird. When Tanner has said something to Buck about it yesterday, Buck had said he thought any child would bring back memories for Chris and Chris would have to learn to deal with them on his own. Like Buck said it was unlikely Chris would ask any of them to help him deal with anything,, hell Larabee wouldn't even admit there was something to deal with . So Tanner figured he might as well forget the whole thing. Maybe he'd run by that kids store on Ninth street and see if he could get Jo a couple of items there. He'd seen some nice stuff in the window one day when he was on his way home.

Nathan Jackson checked on Jo and then he decided to make some dinner. As he was putting the salad together he heard Josiah return to the apartment.. Josiah come into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee then he asked Nathan what he was fixing for dinner. The two friends talked about work related stuff or things they had done together in the past, but neither of them spoke of the lost daughter or the custody of the grand daughter. Jo come in rubbing her eyes and looking for something to drink. She insisted Josiah hold her on his lap while she drank her milk. Finally dinner was ready and Josiah put Jo on a chair so they both could eat. Nathan wished Josiah would say something instead of just watching the little girl and brooding. Jackson knew his old friend was worried that he wouldn't be able to handle raising the girl and also that his job was an added danger now that he would have a new responsible.. But he also knew Josiah would do what he always did..He'd take the time to think things over carefully then he'd let the group know what his plans were. And if Jackson knew Josiah as well as he thought he did, then Chris would be hearing from Josiah within a few days. Nathan knew Josiah would do the right thing and keep little Joann with him cause family was very important to Josiah Sanchez..

4 Days Later
ATF Office Denver

Chris Larabee got the phone call he had been expected for the last four days. Josiah had asked him to gather the fellas in the conference room at 5:00, He told Chris he wanted to talk to all of them at the same time. Chris was pretty sure Nathan knew what was going on but he hadn't said a word to any of the other's about it. Larabee hated to lose one of his men, but he understood why Josiah would want to get out of this kind of work now, since he had a small child to worry about.

When 5:00 rolled around Chris was surprised to see Josiah enter with Carl Marks and some other guy. Marks worked in the ATF as one of the lawyers who took care of any legal paper work the agents need done.

Introductions and greeting were given then all the men sat down at the large table. Marks spoke first,

"Chris, I'll need you to sign this form, It's so Agent Sanchez can add his grand daughter on his ATF insurance . As his supervisor you have to sign it to make it all legal".

Chris took the paper and signed it. Then handed it back to Marks.

"Agent Larabee, boys, Have a good afternoon." Marks said then made his way out of the office.

"Boys, This is Randy Morgan, He's an attorney with Morgan, Strand, and Morgan. Him and his father have taken care of some of my legal business the past 17 years. I wanted to change some things in my will and needed you fellas to know what the changes would be made. Morgan will explain it all to you boys." Josiah told his team members.

Morgan got several papers out of his briefcase and then looked at the team.

"Mr Larabee, gentlemen. My father and I have been taken care of an rather large inheritance Mr Sanchez received from his grandparents on his mothers side of the family. Mr Sanchez has never touched the money other then to give several donations to charities once a year. My father and I made some investments for Mr Sanchez with some of the funds and he now has a rather large portfolio of funds and stock. A year after he joined this team he named each of you along with several charities as his heirs, Now Mr Sanchez has changed that will so that not only you gentlemen inherit but also his grand daughter. What I need is for all of you gentlemen to sign this document stating that you are aware of this fact and also this document that places Joanna Michelle Sanchez Al_Bader into the custody of Nathan Jackson in the event any thing happens to Mr Sanchez. Once that is done then I well file all those documents and Mr Sanchez can get on with his life as he normally would".

To say the six men were stunned would be an understatement. Who would have guessed that old Josiah had money, He sure never acted like it and as far as the five of the men knew he lived on his income from his ATF job.

Chris took the first document and begin to read it. Half way through he gave a whistle and looked up at Josiah. "Damn Josiah you sure you want to do this? That's a lot of money to be giving away. Joanna and you may need this to live on , cause it's expensive to raise a child now a days.".

"Don't worry Chris, Joanna and I will have plenty to live on and beside I don't plan on dying anytime soon so I hope you boys aren't waiting on the money". Josiah joked.

Chris then read the next document and he signed both of them and passed them on to Vin. The document made it around the table and after each man read it he signed both of them. Comments were made as each man read the will and found out just how much Josiah was worth in funds and stocks. Ezra couldn't resist and said to Josiah.

"Mr. Sanchez, if I had known this before I would have had you adopt me".

All the men laughed at the look on Ezra's face as he said this and when Josiah give him this reply.

"Sorry Ez, too late. I already got one kid to raise I don't think I can handle you too".

Once all the papers were signed and Morgan had left the men asked all sort of questions about the inheritance and why Josiah had never mentioned it before.

"Well my grandparents didn't like my father very much and once mother was gone I never saw them that often. Father would make me visit them once every two years but once I got in my teens I didn't go that often. So when they passed and I found out they left their estate to me I felt I really didn't have any right to it. Guess grandfather knew I'd feel that way cause he put a clause in his will saying I could only give so much to charities. The rest was to be taken care of by Morgan and company, until I had children of my own then they were to inherit the estate from me".

The six men were amazed that Josiah was so calm about having this type of money and that he never touched any of it was a shock to Ezra Standish. But then as Vin pointed out. This was Josiah they were talking about.

"Boy's, I have to get back home, Joanna is at the day care center and I don't want to be late picking her up. If you are aren't busy this week end Johanna and I could use some help. We are moving into a bigger apartment in my building and need helping hands with the move." Josiah told his team mates with a grin.

Each man said they would be there and Josiah was pleased when Chris said he'd help too. Josiah knew being around a young child cut deep for Chris since the loss of his wife and son. Maybe Joanna could help Chris get over that loss.

Larabee walked with the others as they walked Josiah to the elevator. The rest of them team went to get ready to leave for the day and Chris for the first time in eight days felt like his team, his family were all back were they belonged.

The End...

Or who knows, maybe a series can be written with this new character.....:)