A Part Of His Past

by Rose

ATF Universe

8 AM Wednesday
Larabee's cabin in the Rockies

"Morning Buck," JD said as he stumbled into the living room of the cabin.

"Morning kid, Is the little angel still sleeping?" Buck answered asked his little brother.

"Yep, Should we be worried she been sleeping since just before we got here last night around midnight?" JD asked.

"Hell kid why ask me I never had a baby," Buck said

"Well weren't you ever around Adam when he was that age?"

"Sure but hell I don't remember," Buck replied.

Just then the two men heard Joanna walking into the room. The little girl come into the room rubbing her eyes and looking as if she might cry. "Well good morning little darling," Buck said with a smile.

Joanna went to JD and stood in front of him. "ungry" she said. "What?" JD asked

"ungry," Joanna repeated.

"I think she's hungry JD," Buck said . So the two men and little girl went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Hey JD this little angel is almost as messy as you are when she'd eating," Buck joked some time later.

"Very funny Buck. .....do you suppose the guys found Josiah yet.......wonder why they haven't called us," JD wondered aloud.

"I'm sure they got Josiah and I'm sure Chris will call soon," Buck said.

Once they had eaten and cleaned up they took Joanna into he living room. She wondered around the room looking at the things sitting on the end tables and the mantel of the fire place. She seemed fascinated with the picture Chris had of the seven agents, the picture was taken on a fishing trip and all the men had a copy of it.

Buck took down the picture and asked Joanna...."Want to see this here picture little angel? This here is Chris , that fella there is Vin and this good looking guy here is me and this ugly cuss is JD...'

"Buck ! don't tell her that kind of stuff". JD said as he punched his friend in the arm.

"Now JD behave yourself, what you think this little darling learns when she sees you hitting on me like that.......Anyway as I was saying....This here fella is Ezra, you'll like him, he'll show you card tricks. And this fellas standing beside him is Josiah...."Buck keep pointing at each person as he showed Joanna the picture.

Joanna t pointed to Josiah and looked at Buck and said..."No...Poppy.....poppy!"

"What the heck is she saying?" JD asked.

"I don't know JD."

"Little darling this here is Josiah, not poppy." Buck started to say when little Joanna reached for a heart shaped locket she wore around her neck. It had been the only thing she wouldn't allow Buck and JD to remove from her yesterday when they tossed out the clothes she had on when they met her..


Buck took the locket off and opened it up Joanna crawled up beside him and pointed to the picture on the left..."see poppy"... She told Buck. "Well I'll be damn." Buck said.

"What Buck, what is it."? JD asked.

"Look here JD someone put a picture of Josiah in this here locket and told Joanna that it's her poppy......that's grandpa to us grown up's" Buck explained.

"Who'd do that Buck, I thought Josiah's daughter thought he was dead," JD replied.

"I don't know kid, but who ever did it must have known the little one would meet Josiah at some point and wanted her to recognize him," Buck guessed.

I wish we'd hear something Buck, I'm getting worried. You don't suppose the guys got into some trouble trying to captor Zook do you?" JD asked his best friend.

"Now JD don't go thinking the worst., Someone would have called us if something bad happened. The judge has my cell phone number and he'd call us if anything was wrong," Buck know the kid well enough that if he let him he'd work himself into a real state of panic.

"If'n it would make you feel better I'll give the judge a call," Buck said as he went and got his cell phone.

"Would you Buck, thanks," the kid said with a smile.

It took a while but finally Buck heard the phone picked up. "Wilmington here, can I speak with judge Travis?" he said.

"Travis here, Buck hang up....can't use your phone."

Then Buck heard a click and he hung up his phone. "What the hell!!"

"Buck...what did he say?"JD asked.

"Said I can't use my phone, now what you suppose that was all about. Phone is working fine," Buck pondered.

"Can't use your phone, why would he say that"? .JD asked

"Don't know kid, maybe I should try Chris or Vin," Buck said as he dialed Chris number, he hung up after a few minutes and dialed Vin's number. "Damn no answer and voice mail didn't even pick up."

"Something"s wrong Buck, maybe we better head back," JD said.

"No kid, Chris said we stay here until he calls us and that's what we'll do....I'm sure we'll hear something some time today," Buck replied.

11 AM
Outside of Denver

"Mr Larabee, I suggest we stop somewhere and buy some clothes, since we have no idea how long we might be stuck at the cabin. And I for one don't wish to wear this the whole time I am there," Ezra said

"Sure hope you got lots of cash on ya Ez, cause your plastic can't be used. Miller well no doubt be watching for us to do just that," Vin explained.

"Never fear Mr. Tanner, I stopped at the ATM and got us plenty of funds," Ezra said as he pulled a rather large wad of money out of his pocket.

"Damn it Ezra...you shouldn't have went to the ATM,. Miller can trace the use of your card and he'll know we ain't at the hospital," Chris growled at his undercover agent.

"Mr. Larabee, Ezra Standish couldn't get money that way but Ezra Simpson can and did". Ezra explained as he flashed the card at Chris.

"Where the hell did you get that, I thought the judge kept that when you weren't undercover?" Vin asked.

"Well Mr. Travis passed it to me when we met each other in the doorway of the waiting room." Ezra said with a grin.

"OK, we'll stop but not here Let's wait until we're almost to the cabin first. We'd better buy food too since I'm sure Buck and JD didn't get much on their way up," Chris informed the two men.

"I bet the kid is driving Buck nuts, since we weren't able to call them. You know how he gets Chris," Vin said to his boss.

"I know Vin but we can't take the chance that Miller might be able to trace the call on Buck's cell phone. I hate leaving them in the dark too but we'll be there by 5 so lets just hope Buck doesn't let the kid talk him into heading back to Denver." Chris replied.

Vin turned around and slid the window behind them open. "how's Josiah doing back there Nate?" the sharpshooter asked.

"Sleeping like a baby. He seems to be doing ok. But I'll be glad to get him into a real bed once we get to the cabin." Nathan replied.

4 PM Wednesday
Lararbee Cabin in the Rockies

Time passes slowly for those who wait. Just ask Buck Wilmington and JD Dunne. who had been waiting now for over 24 hours to hear from their team mates. JD had figured out that the judge didn't want him or Buck to use their phones so they couldn't call any one.

"Kid, get Joanna ready, we'll go down to that little store a few miles down the mountain and use the pay phone to call Travis back," Buck said.

"Good idea Buck." JD said as he found the jacket they had bought for Joanna and slipped it on her.

"By, bys?" Joanna asked.

"Yep, we're going by bys." JD replied

"She sure is a good kid, I didn't know kids this little could be so quiet and spend so much time entertaining themselves,"JD said to Buck.

"Well kid where she comes from I image kids are raised different that those here are. She probable learned real early on to be quiet and peaceful. And if'n she didn't have no other young one around she'd have to have found ways to play by herself," Buck said in reply.

Within half an hour they got to the little store. Buck had JD do some shopping while he used the phone.

"Wilmington here, let me talk to Judge Travis," he said when the secretary answered the phone.

"Buck , don't use!!!" the judge begin when Buck cut him off......"It's ok judge I'm on a pay phone. What the hell is going on. did you all find Josiah ...is he alright. and where the hell is Chris . None of the guys are answering their phones," Buck almost shouted.

"Buck calm down, I'll tell you everything if you just shut up," the judge said.

As he wiped his hand across his eyes Buck replied. "Alright, ok...tell me,"

"Josiah is with Chris and the others He'll be fine, needs some rest and healing time but other then that he's ok. As for Chris and the others, lets just say you should see them soon. Now I don't want to stay on here cause I can't be sure my phone isn't being monitored. Chris will explain everything when he sees you. They should be there soon," once he finished saying this the judge hung up the phone.

Buck joined the kid in picking out items to buy and then they checked out of the store. Buck was proud of JD for not asking questions of him while they were in the store. so once on the way back to the cabin Buck told JD what he knew. Once again the two men found themselves waiting.

"Wonder why the guys are coming up here. Josiah must not have been hurt too bad or they wouldn't be bringing him all the way up here," JD said.

"The judge didn't say why the were coming, we'll just have to wait and find out from Chris." Buck said.

"Poppy..coming sooon," Joanna asked.

"Yeah little darling your poppy will be here soon."Buck answered.

"How do ya know that's what she was saying?" JD asked

"I took a guess. But I figure she heard us talking and heard Josiah's name so maybe she was wanting to know if he was coming here."Buck answered.

"Jeeedeee, gone home?" Joanna said as she looked at JD.

"Yep, we're going home sweetie,"JD told her as he brushed her hair off her face.

"Bock, Jeedee play?" Joanna asked.

"Why sure little darling, we'll play something with ya when we get back home," Buck answered with a big smile to the small girl beside him.

"Ya know kid, this little girl is sure smart and it ain't been too bad taking care of her. Maybe I ought to think about getting one of those for myself," Buck told his little brother.

"It don't work that way Buck, hell I been the one taking care of her the past two days. I'm just glad she's potty trained already and that she can feed herself. And besides one of your own probable wouldn't be as sweet and good as this little girl is," JD replied..

"Hey now kid!! Your going to hurt my feelings talking like that. I'll have you know my kids well be the best behaved kids ya ever saw." Buck said as he reached over and punched JD on the arm.

Joanna found this funny and she laughed. The sound of her laughter made Buck and JD join in. Once at the cabin they unloaded the food and then took Joanna down to the lake. After a little more then half an hour Joanna told JD she was hungry so the three of them made their way back into the cabin and fixed supper. The outing had tired the little girl out and before she finished her supper she was felling asleep at the table. JD wiped her hands and face and took her to the bed him and her had used the night before.

"It's after 5 Buck, when do ya suppose the guys will be here?" JD asked his friend

"Depends on what time they left Denver and how many stops they would have to make on the way."Buck replied.

"It's just you know, I'll feel better once they get here and we can see Josiah for ourselves and know he's ok," JD explained.

"I know kid, I know," Buck said as he hugged the boy.

6:30 PM
On the road to the cabin

Chris Larabee was sure he never wanted to shop for clothes with Ezra Standish again. They stopped at a Super K-Mart and Ezra swore he couldn't find anything worth buying there. Chris had finally told Ez to pick out something before he shot him right then and there. They had all gotten several sets of clothes and some other things they thought they would need. Nathan had picked out a few things for Josiah, who was sleeping in the back of the truck.

And good Lord Larabee swore once more, he'd never take Vin Tanner into any store that sold food again. When Chris and Nathan had started picking food to last them a few days, Tanner had gone totally nuts throwing items into the cart and most of it was junk food. When they had finally checked out even Ezra was surprised at the amount of food Vin had added to the food cart.

"How much longer Chris? Nathan asked from the back....Josiah isn't going to sleep much longer and I want to be at the cabin before he wakes up. All this fluid he got being pumped into him is going to need to be pissed out at some point. and I don't want to have to take him out of the back of this truck more then once."

"We'll be there in about half an hour Nathan," Chris replied.

"Good cause I'm getting tired of riding," Vin said.

"And what about us Mr. Tanner, it has not be pleasant sitting beside you in this truck for the last 15 minutes. Why Mr. Larabee let you eat that candy and other junk when we left the store I'll never know," Ezra said.

"Hell Ez, Chris can't tell me what to eat. and besides I was hungry," Vin said.

"Boys lets not be fighting, I don't want to have to stop this truck to straighten you two out."Chris growled.

Nathan checked Josiah's pulse and listened to his chest. Everything was normal and Nathan could tell the drug the doctor had given Josiah was wearing off as Josiah had been moving his head and groaning for the last several minutes.

"Josiah, can ya hear me?" Nathan asked.

No answered...... Nathan figured he'd let Josiah wake on his own or if he wasn't awake by the time they reached the cabin then he'd try harder to wake the older man up.

7:15 PM
Larabee cabin in the mountains

Buck and JD heard the sound of something coming up the driveway to the cabin, Both of them watched with guns drawn as a dark blue truck with a camper top pulled up beside Buck's truck. Ezra stepped out of the passenger side door and Vin followed him. Buck and JD run outside as soon as they realized it was their friends.

"Chris, old son where the hell you been? We been worried sick," Buck said as he grabbed his old friend in a hug.

"Sorry Buck, some other shit came up and I couldn't call cause we were afraid all our phones might be tapped into. Help us get Josiah inside then I'll explain everything."Chris told Buck.

Buck went to the back of the truck and watched as Nathan and Vin slide Josiah out toward the tailgate. Buck reached in and helped them.

"How ya doing there Josiah? Ya look like shit I got ta tell ya," Buck said.

Doing fine Buck, it's good to see ya." Josiah replied.

"Ya don't look fine Josiah," JD stated.

"Oh very nice Mr. Dunne. make the poor man feel worst then he already does and what about me, neither one of you gentleman asked me how I was," Ezra complained.

"Oh hell Ez, I been roughed up and looked worst then ya do just playing around with the kid here," Buck joked.

"I will have you know Mr. Wilmington I was pitted against one rather large and fowl individual and I'm lucky to be alive," Ezra explained.

"Really Ezra, how did that happen. I thought Zook wasn't that big of a fella?" questioned JD

"Could you boys wait til you get me inside so I can find the bathroom before you all get into this too deep, or I'll be pissing down my leg here," Josiah grumbled.

"Oh right, sorry Josiah," Buck said as he and Nathan almost carried the large man up the steps and into the cabin.

Once there they took him into the larger bedroom and into the bathroom. Buck left Nathan to get Josiah settled and he headed back to the living room. But he found Chris and the others bringing in bags and boxes with food and clothes in them.

"Good heavens boys, how long you plan on staying?" Buck asked Chris doing during the third trip into the house.

"Not long I hope but we didn't know for sure so we got enough to last a few days, Where's the girl?" Chris asked.

"Sleeping, we took her down to the lake late this afternoon and the little darling got plumb worn out," Buck told his boss.

Once everything was brought in and put away Chris and the boys sit down to have coffee and for Chris to explain to Buck and JD about Miller and about Zook getting away.. As Chris was talking, Joanna come into the room

"jeedee morning."

JD picked the little girl up and replied, "It's not morning sweetie but that's ok. Say hello to everybody,"

Joanna looked around the room and give a little smile. JD decided to introduce her to the guys since they hadn't done that before at the ranch.

He pointed to Chris and said "That's Chris." Joanna looked at Chris and replied...".hirs"...Chris smiled and said " that's good enough.

JD took her over to Vin and said " this is Vin." "Hello there ." Vin said. "low.....in..." Joanna said.

Vin laughed and JD said to Joanna, his name is Vin not In......but Vin said she could call him that if she wanted to...

Next to Vin stood Ezra and JD told Johanna. "This here is Ezra"..

"It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Joanna." Ezra said as he took one of her tiny hands in his and raised it to his lips and kissed her it.. Joanna laughed then she pointed to herself and said.."..jo...jo..era.."..

"I see I'm to be Era and we are to call you Miss Jo...well that's fine ...Era is ok with me,"Ezra said with a laugh.

As Nathan come out of the room where Josiah was once again slept....JD said to Joanna..."That's Nathan, Nathan this is Joanna but she just told Ezra to call her Jo."

"Howdy Jo, you"re a pretty little thing," Nathan said as he squatted down to her level.

"low naffen". Joanna said. with a smile, She then looked around the room and then she turned to JD and said .."poppy home?"

"Who?" Nathan said. as he looked at JD and Buck.

"bock where poppy?" Joanna asked as she run over to Buck sitting on the couch.

"Poppy is sleeping, he don't feel real good right now little darling. soon as Nathan says so me and JD well take you in to see him..ok," Buck said as he picked her up.

"Who the hell is poppy?" Chris demanded.

"That's right you boys don't know, well it seems little Joanna here was shown a picture of Josiah and told that he is her poppy. I'm assuming that's grandpa to her." Buck explained.

"Roper," Vin said

"Yeah since he told Michelle about Josiah six months ago I bet the two of them wanted Joanna to know who Josiah was. Travis told me that Michelle and her husband were planning a trip over here to meet with Josiah but then they were killed in the accident".. Chris agreed with Vin.

Larabee Cabin in the mountains

Old friends Chris Larabee and Buck Wilmington were seated in the living room while the rest of the men were sleeping. It had been decided that two of them would always be on watch in case Miller or Zook got lucky enough to find the seven. The men had spent the time before fixing supper and sharing all the information they had with each other. It had been JD who had asked if Josiah even knew about Joanna. After thinking about it for a while the six had decided that as of yet Josiah had no idea he had a grand daughter or that she was here with them. Nathan thought it would be best if one of them explained about Michelle and her husband and about Miller, Roper and Joanna. Chris agreed. Ezra did say that Zook had told him that he had informed Josiah that Miller had lies and also Ezra told them what he had found out from Zook and Miller and his step brother..

"How did Josiah seems when Zook was telling you all this?" Nathan asked.

"I couldn't tell as Mr. Sanchez was hanging with his head down as while Mr. Zook give me that information." Ezra replied.

"Is it important Nathan?" Chris asked.

"Well Josiah is already dealing with a lot of physical pain if he is going through emotional pain as well his recovery may take longer," Nathan said.

"Well hell Nathan it has to hurt to find out your kid was alive and you never got a chance to meet her. But we all know Josiah, he'll deal with all the pain in his own way. And we'll be here for him," Buck said.

"I don't know Buck, Josiah's been through a lot...I'm just afraid Josiah may start to feel depressed about this whole thing. And if'n he knows Zook and Miller might be coming after him and us along with his grand baby it's really hard to tell how he'll react," Nathan said.

"Well then it's up to us to keep him as calm as possible," Chris said.

Now the two old friends were sitting on watch while their friends slept.

"JD's real good with the little one, isn't he Chris?" Buck said.

"Yeah, kid seems to be good daddy material," Chris replied with a sad look on his face.

Buck knew his friend was thinking about his own lost boy and didn't press his old friend. Finally Chris seemed to come back to the present and looked over at Buck.

"Feeling left out Buck, now that the kid got something to keep him busy,"

"Yeah maybe a little bit, but it's good to see the kid having such a good time taking care of the little one. Who'd have every thought JD would be so good with small children," Buck mumbled.

"Damn kid isn't to long grown himself, guess he knows what a kid thinks like," Chris joked

."You worried about how Josiah is going to take finding out about his daughter and her death?" Buck asked his boss.

"Got to hurt knowing if only Miller hadn't lied Michelle and him might have had some time together long ago,"Chris answered.

"Well maybe the little one will help him deal with it. after all she's lost her momma and she must be feeling pretty lost right now. And I think she wants to see Josiah so she knows she ain't alone. no more".. Buck reasoned to his old friend.

"Well one thing for sure Miller and Zook will never get their foul hands on that little girl again while the seven of us are alive," Chris stated.

"That's for damn sure!" Buck agreed.

Early morning Thursday

Vin watched as Nathan Jackson walked into the kitchen....

"Did you make that coffee?" Nathan asked.

"Nope, Chris made it a while ago," Vin said. "Sides Josiah likes my coffee, it would be just the thing to get his blood flowing this morning,"

"So you say, I just don't want to drink any coffee you made and I'm the one looking for coffee." Nathan told the tall texan.

Nathan busied himself making a new pot of coffee and fixing breakfast. Vin helped and soon they heard the sounds of the others getting up..

JD came in first with Joanna. "Morning Nathan, Vin. what's for breakfast me and Jo are hungry,"

"Sit . I got eggs and bacon with toast and milk," Nathan told him.

Nathan and Vin watched as JD and Jo both dug into the food and ate everything on their plates Vin decided that between JD and Jo he couldn't tell who made the bigger mess.Buck and Chris entered the room just as JD finished his breakfast.

"Morning Buck, Chris. How come up two are up so early I thought you were on patrol last night?"

"orning bouk, hris."said Jo with a smile toward the two.

Buck give the girl a kiss as he answered JD's question. "Ezra took over around 3 so me and Chris went to bed,"

"Chris. I checked on Josiah this morning, he seems to be feeling better. Have you decided which one of us is going to tell him about the little one." Nathan asked his boss.

Chris, I think ya should do it, After all you're his boss." Buck said.

"No Buck, I think we should let Ezra tell him. He'll take it better coming from Ez and I got the feeling Ez might want to share good news with Josiah for a change." Vin said.

"I agee with Vin," JD piped in to say.

"Well then we wait until Ezra gets up and we let him tell Josiah about Jo," Chris said.

"Well I'm going to take Josiah his breakfast and make sure he's up to visitors then one or two of you can go in and see him. Nathan told the men around the table. JD, Buck I think we'll wait til Ezra talks to Josiah before we mention Jo. So it's up to us to you two to keep her busy until then,"

The morning slipped by quickly. Vin went out an patrolled around the cabin and even walked down to the end of the road. Buck and JD left Jo with Nathan and Chris while they did a patrol around the lake.. Chris found the little girl to be well behaved and she played quietly while he sit and watched her.

Josiah wasn't feeling too bad, he still felt like his arms were going to fall off but Nathan told him that was from having them above his head for so long. His ribs hurt but since he had broken ribs before he knew not to make any sudden moves or breath too deep. He did seem to want water a lot but Nathan said that was to be expected since he had been so dehydrated. Chris had come in shortly after Nathan give him breakfast and the two had talked about Zook and Miller..Chris had told him that both had gotten away but the CIA and ATF teams were searching for them and Chris felt that the Seven would be safe here for while anyway. He ordered Josiah to rest and relax and told him not to worry about a thing that his six friends would be watching over him until he felt more himself. Then Vin had come in. Josiah could tell the sharpshooter had something on his mind and once the normal questions and answers were done he asked Vin to tell him what he was thinking about so hard. Vin told Josiah that he was sorry about Michelle and that if Josiah wanted to talk about it he'd be happy to listen.

Josiah had looked sadly at his friend but then he said in that deep soft voice of his..."To late for me to do more then feel bad that she's gone, and I can't change the past so I just have to live with it."

The two friends talked for a little while longer then Vin told Josiah he better rest since Buck and JD would be in to visit him later. As soon as Vin got into the living room he went to Nathan.

"He looked sad when I talked about Michelle but I don't think it's eating him to bad. In time I think he'll talk to us more about her but until then we just be here for him," Vin told the ex-medic

A couple of hours later Nathan went in and found Josiah awake again. He told the older man that if he wanted they could sit him in a chair by the window. Josiah agreed and Nathan called Buck in to help him. The three got Josiah settled in a chair near the window then Nathan said he'd let JD come in for a visit. Josiah was glad to see the youngest member of the team, he'd been worried that maybe the boy had been hurt and no one had told him but as JD walked into the room Josiah could see the kid was alright..

"Josiah, it's great to see ya awake and sitting in a chair". JD said as he walked over to the older man and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Josiah being the type man he was, gently grabbed the boys hands and give them a squeezed. JD returned the jester and then asked Josiah how he was feeling. The three men spent several minutes talking about Zook and his kidnapping of Josiah but then Buck saw Josiah was getting tired and he told the kid they better let Josiah rest before Nathan came in here and gave them hell.

At noon Josiah watched as Nathan and Ezra both walked into the room. The two men helped him get back into bed then Nathan stepped back out of the room.

"Mr Sanchez, How are you faring"? Ezra asked.

"Not bad son, I have felt better but then I've felt worst too". the big man laughed.

Mr Sanchez, Josiah I'd like to say how sorry I am to hear about the death of your daughter and her husband. It must be a shocked to you to find out she was alive all these years when you believed her dead.". Ezra said.

"Thanks Ez, I admit it hurts a great deal but like I told Vin, ain't much I can do about it now, just live with it and go on with my life". the gentle giant sadly said.

"Yes Mr Sanchez getting on with your life is a good idea. And toward that very aspect of things I do need to inform you of a rather important fact that you were never informed of by Mr Zook". Ezra got right to the point.

"What Ezra"? Josiah asked with a lift to his heavy brow about his right eye.

"Mr Sanchez, Josiah your daughter and her husband had a 3 year old daughter. She was not with her parents at the time of the accident. Also your daughter Michelle and her husband knew about you and we were planning a visit to you sometime this month. Michelle found out her natural father was alive and well and she wanted her daughter to knew know her grandfather. Mr Larabee tells me that Judge Travis has some personal items of Michelle's for you on our return. Upon their deaths a Mr Jack Roper took the child and was planning on bringing her to you but before he could Miller stepped in and made his own plans for Roper and the girl. We were lucky enough to get the girl away from Roper and Judge Travis tells us you have been granted legal custody of the child."Ezra watched the play of emotions across Josiah's face.

"Wait a minute here Ezra, Are you telling me I have legal custody of a 3 year old little girl"? Josiah asked.

"That's exactly what I am saying." was the Southern's reply.

Silence was the only reply to Ezra's answer. Ezra again watched the many emotions play across the face of the older man.

"What the hell am I suppose to do with a 3 year old?" more a statement to himself then a question to Ezra.

"One assumes you would raise her and love her since she is your flesh and blood." Ezra came back with.

"Good Lord Ezra, I'm 50 fu-king years old, I"m way to old to be raising a child now,"Josiah returned in reply.

"Nonsense Mr Sanchez , I am sure you would do a fine job and am certain you'd love her in an instance once you meet her,"Ezra told the older man.

"No Ezra I can't do it. there's no way I can handle this. Something else will have to be done with the girl," Josiah said.

Ezra argued with Josiah for a long time but Josiah was adamant that he was to old and he just didn't feel he could take care of the girl as she would need to be cared for. Ezra finally gave up and left the older man alone to think.

Ezra entered the room to find five faces looking his way. "Gentlemen was we might have a small problem, but I think it best to wait for the little one to nap before we get into it."he explained.

They all said ok and Buck and JD took Jo outside to play while Nathan and Ezra went to fix lunch.

"What you suppose happened in there Chris?" Vin asked.

"I don't know but whatever it was is it's got Ezra upset then he lets on," was Chris reply.