ATF Alternate Universe

NOTES/COMMENTS This is what happens when you think something is funny and you make the mistake of sharing it with someone (LESLIE) and then they beg and plead and threaten and send you pics *wink*wink* to ‘encourage' you. She said she thought it would be funny, well..I tried to do funny..but I don't know how well I is serious in places ..who knows..but..this is for Leslie.. I have lyrics from several of my favorite bands in here...Live, Eve 6 Bare Naked Ladies, Everlast and Greenday. Other songs are from The Backstreet Boys (thanks to me 8 year old Daughter who is going to marry Nick <g>)

Parts 1 - 3
Parts 16 - 18
Parts 4 - 7
Parts 19 - 21
Parts 8 - 12
Parts 22 - 24
Parts 13 - 15
Parts 25 - 26

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