by Karin

ATF Alternate Universe


JD woke the next morning, or more appropriately that afternoon at 2. His eyes opened and for a minute panicked at the unfamiliar bed and his surroundings. Then he realized where he was and let out a heavy sigh. He stood from the bed and did the best he could to flatten all the wrinkles and fold the quilt back like he always did, but more difficult by the cast.

He turned and inspected the room to fix anything he may have disturbed and was about to exit the room quietly when he heard voices, one in particular, very familiar and not sounding very happy.

"What the hells goin' on Ezra?"

"What exactly are you implying, Mr. Wilmington?"

"Will you just cut it with the Mr. Wilmington crap. I know what.."

"Buck? Why are you yellin'?..he probably ain't feelin' all that good this mornin'," JD said remembering the phone call, and seeing Ezra was still playing along, as he rubbed his temples, at least he thought Ezra was playing along.

"Why are you in the bed and he's on the couch?" Buck pointed out, Ezra giving up his bed for a hard couch just didn't seem... ‘Ezra like'.

"Couch is closer to the bathroom..and Ezra needed the bathroom...a lot" JD chuckled out.

"A-ha..Well, where's your bike? We can go over and pick it up," Buck smiled.

"It's really out of the way, why don't we just go home, let Ezra recover," he smiled

"Okay, you wanna stop and get something to eat somewhere?" Buck asked, not wanting to get into the fact that he knew where his motorcycle was and what was keeping the boys time.

He still wasn't quite sure how he felt..a little hurt, yup....proud to find the kid found something to do, yup....mad as hell because JD lied to him with the message he'd left, oh yeah. He also wondered if Ezra knew what was going on, but he did look pretty bad, maybe Ezra did just happen to meet up with JD somewhere..okay, he'd give him that..JD didn't lie about meeting up with Ezra then, but he was still mad.

"Naw, I'm all set thanks," JD smiled.

+ + + + + + +

The rest of the day was quiet, JD had made some phone calls letting the ‘guys' know that he wouldn't be able to play, and called to thank Ezra for playing along.

Ezra had told JD that he should tell Buck what it was he was doing with his time, especially after Friday. Ezra had told JD how hurt Buck sounded by the fact that he had ‘excluded him from his extra curricular activities', and he should fill him in. JD just wasn't up for the teasing he thought he'd get from Buck or the others. And it's not like the others would come and listen to him, JD was a basic Alternative guy and the only thing he liked that was anywhere near Country Western were Movies and the horses at Chris's ranch.

He could just here Buck now. ‘If you're gonna play music why don't play some real music, ya know..a little..' JD tried to remember some country western singers but just came up empty except for Willie Nelson, which sent a shiver down his back.

"Real music my a.." JD said out loud but was cut off.

"Hey kid, gonna go out for dinner with Vin and Chris, wanna come?"

"Yeah, sure..where we goin'?"

"Chris found this new place ‘Mary Travis's or somethin' like that. I told Chris we'd go...unless you got plans?" Buck hinted.

"Nope, no plans for a while." JD said, and regretted.

"Really, you okay? I mean your hand botherin' ya?" Buck asked, knowing that it most likely was from the way JD had played the night before.

"I'm fine."

"‘If I had a million dollars' for every time I heard that.."JD didn't stop walking, but his eyes were wide as he headed for the door. Did Buck know?

The rest of the night was quiet and the meal was good. JD was able to choke down his meal while listening to the very loud and very ‘twangy' country music blaring in the background. JD decided that it was just cruel fate, but if Buck knew about the band..then it was just plain torture.

He would discover on Monday that the meal at ‘Mary Travis's' was designed as torture.


Buck had left early that morning, and after not being able to get his bike started JD called Ezra for a ride. They arrived at the office and when he sat down at his desk there was a little miniature drumset, the kind you'd use to decorate a cake with. Under the decoration was a cocktail napkin that read ‘Eli Joe's'.

"I need you all in the meeting room," Chris said stepping out of his office, holding a beige folder.

"What's with the serious look Chris?" Vin asked.

"Where have you been? He always looks like that," Buck laughed, making the room smile and laugh, but one. He was trying to figure out how and why Ezra had put the ‘gift' on his desk.

"JD?" Vin asked, leaning closer to the table.

"Huh?" he asked, brought out from his heavy thinking.

"Something wrong kid? Arm hurting a little?" Buck asked, knowing that JD had gotten his ‘surprise'.

"No, I'm fine. Sorry."

"Look at that Vin, told you I wouldn't have to wait ‘two days till he said he was sorry'," Buck smiled and winked.

Vin sat back and rolled his eyes, he remembered Buck said he was going to make it miserable for the kid, even though he'd tried and to talk him out of it.

Buck looked to the young man next to him out of the corner of his eye, and was happy to see the beginning of panic there at the words Buck quoted from one of the songs JD had done.

Just coincidence, Vin and Buck had a bet JD thought to himself, trying to talk himself out of the fact Buck knew.

"Mr. Larabee, I assume you had a topic of discussion planned I do believe?" Ezra came to JD's rescue..again.

"Yup, seems FBI wants one of us on an undercover operation."

"What kind of undercover?"

"Well, there's this concert tour coming into Denver, three members of two different groups have been threatened, and they'd like someone from here to go undercover to find out who it is, they believe it's someone in another group, or the group itself, who feels overshadowed by the others, and basically feel that without these three individuals, the groups wouldn't have a leg to stand on, opening the door for them to take the front stage," Chris revealed seriously.

He had read the file four times after the FBI told him who they wanted to go undercover, he remembered shutting the door and pulling the blinds the first time he read the file. He went back to his desk and read the proposition again, and laughed. The third time he read it, he laughed; but not as hard. The fourth time he made it through the whole file with only a smile and then he called the meeting, he knew he'd make it without bagging up, he hoped.

"What concert tours are coming through here?" JD asked, he hadn't heard of any.

"Um, it's called ‘Boys of Summers' Tour." Chris waited.

"Ah..Chris, ain't that the tour with those boy groups?" Buck asked.

"Yup," Chris said and waited. He hung his head and covered is ears, until the laughter seemed to subside.

Chris looked to the men who were laughing, all but two. Ezra was stone faced and JD..JD had gone totally pale. As much as he enjoyed the undercover work, he really wasn't looking forward to what Chris was going to say.

"Okay, that's enough. This is serious," Chris said, a chuckle escaping once.

JD put his elbows on the table, and brought his hands up to his face fast, which was a mistake.

"OWE! Dammit!" JD said holding his right eye with his good left hand.

"Careful JD, you're gonna knock yourself out with that thing," Buck manage to laugh out.

"Shut up Buck," JD shot back.

"Let me get a look at it," Nathan said making his way to where JD sat.

"I'm fine," he snapped out.

"Why don't you get some ice on that, we can talk later," Chris said.

"I was afraid of that," JD mumbled standing from the table and leaving the meeting room, Buck couldn't help but not hide his amusement, and began to laugh...hysterically.

"Buck, cut it out.." Vin almost pleaded.

"Hey, Buck! BUCK!" Chris yelled.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhh..sorry Chris," Buck said, through the light laugh.

"Yeah well, as you figured they want JD, not a sound Buck."

Buck held his hands in the air like he was surrendering.

"I hate to point this out or question your judgment, Mr. Larabee, but young Mr. Dunne not only just got off a very tedious and timely undercover operation but also has the disabled appendage. I'm assuming this assignment would start right off?" Ezra asked, knowing JD was really going to hate being in a boy band.

"He'll be leaving by the end of the week," Chris stated.

"You make it sound like he don't have much choice Chris," Nathan observed.

"He doesn't."

"What exactly will he be going under cover as?" Josiah asked, in a very serious tone.

"Um..well..he's gonna," Chris said, lowering his head, he just couldn't help the smile.

"What!? Oh this so just too rich..A boy band. Do you know what those guys do? They dance around And they sing sappy songs and jump around..and..Oh this is .. He's gonna hate this!!" Buck finally managed a whole sentence through the small cackles.

"You seem to have considerable knowledge of these ‘Boy groups', Mr. Wilmington..something you're not telling us?" Ezra asked, not wanting to hide the innuendo that Buck actually listened to these groups.

"Noooo," Buck said sarcastically. "It's just that..well, me and Vin..we.."

"Buck.." Vin almost pleaded, like he had done a thousand times already..This was JD's ‘thing', his to tell and no one else's, he didn't agree with Buck, even though he understood the hurt he felt. Heck JD told him most everything, but he also respected JD's privacy.

"Aw come on Vin.."

"I ain't listenin to it," and he left the room.

"Buck?" Chris asked, noticing the change in Buck's face.

"It's nothin...really," Buck said, almost ashamed at what he'd almost done, Vin was right..this was the kids thing, if he wanted everyone to know, JD should be the one telling.

The exchange hadn't gone unnoticed by Ezra either, and he began to suspect that the two men knew of JD's past time.

"Okay, well if anyone wants to know what the plan is.." Chris said, still confused by what had happened.

"I don't think he should do this," Buck offered seriously.

"Like I said..I don't hav.."

"Did you tell them he just got off from an assignment that had taken 2 months? Or that his arms busted..he's wore out Chris..unless he's just being there for effect.." Buck started

"He's not gonna be there for effect, he'll be performing, on stage, in front of people."

+ + + + + + +

"How's the eye?"

"Swellin' up and turnin' colors," JD smiled sarcastically, from where he sat on his desk, ice pack on his right cheek.

"Well ain't you just havin' a run of good luck," Vin observed, sitting in JD's chair, putting his feet on his desk.

"Chris is gonna make me do that undercover thing isn't he?" JD stated more than asked.

"He don't have much choice," Vin said.

"Well, my luck don't change, ain't gonna be much of me left to go undercover."

There was a long pause, Vin really wanted to unload the fact that he knew what JD had been up to, just didn't know how to breach the subject; unfortunately for him he didn't have time as the meeting door opened.

"You two want to come back in?" Chris asked.

"No, not really," JD said coming into the meeting room, sitting next to the man he always did.

Vin entered the room and looked to Buck, who shook his head, Vin sat next to Ezra, never taking his eyes from Buck and nodded.

"Like I said before, FBI wanted one of us, the deal is they want the kid, I send two other agents in with him. Vin, I got you in as a roadie," Vin nodded his okay,

"Who's the other one?" Buck asked.

"Me," Chris said.


"I'm the kid's father."


"Father!? Oh this just keeps gettin better!!" Buck laughed out.

"I hate to ask, but if young JD here is going to be up on a stage performing, what about the fact that he doesn't.." Josiah asked.

"Sing? Well, they'll be dubbin.."

"I can sing," JD said, then looking up feeling the eyes on him, and looked to Ezra who was slightly nodding his approval as a small smile crossed his face. JD couldn't help but smile back.

"You can sing?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, and I play the drums too," he added, with a bit of pride.

"How long you been doin' that JD?" Nathan asked, no one else seemed to be asking, he thought someone should.

"Since I was 8," JD said.

"You can really sing?" Chris asked again.

"Yeah he can, and he's good," Buck offered.

"We were at Eli Joe's the other night," Vin offered, seeing the look of ‘how did you know' cross his face.

"You.....guys were there?" JD asked.

"Yup, and I gotta say I was pretty impressed."

"Thanks. Buck..I.."

"We'll talk about it later, let your ‘father' finish," Buck smiled.

"I'm not sure..not sure I really sing?" Chris asked, still not believing what he'd heard.

"Yes," the three men said at the same time.

"I assure you, Mr. Larabee. JD's vocal talents are exceptional," Ezra added, admiring that JD hadn't said anything about his being there.

"You knew?" Buck asked.

"Well, when one spends time with the young man, and you leave him alone in your car and upon you're return the radio is not only loud but turned to a different station and the young man in question is singing can hardly miss it."

"We'll talk about it later, Buck," JD smiled.

"Okay, this is what the plan is. JD is going to join up with a trio, they are a real group, and pretty popular here in the local scene. They know you're undercover. The premise is that their record management feels it needs a fourth member, that's why you're there."

"Not only that you'll fill the ‘initial quota'," Buck chuckled.

"Initial quota? What the hell's that?" Chris asked.

"Well, all those boys have one guy in there that has initials, you know..AJ, JC..JD," he laughed again.

"So ..Mr. Wilmington, I was correct before when I stated that you knew more about these ‘Boy Groups'... are you an expert?" Ezra said, with a raised brow.

"All the women go nuts for these guys, and well; the songs aren't all that bad," Buck finally let on.

"Guys, can we get back to business?" Chris ordered, more than asked.

"Yeah, sorry," Buck smiled.

"Anyway, we'll be meeting with these guys tomorrow, I don't know what they'll have planned if you can I'll just pick you up at 6 tomorrow."

"In the morning?" JD asked, he still was finding it hard to sleep with his cast, plus the fact that he'd been late almost all weekend long.

"Yes in the morning, you been hanging around Ezra too long. That's all I know for now, I do know that you'll go with them and learn the dance steps and chor..."

"What?! Dance steps..oh no..I'll do everything but that..there's no way I'm gonna.."

"You want the other arm to look like that one?" Chris threatened.


"Then you'll dance."


"Okay..well, that's all I know..I gotta make a few phone calls and get some more details. Any questions?" Chris noticed that JD was thinking, and gave a glare to the table. "Good," and stood from the table and left for his office.

"I'm really gonna hate this," JD said as he stood.

"What's the difference? You already stand up in front of people and sing and play, what's different?"

"It''s ‘Pop Music'," JD said, looking like ‘Pop' was a contagious disease.

"Mr. Dunne, I would assume it's no different then listening to Opera or a musical play," Ezra said, knowing that JD had gone with Ezra a few times and had actually had a good time. JD just glared.

"No different than Khakis and flannel, I guess," he said quietly to Ezra as he walked out of the office, knowing how hard it was for Ezra to dress in something that cost $150 combined, and not just one item.

"Yes, that was my point," Ezra nodded.

"Guess you're right. I still hate this," he said.

"This is just another character, just like ‘Jake'. You did things you would never do as yourself."

"Next thing you'll be telling me to audition to be on a Soap or somethin'," JD laughed.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have it on good authority that they are having an open call to cast.."

"I was kiddin' Ezra. You're startin' to scare me," JD said, finally making his way to his desk, sitting down.

"I'm sorry, but you see..I have watched this particular show and I feel you would be excellent to replace this young man who is on his way out for.."

"Shut up Ezra, I'm NOT going to be on a Soap."


Chris pulled up to the sidewalk in front of the apartment building, a smile crossed his face as he noticed JD standing from the place he was sitting on the stairs, walked to the truck, opened the door, got in and shut the door.

"Anxious?" Chris couldn't help but say something.

"No. Just figured it'd be better waiting out here instead of listening to Buck," JD snapped out.

"A little cranky this morning," Chris remarked, putting the truck into drive and pulling away from the curb.

"It's 5:30 in the mornin', what did you expect?" JD said, casted arm on the arm rest, his head leaning against it.

"Didn't you sleep good?"

"No. I had nightmares all night."

"What kind of nightmares?" Chris was a bit concerned, the kid hadn't had a nightmare in months, the last one was about all the guys getting killed in a sting..and JD had messed up.

"I came into work and everyone else wore the same thing I did, and we started singin' some Backstreet Boys song...and liked it," JD said, over exagerating the shiver that ran down his spine.

Chris couldn't help but start to chuckle.

"I'm serious Chris! I woke up in a cold sweat!"

Chris no longer chuckled but went into a full fledge laugh.

"Go ahead, laugh it up..Dad!"

Chris stopped laughing and glared instead.

"Or should it be Pop..or maybe even old west with Paw," JD couldn't help but smile..glad someone decided that this wasn't so funny after all.

"I think Dad'll do fine," Chris said sternly.

"So what's our background?" JD asked seriously.

"Well, just you and me, your Mother died when you were 15, you're 18 and our last name is Davis."

"And do we get along?"

"Yup, get along fine."

"Mom died of what?"


"I ever done anything professional like this before?"

"Nope. You've done the national anthem for local sports groups, one of the guys from the group heard you..talked to their manager and you were signed."

"I used to ya know, back in Boston," glanced a look to Chris.

"I know, I snooped last night," Chris smiled back.

The two hour drive was silent after the initial ‘who are we and what are we like' talk, Chris was impressed with the questions JD asked, and was pleased that he seemed to take this seriously. He looked over to JD who had fallen asleep an hour ago, looking more like the 18 year old he was going to play than the 25 year old he was.

"Hey JD..wake up we're here."

"What?" JD said through a yawn.

"We're here."

"Oh. Holy..didn't know they made buildings this tall" JD said staring at the sky scrapper they were parked in front of.

"Keep that attitude, I forgot to tell you..we live on a ranch."

"Cool," he smiled, he loved Chris's ranch and the horses.

"That's how you broke your arm by the way"


"You fell off a horse," Chris smiled, JD was a better horseman than any of the men, maybe even better than Vin.

"As if," JD laughed out.

"That's what I'm tellin' them," Chris said seriously.

"Chris the only way I'd fall off is if I wasn't hanging on, no saddle and the horse was runnin', and even then I ain't to sure I'd fall," JD said knowing his own skill, not in a bragging way.

"What if I tell them you were breaking the wild mustang you and Vin adopted."

"I didn't fall off though."

"You came damn close to it."

"Guess I did huh?"



The two left the truck and walked into the building. JD had a hand stuck all the way into his front pocket of his jeans, the other stuck as far as the cast would let his hand go. Chris walked up to the receptionist desk.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"We're here to see Gordon Knight," Chris said.

"Do you have an appointment, Mr.??"

"Davis. Chris Davis, this is my son JD," Chris stepped aside as he introduced his son, JD waved shyly with his good hand and smiled.

"Oh yes, Mr. Davis. Please, sit right there and Mr.Knight will be right down," The secretary said, pushing a few buttons.

The two men did as they were asked and sat in the lobby waiting.

The elevator door opened and a tall man, in his 40s, wearing a cheesy suit with so much tacky gold jewelry he looked like a walking display case, stepped out.

"Mr. Davis!" Knight bellowed out as he left the elevator, extending his hand the two foot walk.

"Mr. Knight, this is my son JD," Chris said, shaking his hand and stepping aside to introduce JD, again.

"JD," Knight said, looking the boy over, up and down.

"The kids are upstairs, why don't we go and meet them," Knight said, walking back to the elevator.

"So you're the manager?" JD finally asked, if he was..he really, really didn't like this .

"No, I'm the kids agent, their manager is upstairs with them; he asked me to come down and get you."

"So you're not Mr. Knight?"

"Yes I am, the kids manager is Joe McKnight," Knight smiled.

Chris and JD looked to each other as they stood behind the man.

"You s'pose he dresses like him?" JD whispered.

"Lets hope not, we'll be over the weight limit with all that gold," Chris whispered back

Knight smiled hearing the whispering, must be talking about how well I'm dressed and all the fancy jewelry Knight thought to himself.

The elevator door opened and the men stepped out into another lobby, pictures of various people graced the wall, JD didn't recognize any of them, and he probably would have been impressed if he'd seen Rob Thomas, or Ed Kowalczyk..but he had no idea who these guys were..he did begin to notice one thing..actually two very disturbing things, they were all blond....and they had short hair.

Knight led them into another room, in the room sat a casually dressed man. I am really not likin' this JD thought to himself as he closed his mouth that he'd let hang open as he saw the young, obviously required, short blond haired men sitting on a leather couch.

"Joe, this is Mr. Davis and his son JD."

Joe stood with a smile and shook Chris's hand, he extended his hand to JD and JD extended his casted hand.

"What happened here JD?" Joe asked with a small laugh, as he shook the cast.

"I fell," JD smiled.

"Must have been some fall," Knight bellowed out.

"He met up with a horse that had a stronger will than he did," Chris smiled.

"Horse? What were you doing? Breaking wild horses?" Knight bellowed out a laugh.

Does this man not know how to talk quietly? JD and Chris thought at the same time.

"That's what you do isn't it Mr. Davis?" Joe asked, after was he who had offered the help of his group.

"Chris. I like the calm horses, I leave the rowdy and wild ones to JD and his Uncle," Chris said.

Uncle? What Uncle..Chris never mentioned an Uncle

"You have wild horses?" one of the short blond hair guys asked.

"Yeah, a few," JD said shyly, just like JD would do.

"JD and his Uncle Buck have done most of the training," Chris bragged.

Uncle Buck? Hell the only thing he can tame is a wild women, and if they're that wild..he really don't want to tame them JD smiled at the thought.

"Let me introduce the boys here JD. This is Robbie, Ryan and this is Joey," each smiled and shook JD's hand as JD made the only observation he could to distinguish between them.

Robbie..Dark blue eyes....Ryan...light green eyes..........Joey (another boy group staple that Buck had talked about) light blue eyes.

Chris was doing everything he possibly could to not burst out the untrained eye JD would just be nervous..but to Chris..he was squirming every time he shook the next blond headed kids hand.

"I don't know if you're Dad's filled you in on the itinerary for today?"

"Ah.... no he hasn't, sir," JD answered, again the look JD gave Chris would appear he was nervous..but Chris could read ‘you are going to burn' in the sweet hazel eyes.

"Okay, well, we're going to listen to you for a bit, then after that, were going to see our image consultants, then after that, we'll take a quick break for lunch, after that we'll go see the fashion consultant, the stylist, meet with the choreographer, do a quick go over of the routines, then see what you'll be doing on stage," Joe rambled off. "Any questions?"

"What am I doing after you listen to me?" JD said honestly, the guys thought he could ramble on and talk fast, he was lost after the guy said they were going to listen to him.

"Don't worry, JD, we'll let you know ahead of time," Ryan said.

"Thanks," JD smiled embarrassed, here I am the undercover agent, older than the guys he would be singing with and he didn't have a clue.


JD and Chris entered the studio behind Knight and Joe, the three group members behind themselves.

"Okay, kid..can you read music?" Knight asked, JD didn't jump this time becoming used to the Robin Leach yell of the man.

"Yes, sir," JD still acting sheepishly, he really was nervous about this part..he'd never sung in front of any of the guys besides Ezra, well..any he knew were there anyways.

"Okay.. Here's the sheet go sit in there put the headphones on and the music will playback..what you're doing is something these kids have already done..when you're ready you let us know...okay?" Knight rambled loudly.

"So just read the music, listen and tell you when I'm ready," JD repeated as he walked into the recording booth.

"How good a singer is he Mr. Davis?" Knight asked as soon as JD was in the sound proof room.

"Honestly?" Chris asked, Knight shook his head slowly. "I don't know, never heard him sing," Chris chuckled out.

"Wonderful," Knight said under his breath in a whisper, seeming to finally find a normal voice.

"JD, we're gonna play the music for you now, okay?" Joe said.

JD nodded, and as soon as the music came on, he turned his back from them so no one would be offended at the faces he was making, and read the words to he listened. He then took off the headphones.

"JD? There a problem?" Joe asked.

"Umm..yeah," Besides the fact I'm about to sing Pop music? he thought as Joe made his way into the studio to talk to JD.

"What's the problem?"

"Well..right have it written D-flat..and they're singing in G..what do you want me to do?" JD asked seriously, after all..if he was going to do this assignment..he was going to do it right.

"The way they sing got the original score. If you find anymore like it the way they are."

"Okay, um , ya got a pen or a pencil, so I can fix it?" JD asked.

"Yeah, here ya go," Joe smiled, and left the studio.

"He found a wrong note?" Knight asked.

"He has the original score, we had a bunch of rewrites."

For the next 3 minutes and 43 seconds they watched as JD listened to the recording, making marks with the pencil, then nodded his head he was ready. Chris couldn't help but smile as he watched JD, he knew he disliked this assignment for more than one reason, but he was taking it seriously..right down to the reason he hated it the most..the music.

" we go with playback, you sing along this time," Knight said. JD nodded his head.

The music came on, JD placed the sheet of paper in front of him and when it was time..he started to sing along.

‘Open up your heart to me
and say what's on your mind
I know that we have been through so much baby
but I still need you in my life this time

I need you tonight
I need you right now
I know deep within in my heart
it doesn't matter if it's wrong or right.
I really need you tonight.'

Chris sat there..if he wasn't seeing it with his own eyes he wouldn't believe that JD was sitting tune....better than the three he'd heard when they played the song in the booth.

The six people in the booth were stunned.

Knight got a big huge grin on his face that said one thing and one thing only ‘Money Maker'.

Joe was wondering how this guy could have chosen to go into law enforcement instead of music.

The three group members were just..shocked.

Chris was completely blown away..especially when the song was over and JD took off the head phones.

"Was that okay?" he asked.

" JD that was..a ..was ..fine..Um I'd like to see how you do on a song where you have just certain parts in the song..okay..listen, Ryan..give JD this."

Ryan did as he was asked, and gave JD the sheet music.

"Thanks," JD smiled.

"JD..that was.."

"Bad? I can try.."

"Awesome!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Thanks," JD smiled shyly, and went back to the stool and headphones.

"JD, your part's in the red," Joe said.

"Okay," JD nodded. He put the headphones on and listened, nodded he was ready and belted out another song.

‘Show me the meaning of being lonely'

He waited

‘Show me the meaning of being lonely
is this the feeling
I need to walk with
Tell me why
I can't be there where you are
there somethin' missin' in my heart'

He waited.

"JD, that's enough..I think we found what we needed to know," Joe finally broke in.

He really hated to hear anymore, the kid would put everyone on that tour to shame; he considered it cruel fate that he had volunteered his group for the assignment, thinking it would be good exposure and publicity..and this was the thanks he got.

"So where do I go now?" JD asked ..still not remembering

"Image consultants," Robbie smiled.

"What do they do?" JD asked.

"They kinda find what you're like, then they kinda build on that," Ryan explained.

"Oh," still not understanding.


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