by Karin

ATF Alternate Universe


"You okay?" JD asked Ezra quietly, he could still hear the automatic weapons of Vangaurd's men letting him know that it wasn't safe to leave cover yet.

"Well, I do have a bit of discomfort due to you're playing linebacker to my quarterback..." Ezra was interrupted by the too close bullets that sprayed over their hiding place.

"Come on, this is a loading platform, it drops off over here," JD said grabbing Ezra's arm and moving back.

"Drops off to where?" he wondered in a slightly concerned way.

"The street, geez Ezra," he said.

"Is it safe?" He asked, knowing that the neighborhood they were in wasn't exactly the safest.

Another round of bullets.

"Safer than it is here," JD said urgently after he lifted his head from ducking as the bullets continued.

The men succeeded getting to the edge of the platform. They stayed on their stomachs as they managed to get their legs hanging over the edge. JD could hear Ezra grumbling about his $200 shirt getting ruined or ripped or stained, he really wasn't listening to him. Both men's upper bodies were exposed as they began to lower themselves down as another rain of bullets fell.

JD saw Ezra jerk and heard a gasp, he saw Ezra begin to fall and grabbed at Ezra with one hand as both men fell the four foot drop. They landed awkwardly on both feet, the force making them fall back. JD had one arm wrapped around Ezra as the other one went back as they fell, trying to ease the fall a bit.

JD was strong, but supporting him and Ezra was more that the arm could take. JD felt nothing as they hit the street, his arm twisting and his back fall onto it.

The two laid there for a minute, both catching their breaths.

"Ezra? You okay?" JD asked his voice sounding strange due to the extra weight he had lying on top of him.

"Considering..I have a bullet hole in my shoulder and I've dropped 10 feet," he grunted as he rolled off JD, who also grunted as Ezra's elbow pushed off JD's stomach using it as leverage. "I believe I am in fair condition."

"It was only 4 feet Ezra, at least you had a softer landing," JD said as he sat up with ease.

"Yes, seemed more like 10," Ezra stated, extending his good arm to JD to help him stand.

JD took the hand and as Ezra pulled, he put his other arm to the ground and attempted to push.

"Ahhhh.." JD cried out, causing Ezra to stop pulling.

"JD? Are you hurt?"

"No, I screamed for the hell of it Ezra!" the others think I ask the stupid questions.

"No need to get testy with me, I simply asked a question. I'm injured as well let's not forget," Ezra reminded.

"Let me see." JD inspected Ezra's shoulder as the man knelt down to his level, with his good hand pulling back Ezra's jacket. "Just a graze, it don't look too deep," JD assessed.

"It hurts like the dickens," Ezra almost pouted, as he touched the wound himself.

"I'm sure it does," JD sympathized, holding his arm in front of him and pushing himself from the ground with the other.

"The lighting is rather dim, but..I think you've fractured your arm, does it hurt?" Ezra said, going to touch the arm that was at an odd angle just above the wrist.

"Yes, it's broken, and yes it hurts!" JD said as he turned from Ezra's touch.

The men sat against the platform wall, listening as the bullets were exchanged, JD grabbed at the chain around his neck that held his ATF ID and exposed it in a dejected manner.

"I just thought of something Mr. Dunne," Ezra stated, getting his ID from an inside pocket and hanging it from the pocket on his jacket.

"What's that?" obviously aggravated.

"Don't you have an engagement Satur.."

"Suppose to."

"Are you going to be able to pl..."

"Don't see how, do you?"

"Well..maybe if you just si.."

"JD! Ezra! You down here?" Buck called out from the top of the platform.

"Yeah right here," JD said as he pushed himself up, using the wall for leverage.

"How are we supposed to get back up there?" Ezra asked.

"The stairs," JD said pointing with his head as he walked to them.

"Stairs?" Ezra turned, his eyes following the young agent.

"You had me fall off that thing when there were stairs?" Ezra said catching up to JD, who was now walking up the steps.

"If we would have tried to get over here we would have gotten shot," JD pointed out sarcastically.

"Well, that worked out for you now didn't it, I on the other hand wasn't as fort..."

"I know you got shot, I'm sorry, okay?" and JD stepped off the last step.

"Well, breaking ones arm surely does get one a bit bitc.." Ezra started as he followed JD.

"You guys alright?" Buck said.

"Ezra got grazed in the shoulder," JD said nodding his head back, Nathan nodded and headed to Ezra.

" did a hell of a job! I can't believe it.. I'm real proud of you kid," Buck said showing his wide smile, never noticing JD was holding his arm.

"Thanks," he said without emotion.

"JD that was great. Glad you didn't loose your cool," Chris said.

"Yes Mr. Dunne, a stroke of genius pleading for the drugs," Ezra offered, knowing why the boy was upset.

"JD? You just had half of Denver convinced you were some junkie and you're acting like your dog died. You mind tellin me what the hells wrong?" Buck asked, as he stopped and grabbed JD's bad wrist.

"Ahhhh!" JD yelled pulling back quickly.

"He's broken his arm," Ezra offered.

"Well why didn't you say somethin?" Buck asked a little harsher than he'd meant.

"Okay ‘Jake' and ‘Maxwell' into the ambulance," Chris ordered.


"Ezra? Where's the kid?" Buck asked, making his way to the ER waiting room.

"Thank you Mr. Wilmington I'm fine, just a few stitches," Ezra said as if he hadn't heard Buck's question correctly.

"Sorry Ezra, just expected JD to be out here," Buck said , sitting next to him heavily.

"Apology excepted. Mr.Dunne is getting his arm x-rayed," Ezra said.

"Mr. Standish?"

"Yes?" he answered as he stood.

"Dr. Levenworth, Mr. Dunne is down from x-ray, he's getting a cast on and will be ready to go in about 15 minutes."

"Thank you Dr. Levenworth," Ezra smiled, shaking the man's hand.

"You gonna tell me how you got shot and he busted his arm?" Buck asked, figuring he'd pass the time by hearing what happened.

"Well, as ‘Jake' and I were trying to lower ourselves from the platform, I got struck by the bullet and began to fall a little awkwardly. Mr. Dunne grabbed me by the waist and we fell at the same time. I can only assume he put his arm out to ease the fall and he fractured his forearm," Ezra relayed the events.

"That's it? You just fell? No runnin' from the bad guys, hangin' on for dear life?" Buck asked at the lack of excitement in the story.

"Well, we were avoiding the bullets that were passing by our heads, as well as being unarmed," Ezra lightened his voice, trying to add some intrigue.

"Well there ya' go Ezra, now it's just too bad you didn't get a sling or somethin', ladies love to take care of an injured man," Buck smiled.

"Don't forget the baby in a runaway stroller," JD said as he made his way to the two men.

"See Ezra, he has the right idea," Buck smiled.

"Ah, Mr. Dunne. Your timing is impeccable, I was wondering when the burning building would be added to our ‘heroics'," Ezra smiled.

"Who's driving? I'm beat," JD said.

"Can't imagine why?" Buck said under his breath.

"Not now Buck, I'm tired and my arm hurts," JD said, in almost a pleading voice.

"If ya'd stayed in and gotten some sleep.."

"Yes, I do believe we need to get you to bed. If you'd like we can drop you off first and then Mr. Wilmington can escort me back to retrieve my vehicle," Ezra suggested, interrupting the potential ‘disagreement'.

"I don't care, whatever," he said.

"Okay, lets go then," Buck said, noticing that JD's heavy eyelids weren't just the effect of the drops he'd been given, or any medication he'd been given.

JD slept the half hour ride to the loft apartment, Ezra and Buck both escorting him to his room before going to get Ezra's car at the loading platform. JD didn't even undress as he flopped heavily onto the bed and quickly fell asleep.

+ + + + + + +

JD slowly opened his bedroom door as he heard voices in the kitchen, he made his way towards the voices as he yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, still in the clothes he'd slept in.

"Well, look who finally decided to get up!" Buck said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Mornin'," he yawned out to Buck and Vin.

"Mornin'? JD it's 2:30 in the afternoon," Buck pointed out harshly.

"Good afternoon then," JD shot back sarcastically.

"I dropped you off here at quarter of 4 this mornin', you been sleepin' for almo.," Buck began, hands on his hips.

"So what Buck! I was tired. I just got up, don't start in on me already!" JD said, he looked at the clock then added. "I gotta get a shower."

"Hey kid, how ya' gonna do that with the cast?" Vin asked.

"Forgot about that, God I hate taken a bath," JD mumbled out.

"Here," Vin said, diggin' through the drawers. "Try this," he instructed, putting the plastic bag over the cast and sliding a rubber band till it sealed the bag at the end of the cast near his elbow.

"Thanks Vin," he smiled and he made his way to the bathroom to take a shower.

"You get on him like that every time he gets up?" Vin asked, not able to hide his anger towards Buck.

"No," Buck said, knowing he'd gotten after the kid a bit too hard.

"He did a hell of a job last night, Buck," Vin pointed out.

"I know that. I'm just ..well, I guess I'm feelin' a little left out. He's off doin' God knows what, and he ain't told me what."

"Like I said before, he's growin' up Buck. He'll tell ya' when he's ready, tryin' to drag it outta him ain't the way."

"I guess you're right. Guess I should apologize," Buck asked Vin, his head tilted.

"Might be a good idea," Vin offered with a smile.

"We still goin' out tonight?" Buck asked.

"Yeah, what the name of it again?" Vin asked.

"‘Eli Joe's'."

"Don't know if I like the sound of that," Vin stated.

"Gil down in records said the girls there go nuts over this band called Four Corners."

"Your point bein'?"

"Well, there's only four guys in the band..maybe five..that means there's a hole bunch of them that are going to be disappointed and they're gonna need some comfortin'."

"And you plan on bein' there to comfort," Vin caught on.

"Well, you too of course..." Buck started but stopped short as he heard JD shut the bathroom door.

"Hey, JD."

"Yeah?" he asked making his way to the men, towel wrapped around his waist as he dried his hair with another.

"Me and Vin are goin' out, you feel up to comin'?" Buck asked, telling JD he was sorry without saying it.

"Thanks, but I can't," he began, trying to get the elastic and bag off. "I already have plans," and he turned and headed for his room.

"What kinda plans?" Buck asked, he'd just apologized and the kid turned him down.

"Buck, let it go," Vin offered the advice quietly.

"I made plans last week Buck, I can't cancel now," JD tried.

"Where are you goin', maybe me and Vin will run into you there."

"I..uh..I don't know for sure..I gotta get goin'," he said apologetically and shut his door.

"You see what I mean..somethin's goin on, Chris wouldn't have put him undercover with out tellin me would he?"

"No. And he wouldn't put him undercover when he already was. You forget Vangaurd?"

"Yeah, sorry."

"I'm sure he's fine Buck."

"Yeah, guess you're right. Be back here in a few hours?" Vin nodded and he left the apartment.

+ + + + + + +

"Hello? Yeah...hold on. JD, it's Ezra," Buck covered the mouth piece with his hand.

"Thanks," JD said, as he grabbed for the phone.

"He your other plans?" Buck jabbed.

"Ha..Ha Buck. Can I have the phone please? Thank you," JD glared at the man a he walked into the living room.

"Ezra?..well, I dunno....I didn't exactly ask if it would be okay......I'm leaving right now, see if I can still do ain't gonna be there dressed like you were last time.... no I'm not laughi..okay I am laughin' at you....Ezra I gotta go...we'll see..okay..Bye." JD hung up the phone.

JD moved to the door, grabbed his keys to his motorcycle, his helmet and opened the door.

"See ya kid."

"See ya Buck, have fun with Vin tonight," JD said.

"Thanks, you gonna be late?"

"No later than last night Dad," and JD shut the door.


"I thought you said this was a country bar!" Vin yelled above the music.

"No, Gil just said there were lots of women here..and Gil was right!" Buck yelled back not hiding his smile

"I really got a bad feeling about this place Buck," Vin said.

"What?!" Buck yelled his question

"I said I don't think I like Eli Joe's," Vin yelled back.

"Just plug your ears and ignore the music, maybe if ya' get a few drinks in ya' it won't matter!!" Buck yelled through a laugh, still sporting the smile.

Vin and Buck each ordered a beer and managed a path towards the end of the bar, Buck was in definite ‘trolling mode', as JD called it, while Vin looked around the dark, and smoky club.

"Hey, first time here?" A women maybe JD's age asked, loudly.

"Yeah" Vin yelled back, shooting a glance at Buck, who just smiled and gave him two thumbs up. Vin rolled his eyes and looked to the women.

"They're great huh!"


"The band, They play every Friday and Saturday. They didn't play last night though," she yelled out.

"Vin! Who's your friend?!" Buck asked, seeing that Vin wasn't even noticing the girl was making a move on him.

"Uhm..Ahh this is..."

"Stacy," she yelled her answer

"This is Stacy, Stacy this here's Buck," Buck smiled, took her hand and shook it gently.

"You guys want to sit with me and my friends?" Stacy pointed over to a group of women who waved smiling at the two men.

"Well Pard? Whadya think?" Buck asked Vin, raising his eyebrows up and down.

"I think I really don't like this place," Vin laughed out and followed the woman and Buck.

The men made idle chit-chat with the women. Vin really didn't pay much attention as Buck had the whole table's attention with some tale of when he and Chris worked together, not doubt the one where the car jacker had taken off with a baby (or was it two or three, the number changed so many times) and Chris and Buck caught them.

Vin surprised himself as he found his foot taping to the beat of a song and he began to actually listen to the words and the music being played. The song ended and four other men in the band seemed to be the talking to the drummer then they began to play again, Vin listened.

‘I would swallow my pride
I would choke on the rinds
but the lack there of, would leave me empty inside
swallow my doubt, turn it inside out
find nothing but faith in nothing
Wanna put my tender heart in a blender
watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion
Rendezvous then I'm through with you.'

It then went into everyone playing, and Vin couldn't help but jump as the band began to play. least the guy singing can carry a tune Vin thought.

His attention was sucked back to the table as Buck brought him into one of his stories, he had to tell his side of course first; causing the girls to ‘ohh' and ‘ahhh' and ‘weren't you scared'.

The women were all indicating by body language that they were enjoying the music as the band played two or three more songs. The girls suddenly screamed at the words of the next song. Causing both men to give each other puzzling looks.

‘It's easier not to be wise
and measure these things by your brains
I sank into Eden with you
alone in the church by and by'

Buck had an odd look on his face as the women screamed and began to sing along with the words. He shot Vin a ‘what the hell' look, who smiled and shrugged his shoulders, he kinda liked the song.

"Who's doin the singin'?" Buck leaned over and asked Stacy, he could see four guys playing standing on stage and the drumset behind them, but no one seemed to be singing.

"The drummer!" she yelled her answer.

"Hey Vin!" Buck shouted.

"What?" he said agravatedly as he made his way to sit next to Buck, he actually liked this song.

"How coordinated do you think ya' gotta be to play the drums and sing!" he laughed out.

"I dunno, need more than I got," Vin smiled.

"Love to see the kid try that..he can barely walk and chew gum!" Buck laughed, hearing the music in the background, but not really paying attention to it. Buck began another story at the women's request, Vin being brought into it when he was asked.

‘I knew this kid named Max
he used to get fat stacks out on the corner with drugs
he liked to hang out late
he liked to get shit faced and keep the pace with thugs
until late on night there was a big gun fight and Max lost his head
he pulled out his chrome .45 talk some shit and wound up dead
Now his wife and kids are caught up in the midst of all this pain
you know it crumbles that way
at least that's what they say when you play the game
God forbid you ever had to wake up to hear the news
Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to lose.'
"Hey Stacy, why didn't they play last night?" one of the other girls asked.

"Oh!! Didn't you see his arm!" Stacy said, Buck and Vin both feeling they were amongst teenagers.

"Yeah! What happened?" another girl asked.

"I dunno, heard he fell and broke it!"

Buck and Vin looked at each other

"Oh the poor guy, God what I wouldn't have given to be the E.MT. on THAT call!!" Stacy said and the girls started laughing and snickering.

"Vin, you..."

"Naw Buck, just coincidence," Vin smiled back.

"Yeah, you're right," Buck agreed as if he thought, and listened to the singer, a bit more keenly, as the girls screamed there singing along with the band.

Vin listened to the sound coming from the table, he wondered how many cats getting there tails stepped on would make the same sound. Buck didn't miss the ‘are you happy, now' look that told Buck Vin was ready to leave.

"Oh, you can't leave now guys, you can see him singing! Okay girls..what is it."

"Umm shirt," the woman said putting down a dollar on the table.

Buck looked at Vin and mouthed ‘shirt' with a questioning look on his face, again Vin only shrugged, after all it was Bucks idea to join them, not his.

"Shirt," another girl another dollar

"No shirt."

"Stacy! Shirt!" came a voice from two tables down.

As the word shirt, no shirt were yelled, another girl at the table was writing down names and ‘s' or ‘ns'.

Buck looked around him, normally he would have thought he'd died and gone to heaven as women in short skirts and low cut shirts leaned against him, stretched in front of him, bent over in front of him; placing their bets on whether the drummer would have a shirt or no shirt.

Vin couldn't help but smile and shake his head as he took another sip of the beer.

The frenzy of women finally stopped and Buck leaned over to Stacy, feeling a bit jilted.

"So ah..what's so special about this guy?"

"He's soooooo just sooo..." she started as a song began..

‘It's been one week since you looked at me
cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry.
Five days since you laughed at me
saying get that together come back and see me.
Three days since the living room
I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
Yesterday you'd forgiven me
but it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry'

"THUD!" the four girls at the table said in unison.

"So this ‘THUD' have a name?" Buck laughed.

" Yeah...JD! Ahh nuts..shirt" she said as the drummer left the drumset and took a seat up in front of the microphone.

"JD?" The men looked to each other, then to the stage as another voice took over the song

‘Hold it now and watch the hoodwink
As I make you stop, think
You'll think you're looking at Aquaman
I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss
I like the sushi 'cause it's never touched a frying pan
Hot like wasabe when I bust rhymes
Big like Leann Rimes
Because I'm all about value
Bert Kaempfert's got the mad hits
You try to match wits
You try to hold me but I bust through
Gonna make a break and take a fake
I'd like a stinkin' achin' shake
I like vanilla, it's the finest of the flavours
Gotta see the show, cause then you'll know
The vertigo is gonna grow
Cause it's so dangerous, you'll have to sign a waiver.'

Buck looked stunned at the stage, then looked to Vin, who wore a similar expression, as the young, dark haired, arm-casted man sang.

"Holy shit Vin, it''s.."

"JD," Vin finished.


"How does your arm feel?"

"Well, not too bad until now. Guess stoppin' wasn't the best thing to do," JD smiled.

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I couldn't tell the difference from your previous performances."

"Well, puttin' in ear plugs don't count Ezra, 'sides we didn't do that song ya' like so much," JD smiled sarcastically.

"True, and I thank you for that Mr. Dunne. That song, what was the name of it again?"

"‘White Discussion'," JD smiled.

"Hey Ez, ears hold up tonight?" the two turned to the voice coming from behind them.

"Yes, thank you for your concern Detective Lopez," Ezra smiled to the man.

"Hey JD, nice playing..I'd hate to be you tomorrow..maybe if you and I switched you'd be better off," Detective Danny Lopez Denver Police Department suggested. "Ez, nice" he commented on Ezra's Khaki pants. Ezra was about to respond, but was interrupted.

"Maybe bass would be easier. Howdy E-man, looking good," DEA weapons specialist Dante Morgan added, commenting on the gray cotton t-shirt covered by a longsleeved, unbuttoned, flannel shirt.

"‘Howdy' Mr. Morgan and thank you," Ezra smiled.

"That's okay Dante, guess I'll stick with what I know how to do," JD smiled.

"Where is your fearless Homicide Detective?" Ezra asked about Stu Wilson.

"He's still getting the butterflies out of his stomach," Danny laughed out.

"Mark with him?" Dante asked.

"Ain't he always?" Danny replied. "I gotta go, see ya tomorrow!" the man yelled out as he ran to his car.

"Me too, try and take it easy JD, I'm sure we can find someone else to play."

"Might have to, I let ya know okay?" JD said.

"Okay, talk to ya' later. Thanks for comin' down ‘Max'!" Dante waved as he opened his car door.

"Is there a problem JD?" Ezra asked, concern in voice.

"Well, unless my fingers are suppose to be purple, no," JD said, Ezra detected pain prominent in JD's voice.

"Well, let's get you to the hospital and on the way we can think of what to tell them what you were doing to cause more damage," Ezra said in an aggravated tone.

"Hey Ezra?" JD asked as he walked towards Ezra's car.

"Yes, Mr.Dunne?"

"You really do look better tonight, where'd you get all this stuff?"

"I..ah...well.. You see.."

"You didn't!?"

"Didn't what?"

"You went to the mall didn't you!" JD laughed out.

"Really Mr. Dunne, you must be delirious with pain; I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Them are Airwalks Ezra, you did! You got them pants at The Gap didn't you!" JD asked, knowing the answer.

"Most certainly not! St. John's Bay, is the brand name and I purchas...."

"Got them at J C Penny's which is at the mall!!"

"Get this straight JD," Ezra grabbed JD to a stop, and with a look as menacing as any JD had seen Chris give, "one word, and I'll have to divulge where it was you were at last Wednesday night, in a black bow tie and jacket, enjoying, for the third time I might add, Denver's rendition of Les Miserable!!"

"Ezra, my fingers are starting to go numb," JD smiled, lifting the cast that held the purple, tingly fingers.

"Yes, very well. Not a word," Ezra unlocked the car from his remote on the keys.

"Not a word," JD promised as well as reminded.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra took JD to a clinic where JD told the doctor what it was he did to cause the swelling.

"You broke your arm when?" the Doctor questioned holding the uncasted broken arm in his hand.

"Friday night," JD answered seriously.

"And then you went out tonight and played the drums for 3 hours?" The doctor looking at the kid strangely.

"No, only 2 ½ hours," JD smiled the correction, as the doctor began to cast JD's arm again.

"And you thought that would be a good idea because....?" The doctor offered the question.

"I could," JD looked to Ezra and shrugged, Ezra just rolled his eyes.

"No offense Mr. Saunders, but I can't believe you would let him do that," the doctor said.

"I had no say in the matter, my good man," Ezra said.

"That's the problem with parents today, they're so standoffish with their kids," the doctor began to lecture.

"In this case, if the individual acts more like 25, than 17, why not let him be 25."

"17? Hah, I've seen 10-year-olds with more common sense," the doctor gave his observation to Ezra.

"Ya know, I am right here, I'm not deaf," JD finally spoke up.

"There. All set. No playing the drums until this comes off," the doctor said more to Ezra than to JD.

"I'll make sure he doesn't. Jake, are you ready to ‘blow this pop stand'," Ezra asked, using a term he'd heard JD use when he wasn't impressed with a restaurant or club.


The two made their way out of the clinic, and to Ezra's car.

"Bucks gonna kill me," JD said as he got into Ezra's car.

"That is why we went to that God awful excuse for a first Aid station so he would not find out," Ezra smiled.

"You check the time? I'll be gettin' in about the time he's gettin' up."

"Well, we can fix," Ezra said, handing JD the car phone.

"You want me to call him?" JD said.

"Yes, well, he knows you went out tonight correct?"


"Well, perhaps you are doing a favor by driving home your intoxicated friend?"

"And, well..maybe that intoxicated friend shouldn't be left home alone?" JD added.

"JD..all you have to hell.." Ezra's eyes rolled at the look on JD face.

JD dialed the phone, and as the answering machine answered JD left his message.

"Hey, Dad..I mean Buck..I hooked up with Ezra..I'm gonna take him home and stay there..he ain't in any shape to be by himself. Bye."

JD could barely control his laughter as Ezra loudly voiced the fact that he was three sheets to the wind, as he slurred out the song ‘Oh Danny Boy' at the top of his lungs.

"How long do you plan on staying with me?"

"Well, I was hopin' till Monday Ezra," JD said, knowing he'd get a rise out of the man.

"Ahem, yes well, I doubt you could afford my rates, I suggest you...."

"I was just kiddin' Ezra," JD yawned out, the pain medication he'd been given finally kicking in.

Ezra slowed the car as he pushed the button to open the garage door, he drove in and stopped the car, as he pushed the button to close the garage door he glanced over to JD who had fallen asleep. Ezra lifted the small paper packet from JD's shirt pocket and read the outside.

"Wonderful, they couldn't give you something that wouldn't cause you to be incapacitated until you were at least in bed?" he said exasperated.

"JD, JD..." Ezra sung out quietly.

He didn't get any response. No grunt, no movement, no ‘leave me alone', nothing; making Ezra a bit nervous as he reached to find a pulse, laughing inwardly when he found one. What the hell would those men think if they saw this.

"Aw hell," he said getting out of the car then making his way to the passenger side of the car.

Ezra squatted next to the door and opened it, he slipped his hand into the small opening and put his hand on JD's head to keep it from hitting anything in case he began to fallout. He opened the door fully and stood, moving the hand from his head to the young man's chest. Ezra leaned over and undid the youths seatbelt and squatted back down, to try and arouse the kid.

"JD, JD..."


"Well, this is definitely the last time, my boy," Ezra smiled as he remembered helping an exhausted JD to his bed at the loft when Buck was asleep. They had been going over plans, or talking with potential dealers, then the kid would meet up later on with the band and practice. Usually Dante would be the one to call Ezra and ask him to make sure JD got home.

"At least there are no stairs here," Ezra smiled.

He unlocked the door and went in, he went directly to his bedroom, kicked the door that was slightly ajar and laid JD on the bed, removed the kids sneakers, and covered him up with the quilt that was folded at the bottom of the bed.

"Sleep well, you deserve it; you did an exceptional job at the warehouse, and I do believe the patrons of the establishment were as pleased with the later performance," Ezra said softly as he brushed back JD's hair.

He then went to a closet and pulled out a blanket and a pillow, walked out of the room leaving the door slightly a jar, dropped the blanket and pillow on the couch and proceeded to shut the front door.

Ezra went to the bathroom and changed into his pajamas. He arranged the pillow and the blanket and laid down covering himself.

"One of these days you will find what it's like to sleep on the couch," he said to his bedroom door.


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