Assumption is Dangerous (Danny)

Aviatophobia - Landrover (Danny, Martin)

Back to Work - Angela Gabriel (Martin, Viv) Missing Scene from the episode "Safe"

Bad Moon Rising - Deirdre (Danny, Martin) A Halloween tale

Blood Ties - Debra Noellert (Martin, Vin Tanner) Xover "Magnificent Seven - ATF"

Cast A Dark Shadow - Deirdre (Danny, Martin)

Counting Days - Debra Noellert (Martin) Sequel to "Letting Go"

Dark, Darker, Darkness -Angela Gabriel (Martin) Supplement to the episode "Showdown"

Disability - Beth Green (Martin) Based on the episode "Safe"

Double Vision - CC (Martin, Vin Tanner) Xover "Magnificent Seven" (ATF)

The End - Kate R. (Danny) Deathfic

For the Right Reason - Angela Gabriel (Danny) Based on the episode "The Road Home"

Ghosts of the Past - The Neon Gang

The Guardian - JIN (Danny, Martin) Follow-up to the episode "A Day in the Life"

Hell's Peak (Danny, Martin) Alternate ending for "Showdown" IN PROGRESS

In Charge - Angela Gabriel (Jack, Danny, Martin) Based on the episode "Safe"

In Extremis: Epilogue by Deirdre (Martin & Danny)

It Was a Beautiful Day - JIN (Martin, Danny)

Let the Games Begin - Cathy Roberts (Martin, Danny)

Letting Go - Debra Noellert (Martin, Danny)

Medicating Martin - Angela Gabriel (Martin, Danny, Sam)

Not Alone - Angela Gabriel (Martin, Sam, Danny) Based on the episode "The Road Home"

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Deirdre (Martin & Danny)

Out of the Past by Landrover (Danny)

Pharmacopoeia - CC (Martin)

Reincarnation - Landrover (Danny)

Repercussions - Laurel (Martin, Danny)

Retrospect - Angela Gabriel (Martin)

Some Up Note - Angela Gabriel(Danny) Supplement to the episode "Showdown"

Solace - Angela Gabriel (Martin, Danny) Follow-up to the episode "Showdown"

Through Dark Times - Landrover (Martin, Danny)

Transformations - Debra Noellert (Martin, Danny) Alternate Universe: "Kindred"

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