Out of the Past

by Landrover

As always a huge, huge thanks to my wonderful beta anmodo for betaing this fic.


Monday 6th December -- 2000 hours

He ran down a narrow alleyway, hoping that he had lost the men that pursued him. But with each faltering step, he drew them closer. Sweat drenched his body; the bitter in his mouth had long since given way to a coppery taste. He looked behind himself -- hoping the men that would end his life weren't behind him. Suddenly, he felt fire rage through his body and fell to the ground. Managing to crawl behind a crate, he gritted his teeth as he clutched his injured shoulder. He didn't know who he could trust; he was safer on his own. Closing his eyes, he felt blood tickle down his arm again. What could he do -- he didn't think he could trust anyone, he would just have to deal with the wound like he did before and hopefully he wouldn't die from it. As he heard orders being yelled in Spanish, he forced himself to stand. He would have to leave New York tonight. Maybe if he made it to Mexico, then maybe he would he safe. But then again, maybe he would end up lying in the gutter with a bullet in his head like his brother had. Scanning the alleyway, he continued his descent into hell.


Tuesday 7th December -- 0830 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan

Sighing, Jack leaned back in his chair as he looked at the paperwork that covered his desk. He knew he had to tackle it some time soon, but not right now. No it could wait a few more hours. Glancing out of his glass doors to the bullpen, he frowned slightly -- his newest addition to the team hadn't arrived yet. This slightly worried him because Danny had quickly developed the habit of being the first to arrive and last to leave. He glanced at his watch. Danny was only slightly late there was no need to panic -- he had probably got caught up in traffic. But lateness and panicking came with the job. No. He was just paranoid. Danny would appear in a few minutes, apologising and then work to some unnecessary, ungodly hour to make up of it.

He groaned as he looked at the paperwork again, paperwork that would wait, maybe there would be a case when he walked into the bullpen -- but he doubted it.

"Have we got a case yet?" Jack asked as he walked into the bullpen.

"No," Viv groaned. "Just paperwork!" she exclaimed and held her head in her heads for added affected.

Jack smirked at Viv's dramatic expression. Vivian Johnson had been on his team for five years, he knew she was going to move on soon. But she was a great, experienced agent and a great friend. "Danny in yet?"

"No," Viv said as she scanned the office. She liked Jack's newest addition to the team. The kid was young and green, but so enthusiastic and willing to learn. She knew many people had been sceptical about Danny joining the team; she had been one of them and still was to some degree. But the kid was proving them wrong. "Relax, Jack. The kid had drives here from the Bronx, he's probably caught up in traffic," she added.

"You're probably right. But Viv, he's not a kid, he's twenty-five," Jack said with a slight smile.

"Twenty-five!" Viv exclaimed in mock shock. "That's still a baby, in my opinion. Seriously Jack. Compared to me, you and Phil, he's a kid. A good, intelligent, brave kid and will be a damn good agent but he's still a kid."

Rolling his eyes, Jack found himself smiling. Everyone had frowned and warned him about recruiting such a young agent, especially Danny, to his team. They told him that he needed experience not youth. He told them that he trusted his gut and his gut told him that Danny was the right choice and besides he needed to bring youth to the team. He wanted a young intelligent, enthusiastic agent that he could nurture -- Danny was that agent. He knew about Danny's rough start in life. He knew about his alcoholism, but that in a funny way, made him more appealing. He had seen life from both sides; he knew all to well about the horrors of the world. He just hoped that he would relax more and be comfortable to push his ideas. He shook his head as he pulled himself out his thoughts.

"Jack, Danny's fine. If anyone knows how to look after themselves, its Danny," Viv reassured as she noticed her boss and friend's distant expression.

"I am sure you're right, it's just...well, I guess it comes with the job," Jack explained cautiously.

"What's with the glum face?" Phil Glanville asked as he strode across the bullpen with a mug of streaming coffee.

"Jack's worried about Danny," Viv explained. "He's not in yet."

Phil frowned and looked at his watch; Danny was only half an hour late. He didn't understand or care why Jack was concerned nor did he understand why Jack had recruited a good for nothing alcoholic to the team. What benefit would it bring? "Danny's fine, don't worry about it, he's probably caught up in traffic," he said in an off-handed way.

"I'm sure you're both right," Jack sighed, as he sat down and grabbed a section of the New York Times. But in the back of his mind he knew there something wrong. His gut screamed to check on Danny now, his brain told him to wait a couple of hours.


Tuesday 7th December -- 1100 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan

Jack cursed as his next call went to voicemail again. He pulled up Danny's personal file and checked the address before taking a set of keys. Something was wrong, very wrong. There was no way Danny would be a couple of hours later. And the fact that he hadn't called in made his gut churn. "I will be out for about an hour," Jack called out as he crossed the bullpen.

"Where are you going?" Viv asked but she already knew the answer.

"I'm going to check on Danny," Jack replied. He glared at Phil. Phil was a good agent. In fact, he was a great agent, but Jack didn't understand what Phil's problem was when it came to Danny. As far he knew, Danny had done nothing to Phil. "Look it's out of character for him to be this late and not call."

Phil shrugged. "Fine enough," he said in indifferently. "I will call if we get a case."

Jack nodded before he headed towards the elevators. He stared at the cold metal doors as they slid shut. Something was wrong -- very wrong. He hoped that he would knock on the door to find Danny had over slept; even an ill Danny was good at this moment. Lost in his thoughts, he walked across the parking lot to his car, the whole time hoping to see Danny's car fly in. But as he climbed into his car, he knew that wouldn't be the case. He tried to think of positive thoughts in his drive out to the Bronx, but his thoughts kept returning to dark ones.

He checked the address again, as he pulled outside Danny's address. He took a couple of hesitant steps towards the apartment building. He pushed open the half open door in to a stairwell. Neon lights flickered and the paint was peeling off the walls. He heard drunken ramblings and women yelling. He quickly made his way across the filthy, greasy floor to elevator, where he furiously stabbed the button. He scanned the area looking for any sign of a threat. He waited for a while before he yanked the elevator shaft door open -- he looked up and down the shaft to find no elevator. He groaned in frustration before he slammed the cage door shut again and stormed up the stairs. As someone stumbled down the stairs towards him, he tried to avoid them without pinning himself against the wall. He had glanced at it before and had observed through the flickering neon lights -- the peeling paint and years old blood stains, but his other sense told him that blood wasn't the only bodily fluids. A woman, not more that a girl, stumbled towards him -- her eyes glazed, her arms adorned with needle marks. Jack closed his eyes briefly as he came to Danny's door -- he knew the federal government didn't pay top dollar but it certainly didn't pay this badly. Why the hell was Danny living in this dump? He deserved better. Shaking his head, he pulled himself out of his thoughts and knocked on the door.

"Danny," he called out. He knocked again when he didn't get a response. "Danny, it's Jack."

Jack waited and hoped for a bit longer, before he pulled Danny's key out and opened the door. "Danny," he called out into the apartment.

He quickly moved into the tiny apartment his hands resting on his gun and gasped. In one smooth action, in upholstered his gun and started to move through the apartment -- it was completely ransacked, not that it looked like there was much in the apartment in the first place. The small couch had be sliced open, its foam spread around the room like confetti. Books had been pulled from the shelves, boxes had been turned over.

"Danny," Jack called out again as he moved towards the bathroom. But the scene he was met with made him weak at the knees. He grasped the door frame for support, his gut had been right -- something was wrong. Very wrong. He closed his eyes and blinked several times as if this would make the image disappear. But it hadn't. The tiny bathroom was covered in blood, so fresh that the coppery smell made him gag. He stared at the blood soaked towels and with trembling fingers he pulled out his cell phone.

"V-Viv," he stammered in a small distant voice. "I need a forensic unit at Danny's apartment ASAP."


Tuesday 7th December - 1130 hours Danny's apartment - South Bronx

Jack stood in a daze as the various people started to filter into Danny's apartment. He couldn't look at the bathroom any longer - too afraid to think of what had happened to his agent. He leant against the wall and closed his eyes. What the hell had happened to Danny? He lived in a shit hole of apartments, but he was smart and highly trained.


He spun around to meet the voice, to see the remaining two agents on his team. He was lost for words; he didn't know what to say. All he could do was stand and stare as the forensic guys torn through Danny's ransacked apartment.

"Jack," Viv tried again when she didn't get a response. She held her hand to her to mouth as she surveyed the damage. "Jack what the hell happened in here? Where's Danny?"

"I don't know, hopefully the forensic unit will tell us," Jack replied in a distant voice. He looked around the apartment and closed his eyes. What had happened? Did he want to know? With the state of the bathroom he knew it wasn't good.

"Agent Malone," one of forensic guys called out. "Agent Malone, there is something you should see."

Jack frowned and nervously walked towards the bathroom - dreading what he was about to find out. He took a breath as he walked into the tiny blood stained bathroom. "Yes," he asked. He tried to keep the fear out of his voice, but as soon as the words left his mouth he knew he had failed.

"U-mm, w-we found this," Agent Simpson stammered - nervous of how Jack would react. He knew Jack's reputation of being fiercely protective over his team. As he held up the small, blood stained, crumpled metal object, he closed his eyes and winced anticipation of Jack's reaction.

Jack gasped and grabbed hold of the door frame for support. He bit back the pile that was rising in his throat. Just what the hell had happened? He now knew what was the cause of all of this blood. But if Danny had been shot why the hell hadn't he contacted him or at the very least seeked medical attention, Jack thought. He continued to stare at the blood stained bullet, as he tried to find his voice again. "How long will it take you to get a DNA match?" he asked in a small, shaky voice.

"A few hours," Agent Simpson replied.

"What about blood type?" Jack asked.

"A few minutes, but I doubt that's going to help."

"Please just do it," Jack asked quietly

"Jack?" Viv said as she came beside him. She observed his nervous body language and added. "What's happening - oh my god," she exclaimed and covered her mouth as she stared at the blood stained bathroom. She took a couple of calming breaths before continuing. "There's something else isn't there Jack."

"U-mm, u-mm yes, yes there is," Jack stammered, not knowing what to how to tell her about what they had discovered in the bathroom. "Viv they found a bullet."

Viv felt as though the air had been sucked from her lungs. She didn't know what to say. "U-mm but Jack we don't what happened. It might not be Danny's blood."

"Viv if its not Danny's blood then why is it in Danny's bathroom?" Jack asked. He didn't think his agent would shot someone and run away but then again a few hours ago he didn't think his latest case would be one of his agents. He closed his eyes briefly before staring into the bathroom again. He raked his hands through his hair as he waited for the blood group test. But he knew what the result was going to be. He knew it was Danny's blood, but if it was Danny's blood where was Danny? He stood outside looking into the bathroom, it was as thought he could see what happened to Danny.

Fade in

Danny staggered into his apartment; he quickly slammed the door and leant against the wall as he felt the room spin. Pain tore through his shoulder; his breath came in short, ragged bursts. He scanned his apartment for something that he could wedge against the door. He knew he didn't have the strength to move anything heavy with one arm across his tiny apartment, so the chair would have to do. After he wedged it under the door handle, he staggered to the bathroom and collapsed against a wall - letting himself slide down it. He balled up and a towel and pressed against the still bleeding wound. He felt tears of pain stream down his and bit down on his lip to prevent himself from crying out. His life as he knew it was over - not that anyone cared about it apart from himself. He didn't know who he could trust. Going to hospital was too dangerous. He didn't care about his life but he did care about the people at the hospital that he could put at risk if he went. He didn't think he could trust his new colleagues - he had only known them for three weeks. And he could help thinking that he had seen Phil somewhere else. He pulled back the towel; it seemed that bleeding had slowed. But he would have to deal with the wound now; he didn't have any other choice. He had to move on; he guessed this was his life now. He always knew it was a matter of time before his past caught up with him. He stared at the wound for a moment before he pulled out his knife and selected the pliers. It was going to be painful not to mention dangerous to pull the bullet from his shoulder - but what choice did he have. He had no idea if the bullet was `plugging' the bleeding. But if he left the bullet in it could enter his blood stream or his lungs and that, will that would be the end of his life. He grabbed a hand towel and bit down on it. He took a breath and dug the pliers into his shoulder as he tried to locate the bullet. He felt the room spin again as pain threatened to overwhelm his body. He bit down on the towel as he clamped the pliers around the bullet and pulled. His vision became blurred and his world became to grow dark. He wanted to go towards it. But he couldn't - if he did he probably would never wake up again. If it was not from shock it would because the men chasing him had finally got up with him.

His head shot up as he heard heavy footfalls and raised voices. It was time to go; he had already spend too much time here already. He forced himself to stand and felt himself sway. He wondered how long he could go before his body finally gave out. He wondered if the team would look for him and if they would find his tortured, bullet ridden body. As the voices got closer he knew his primary escape as blocked his only way out was the window. He took one final at his apartment... at his life before he dragged his body out of the window and into the darkness.

Fade out

"Agent Malone"

Jack's head shot up and he span around to face the voice. He knew what Agent Simpson was about to tell him. He knew the blood was Danny's - he just didn't know where or what had happened to his agent. "What is it Agent Simpson?" he asked calmly as he could. But he didn't feel calm, he felt anything but calm. He wanted yell and scream. This was so insanely unfair, what had Danny ever done to deserve this?

"Agent Malone, the blood group is AB-. Now because of how rare this blood type is it seriously narrow down our search," Agent Simpson explained.

Jack sighed and held his head in his hands. "Don't worry there's no point, I know whose blood it."

"Agent Malone?"

"Danny is AB- and considering only 1 percent of the country is AB-, tell me what are the chances someone of that 1 percent bled in Danny's apartment!" Jack said almost yelling. He knew from the moment Danny was late something was wrong. But now it was confirmed - something had happened to Danny and it was his job to find out.


Tuesday 7th December - 1230 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan

"So shall we get a timeline together?" Jack said tiredly.

"Well we finished up early and he left with us," Viv started, as she sadly looked at Danny's empty desk - wondering if it would be filled by Danny again. "So the last time I saw him was 4 pm."

"Me too," Phil said speaking up, he shifted comfortably under Jack's glaze. "What about you Jack?"

"Last I was of him was him leaving the building walking towards the subway," Jack replied.

"Why didn't take his car, doesn't he have a car?" Viv asked.

"He mentioned something about not finding the keys this morning," Phil said absently-mindedly.

"Okay," Jack said taking a breath. "So from what we know Danny has been missing for twenty-six and half hours. Viv I want you to get hold of the subway surveillance videos, Phil go back to Danny's apartment see if anyone saw anything."

"What are you going to do Jack?" Phil asked guardedly - terrified of what Danny's history might reveal.

"I'm going to go through the whole of Danny's past, see if there is anything that might help," Jack replied. "I highly doubt Danny's disappearance has anything to do with his time on this team, nor his time at the FBI."

Viv shook her head sadly. "Jack with the amount of blood there was, and there was a god damn bullet there Jack, what's happened to him?!"

"I don't know Viv, I don't know," Jack said sadly as he looked down. "But I am going to find out and I am going to bring him home."


Tuesday 7th December - 1400 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Jack raked his hands through his hair as he pored through Danny's file. It had started straight forward, with nothing he had expected. He knew Danny was an alcoholic, he knew he had narrowly avoided a DUI conviction a couple of years ago. Danny had never directly mentioned his rough childhood, but when they had worked a case last week he had noticed Danny's reactions. The missing person had been a child in foster care, it turned out thirteen year old boy had known nothing but abuse. His father had abused him until his dead when Jake was ten, after that he had been passed from group home to foster home. Jake had been recruited by a local gang, thinking it was the chance for a better live he had gone willing. But it had gone rapidly down hill from there. He was used as a drug mule and Danny had found his bullet ridden body, it turn out he had been killed by a local gang. He knew the case had hit a little to close to home. Jack wondered just how close to home it had hit. As he read through Danny's file he began to realise how to close to home it had hit.

Jack stared at the note in Danny's file. He had a feeling... in fact he knew Danny's disappearance had something to do with what happen before April 17th 1990. But what happened, he didn't know. He closed his eyes as he tried to prepare himself to dive head long into Danny's past.


Tuesday 7th December - 1500 Danny's apartment - South Bronx


Picking through Danny's apartment or what was left of it, Phil had come in contact with a bunch of junkies and drunks that roamed Danny's building. It was fitting that Danny was staying with `his own', Phil thought. He had tried to talk to some of these people, but they had been too drunk or stoned to string a sentence together, let alone remember last night. The smell of the apartment block was getting to him - what was the point of being here? It was just a bunch of dead drunken and stoned ends. He wasn't achieving anything. Why couldn't Jack get it - Danny wasn't perfect and he probably just bailed on his job and his pathetic life. So it was pointless looking for him. Phil was lost in his negative thoughts until a knock on the door startled him.

"Who are you?" the voice demanded, "and what have you done to Danny's apartment. Danny works for the FBI, you know and I am going to phone them right now."

Phil looked up to see a short, bent, elderly lady standing in the door way. "I'm with the FBI," he said as he stood up and pulled out his ID. "My name is Special Agent Phillip Glanville."

"What's happened to Danny's apartment? Why does it look like this?"

"Ma'am, that's what I am here to find out. Now what's your name?" Phil asked in a gentle voice.

"Doris Stoneham. Now where is Danny?" she demanded.

"I work with Danny and he didn't turn up for work today. I was just wondering if you heard or saw anything," Phil asked gently.

"Oh god," Doris said as she collapsed into a chair. "No-no I wasn't here. Danny paid for me to go to one of those spa places upstate."

"So you weren't here last night?" Phil asked.

"No I told you I was in a spa and just got back. You don't think I did anything to Danny? I could never do anything to Danny," Doris exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. I just needed to know if you saw or heard anything. Maybe it was last week, did Danny argue with anyone? You never know what could help," Phil said with a smile. He didn't have the charming smile that Danny had, but he did have rugged good looks. He was about the same height as Danny but carried several pounds more of muscle. Before he had joined the FBI, he had been in Delta force.

"No, Danny wouldn't do anything like that. Danny is a good boy. He buys my groceries, fills my prescriptions, and does repairs around my apartment. He's a good boy, Agent Glanville. You have to find him," Doris pleaded.

"I will, I will," Phil reassured with a smile. He sighed as he watched Doris leave. In his opinion, `Agent Taylor' was a good for nothing drunk with a dark, evil past. `Taylor' didn't deserve to be alive after what he had done, let alone be in the FBI or on Jack's team. `Taylor' was scum and the longer he stayed missing, the better for everyone. He didn't care that people thought Danny was an angel. He wasn't. He had obviously pulled the wool over those poor people's eyes. Phil sighed, realizing that Jack was his boss and he had made Danny their active case so he guessed he would have to work it.


Tuesday 7th December - 1500 hours 26 Federal Plazas, Manhattan


Viv sat tiredly in front of the television monitor. It had taken hours to get hold of the video footage. Didn't they understand that a federal agent was injured and had gone missing? Closing her eyes, she ran a hand over her weary face.

Danny had only been on the team for three weeks and now he was missing. Something terrible had happened to him. She felt a tear escape as she thought of the blood stained bathroom and bullet they had found in it. She had to squeeze her eyes tightly shut to prevent herself from crying when they confirmed that all of the blood in the apartment had been Danny's. She barely knew Danny, but she guessed all of that was about to change. In the little time she had known Danny, she had found him to be an intensely private person. She wondered how difficult it would be to find out about Danny's private life.

The images that were unfolding on the screen pulled her out of her thoughts. She stared at the screen as she saw a nervous looking Danny appear. He was looking around wildly. Reaching out, she touched his image. She forced herself to continue to watch the events unfold.

Fade to

Danny quickly walked down into the subway station. He looked over his shoulder; he knew they were following him. He just hoped that a train would arrive before they would. He almost screamed in frustration and fear, when he heard the announcement - all trains cancelled until further notice, due to a signal failure. Why was there signal failure today, of all days? He knew his past would catch up with him someday, he had been running from it his whole life. He hadn't been too naïve or stupid to believe it would never happen, it had caught up with Rafi - so why wouldn't they catch up with him?

He saw them coming down the stairs towards him. He looked for an escape, but found none. He had seen Rafi's body and it still haunted him. He knew these people had no morals, he knew they wouldn't stop because he was a FBI agent - in fact if anything it would increase their pleasure. He scanned the area, but he couldn't see them. He cursed. Why had he turned his back on them? He heard an explosion and fell to the ground as white hot pain tore through his shoulder. He felt blood run down his arm and chest, and the world started to become blurry. He tried to take deep calming breaths but his breathing was ragged. He just wanted it to end, but he knew he had to keep on going - if he didn't, she would die. Forcing himself to stand, he had to get out of there - but how? He forced his pain- ridden mind to concentrate. How was he going to get out of here - alive? He spied a discarded water bottle and threw it across the empty station. As the men shot at the bottle, he ran. He ran for his life.

Viv put a hand over her mouth and bit back tears. Under normal circumstances, this would shock her, but this... well she knew the victim. She stared at the now empty station and forced herself to react. She looked up, and called Jack over.

Jack hurried over as soon as he heard Viv's tense voice. "Viv, what have you found?" he asked in a voice full of concern and worry.

"I-I think, I think you should just watch," Viv managed to blurted out as she pointed to the monitor.

A few minutes later, Jack held his head in his hands. He knew Danny had been shot, but seeing him get shot when he was powerless do any thing made him so powerless. Knowing that Danny had been shot and now missing made him feel so unless. "O-Okay, okay," Jack managed to stammer. "U-mm okay. Right, we know Danny was in the subway station where he was shot, we know he made it out of there and we know he made to his apartment. What we don't know is what happened to him between the station and his apartment."

"We also don't know what happened to him after the apartment," Viv cut in. "We don't even know if he is alive!"

Jack laid a supportive hand on her shoulder. "Danny's alive. In the short time I have known him, I know he is a fighter and he is stubborn. True, we don't know what happened to him after he came back to the apartment. But if we can work out what happened to him between the subway station and his apartment - then maybe then just maybe we can will have a chance to find him alive," he said as he tried to reassure her.


Tuesday 7th December - 1600 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Raking his hands through his hair, Jack had really forced himself not to run to the bathroom and empty the contacts of his stomach. Danny had been shot. He had seen it, and he had been powerless to stop it. He was going to find his agent and bring him home - alive. Whatever Danny had done or not done in his past, he didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve to be out there alone, hurt and scared. He stared at the note in Danny's file. Why had Danny changed his name in April 1990? And what was Danny's name before that date? He sighed and typed Danny's social into the computer. If Danny's name was a legal name change, it would tell him want Danny's original name was. Maybe it would be the key to finding Danny.

He frowned as Danny's photo appeared on the screen. He scanned the details - trying to find something he didn't know about Danny. He sharply inhaled as he saw Danny's original name - Alvarez. He did a brief search on Alvarez; he gasped and let his head fall into his hands as the search results came up. Alvarez, more importantly Danny's family, had been associated with a gang in Miami. He knew Danny would never be associated with a gang, even if he had a gun held to his head. What if someone close to him was threatened? He knew that Danny wouldn't stand idly by as someone he loved was threatened. But why didn't ask for help? Was it because he simply didn't trust them or was it something more sinister? He sighed and shuffled some of the paper that was on his desk, until he found Danny's bank details. He hated doing this, it felt like such in invasion of privacy - but what choice did he have? If he wanted to find Danny, he had to go through his personal details. But his eyes grew wide as scanned Danny's bank details. It explained why he lived in the shithole of all apartments. Danny withdrew $2000 a month. In most cases, he would consider drugs, but with Danny--he didn't think so. If he found out who was blackmailing Danny, he was sure that he would find Danny. He bit his lip; he just didn't know what state Danny would be in when he found him.


Tuesday 7th December - 1700 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


`Blackmail' Jack thought, raking a weary hand through his dishevelled hair. What the hell had Danny done to be blackmailed? Why was Danny running? Didn't he know that he could simply ask him for help, and he would do everything he could to help his agent? But what if Danny had got himself into something from which there was no escape? Maybe he couldn't help him then. But maybe it was because Danny didn't trust them. After reading Danny's file, Jack understood why Danny wouldn't trust them or anyone, for that matter. The poor kid had been passed from foster home to group home. He had even spend time living on the streets. From what he had read, since the death of his parents, Danny had never spent more that a couple of months in one place. He was probably too scared to trust anyone. Jack sighed, he was going to find Danny and when he did, he would make sure that he knew that he could trust him. He was going to make sure that Danny knew that he wasn't like everyone else - he wasn't going to abandon him.

Sighing, Jack realized it was pointless just sitting at his desk sulking while his agent was out there alone, hurt and scared. He needed to tell the rest of the team about his discovery - maybe they would have an idea of why Danny was blackmailed. He quickly walked into the bullpen to only see Viv.

"Where's Phil?" Jack asked

"I guess he's still at Danny's apartment," Viv replied as she looked up.

"Shouldn't he be back yet?" Jack asked.

"I guess so, but maybe he found a lead," Viv replied. "Unlike me, I found nothing. It's like Danny disappeared into thin air when he left the apartment."

"We will find him, Viv," Jack reassured as he laid a supportive hand on her shoulder. "I think I may have found something."

Looking up, she tried to read Jack's body language. "What is it?" she asked nervously.

Jack pushed Danny's bank details in front of Viv and pointed to the highlighted part. "The same thing every month since this account was opened and it has been increasing," he explained gravely. "What do you think it is?"

Viv ran a hand over her face. "In most cases, I would consider drugs. But that doesn't seem like Danny. I think we would have noticed a $2000 a month drug habit," she said as she started to explain herself.

"That's what I was thinking," Jack said as he sat next to her. "I'm thinking blackmail."

"Blackmail?" Viv exclaimed. "What would someone have on Danny in order to blackmail?"

"Well, what's your take - if not blackmail?" Jack asked.

"Maybe he's paying someone's hospital bills," Viv suggested.

"Maybe," Jack said as he raked his hands through his hair once again. "But you don't think so because you have some evidence to suggest that its blackmail?"

"Its not that I don't think that Danny wouldn't pay someone's hospital bills or use the money for some other altruistic reason. It's just. It's just," Jack stammered.

"What do you have on him, Jack?" Viv demanded.

"Danny's name, well Taylor wasn't Danny's original name," Jack blurted out as he held his head in his hands. This case was undoubtedly the hardest case he ever had to work. In the three short weeks he had known Danny, he had begun to bond with him, even if Danny hadn't reciprocated yet. He had begun to develop a strong paternal instinct with Danny.

"What?!" Viv exclaimed. "What are you talking about?"

"On the 19th of April 1990, Danny legally changed his name from Alvarez to Taylor. Marco Alvarez was Danny's father," Jack said.

"What?!" Viv exclaimed. "No. That can't be true. That bastard was a psychopath drug-dealing murderer. How could Danny be related to someone like him?"

"Well, he is or was," Jack sighed as leaned back on the chair. "Which opens a whole new can of worms as to why Danny is missing."

Viv sadly shook her head. "We have to bring him home, Jack. There is no way in hell that Danny would follow in his father's footsteps."

"I know, I know Viv. Now where the hell is Phil, he should be back by now," Jack sighed.


Tuesday 7th December - 1700 hours Car Park of 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Leaning against his black SUV, Phil kicked the tires. Today was turning out to be a really shitty day. Not only did he have to work the scum that was `Agent Taylor's' case, the front of his SUV had somehow been damaged. He kicked the tires again in obvious frustration. It was all fucking `Agent Taylor's' fault and now he had to go through all the shit that was `Agent Taylor's' life. He sighed and clicked the clinks out his back and started to walk up to the office. He didn't want to work the current case, but he knew it would look suspicious if he resisted.

"So have we got anything new?" Phil asked as he walked into the bullpen.

"Yeah, what about you?" Jack asked as he looked up. He frowned slightly as Phil finally had made it back to the office - what had taken so long?

"Nothing much, apart from Danny is `a good boy' - that was according the old lady who lives across the hallway from him. Didn't get anything from anyone else, just a bunch of junkies and drunks," Phil explained.

Viv glared at Phil. "I agree with her. By all accounts, he is a good boy," she said as she continued to glare at Phil. "How many people would dive into the Hudson after a child? Come on Phil, I would like to say I would but when it came to it, I don't know if I could. Especially with the water temperatures, the shock of jumping into it could kill you."

"Okay fine!" Phil exclaimed as he held his hands up in mock surrender. "So what have you found out?"

"That in April 1990 Danny had his name legally changed to Taylor," Jack started.

"What the hell was it before?" Phil asked as he pretended to be shocked and interested.

"Alvarez," Jack replied quickly as he continued to scan the files in front of him.

"Alvarez… Alvarez, where have I heard that name before," Phil said in mock confusion.

"Marco Alvarez was Danny's father," Jack explained.

"Marco Alvarez… wasn't he a huge gang, kingpin, cartel guy in Miami about ten-ish years ago?" Phil questioned with mock interest and confusion.

"That's him," Jack said as he looked up from the files.

"So you reckon it has something to do with Danny's disappearance?" Phil questioned nervously.

"Don't you?" Viv said

"Yeah, yeah of course I do. I mean what else could it be?" Phil replied nervously as he looked around the room - unable to look Jack or Viv in the eyes.

The phone rang - breaking the uncomfortable silence. Jack reached across and answered it. "Malone," he said a gruff voice. "Okay… yes… thank you, we will be right there." He sighed and racked his hands through his hair. "Danny's car has been found," he said as he grabbed his coat and started to head out. Viv and Phil quickly followed Jack out.


Tuesday 7th December - 1800 hours North-West Manhattan


After a hair-raising trip across town, they made in one piece to where Danny's car was. Jack jumped out, before he turned off the car. "I'm Special Agent Malone, who's in charge here?" he demanded as he strode towards the group, of now terrified cops. "Where's the car?"

One of the cops stepped forward. "I'm Sergeant Roberts, sir," he stammered nervously.

"Where is my agent's car?" Jack demanded as he stepped forward and glanced at the cops.

"Its-its over there," Sergeant Roberts stammered as he pointed to the bullet-ridden car that had crashed into a wall.

Jack felt as the air had been sucked out of his lungs. He grabbed onto the wall for support. "Oh Danny why didn't come to me for help, I would've helped you," he whispered. "Was there any sign of the occupant of this car?" he asked, the gruffness returning to his voice.

"N-No sir," Sergeant Roberts stammered. "I-I, w-we found the car like this - abandoned."

Jack glared at them, before he started to inspect the car. The front end was completely crumpled - half imbedded into the wall, while the back was riddled with bullet holes. He closed his eyes briefly before he took a breath and peered into the car - it was covered in blood. Sighing heavily, Jack wondered just how many more times they would be able have to send a sample of Danny's blood to the evidence room, before they found Danny's body.

Viv inspected the back of Danny's wrecked car. She wasn't a forensic agent, but she didn't have to notice that Danny's car had been rammed from behind. Judging by the height of the damage and paint transfer it was a black SUV. Didn't Phil have a black SUV, she thought as she glared at him? As she stared at the damage, she felt as though she could she what happened to Danny.

Fade to

Cold sweat clung to his pain ridden; exhausted body and he drove frantically towards Manhattan. He didn't want to leave the city that had become the closest thing he had to home in a long time - but he didn't have a choice. He looked up at the rear view mirror and tensed. He forced himself to concentrate on the task in hand. He was being paranoid; the black SUV was more than likely totally unrelated to his hell. But as the SUV quickly closed the gap between them, it confirmed his fears - they had caught up with him. There was really no escape now - his life was over. She was going to die and it was his fault. Why hadn't he been more careful? If he hadn't got himself sober and joined the FBI, would they have found him? He shook his head, of course they would. He made the drop of $2000 in Central Park every month. Now because of his careless actions, the woman he cared for more than anyone else would die.

The crunching of metal against metal pulled him out of his thoughts as he fought to control his car. But his Nissan was never going to be a match against the several tonnes of SUV. Pain shot through his shoulder as fought the steering wheel, as the SUV tried to run him off the road again. This was the end, his life was over - but maybe he could save hers. He looked at his cell phone. Her only chance lay there. He had screwed up, so Jack wouldn't help him, but Jack would help her. She hadn't done anything wrong. He grabbed the phone and started to try and find Jack's number. But as the SUV rammed him again, he knew he had made a mistake. He could no longer control the car. He desperately fought the steering wheel as his car careened towards the wall - but to no avail. There was a sickening crunching of metal, before his head slammed against the steering wheel. He felt blood trickle down his face as his world began to darken. This was the end he thought as his world became dark and he knew no more.

Fade out.

"Agent Malone," Agent Simpson said as he stepped towards Jack holding a cell phone in his gloved hand. "We found this in Agent Taylor's car."

Jack stared at the cell phone and took it from Agent Simpson. He inhaled sharply as he saw number on the screen. The screen was cracked and smeared in blood, but it clearly said `Jack' and his number below. He felt tears sting his eyes. Danny had tried to call for help, but it had been too late. If he had been more open opposed his usual gruff self - would Danny have trusted him more? Would Danny have phoned for help earlier? He hoped he would find out, but with each lead ending in a trail of Danny's blood, he knew this was becoming less and less likely. "T-The blood," he managed to stammer.

"I'm sorry Agent Malone but it's AB- but I will confirm if it's Agent Taylor's as soon as possible," Agent Simpson said gravely. He looked at Jack's and Viv's downcast expression before adding. "As far as I am concerned, the FBI only has one case today, you will find him Agent Malone."

Closing his eyes, Jack felt numb. Why was this happening to Danny, he thought? He looked up and mumbled a thank you, before he walked back to his car.


Tuesday 7th December - 2000 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


In the dim light Jack studied Danny's file again - hoping that he had missed something. Hoping that he would find the key to why his agent was missing. But he knew it had to do with when Danny was know as Danny Alvarez. He took off his glasses and rubbed his weary eyes. All the evidence said that Danny was dead. But all Jack wanted to do was yell, `Why wasn't his body in the car wreck?' But he also knew Danny, and the evidence wasn't show that Danny was a fighter. There was no way that he would quit - Danny's history told him that.

A knock on the door pulled him out of his thoughts. Without looking up, he growled at the person. A young fresh-faced agent walked in nervously handing Jack a file. "Sir there is the ballistics report on the bullet found in Agent Taylor's apartment," he stammered.

"What the hell took so long?" Jack growled as he glared at the shaking agent.

"I-I don't know sir, I-I was just told to bring you the file," he stammered.

"Fine, you can go now," Jack growled as he dismissed the agent. He waited until he heard the door close, before he opened the report and started to study it. He frowned as he read it. His eyes shot toward the bullpen before he punched his desk. Standing up abruptly, he stormed into the bullpen. "Agent Glanville," he yelled, as he stormed up to Phil. He kicked Phil's chair out from under him and slammed him against a wall. "What the hell is the meaning of this?" he said as he waved the report in front of Phil's face.


Tuesday 7th December - 2000 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


"What?" Phil exclaimed as he nervously stared at Jack. "What the fuck are you talking about Jack?"

"This, Phil!" Jack yelled, as he continued to pin Phil against the wall. "This report gives you motive!"

"I have no idea what you are talking about, I don't even know what's in that file," Phil yelled back. "So why don't fucking let go of me and show me the report. Then I can tell if I know anything about it."

"Fine," Jack growled as he dropped Phil. He slammed the report down in front of him. "Where the hell is Danny?"

"What?" Phil exclaimed, as he stared at Jack in disbelief. "You think I had something to do with Danny's disappearance?!"

"You tell me!" Jack growled as he stabbed the report that now was on Phil's desk.

Taking a deep breath, Phil straightened his suit. He sighed and picked up the report, quickly flicking through it. As he read it, he inwardly groaned because he knew now why Jack suspected him. The report made him look very bad. "I can explain," he started.

"You better," Jack growled as he continued to glare at Phil.

"When I first started with the FBI, 16 years ago, I was working gangs in Miami," Phil started nervously. He stared at his feet for a while before he tried to continue.

"My office now!" Jack growled, as he stormed towards his office.

Looking around nervously, Phil noticed that everyone in the office had stopped working and were now staring at him. He took another deep breath and quickly followed Jack into his office.

"Explain yourself!" Jack growled again, as he started to pace.

"As I was saying," Phil started nervously again. "When I started with the FBI, I was working gangs in Miami."

"I got that much," Jack yelled.

"Just let me get this out…dammit, Jack," Phil yelled back, but Jack stilled glared at him. "My partner and I, well our case was Marco Alvarez and his family."

Jack looked up with raised eyebrows. "Go on," he prompted with a cold, interested tone.

"This is pointless and a waste of time. I have nothing to do with Danny's disappearance," Phil exclaimed.

"I'll be the judge of that," Jack growled, as he started to pace the room again. He stopped and stood behind Phil. "So tell me about what happened to you and your partner when you were investigating the Alvarez's," Jack said as he breathed down Phil's back.

"We were investigating them and it was obvious from the beginning, that Marco Alvarez was heavily involved in everything," Phil started. He looked down at the floor and bit his lip before continuing. "Anyway we got intel that a huge deal was going in the Keys. What we didn't know was that we were walking into an ambush. Paul Newman, my partner, was shot and died in my arms. Marco Alvarez, Danny's father, killed him - he also shot me twice and threatened my family."

"And so in return, you shot Danny and ran him off the road?" Jack yelled as he slammed Phil against a wall again. He could feel his blood boil with rage - how could Phil take his anger out Danny? Because of an event that he had no control over? Danny would have only been a kid at the time. Thinking of a moment, Jack realized Danny would have only been nine years old. What the hell could he have done?

"What?" Phil exclaimed. "No way, Jack. I may not have liked him. I may totally disagree with your choice, but I would never hurt!"

"Where were you between the hours of 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock last night?" Jack asked, as he continued to stare coldly at Phil.

"What? I can't believe you are asking me this! After all of the years we have worked together!" Phil yelled back

"Where the hell were you?" Jack pressed.

"I was at the shooting range until 8, and then I went to Maxwell's with Jake Roberts and Andy Strauss," Phil yelled, as he shoved Jack back and straightened his suit again. "I was there until10, after that I went home to my wife. Is that okay with you?!"

"That's fine with me, but I will be checking it out," Jack said as he went directly to his desk to make a couple of phone calls. After make the phone calls, he looked up and sighed. "Looks like you're in the clear."

"Good," Phil said quietly.

Jack collapsed in his chair and raked his hands through his hair. "I'm sorry, Phil," he said in a much softer tone. "I-It's just, it's just-"

"This case is really getting to you," Phil said softly as he finished Jack's sentence. "Look Jack I may not like Danny, but that's just because of history that I can't forget. I can see he's an intelligent kid with great potential and I would never hurt him. I may act coldly around him, but I swear to you Jack, I would never hurt him."

Jack looked up sadly. "I know. I realize that now. Danny has no one, Phil. You know better than anyone what kind of hell he comes from. I feel responsible for him…for finding him. He has no one Phil, no one. Since he was eleven, he has never spent more than a couple of months in one place. No one deserves the life he has had," he said in a near whisper.

"I know Jack, but even when his parents were alive he was always moving around. I know he was forced to pack drugs when he was a kid but its just, well u-mm I just can't get passed his father. When I see Danny, I see Marco Alvarez," Phil explained. He looked down again, suddenly feeling uncomfortable again. "U-mm Jack I will see if we have got the footage from the traffic cam."


Tuesday 7th December - 2200 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Leaning back on his chair, Phil sipped a mug of steaming coffee. He had been staring at the video footage for what felt like hours. After his interrogation with Jack, he had begun to feel sorry for Danny. After all Danny had only been 9 years old at the time of the ambush - so what could have he done to prevent it? But as he explained to Jack every time he saw Danny, he saw Marco Alvarez. He sighed and ran a hand over his weary face; today had been a very long day. As old silver Nissan sped across the screen, he sat up and stared at the screen. A few seconds later a black SUV appeared looking like it was in hot pursuit of the Nissan. He picked up the photo of Danny's car and compared it to the car on the screen. It was defiantly Danny's car.

"Jack, Viv," Phil yelled. "I've got some thing."

Jack and Viv quickly hurried over. Viv gasped as she watched the grainy images. "Oh Danny," she exclaimed, as she covered her mouth.

Fade in

Five masked men raced up to the car wreck.

"Tú conoces el plan, nosotros le cogemos y le entregamos al jefe," the tallest of the men growled as he moved towards the car - his AK- 47 drawn.

"Ya entiendo Carlos," one of men said as he approached the car. He peered inside the car, to see their target slumped over the steering wheel.

"Mejor será, porque si lo fastidias el jefe se enfadará y tú sabes lo que ocurre cuando él se enfada," Carlos growled as he wrenched open the door. He had to move quickly to prevent the unconscious man from falling. They had already damaged the package and Carlos knew the boss would be mad. He knew that the boss wanted to kill the package. Why he didn't know nor did he care. Just as long as he delivered the package alive enough for the boss to have fun torturing him.

"Lo he cogido, vale," Jorge whined, as he dragged the limp form of their target out of his car and threw him into the van. He roughly tied the target's hands behind his back and kicked him in the shoulder as the van pulled away.

Danny groaned as white hot pain tore through his shoulder. As he felt a swaying motion, he took a deep painful breath as he tried to stop himself throwing up. He heard voices and wanted to slip back to the blissful darkness. Whatever had happened was bad. They had caught up with him and knew the end would happen soon - he just hoped that when it happens it would be quick and painless, but he knew it wouldn't be. He knew they would want to torture him and draw it out for as long as possible. He also knew from previous experience that if he didn't obey their `commands' it would be whole a lot worse. Slowly and reluctantly he opened his eyes.

"Hola, Sr. Alvarez, hace tiempo que no nos vemos. Mi jefe estará encantado de verle.," Carlos growled and smiled at Danny sadistically.

"W-What?" Danny stammered. "Who are you?" He cried out as his arm was twist in a direction that it wasn't supposed to go. He heard a sickening crack and his world began to dim. He heard voices yelling at him, he felt darkness surround him again and didn't fight it.

Fade out

Phil, Viv and Jack stared at the grainy image. They sat in silence for a while, unable to know what to do or say. It was a few minutes before anyone spoke.

"I'll get this over to the techs, maybe they can clean it up and we get the license plate on that van," Phil said as he quickly stood up and hurried towards the tech room.


Wednesday 8th December - 0100 hours 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Viv stood out on the balcony of the FBI building. The bitterly cold December whipped around her. She felt tears sting her eyes as she thought of her Danny; cold, alone, hurt and frightened.

"You all right?"

Swing around to see Jack, Viv produced a small smile. "I'm okay."

"No you're not," Jack replied, as he hugged his coat close to his body. "We will find him, Viv, I promise."

"He's out there and it's so cold. He's out there alone, cold, in pain and scared. What if we are too late?" Viv exclaimed.

Jack was just about to continue when Phil ran out towards. "I think I have a lead," he yelled as he waved a piece of paper above his head.

"What is it?" Jack asked urgently.

"I, we managed to track the van. We think its still at a warehouse in Queens," Phil said excitedly.

"What the hell are we doing here then," Jack growled as he hurried inside and ran towards the elevators.

"I was telling you," Phil said as he called after Jack and jogged to catch up with him.

After a hair-raising trip across town, which both Viv and Phil had their eyes closed, they eventually made it to the warehouse in Queens. But in Jack's opinion, it took to long. He knew his agent had a gunshot wound to the shoulder and the bullet had not been removed by professional medical personnel. He knew his agent had a head injury but he didn't know how bad it was. He didn't know if his agent was hurt in any other way. These factors combined with the freezing temperatures - Danny didn't have time on his side. He signalled to the team - checking if they were ready as they approached the building. He knew he should wait for back-up, but Danny didn't have the luxury of time.

They quickly filed into the warehouse, clearing it as they went. So far, it was eerily empty and quiet. Straining his ears, Jack was almost sure he heard something. He heard Viv and Phil yelling `clear'. He knew there was only one room left. As he strained his ears again, he could've sworn he heard whimpering - had he found Danny? He slowly opened the door and scanned the small darkened room - looking for any threat and the source of the whimpering. At the far corner of the room he found the source of the whimpering - but it was not Danny, it was a terrified woman of about his age chained to the wall. He slowly approached, taking note of she terrified and battered appearance. He couldn't help but think that there was something familiar about this lady.

"Por favor, no me haga daño; Haré todo lo que quiera. Pero no me haga daño," the terrified woman said as she back up against the wall.

Jack silently cursed, Danny was the only Spanish speaker on his team, and he wasn't here. He produced a warm smile and pulled out his ID. "Yo soy del FBI, cómo te llamas?" he said. Jack smiled again, silently cursing his poor attempt of Spanish.

"D-Danielle A-Alvarez," the terrified woman stammered.

[Translations - huge thanks to ukeleleboy for the translations.]

Tú conoces el plan, nosotros le cogemos y le entregamos al jefe ----- - You know the plan, we get him and deliver him to the boss.

Ya entiend ------ I understand

Mejor será, porque si lo fastidias el jefe se enfadará y tú sabes lo que ocurre cuando él se enfada ------ You better, because if you screw up the boss will be mad you know what happens when he gets mad.

Lo he cogido, val ------ I get it okay

Hola, Sr. Alvarez, hace tiempo que no nos vemos. Mi jefe estará encantado de verle ------ Hello Mr. Alvarez, we haven't seen each other in a while. My boss is going to be very pleased to meet you.

Por favor, no me haga daño; Haré todo lo que quiera. Pero no me haga daño ------ Please don't hurt me; I will do anything you want. Just don't hurt me.

Yo soy del FBI, cómo te llamas? ------ I'm with the FBI, what's your name?


Wednesday 8th December – 0100 hours

26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Pausing, Jack took a deep breath as he tried to compose himself. ‘Danielle Alvarez’ he thought, no it couldn’t be – Danny’s mother was dead. But the age was right and the eyes were Danny’s eyes. And the scared expression that he had seen on the surveillance footage over the day was the same expression that Danielle had worn. He sighed as he pushed the thoughts from his mind. He bent down and produced a small comforting smile. "No voy a hacerte daño. Mi nombre es Jack. Trabajo para el FBI y puedo ayudarte,” he said.

Danielle Alvarez looked at the FBI man up and down. Marco, her husband, had told her that the FBI couldn’t be trusted. But this was the same man that had murdered her baby. Her precious baby, Danny. She knew Marco was doing some drug dealing, and he would kill her if she talked to the FBI. But what was the point of living anyway? Her life was hell, and she had lost her boys. She had lost her precious Danny-boy. Everyday, she missed seeing his big brown eyes. She missed hearing him laugh and seeing him smile when they went down to the beach together. Her precious baby had been so sweet and intelligent. Maybe if that bastard hadn’t got into the car that day, then maybe Danny could’ve been in the FBI – she would’ve been so proud. Smiling to herself, she thought if she talked to the FBI, then maybe that bastard would finally pay for what he did to her baby. She smiled and took the hand that was offered.

Jack returned her smile and carefully helped the woman, who he believed was Danny’s mother, to her feet. “U-mm, e-rr,” he stuttered as he silently cursed again about his limited Spanish.

“I speak English,” Danielle said with a smile. When Danny was alive, she had dreamed about escaping Marco’s clutches with Danny. She had dreamed about building a new life for them, but she knew that she would never be able to escape Marco. He would always hunt them down. But on the off chance, they could escape; she had secretly taught Danny, Rafi and herself English.

“We’re going to take you to the hospital to have you checked out. Is that okay?” Jack asked as he carefully undid the handcuffs that chained her to the wall.

“Thank you,” Danielle said as she stood. But as soon as she did she felt her world spin violently. She felt a set of gentle hands easing her back down. “Thanks,” she mumbled again as a warm coat was draped over she shoulders.

“Its okay,” Jack said gently as he sat down beside her. “I’ve radioed for an ambulance.”

“I’m so sorry for the inconvenience,” Danielle mumbled as she looked down – feeling ashamed that she was so weak.

“It’s not your fault,” Jack reassured. Closing his eyes, a thought hit him. If this woman was Danny’s mother, did that mean that Marco Alvarez was alive as well? He shuttered at the mere thought. If that bastard so much as laid a finger on Danny, he would inflict a lot of pain on him for every pain that bastard had caused Danny – past and present.

Danielle pulled a well loved photograph from her pocket. It had been taken fourteen years ago – mere days before the accident that claimed her baby’s life.

Fade to Flashback

Marco was in Mexico for some deal and she didn’t know where Rafi was. She loved Rafi, he had been a good kid but Marco had poisoned his mind. Or maybe he had threatened him – she suspected the latter. Because of her weakness, she couldn’t help Rafi but she could protect Danny. She was going to everything she could to give the Danny the life he deserved. But right now that didn’t seem to matter; Marco was away doing some deal in Mexico. Danny could run around the tiny apartment, as much as he liked without the fear.

“Can we go to the beach? Please mom,” Danny pleaded excitedly as he jumped up and down.

Danielle smiled as she bent down and hugged her youngest son. “Of course, Danny. Why don’t you go and pack some stuff for the beach,” she said. She smiled broadly as she watched Danny run off excitedly. A few hours later, after catching several buses and calming an over excited Danny, they finally arrived at the beach. She kicked off her shoes and watched Danny run around the beach. This was what it was supposed to be like.

“Mommy, mommy,” Danny yelled with a broad smile as he bounced up and down.

Danielle smiled and pulled herself to her feet. Today was their day of freedom and she was going to make sure it was the best day possible for her Danny. Little did she know that in less than 24 hours, her baby would be dead?

Fade out.

A couple of tears escaped as Danielle thought about that day. Danny had been so happy, but it had been ruined the very next day when that bastard had got in into the car drunk. That was the day her life had changed forever. She knew she should have gotten out of the marriage, but it had been too late and her baby had paid the price.

Jack looked at Danielle sadly, he was sure she was Danny’s mother but he couldn’t confirm it. He nodded at the paramedics as they entered the room. After a few words with Danielle, he got up and walked over and talked to the team. “Viv, go with Danielle. Phil, you’re with me.”

“Who is she?” Viv asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t know,” Jack lied, not ready to tell the team his suspicions. “Maybe you can find out.”


Wednesday 8th December – 0400 hours

Unknown location


He didn’t know how long he had been travelling, he had been in and out of it for what felt like hours – but he couldn’t be sure. All he knew was it was dark and all he could feel was pain. He tried to get his eyes to adjust to the dark conditions, but it was so dark. There was barely any light in the room. But from the small slivers of light that clung to the damp walls, he could tell the room was tiny. It was as though he had been thrown into some form of cell. He closed his eyes as tears threatened to escape. He had spent his life running from this and he knew it would finally catch up with him – but why now? Why when he had finally pieced together his life had this happened? He had spent his life either; scared, running or drunk. Now he had a job that was happy in and apartment that he had spent more than two months in – but did he have any of that anymore? He bit back tears that threatened, Jack would kick him off the team and because he couldn’t make the payments, Marco would kill his mother. The bang at the door and piercing white light pulled him out of his thoughts. Nausea hit him as his eyes tried to adjust to the light. He looked up and recognized his captor – his nightmare had begun.

“Well Danny, or do you prefer ‘Agent Taylor’, I haven’t seen you in a while,” Marco Alvarez sneered.

“What do you want?” Danny asked as bravely as he could as he eyeballed his father.

“You were short on your last payment,” Marco growled as he kicked Danny in the chest.

“What?” Danny gasped. “No, I was fucking not!”

“Don’t talk back to me, boy!” Marco yelled as he grabbed Danny by the shoulders and threw him against the wall. “You were,” he yelled as started to kick Danny in the chest again. “$50 short.”

“No I wasn’t, Papi. I counted – as I always do,” Danny stammered as he felt the childhood fear return.

“You little shit, are you telling me I am lying?” Marco yelled as he slammed a fist into Danny’s jaw.

“But Papi, I swear it was the right amount,” Danny gasped as blood trickled down his face.

“Are you telling me that I can’t count, boy?” Marco yelled as he pulled a knife from the sheath attached to his leg. The blade glinted in the dull light. He laughed as he watched his youngest son back against the wall, as though he was trying to escape – but there was no escape. He would never escape him, he thought evilly.

Danny curled up into a protective ball and closed his eyes. He knew whatever he said was pointless. His father would never believe or care what he said – he just wanted to inflict pain. As tears of pain streamed down his face, he wished that he had told Jack. He even wished that he had told Phil. Anything was better than this. Why was this happening to him? He had tried so hard to rebuild his life and move on? He thought that if he got a degree and a decent job, his life would be different – but he couldn’t be more wrong. As his father continued to take his anger out on him, darkness started to surround him and he welcomed it. Before it completely surrounded him, he thought of the team – were they looking for him? He hoped they were. He knew he would be dead soon, but just the thought that someone was looking for him gave him a small glimmer of hope in the inky darkness that surrounded him.


Wednesday 8th December – 0700 hours

26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan


Jack raked his hands through his hair. The case had been dead end after dead end and now this. A DNA test had revealed that Danielle’s DNA was a 50 percent match to Danny – in other words she had to be a close family member. He tried and failed to smile at the irony of it – he had found Danny’s mother but he failed to find Danny. Viv had taken Danielle to the hospital, where she had been checked out. Although she was fine, they wanted to keep her for observation. Jack clutched the test results. A part from the tech that ran the results, he was the only one that knew about the connection between Danielle and Danny. He sighed. He was going to have to tell someone – after all it could be vital to the case. Closing his eyes briefly, he raked his hands through his hair again.

“Jack I think there is something you should see,” Phil said as he burst into Jack’s office.

Jack looked up – startled at Phil’s sudden entrance. He clutched the paper with the test results tightly in his hand. He hadn’t told Danielle about her son. Firstly and most importantly, he didn’t know Danny’s decision and secondly if the case ended in the worst possible way did Danielle deserve to lose her son twice? He found himself standing and following Phil towards his desk.

“Okay. On a hunch, I started reviewing surveillance around Central Park,” Phil started. He looked at Jack’s dazed expression, he knew this case was hard on Jack and the rest of the team – himself included. He took a breath as he tried to explain. “Right. You know Danny was withdrawing $2000 a month. Well there were a bunch of withdrawals from banks near Central Park. Basically it didn’t make sense, Danny lives in the Bronx and there are hundreds of ATMs closer to the office than the banks Danny was withdrawing from and the withdrawals were always for large sums of money.”

Jack raised an eyebrow, “Go on.”

“Well I thought that Central Park would be a good place to make a drop. So I started reviewing the surveillance and I got lucky,” Phil said as he played the video clip. It showed two men, who looked so like goons that if the situation wasn’t so serious it would be comical.

Jack watched with a combination of interest and fear as Danny walked into shot. It was obvious that despite his confident façade, he was scared. A few minutes had passed after Danny had dropped the package behind a tree; the two goons appeared on the screen. After they took the package, Jack sighed. “We need to find out who the hell they are.”

“Already done it,” Phil said as he handed Jack two files. “Meet Jorge Garcia and Enrique Gomez, both former associates of Marco Alvarez.”

“He might not be so ‘former’,” Jack said slowly as he prepared himself to reveal his latest piece of information.

“What!” Phil asked

“Here is a DNA sample from Danielle – the woman we found in the warehouse,” Jack said, as he handed the file to Phil. He had taken the decision not give the team Danielle’s surname until he had confirmation, he didn’t want the team to jump to conclusions.

Phil frowned at the piece of paper. “Who was the reference?” he managed to ask with interest.

“Danny,” Jack replied.

“Danny?” Phil repeated as he stared at the paper again. “So this Danielle woman is Danny’s mother?”

“It looks that way.”

“And it looks as though Danny was probably being blackmailed by his father or at least something to do with his father,” Phil suggested as he handed the paper back to Jack.

Jack sat and held his head in his hands. “Which means if Danny was being blackmailed by his father, why did he lie to us!

“I don’t know, maybe because his father is/was Marco Alvarez,” Phil said tiredly.

“Yes, but that sill doesn’t explain why Marco Alvarez’s FBI files state he’s dead,” Jack interjected.

“I think it has something to do with the blackmail,” Phil suggested.

“I should’ve noticed something,” Jack exclaimed as he held his head in his hands.

“Jack it’s not your fault, Danny was good at hiding it.”

“Was! What to you mean ‘was’!”

“’Was’ because once we get him back he’s not going to have to hide it anymore,” Phil explained calmly.

“Oh, I’m sorry Phil,” Jack said solemnly

“Don’t worry about it,” Phil said with a shrug. “This case is getting to all of us.”

“Yeah you’re right,” Jack emitted sadly. “So these men what do they have records for?”

“Drug procession, drug trafficking, kidnap and…” Phil trailed off and looked down.

“And what!” Jack exclaimed

“Torture,” Phil said quietly.

“Jesus,” Jack exclaimed. “We have to get him back.”

“I know Jack I know.”

Jack frowned, “What’s with the sudden change in attitude?” he asked, suspicion laced into his voice.

“Nothing Jack. I admit I may have been wrong about Danny,” Phil replied in a soft voice.

“Oh come on Phil, one minute you were reluctant to work on the investigation and yelling about Danny’s past and now… well now you are singing his praises and busting your gut to find him,” Jack said with the same suspicion laced into his voice as he eyeballed Phil.

Phil sighed, “Look Jack, I was, I found some information that suggests I was really wrong about Danny,” he explained as he stared down as his desk.

“What?” Jack asked slowly with added interest.

“I found, when I was searching for information… when Danny was Danny Alvarez. I well I found a medical report that was dated the same day as my partner was murdered. He had the crap beaten out of him that day. I have no idea if the two events are related but I have to find out,” Phil explained in a weary voice.

“Oh,” Jack said quietly


Spinning around slowly, Jack came face to face with Paula van Doran. “Agent van Doran what can I do for you?” he said with a smile.

“I hear Agent Taylor is considered to be missing.”

“Yes he is,” Phil replied shortly.

“Is it possible that he just ran off or he took some personal time,” Van Doran suggested coldly.

“Try checking the evidence room where you will find several samples of Danny’s blood or video footage of him getting shot, or him being kidnapped or maybe his bullet ridden car!” Phil yelled as he eyeballed her.

“Phil,” Jack growled between clenched teeth.

“Agent Glanville, I think I should take you off the case and hand it over to an independent body, like the NYPD,” Van Doran said in a cold and official voice as she turned on her heel and headed towards her office.

“That’s great Paula, but I’m going to continue to work the case and I don’t care what you say,” Phil yelled at her retreating figure.

Van Doran spun around and eyeballed Phil. “If you do that, I will have your badge,” she growled.

“I can’t believe you!” Phil yelled. “One of our own has been shot and kidnapped, and is now in the hands of known torturers – and you are kicking us off the case. You know we are the best chance Danny has of getting out of this alive.”

“Fine! You have 12 hours,” Van Doran growled as she stormed towards the elevators.