Hell's Peak

Author's Note: A huge thanks to fans1024. If it weren't for her betaing or encouragement I never would have been able to write this fic.

Summary: A different ending to Showdown where the boys get kidnapped by Dornvald. Will Danny and Martin survive the torturous hell that Dornvald puts them through or will they die a horrible death?

This story is still in progress. Last updated: 09/15/06

Chapter 1

Danny and Martin leave the FBI Headquarters with Adisa Teno in tow. What they don't know is that Dornvald has been watching their every move. From the moment they captured Adisa in the warehouse and when they took Paige Hobson into custody he's been planning his revenge and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Danny leant back and closed his eyes, what had seemed like a never ending case was finally over. The shrill of his cell phone pulled him out of his deep thoughts.

"Taylor," Danny said as he answered the phone. He smiled as Jack gave him the news that he was waiting and hoping for. He thanked Jack and ended the call.

"Hey, Viv's okay," Danny said, as he gave Martin the good news.

"Oh that's great man," Martin replied. He was so caught up in his thoughts about Viv that he barely noticed the blue van that pulled up in front of him. He turned his attention back to the road. He frowned as the lights turned green and van didn't move. He waited a few moments before he honked the horn in frustration. "Come on, man, lets go. It's a green light," Martin said. But as soon as he said those words the back doors of the van flew open and all hell broke loose.

Martin chucked the car in reverse as he tried to get away from the hail of bullets flying towards them. But the bullets keep on coming. He tried to the control the car as it span wildly out of control as one of the bullets blew out one of the tires. Martin was helpless as the car crashed into several parked cars – the impact temporarily knocking them out.

Adisa takes advantage of Martin and Danny's lack of consciousness and tries to flee but he fails miserably. Because his hands are handcuffed, he falls to the ground as he tries to run. He tries to get up but only makes it to his knees; as Dornvald walks calmly toward him with the gun aimed at his head. Adisa knows that this is the end so instead of begging for his life like a coward he stands on his knees and looks at Dornvald defiantly. Dornvald walks up to him smiling evilly and shoots him dead.

Martin shook his head – temporarily dazed from the impact. He looked around – what the hell had just happened? The images come thick and fast – Dornvald, Teno, and gunfire. He quickly and quietly as possible gets out the car. He unholstered his gun and he started shooting at Dornvald and his assassins. But his gun jammed – where the hell was Danny? Where the hell was their backup, Martin thought? Dornvald and his assassins quickly surround Martin and Danny with their automatic weapons.

"You never should've gotten involved in my business. Now you're going to pay for you intrusions with your lives," Dornvald said with an evil smile.

Martin felt a searing pain on his arm as Dornvald grabbed him and tried not to cry out. "You won't get away with this," Martin yelled as he tried not to show fear or pain – he knew Dornvald would see this as a weakness and he didn't want Dornvald to have anything on him.

Dornvald aimed his gun at Martin; he signaled to his assassins go to the car and capture Danny. When they get to the car, they find Danny sitting in the front passenger seat covered in blood and barely breathing.

"Hey boss, I think this pig's dead. He's bleeding all over the place," one of Dornvald goons laughed.

"Danny? Danny Nooooooo!" Martin screamed as he tried to run towards Danny. He hadn't realized that Danny had been hit – but he had to help him. He cried out when a sharp pain shot through his tender skull; he needed to help Danny but he couldn't. It's all my fault - were his last thoughts before he slipped into the welcomed darkness.

Dornvald looked around – this was taking too long. With the amount gun fire he knew the cops would be here in a few minutes. He raised his gun and brought it down on Martin's head, chuckling as Martin fell to the ground – unconscious. He went around to the other side of the car were his goons were standing over the dying agent. He grabbed the dying agent by the hair and laughed when he cried out weakly.

"Get him in the van and his partner too. He's not dead yet but when I'm done with him he's gonna wish he was. Now the FBI is gonna learn that when you mess with Emil Dornvald, you pay the ultimate price," Dornvald said as he began to issue orders.

Although Martin is knocked out cold and Danny is barely alive, he wasn't going to take any chances - so he gags, blindfolds, and even ties their hands behind their backs. He orders his goons to toss them brutally into the back of his van. The van speeds off; leaving the FBI their car covered in their agents' blood and the body of Adisa Teno dead in the street like a rabid dog.


Jack arrived at the scene and found himself panicking when he is met with a scene of chaos - cops everywhere, paramedics and Martin's bullet ridden car covered in blood. He started to look wildly around for his agents but all he can see is the paramedics loading a body bag into the back of the ambulance and his face turns ghostly white – where are Danny and Martin? He raced over and stopped the paramedics. He closed his eyes and took a breath as he pulled down the bag's zipper; he didn't know what he was going to do if one his agents were dead. He couldn't even handle the thought of one of his agents being dead. He forced himself to open his eyes and look at the body. He gasped in horror at the body but then sighed in relief - the body is that of Adisa Teno not his agents.

Jack continued to look wildly around for his agents – but he still couldn't see them. He found himself running to Martin's abandoned car – feeling sick with fear when he found it covered in blood.

"Where are the two agents that were transporting Teno?" Jack demanded. He glared at one of the agents collecting evidence when they didn't reply. Out of fear and frustration he grabbed one of the agents and shook him. "Where the hell are they?" he yelled.

"I'm sorry…but…" the agent stammered – fear evident in his voice.

"But what?! Where the hell are they? Tell me now!" Jack yelled as he slammed the agent against the car.

"I-I'm sorry b-but there was no one around when we arrived. We only found Teno's body. Agents Taylor and Fitzgerald were nowhere to be found. The front seats w-were… c-covered…in b-blood," the agent stammered.

Jack let his hands slip from the agent's throat. He knew who had done this and he knew what would happen to that person once he had found them. "Dornvald! It had to be!" he cursed.

"Oh my God, Jack! What happened?" Sam said nervously as she arrived on the scene.

"That son of a bitch - Dornvald! He ambushed Danny and Martin and then killed Adisa Teno," Jack yelled. Dornvald was going to wish he was dead once he got his hands on him – no one, but no one hurt his team and got away with it

"What do you want me to do?" Sam stammered as the shock set in.

"I need you to put out an alert at all the train stations and airports," Jack said trying to stay calm but fear and anger was still evident in his voice.

"I-I'll p-put out stop notices and I-I'll make sure all TV Stations have his p-picture," Sam stammered.

"Okay, do a background check on Dornvald; find out all the information you can on this goddamn bastard. You also need to get Paige Hobson into FBI custody. She could be a possible target," Jack ordered. He watched Sam nod; he took a breath before he stormed off.

Chapter 2


Martin slowly begins to regain consciousness. He moves his head ever so slightly and groans in pain; it is as if someone has taken a jackhammer to his head. Confusion and fear set in – where is he? The last thing he remembers was Dornvald hitting him over the head when he tried to help Danny. Fear grips him as he remembers Dornvald's men saying that Danny was probably dead because he was bleeding everywhere. "Danny!" Martin called out. He groans in pain as he moves his head and searches for Danny. "Danny, where are you!"

Suddenly, the lights in the room turn on and blind Martin momentarily. He squints in pain-it feels as though his eyes are being penetrated by hundreds of sharp knives.

Dornvald storms in and throws a bucket of ice cold water over Martin; he bites back a laugh as he watches Martin gasping and coughing as he tries to escape its bitter chill.

"Wake up you useless, fuckin' pig!" he yelled. He feels his blood boil when Martin ignores him. Balling his hand into a fist, he punches him in the face.

"You son of a bitch!" Martin groaned and spat up a little blood. He refuses to let Dornvald have the satisfaction of hearing him scream. He refuses to let Dornvald see how weak he is. "What the hell do you want!" Martin yelled, biting back tears as Dornvald punches him in the face again.

"You know what I want - I want Paige Hobson," Dornvald said in a cold and calm voice.

"That's never gonna happen. She's already gone," Martin replied confidently.

"You will tell me where she is," Dornvald demands.

"What makes you think I'm gonna tell you a goddamn thing?" Martin laughed – despite the situation.

"Because if you don't…" Dornvald said with an evil smile. He grabs Martin by the hair and forces him to look at him. "If you don't your partner dies! You choose…the girl…or your partner," he yelled.

"If you touch one hair on his body I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!" Martin yelled; his eyes wild with fright and rage. He felt his blood boil when Dornvald simply laughed at his threat.


Jack holds his head in his hands – his agents have been missing for eight hours. They haven't received a ransom demand and it was becoming increasingly unlikely that they would find Danny and Martin alive.

"Have you got anything yet?" he asked, exhaustion evident in his voice.

"No, I can't find anything," Sam said shaking her head.

The moment Sam said that, Jeff, an agent, walks up to them with the DNA reports of the blood found inside the car.

"Jack…" Jeff started in a shaky voice.

"What is it? Are those the results of the blood found in the car?" Jack asked nervously.

"Yeah…I'm really sorry, Jack…but the DNA results came back positive," Jeff said sadly.

"What!" Jack yelled; fear and anger laced into his voice. He rips the report right out of Jeff's hands and begins going over it.

"The blood in the car…is a." Jeff sighed deeply. "The blood is a positive match for Martin and Danny's blood and with the amount of blood…." He trailed off - unable to continue.

Jack runs a hand over his weary face as he tries to hold it together but tears escape his eyes and stream down his face. "Alright," he said clearing his throat. "We need to find Dornvald. If Martin and Danny are hurt we don't have much time. I want every available agent working on this." He watches in vague disbelief as everyone stands around staring at him. "Let's move!" he yelled.


Dornvald punches Martin in the face – whose face is already starting to swell up and is covered in blood.

"Where is Paige Hobson!" Dornvald yelled.

"I told you she's gone! You're never gonna get her!" Martin yelled spitting up blood.

Dornvald steps forward and gestures to one of his goons. He smiles evilly at Martin. "I guess you want to do things the hard way," he said as he throws a bucket of ice cold water over Martin. "Where is the girl?" he yelled. He glares at Martin when he chooses to ignore him. "Give me the cables," he yelled at his goons.

Martin can't help as his eyes go wild with fright as he sees the sparks from the jumper cables coming straight at him. He struggles to get free – but his hands are bound to the back of the chair. "No! You fuckin' bastard!" Martin screamed. He feels a cold sweat run down his face as Dornvald continues to approach him.

Dornvald grins evilly at Martin's fear; he places the jumper cables onto Martin's wet, bare chest.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" Martin screamed.

"Tell me what I want to know and this will all end right now," Dornvald yelled, as he took the cables away for a few seconds.

"Go to hell!" Martin gasped in pain.

Dornvald laughs as Martin screams in pain when he shocks him again. "So you think you can handle the pain. We'll see about that," he growled. As soon as he says that, Dornvald lights up a cigar and burns Martin repeatedly across the torso, stomach and arms; Martin screams and gasps in agony from the unbearable pain. Dornvald gets angry as Martin continues to defy him despite the ongoing torture; anybody else would have already sung like a canary and told him what he wanted to know.

"I guess you need a little motivation to get you to talk. Bring him in," Dornvald said evilly. He orders his goons to bring in Danny. He laughs as his goons drag Danny by his arms and savagely throw him on the ground.

Martin's eyes go wild with fright as he sees Danny's body on the floor covered in dark red blood. "Danny! Danny answer me! Come on, man," Martin cried out; his voice breaking with emotion.

"Mar…tin?" Danny tried weakly.

"I'm here, brother," Martin said as he tried to hide the fear and emotion from his voice. "Don't worry, man, you're gonna be okay."

Dornvald delivers a kick to Danny's ribs, causing him to gasp and cry out in pain. He smirks and waits for Martin's reaction. He hoped that Jack Malone would know how much he was enjoying this.

"Danny, nooo," Martin screamed. "You son of a bitch! I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!" he added yelling at Dornvald.

Dornvald and his men grab Danny and viciously throw him onto a table that's in the room.

"I told you it was either him or the girl. You chose the girl; now he's going to die. But first we're gonna have some fun," Dornvald growled. He shoots Martin an evil smirk before he rips off Danny's shirt. Discovering the gunshot wounds to Danny's shoulder and stomach, he jabs his fingers into Danny's wounds and then afterwards pours salt into them.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!" Danny screamed. He gasps as tears stream down his face. A welcoming darkness surrounds him; he doesn't fight it but instead allows it to engulf him.

"Daneeeee! Leave him alone! I'll tell you what you want; just…just leave him alone!" Martin screamed, as hot tears stream down his beaten and blood soaked face.

Dornvald smiles evilly at Martin and orders his goons to throw Danny to the floor. He then unbinds Martin's hands from his back and throws Martin to the floor.

Martin crawls toward Danny's unconscious body. "Danny! Danny, come on, bro!" he called out; his voice breaking with emotion. "Don't you die on me." He grabs a hold of Danny's body and holds him protectively against his chest. "Just keep fighting, Danny. You're gonna be okay," Martin cried as he puts his head on Danny's and begins to cry as he rocks back and forth.

"Aww now isn't this sweet; the two lovebirds holding each other," Dornvald said sarcastically, laughing as his goons laugh with him. He grabs a camera. "Say cheese, lovebirds," he laughs as he takes a picture of Martin and Danny beaten and covered in blood - Martin holding on to Danny's unconscious body.


Jack is sitting at his desk with his head in his hands when there is a knock at the door.

"Come in!" he said gruffly.

"Umm…Jack…this package just arrived for you," Jeff started nervously, holding a package in his hands.

Jack quickly rushes over to Jeff and takes the package from him. He carefully opens the package and begins to cautiously inspect the contents; finding them to be a videotape and a picture.

"Oh my God! Who the hell brought this here!" Jack blurted out, as his eyes widen in horror as the shocking image of Martin holding on to Danny's body appears on the picture. He feels as though all of the air has been sucked out of his lungs as he sees that both of his agents are completely covered in blood.

"It was delivered by a courier service. What's wrong, Jack? What is it?" Jeff replied nervously. He had to know what was happening but in all honesty he didn't want to know judging by his friend's reaction.

Jack ignores his query and quickly proceeds to put the tape into the VCR. To Jack's disgust, it is Dornvald who is on the tape.

"Jack Malone. By now, I'm sure that if you're watching this video, you've seen the wonderful picture of your agents bloodied and beaten. That is just a small taste of what will happen to them if my demands are not met. You have eight hours to give me $100 million and Paige Hobson. If you don't, your agents will pay for their intrusions and yours with their lives. You never should have meddled in my affairs; now your agents will pay the price," Dornvald said with a sadist smile. He looks at his watch and taps it. "Tick-tock. Time is running out. I'll contact you with further instructions on where to make the drop. If you try anything-if you try to track or even capture me I won't hesitate to kill your agents."

"When I get my fuckin hands on him, I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch, slowly, and he's gonna regret the day he ever messed with my agents! Nobody fucks with my team! Nobody!" Jack screamed.

"What do you want me do, Jack? Whatever you need - even if I have to make it look like an accident. We gotta get that fuckin' bastard. We gotta find Danny and Martin," Jeff said in a cold tone – ready do anything he could to help his friend.

"You can bet your ass that we're gonna get that bastard. Come with me," Jack yelled. He didn't care what people thought. He didn't care about his job – he just wanted his agents back – alive. He storms into the bullpen. "Alright, listen up! We just received a ransom video from Dornvald. He has Danny and Martin – by the look of things they do not have much time left! He said that we have eight hours to give him Paige Hobson and $100 million dollars or he's going to kill them." He paused briefly as he watched everyone's reactions. "He's not getting shit! We can find them but I'm gonna need everyone's help here," he continued. Watching everyone nod in agreement he began to issue orders.

"Sam?" Jack called.

"Yeah, Jack?" Sam replied anxiously – barely able to contain her emotions.

"Sam, I want you to track down the courier who brought the package and find out who sent it in. I want you to find out everything you can: name, description, when they sent it in. You know the drill. Go!" Jack ordered softly. He takes a deep breath as he tries to get a grip on his emotions.

"O-Okay, you got it, Jack," Sam stammered, as she quickly left the office.

"Jeff?" Jack called.

"Yeah, Jack. What do you want me to do?" Jeff replied.

"I want you check the envelope, the picture and the tape. See if you can lift any prints. If you get any prints run it through all the criminal databases; see if we get any hits. Got it?" Jack ordered.

"Yeah, Jack," Jeff replied quickly. He watches with concern as his friend sighs and runs his hands roughly through his hair. He puts a hand on Jack's shoulder. "We're gonna find them, Jack. I promise you that and when we do, Dornvald and anybody else who's working with him is gonna pay the ultimate price. They're gonna regret the day they ever messed with two of our best agents. I swear to you, Jack," he reassured.

Jack hates to be touched but at a time like this he is certainly glad that he has the support of his agents; especially a great agent and friend like Jeff Carmichael who he's known for 10 years now. He nods and finds a small smile for Jeff.