by Sevenstars

DISCLAIMER: This is an original amateur story based upon the characters and situations put forth in the TV series, The Magnificent Seven. No profit is derived from it and no infringements upon any copyrights held by any individual or organization are intended.

RATING: PG-13, chiefly for language.

WRITTEN: Begun July 10 or 11, 2000; finished July 27.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I've been writing fanfic for over 20 years, but this is my first venture into the Seven. As Ezra might say, I trust that my skills have translated satisfactorily to this new medium of expression.

For the purposes of my version of the M7 reality, and based on internal evidence, I presume Four Corners to be located somewhere in eastern New Mexico (to be even more precise, I've taken the name to be a pseudonym for Las Vegas, which, I seem to remember reading at some point over the last 35 years of study about the American West, was in its early history a pretty woolly place, long before its Nevada namesake was more than a dusty Mormon outpost on the overland route to California), and the Seven to have originally formed their association in 1878. I also presume JD to have been reared in New York City, because he doesn't have a Boston accent! This story is set following the two CBS seasons.

Although I can't remember just which ones they were (and if you could see how much M7 fic I've read over the last couple of months, you'd understand why immediately), I'd like to thank the authors who came up with the names Peso, Seven, and Gambit for Vin's, JD's, and Ezra's horses.

Above all, thanks to Mitzi for the e-mail that set the whole thing off in my mind, and the many suggestions for plot elements. Couldn't have done it without you, Mitz.

SIZE: Approx. 300k

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