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Where did the idea for this AU come from you might ask? Well, let me tell you…

I finally got to attend my first Global Gathering in 2007. In a different country and clear across the continent no less. It wasn't just the idea of 07/07/07 that made me do it though. You see, I've known some of the ladies in this particular group for so long, and they have become such great friends… I just couldn't say no to the invitation.

Anyways, including time in the airports, the connections I had to make, and a big delay on the way home, I averaged between eight to twelve hours on each of the two days that I traveled, either on the plane or waiting for the actual flights. That's a lot of time to think and as it turns out, especially on my return trip, a lot of time to plot, too. My friends had asked me questions about my home you see, and that got me to thinking…

If you know anything about me, you know that I live on the West Coast of Canada. Although a lot of places declare ownership of the title, the Province of British Columbia is proclaimed by many to be the most beautiful place on earth. I believe that to be true. I'm bias of course, but born and raised in England, I can't claim the concept as inherited. Instead, I've grown accustomed to the fact we have virtually every climate in the world within a day's drive in any direction. I can ski, camp, or hike in the mountains year round, or I can be on an ocean beach, or lakeshore, any time I feel the urge. I'm in the 'big city' within an hour, with every modern convenience you can imagine, and then another hour beyond that, I'm in the middle of nowhere, keeping a watchful eye out for nature's creatures as I spend my day enjoying the beauty that only the wilderness can provide. We have temperate rainforests, acre upon acre of farmland and pasture, dry desert–like climates, and river valleys teaming with life. We have so many incredible bio-diverse eco-systems and we can experience a whole array of weather conditions, sometimes all in one day. And, we can have most of it within a few hours of anywhere you just happen to be. This place I now call home is indeed, unique.

So… all that brings me to a new Alternate Universe I’ve named, 'The Majestic'. The real meaning will come to you as you read, but given that Majestic and Magnificent are both words often used to described British Columbia, I thought it was fitting. So, too, is the idea of settling down permanent roots here. So many people from all over the world have come to visit and a lot, like my family, eventually come back to stay. It was in these two ideas that I've based the foundation for a new AU. I hope that it will provide many hours of enjoyment…

They were never ours to begin with, but America's Western Frontier of the late 1800's first spawned our boys, and I'm not stealing them… I'm just, as so many have done before me, providing them with a new place to play. It's a unique place, as I've said, where they can be those 'Old West' Cowboys again, if they so choose. And yet, if they want, they can step inside The Majestic and enjoy all of the modern conveniences most of us take for granted everyday. I envision so much potential in this new world, and in that diversity, I hope you can, too!





The Province of British Columbia is Canada's western-most expanse. Less than ten percent of the province's land can be used for grazing or cultivation and three quarters of the provincial population is crowded into the southwest coastal tip in the Georgia Strait region. This disparity leaves a large portion of the central and northern areas of the province sparsely settled and almost exclusively covered in wilderness. The province has large mountainous regions and its trees make up about half of all of Canada's timber.

Although not its capital, Vancouver is the largest metropolis in British Columbia and serves as the gateway to the rest of this beautiful territory. Once in the city, your quickest way north is by plane, and then, after a short one hour and ten minute flight, you can disembark your small aircraft in the tiny northern community of Williams Lake.


Located within the confines of the small Williams Lake Regional Airport is The Majestic Resort's check-in counter. After being greeted cordially, you'll be requested to provide all emergency contact information and endorse the required waivers. Once all of this paperwork is done, waiting transportation of the 'four-wheeled' variety will scoop you up. It takes roughly forty minutes before this adventurous ride deposits you at the edge of a lake in the middle of nowhere. The lake is known locally as Little Majesty, and the only place to go from here is… up!


It is commonly acknowledged that the technique required to formulate a bush pilot is - one part courage, one part skill and… a big dash of crazy!

Since 1919, these unique aviators have had a long and proud history in Canada, and today, still fly over the vast wildernesses of the world's uncharted territories, bringing food, medicines, and mail to many an isolated community.

Fact and Fiction in Perfect Harmony:

Standing on an old rickety-looking dock on the edge of an isolated lake in the middle of the wilderness could be an alarming event for some, especially when your four-wheeled transportation up and leaves without saying so much as a word. For others though, this is their first encounter with the peace and harmony they are about to experience.

One last hurdle stands between you and your ultimate vacation though and, as it swoops from the sky, you are quickly reminded that you still have to go up…

Once loaded into your bush pilot's plane, you taxi across the lake readying for take off. Mountains surround you on all sides but your trusty aviator has done this a million times before, even in inclement weather, and you easily sense confidence in the man, which allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Your initial flight path is high over the mountains that, just moments ago, encircled you. As soon as you are airborne though, the plane turns, and the spectacular scenery quickly stills any fears or doubts you may have had. Instead, you watch, entranced, as your aircraft clears the highest peak, and then, quickly swoops down to allow you a bird's eye view of the most picturesque river valley you have ever seen. If you're lucky, you'll be afforded a glimpse of the many creatures that inhabit this rich land.

Rising steadily once again, the plane then flies on forever, allowing you an unencumbered view of vast untouched forests teaming with life. A rich diversity of colorful trees blend beautifully before giving way to meadows and pastures. And then, as you fly high above, the landscape changes again, providing a spectacular vantage point to snow-covered mountains in the distance and the Cascades Watershed, showing off the might of the three converging waterfalls far below.

All in all, it's a magnificent journey, one that you might never want to end, but finally, rounding one last large rocky outcropping, your destination is revealed. The brilliant clear glacier-fed water of a high mountain lake sparkles, almost blindingly, before you. And, as your bush pilot circles, nothing can prevent yours eyes from discovering the large Majestic Lodge Resort situated at the far end of the lake…

As the aircraft levels its wings, you slowly descend and are delivered safely to the water. Your bush pilot taxis his craft to the waiting dock and at last, you deplane, traversing the small pier inattentively. Finding yourself bordered on all sides by nature, you can't help but take a good long look around…

Set on the shores of this high mountain lake, surrounded by a protected nature preserve, The Majestic Resort is truly… majestic. Near-by glaciers feed the crystal clear blue-green lake year-round and the many inlets along its shores provide great spots for those who come here to fish. Beyond the lake lay the forests and hiking trails that this area is famous for, and, still further out, are the mountains that so many come here to climb.


You will be informed during orientation of how the landscape beyond your range of vision is dotted with overnight cabins for those folks adventurous enough to take two and three day excursions with the lodge guides. Most of these units are self-sufficient and have no power or modern-day conveniences. These cabins are the resort's way of preserving a way of life that sustained a population of hearty pioneers in the centuries before.


The Majestic is a unique Wilderness Resort experience, situated on a twenty-five thousand acre nature preserve that was willed to its owners more than a hundred years ago. It is conserved as pure, untouched wilderness as much as possible because it encompasses several unique and bio-diverse eco-systems. In the wrong hands though, the area could easily be prime timber for the cutting and untapped fishing and hunting grounds for the wrong kind of adventurer.

The resort started out as a single private residence, built by the great-grandfather of its present owner at the turn of the last century. A few years later, in June 1919, a surplus American seaplane, with a Curtiss HS-2L fuselage, landed, for the first time, on an isolated lake in the Province of Quebec. News of the accomplishment spread throughout Canada and an intriguing idea was born. Within five years, The Majestic was welcoming the first true adventurers within its walls and has operated, year-round and almost continually, ever since. Many guests are repeat visitors and a few special guests have introduced more than one generation of their family to the resort.

Although The Majestic has always been privately owned, during the Great Depression, as did many other businesses, it fell on hard times. The owner, needing new investment capital to keep going, diversified, selling off thirty-five percent 'silent partner' stock in the resort. This has never caused any problems because the 'silent partner' stock was sold to many different investors and all with a very specific, non-interference clause.

Today, The Majestic's main lodge is one of the largest mountain chalets ever built and is constructed completely out of the native lodge-pine logs. It's quite the sight to behold, especially from the air. The many roof peaks and vast sweeping windows allow nature in, whilst keeping the weather out. And for those who enjoy the elements, large shaded decks are available to keep cool on. You can take in the spectacular views, or experience a good storm from them, too.

If staying in a near-by cabin, rather than the lodge, you can choose between enjoying most every modern convenience available or, the bare bones equipped cabins best suited for an adventurous spirit. As many rooms and cabins are outfitted differently, it is helpful, no matter where you chose to stay, if any specific needs or requirements are noted when making your reservation. Every available effort is made to accommodate as many requests as possible. Remember though, this is an extremely remote location. High-Speed Internet connections and High-Definition Digital Entertainment Centers, complete with Surround-Sound, are not among the services provided at The Majestic.

Guest Policy #1:

Although the resident doctor keeps his clinic fully stocked and is well versed in many surgical procedures, the nearest, completely equipped medical facility is a twenty minute flight and a forty minute ground trip, away. All of which will, most likely, be extremely uncomfortable, if not painful and/or life threatening, if you are injured in any severe way.

Therefore, and because of the extreme remoteness of this location, guests at The Majestic are required to sign a waiver before boarding their four-wheeled transportation in Williams Lake. Explained in great detail, the waiver requires patrons to acknowledge the visual boundaries of the Resort Lodge - clearly seen white flags posted within sight, on eight sides of the main lodge - and also, to acknowledge that, going beyond those posted boundaries, without a guide, is not permitted. If they choose to do so, they are potentially taking their lives into their own hands. The waiver acknowledges that guests who choose to defy this paramount guest policy may be required to leave and confirms that no refunds will be issued if this is the case.

Guest Policy #2:

Keeping Guest Policy #1 in mind at all times, do everything you came to, and experience everything you want. Face a challenge if you're so inclined to, or just sit back and relax, enjoying ever minute of your stay. The Majestic is the place, so be safe and have fun. There is no time like the present… Enjoy!


Because conservation and preservation are woven into the doctrine of life at the resort, they promote and provide access to only those activities that uphold this way of thinking.

If you're looking for motorized transportation and toys or other high-tech gadgetry, you've come to the wrong place.

If you've come to enjoy our world, pristine and untouched, you've come to the right place. In keeping with that ideal, you can partake in a long list of activities, designed to be in harmony with life at The Majestic. There are activities intended for all of the seasons, and all ranges of expertise are accommodated. So please, simply chose a pursuit and then find the green-vested guides out on the back patio each morning. Spending an enjoyable day has never been easier…

Bird Watching Mountain Biking

Canoeing Relaxing at the Hot Spring

Caving Relaxing at the Beach

Cross Country Skiing

Rock Climbing/Mountaineering

Diving Sailing

Dog Sledding Skating

Downhill Skiing Snow Shoeing

Exploring a Glacier Sleigh Rides

Fishing Snowboarding

Gem, Rocks and Fossil Hunting


Hiking Tobogganing or Tubing

Walking White-Water Rafting

Horseback Riding

Ice Cliff Climbing Wildlife Viewing

Kayaking Zip Lining



Originally, it was the 'Old West' that gave us The Magnificent Seven. A brilliant creation by Mog gave them back to us in the modern incarnation of the 'ATF AU'. As these are the fundamental and most popular characterizations, I have utilized those two canon concepts as my basic building blocks and gratefully acknowledge their creators. From there though, I have shaped what I hope are familiar characters, with just a hint of distinctiveness, unique to this AU.

While I acknowledge that there are many wild and beautiful places within the United States, and many other places in the world, some very similar to what I describe, I have, nonetheless, given the Canadian wilderness a starring role in this AU. As such, I felt it necessary to have at least some of the boys be Canadian by birth, or as I am, Canadian by choice. This detail however, in no way alters the fact that they will become The Magnificent Seven…


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