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The following Descriptions, Biographies, and General Information
concerning The Magnificent Seven main characters
includes Spoilers for the First Story - 'A Place to Call Home'.
If you haven't yet read the story and do not wish to spoil the story,



Originally, it was the 'Old West' that gave us The Magnificent Seven. A brilliant creation by Mog gave them back to us in the modern incarnation of the 'ATF AU'. As these are the fundamental and most popular characterizations, I have utilized those two canon concepts as my basic building blocks and gratefully acknowledge their creators. From there though, I have shaped what I hope are familiar characters, with just a hint of distinctiveness, unique to this AU.

While I acknowledge that there are many wild and beautiful places within the United States and many other places in the world, some very similar to what I describe, I have, nonetheless, given the Canadian wilderness a starring role in this AU. As such, I felt is necessary to have at least some of the boys be Canadian by birth, or as I am, Canadian by choice. This detail however, in no way alters the fact that they will become The Magnificent Seven…


Characters in succession of Age: (Youngest to Oldest)

JD, Vin, Nathan, Ezra, Buck, Chris, Josiah


JD (John Daniel) Dunne


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black Hair - Hazel Eyes - 5' 9 - Average Build - Very Athletic
AGE: 23
BIOGRAPHY: JD Dunne hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He grew up on a large estate property, just outside city limits, where his mother worked as domestic help. Although they never really had much, both JD and his mother, Megan, were treated well by the wealthy owner. Because of this, and the fact that Megan was never married, there was always speculation that JD was actually the owner's illegitimate son, however, this rumor was neither confirmed, nor pursued. As a consequence, JD grew up understanding and appreciating the difference between 'wanting' and 'having'. JD was a gifted learner, excelling in the field of electronics at school, and in the art of adventure in life. His favorite pastime was horseback riding but the faster he could go, the better. Megan Dunne passed away from ovarian cancer just before JD graduated. She had wanted her son to go on to a university, but JD found that he needed to get away. Separating himself from all of the reminders of home and his mother, led JD out to the West Coast. Pursuing the many challenging and adventurous activities he had developed a love for was easy in British Columbia and JD decided he'd found his true calling. Meeting up with Hank Connelly, a man who reminded him very much of the benefactor he knew and loved, JD then found a new home at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: JD Dunne is one of the resort's busiest Wilderness Guides. This fact fits well with the perception that he's slightly hyperactive. Clinically, he's not of course, but since he's usually on the go, you can understand why others might think he is.

During mild or warm weather, JD leads guests on some of the best Mountain Biking Trails in the world. He's mapped most of them out himself, but was cautious to divide new routes into those for both experienced and novice riders. When it comes to thrills on two wheels, JD can show you where and how.

Unless it's extreme, JD will ride in most types of inclement weather. Once the snow returns to Majesty Peak though, JD is up there without hesitation. He loves the snow and snowball fights are a pastime he's often chastised for by other staff members. Once on his snowboard though, no one can catch him. He does, however, slow down enough to escort adventurous guests up and around the many slopes of their popular namesake mountain.

- Given his energy level, JD is occasionally seen as food-obsessed, although there are often times when what's on his plate is plenty, thank you. His appetite is purely activity driven.

- In his off hours, JD likes a good turn at the pool table and often challenges one of his co-workers. Other games and activities he likes are checkers, swimming, and beach volleyball.

- JD is an avid Comic Book collector and has quite the collection of both 'classic' and more modern fare. On the occasions when they go into 'the city', you'll find him rummaging around local bookstores or garage sales.

- As electricity is a luxury not everyone opts for at The Majestic Resort, there are only a few computers on site. However, JD is the 'go-to' guy if there is something wrong with one of the machines. It was this particular asset that first brought Buck and JD together. They are the best of friends, and JD often relies on Buck for advice.

- JD has a budding relationship with Casey Wells, the niece of long-time resident and all-around caretaker, Nettie Wells.


Vin Tanner


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Light Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - 5' 11 - Lean & Wiry Build
AGE: 27
BIOGRAPHY: Vin Tanner was orphaned at the tender age of five when his mother succumbed to pneumonia. He has vague memories of his mother, Jane, but does not recall his father at all as he died when Vin was a baby. Though countless attempts were made, the Children’s' Protective Services of Texas was unable to find a suitable home for the young boy who was prone to wandering the wild expanses and often fostered relationships with native peoples. Vin did poorly in school because of undiagnosed dyslexia and found little patience in any foster family he was placed with. Eventually, abandoned to fend for himself on the streets of San Antonio, the homeless teen went from one bad situation to another. Once old enough though, he enlisted in the Army Rangers, at last finding a place to belong and attaining high praise as a 'recon' scout and marksman. After being discharged, however, Vin discovered that an old 'debt' from his days on the street, had seemingly been repaid, leaving him a wanted man. Accused of a murder he didn't commit, the young man escaped north to Canada, looking for a place to hide and think, and hoping that extradition wouldn't send him to his death before he had a chance to clear his name. Hank Connelly found Vin, homeless and hungry, in Vancouver, and, thanks to an instant trust between the two men, hired the genuine Texan cowboy to be his Guide Foreman at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: The one true thing Vin remembers about his mother is the love and respect she held for nature and all its creatures. Over the years, through good and bad, Vin adopted that love, successfully teaching himself the 'art of the cowboy'. This, along with his long and deep respect for indigenous peoples, enabled him to be out by himself, living off the land. It's a talent that serves the native Texan well at The Majestic.

Because of its extremely remote location, Guest Policy #1 is strictly enforced at The Majestic. Every guest knows it, but it's Vin's job to impose it. As Guide Foreman, he is ultimately responsible for the safety, security and general well being of, not only his guides, but also each and every guest who, potentially, trusts these highly trained men and women, with their lives. Each guide reports possible problems to Vin, and he in turn, decides if a troublesome guest, impending or established, goes or stays.

On the lighter side of life, Vin Tanner utilizes his extensive outdoor skills to lead adventurous guests into the wilderness for extended explorations of the surrounding terrain, teaching some of those proficiencies along the way. Because of the ground they cover, his tours are conducted on horseback and can lead you far a field. Grand waterfalls, peaceful meadows, picturesque river valleys and even the nearby rainforest ecosystem are all yours for the viewing. If you love your creature comforts, these trips are not for you. If you love nature's creatures however, you'll find many varieties and species along the way. Just be sure that sleeping under the stars, or in a bare-essentials equipped cabin is something you can live with, too.

- Vin is a loyal employee, despite, over the years, not having much reason to form strong bonds with people in authority over him. When he finds someone he likes and trusts, he'll go above and beyond.

- Vin naturally dropped into his role of Guide Foreman and possesses a good leadership style, despite the lack of role models in his youth. Unless the focus is purely 'outdoors' related though, he has been known to be somewhat of a reluctant leader, especially when others possess more expertise on a subject. He'll argue a point, but knows when to relinquish a call.

- Through JD's insistence, Vin is learning to dabble in beach volleyball, although he isn't comfortable being bare-chested and sweaty in public. He likes checkers and card games as well but, when the weather is inclement, he can most often be found engrossed in a good puzzle, pieces strewn all over as he tries to figure it out.

- Vin enjoys a mother-son type relationship with the resort's oldest and longest residing tenant, Mrs. Nettie Wells. He often walks Ms. Nettie back to her cabin after a long day's work and she frequently provides a thoughtful ear for his concerns or troubles.

- Vin owns an old harmonica, the only possession left over from his mother. Although he is far from proficient at playing it, he believes his mother wanted him to have it because his father used to play it for her.

- During his many wilderness treks, Vin has made contact with some of the native peoples in the area and enjoys a familiar rapport with at least one family.

- The leadership role Vin finds himself in isn't at all uncomfortable, but he's a shy man deep down. He enjoys his privacy and wears his past close to his heart. When all is right at The Majestic and he's at ease enough to take some downtime, Vin often wanders the surrounding wilderness, alone. He was used to leaving Buck Wilmington in charge during those times and is now trusting Chris Larabee in much the same manner, now that his new boss has signed on to stay.


Nathan Jackson


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black Hair - Brown Eyes - 6' 3 - Solidly Build and Athletic
AGE: 30
BIOGRAPHY: Nathan Jackson is a naturalized Canadian, having emigrated to Canada as a baby with his young Jamaican parents. He and three younger siblings all grew up in a stable home in a modest Toronto, Ontario neighborhood. After his first year of medical school, Nathan traveled to the west coast to visit relatives, and fell in love with what he found. British Columbia was so rich in its bio-diversity that it more than fostered a love of nature in the young man. He was hooked… so much so in fact, that he transferred his medical studies and residency program and came to BC to live. Once settled in his new home, Nathan met a young nursing student named Rain. Together, they both pursued their careers and, eventually, attained their gradation goals. It was celebrating that very fact that brought Nathan and Rain to The Majestic. The wilderness resort was supposed to be a vacation dream, designed to allow them to relax and enjoy their passion with nature. Hank Connelly took advantage of that fact though, offering Nathan a chance to fill his vacant physician's position. Doctors, it seemed, didn't want to come and work in the middle of nowhere. For Nathan though, it meant that he could amalgamate his three favorite things in life… doctoring, nature and Rain. Hank Connelly hosted the Jackson wedding and the couple have happily made their new home at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: Medically, there is very little Nathan can't handle at the resort, but there have been a few instances where he has had to transport patients for emergency care. He doesn't dwell on those incidents though, and enjoys life, and love, to the fullest.

Rain Jackson is an intricate part of Nathan's life and although they have been married for more than two years, they still act like newlyweds. He can often be found stealing a kiss, or stealing her away for an afternoon someplace quiet and romantic.

- Nathan mans the resort's clinic a lot of the time, checking his stock of medical supplies and materials or making up emergency first aid packages for each guide to take along on their outings. He's meticulous in his work and never misses a thing.

- Nathan enjoys the peace and quiet or unique adventures the waterways around the resort provide. When there are interested patrons, he's more than happy to lead a group of canoes out on the lake, stopping at the many inlets or small islands to show people how special the bond between nature and water really is. For those looking for a faster pace, one of the lake's many outlet rivers provides a unique kayak adventure, changing further along, to some interesting white water rafting thrills. The rafts require more than just Nathan to man them mind you, but he's never short on volunteers for that particular task.

- During the winter months, Skiing is Nathan's specialty. He prefers the downhill variety, but will gladly exchange them for cross-country skis, knowing that Rain will join him on those days.

- Nathan shares a private cabin with his wife, just off towards the point. The two are often seen in the evening, sitting in their Adirondack chairs, enjoying the many fine sunsets across the lake. Making those chairs, along with the many assorted furniture items around their house, is something Nathan enjoys. Carpentry is a hobby he discovered after arriving at The Majestic and when his hands are not occupied with medical instruments, or his wife, they are busy with some sort of blade for cutting or carving.

- Both Nathan and Rain indulge in chess and checkers. Nathan also enjoys a good game of cards and can often be found in the company of Ezra Standish, either challenging his gaming skills or testing his debating tactics. Although they often appear to be at odds with one another, the two men keep good company together.


Ezra Standish


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Light Brown Hair - Deep Green Eyes - 5' 10 - Trim Athletic Build
AGE: 35
BIOGRAPHY: If you're not familiar with Ezra Standish, first impressions can be deceiving. He presents himself as a gentleman, most likely affluent, and hails from the American South. Some of that is true, but underneath the pretense and airs, Ezra is a true adventurer, businessman, and entrepreneur, who never backs down from a good challenge. That confidence has, occasionally, gotten him into trouble, especially when it comes to poker and, rumor has it, a flair for a good con. Despite being extremely well dressed off-duty, Ezra isn't afraid to get down and dirty. His work attire has also been known to be somewhat colorful on occasion, too. No one knows exactly where Ezra grew up, although he often refers to numerous cities in the Southern United States as locations he has been. He is extremely well educated and extensively traveled. Both are qualities he attributes, not to family, but to a variety of personal caregivers and private schools. Family is not something Ezra discusses openly. He has only mentioned in passing the existence of a mother whom he described as 'married multiple times', 'wealthy' and 'travels extensively with the social elite'. Hank Connelly hired Ezra several years ago to aid him with his business dealings. Standish, in search of a new beginning back then, gladly accepted. Today, he's at home at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: When guests arrive at The Majestic, between Buck and Vin, they are seen to in unique ways. When paperwork arrives at the resort however, it is Ezra Standish who deals, almost exclusively, with it, directing concerns, arranging remunerations, and ensuring proper authorizations where needed. He also tracks reservations requests and discusses specific items with other staff members, ensuring the best stay for each guest individually, or as part of a group or family unit. Essentially, and with the exception of wholly legal matters, Ezra makes everything else work, keeping the resort on track.

- When not confined to his resort office, Ezra likes nothing better than to escort adventurous guests to the nearest cliffs. Climbing these obstacles is a challenge he enjoys far more than paperwork. Climbing them freestyle, without the aid of ropes and other assorted climbing paraphernalia, is something he often brags about, but is prohibited from doing when guests are around.

- Once the ice is stable enough, from late fall through to spring, Ezra treats patrons to the ice cliffs and glaciers of Majesty Peak. He often raves about the exhilaration of these conquests, adding that the fresh air and dazzling views as supplementary, but worthwhile characteristics of his exploits.

- A good game of poker is a distraction Ezra seems to enjoy almost as much as climbing something. He often invites guests to a friendly game and occasionally butts heads with Vin over the invitations he gives out. He's never been known to take serious advantage of patrons though, even if the idea has been mentioned in the occasional dispute.

- Ezra enjoys playing cards with his co-workers as well or can, sporadically, be found engaged in a good chess game, too. Although the idea of a challenge drives Ezra most of the time, he does also enjoy a good book and can often be found on a quiet porch, reading.

- In the privacy of his own room, and for the rare, honored few, Ezra allows himself to be 'real', although the genuine Ezra isn't always someone he himself likes. There are underlying characteristics of caring, nurturing, courage, and honor in the man that often provide a crisis of conscience, which is exactly the reason why it's easier for him to hide them, rather than display them openly.

- Children at the resort aren't exactly common, but when they do come, Ezra always finds time for them. This particular circumstance is the only one in which he openly displays genuine affection and is comfortable doing so.

- There is one other thing that Ezra likes about being at The Majestic. The wilderness does not always provide a welcoming atmosphere, and the true powers of nature, observable only from such a remote location, are at their best here. If thunder and lightening storms prevail, or the lakeshore is rough and inhospitable, you'll find Ezra in the thick of it, enjoying every single moment. Many a time he has returned to the steps, dripping wet and smiling broadly. It's a strangely attractive trait for a man who appears so aloof, but proves both warming and sensual all at the same time…


Buck Wilmington


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dark Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - 6' 3 - Strong athletic build, although he often appears lanky
AGE: 39
BIOGRAPHY: Born to an unwed stage entertainer, a young Buck Wilmington, as expected, followed his mother, Cat (Catherine) around from 'gig' to 'gig'. This 'traveling' lifestyle gave him a deep appreciation for the lighter side of life and he's always remained fun loving and good-natured, except when in defense of a good cause, or someone he loves. In high school, finally settled in one place, Buck met another handsome, athletic young man named Chris Larabee and they developed a life-long friendship. After graduation, the two joined the Army together and, in the end, transferred to the Navy SEALs. When they were eventually discharged from service they joined FEMA and stayed close throughout Larabee's marriage and the birth of his son. The sudden death of Sarah and Adam Larabee had a profound impact on Buck. So, too, did watching his life-long friend bury himself in a well of despair. He refused to abandon his friend though, until one day Chris turned on him. After that, Buck decided he needed time and space to rebuild and rethink his life. Looking for acceptance and appreciation, Buck moved far away, turning to Hank Connelly, Sarah’s father, a link from the past. With the help of a newfound friend, JD Dunne, a young man who, every day, welcomes his guidance and enthusiasm for life, the old Buck has returned, cementing his life at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: Between his service in the Military and at FEMA, Buck pretty much knows most of what goes on in life. Unofficially, he's The Majestic's second line of defense. His extensive skills and experience enable him to comfortably 'back-up' most of the specialties other staff members are trained in.

Although Josiah insists that his services will never be needed, the two disappear once in a while to refresh Buck's flying skills. Being so tightly surrounded by mountains is something Buck still isn't comfortable with during take-off and landings, and he really hasn't perfected either when the lakes are frozen.

In addition, Buck has unfortunately had the opportunity to put his extensive medical training to use, helping Nathan and Rain Jackson out with a rare emergency.

Officially, Buck has two jobs at the resort. He's the primary maintenance man, taking care of all things electronic or mechanical in nature and is well-versed in all eco-friendly resources The Majestic employs to keep their guests comfortable. If it needs fixing, Buck's your man… except maybe for the smaller, more modern, electrical components, then you'll see him, unofficially, enlist JD's help…

Guest Relations is Buck's other designated position. It's his job to greet guests as they step off the plane and every guide knows to check-in with the names of those adventurous patrons that are daring to explore the resort from beyond the immediate visual boundaries. If you're located at The Majestic Resort, at all times, Buck Wilmington will know exactly where you are… and that, unofficially, especially applies to the unattached female variety for which our ladies man has a unique passion.

- During mild or warm weather, guests can most often find Buck on the sand. He acts as lifeguard when folks are enjoying the lake and, being that he likes to socialize, especially with those ladies, you'll usually find him casually wandering around when patrons just come to relax and enjoy the beach experience.

- In the cold of winter, Buck likes to take guests on sleigh rides through the meadow and along the resort's many trails or, if the ice is thick enough, he'll even skate with you out on the lake.

- Buck is genuinely concerned about most folks he meets and that applies ten-fold for the people he works with day to day. When not attending to guests, he can be seen checking-in with his co-workers and many of the resort staff with whom he has formed lasting relationships. Buck's passion for the safety and well-being of his friends is almost legendary and, on occasion, has caused problems in the past.

- Friendly and out-going are also prominent characteristics in Buck's personality. He enjoys most games and if he doesn't know one, he's always willing to learn. He enjoys a big-brother type relationship with JD and, much to Dunne's dismay, refers to him as 'kid', far too often for JD's liking. The two are often seen together, working on electrical gadgetry, playing pool, or just relaxing.

- Buck has more than a passing interest in Inez Recillos, a relatively new employee at the Majestic, but nothing has come of his attention so far. Given his love of life and woman though, he's never one to pass up an opportunity.


Chris Larabee


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dirty Blond Hair - Pale Green Eyes - 6' tall - Slim Athletic Build
AGE: 40
BIOGRAPHY: The middle of three children, Chris Larabee grew up in a stable home in rural Indiana and led a relatively uneventful life right through high school. It was there that he befriended a new kid in town by the name of Buck Wilmington. Through school and beyond, the two developed a life-long friendship, serving in the Army and Navy SEALs together. After being discharged, the pair continued to serve, this time with FEMA. It was Buck who discovered the rare Canadian hideaway that introduced Chris to the love of his life, Sarah Connelly. And, despite her father's objections, the couple was eventually married. Except for a distant father-in-law, life was more than good for Chris for five long years. Love and family were what he came to rely on. However, the sudden death of that family triggered a seemingly irreversible chain of events. His father-in-law taking custody of his family’s remains further compounded the ire the two men held for one another. With nothing left, Chris took to heavy drinking, experiencing bouts of anger and depression. Eventually, he drove his oldest friend away. Ultimately though, it was the loss of that same man that caused Chris to re-evaluated his situation. Slowly, he started on the road to recovery but that healing was drawn into question when the very man he blamed for all of his troubles, Hank Connelly, mysteriously summoned him back to The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: Being the newest member of The Majestic's staff, Chris is trying to find his way, despite actually being the boss - of sorts. He prefers to heavily involve the resorts key players, consciously making it known, everyday, that he couldn't, and wouldn't, want to be doing this without their expertise to lean on. This may change over time, a fact that became clearly evident when his 'take charge' personality kicked in during the emergency that made him decide to stay at The Majestic. Eventually though, these men will form a force to be reckoned with, known as The Magnificent Seven,

Chris will oversee operations at the resort, relieving Vin Tanner of the burden of command dropped in his lap when Hank Connelly passed away. Understanding the closeness of that previous relationship though, Chris will rely on Vin's working knowledge to see him through. During this time, the two men will develop a lasting and meaningful relationship.

- Chris is going to add hiking and caving to the resort's list of activities, combining his love of the outdoors and some skills he learned in his specialized FEMA unit, as cornerstones for the endeavors. He'll do some of his own exploring in local caves, too, before exposing any guests to the potentially hazardous sport.

- Promoting the amalgamation of 'slower' pursuits at The Majestic is something Chris is going to suggest. Be it a gentle walk out to the hot springs or simple wildlife viewing, he sees these as great ways to attract new visitors.

- Chris also plans to map out and engineer an intricate maze of zip lines as the resort's newest attraction. It will be an activity that binds seven men into one cohesive unit…

- It's going to take some time for Chris to be completely comfortable at the resort. Coming to terms with his decision to stay is paramount as there are a lot of memories for him to face here, both good and bad. Rekindling his relationship with Buck Wilmington is also on his list of must-do tasks, as well as reassuring his new 'team' that he's grown beyond the ogre Buck may have made him out to be. And then there is the matter of his father-in-law… discovering the many truths in the complicated web of his life may also take Chris a long time.


Josiah Sanchez


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Graying Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - 6' 2 - Solid Muscular Build
AGE: 43
BIOGRAPHY: Being a third generation Canadian bush pilot, Josiah Sanchez cherishes the heritage he has, despite growing up in a dysfunctional family atmosphere. His mother died bringing his sister into the world and Josiah's father, Jacob, never forgave his daughter, Hannah, for that. Although a well-known flier as well, Jacob found religion after his wife's death, and, while on his many flights to the northern regions, chose to spread the Word of God to the indigenous peoples. During his tenure in the Canadian Air Force, Josiah took every opportunity available to travel. Curious about his father's choices in life, he studied the many religions of the world, as well as its many diverse cultures. As a result, Josiah can be quite eccentric at times, a stark contrast to the rough exterior cultivated by being born and raised in the wilds of British Columbia. Josiah came into the employment of Hank Connelly after the tragic accident that took, not only the life of Hank's pilot and dearest friend, Toby Potter, but also the lives of his daughter and grandson, Sarah and Adam Larabee. Although there is underlying confusion and resentment towards his father and his past, Josiah does his best not to dwell. Instead, he greets everyday with enthusiasm, loving and enjoying his peaceful new life at The Majestic.

JOBS AND INTERESTS AT THE MAJESTIC: First and foremost, Josiah Sanchez owns and operates the only transportation capable of delivering The Majestic's guests, to and from the resort in a timely manner. He is a great example of the unique traits needed to be a bush pilot and often relates his pride in the heritage he shares with so many unsung heroes of the Canadian wilderness. Despite this, Josiah doesn't openly discuss his family.

- Besides piloting his crafts, Josiah enjoys many activities at the resort and is a certified guide for the three sailboats located at the boathouse. He has also committed to memory, every single good fishing spot on the lake and will gladly escort any desiring guest out to any of them, either on land or water, whichever the patron requests.

- In the winter months, Josiah enjoys snowshoeing and dog sledding. The latter of which requires hearty teams of well-fed, well-trained, and well-loved canines. Josiah breaks a few rules with these requirements, treating each dog as though it were his favorite and spoiling them all in kind every chance he gets. If you manage to catch Josiah in his dog runs, he'll gladly introduce you to his twelve friends, one by one.

- Although he does not pursue Gloria Potter, Josiah has a close friendship with the widow and actively mentors her son, Matthew, in the ways and history of the Canadian Bush Pilot. Knowing how important the lifestyle was to her late husband, Gloria is grateful. Gloria and Josiah are often seen enjoying an evening stroll, tending his dogs, or even enjoying a moment or two out on the lake.

- Josiah is often the quiet one in a crowd, but somehow offers the most profound or important information at just the right time. His extensive and diverse education choices make for some interesting conversations. He also has a very dry wit, frequently leaving you wondering or scratching you head.

- Josiah engages in just about any game played at The Majestic and will often join in, especially when Nathan is engaged as well. The two men share their Canadian Heritage and an interesting friendship. Rain Jackson looks on Josiah as a fatherly figure, despite the closeness in their age and for Josiah, Rain is a surrogate for a sister he rarely sees, but constantly worries about…



'Other' Character Bio's & related information
will be revealed after my introductory stories series is complete.