The Tribe: Birth

by Ryainelf

Altnernate Universe "The Tribe"

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them.
WARNINGS: Post-Apocalypse basis
STATUS: on-going.
THE AU TYPE: The Tribe. (Open AU)


Evie wasn’t sure who she wanted to strangle first; Orin for getting her into this or Nathan who kept telling her to push. She cried out as another contraction hit.


Orin passed the floor of the Saloon with nervous strides. He cast a worried glance toward the stairs every time he heard Evie scream. He wanted to be there with her, but Nettie and Nathan had tossed him out. The room was only so big and he had been getting in the way. He had a right to be nervous damn it! His wife was delivering a baby with only 2 teenagers to help! What ifs raced though his mind. He wanted to be up there!

Barring Vin and Buck, who were out on patrol, the rest of the tribe was scattered about the room, which hummed with anticipation. A cool fall breeze came through the open windows, causing papers to dance across the table top. Mary, Casey and JD had the smaller children at one of the tables playing games. They had tried to take the kids to the house, but they had insisted on staying. They were keeping everyone entertained with their questions, some of which were rather embarrassing.

The sharp wail of a baby cut through the air, freezing everyone for a moment. Then Orrin was racing for the stairs. Ezra just managed to step out of the way in time to avoid being run over, nearly running into Chris. The blond reached out a hand to steady him, laughter danced in his eye at the usually graceful teen’s misstep.


Orin skidded to a stop just outside the closed door. All of a sudden he was unsure if he should go in. Suddenly the door was opened and he found himself staring at Nettie Wells.

“Well don’t just stand there catching flies. Get in here and meet your son.”


“Yes, son.” Nettie shooed him into the room as she left with a bundle of sheets.

Seeing nothing else, Orin made a bee-line for the bed. A wide grin split his face as he took in his exhausted wife and the small bundle she was cradling against her chest. He gently brushed some of her sweat soaked hair out of her eyes. Evie gave him a soft smile.

“Hey Daddy. Meet your son, Steven.”