by Ace

Main Characters: Seven, OCs

Notes: This came from watching Spy Kids 2 one rainy day and then spotting an advertisement for the new Agent Cody Banks movie. I couldn't help myself, so see what you think. Thanks to my beta for liking it very much, and to Mog for the sand box to play in. LEGACY does belong to me, and rights are mine and so forth, so if there are any questions about it, feel free to ask.

The ATF office was rather solemn. The steady tick of the clock in the front of the office evident as the team profiler sat researching their latest man. A high school teacher who, apparently, was teaching some of the students more than just math. Josiah was amazed at how much the man's file held. Sitting across from Sanchez, the team medic was also doing some research of his own, but his was that of the school system itself. It was a little two-bit town school that only went to the eighth grade. Apparently the teacher wasn't the only one in on the action, the entire faculty looked dirty, even the janitor. Meanwhile, Buck and JD were still finishing up the final touches on their last reports. The duo had spent the previous day playing games and eating junk food, instead of doing their reports. Larabee thought for sure he could go and have a parent-teacher conference without worrying whether or not his team would work on their reports. He was wrong of course, and now Wilmington and Dunne were refrained from doing anything other than their reports. That included lunch as well; leaving the computer tech's stomach rather talkative. The team sharpshooter was reading the new file the rest of the team had gotten as well. It appeared that his commander wanted him to go in undercover as a P.E. assistant coach. That thrilled Tanner to no end, but the thought of Standish going in as an assistant English teacher made a smile grace his handsome features as he pulled the Tootsie pop from his mouth. Standish was reading the new file also, and thoroughly enjoying the fact that Tanner would be undercover with him on this assignment.

Ezra was silently reading the file, minding his own business, and rather pleased with the quietness that the office held today. Only there was one problem. An incessant noise was occurring at his left, and it appeared to be far from a stopping point. He was fine with it earlier, because it was a slow clicking motion, but now the fingers on the keyboard were flying with increased speed, and making a rather loud noise in the peaceful office. Ezra's eyes slowly followed the USB cord that was currently attached to his printer. It went across the edge of his desk, dangled a bit between the gap, and then took up position again, snaking its way across the white fold up table to attach to the small black lap top. The table usually resided in the break room, but not today. Today it was being used to hold more than snack cakes and energy bars. It was being occupied by the lap top, along with a few miscellaneous papers scattered here and there, a bright red pack of Skittles was lying near the computer and a Sunny D bottle was sitting next to that, half empty, he observed, along with a few empty Fruit Roll Up wrappers and an unopened pack of Crème Savers.

A quiet 'ding' from his machine made Standish turn his attention back to his computer, where a small grey box was flashing on his screen.

'Instant message received from B_Wilmington,' the screen read.

With a few quick clicks of the mouse, Ezra had opened up a chat box where B_Wilmington was residing.

"I don't remember getting weather days when I was in school," the message read.

The southerner grinned to himself; leave it to Mr. Wilmington to come up with a way to talk without talking.

Buck sat waiting patiently for the response he knew was coming and grinned when it appeared.

E_Standish: I don't recall having any either. Have you finished your report yet?

B_Wilmington: I would if I could concentrate. Tell her to quiet it down some.

N_Jackson: Leave the girl alone. She's doing a history report and obviously getting more work done than the two of you.

J_Sanchez: Amen to that brother.

J_Dunne: Hey Buck, that's not fair. Chris said no talking whatsoever.

V_Tanner: Well JD, what are you doing if you ain't talking??

J_Dunne: I'm….Hey, that's not funny.

V_Tanner: I thought it was funny. What about you guys??

E_Standish: Quiet uproarious if you ask me.

B_Wilmington: You can't even use normal words when chatting, can you Ez??

C_Larabee: BACK TO WORK GENTLEMEN!! Don't even think for one minute you can use the chat room without my knowing.

There were simultaneous clicks heard in the bull pen as the members exited out of the chat room. Ezra once again looked over at the incessant typing, but stopped when he realized that the teen wasn't the only one at the small table. AD Travis was silently standing behind the teen, which wasn't hard, considering she had her back facing the doors. He stood and watched her for a few minutes as her fingers flew from key to key. A slight smile gently eased onto the older man's face, as the teen stopped to take a sip of her drink.

"Excellent," Travis remarked, causing the teen to jump a little as she twisted the lid off the bottle, "The report that is, very well done."

"Oh, thanks sir," the girl replied, "Just a little report for my history class."

"Nice assortment of food," the older man stated peering around her to look at the various items.

"Well, Nathan said I should be adding more fruits to my diet, you know more than just an apple a day."

"Keeps the doctor away," the man noted with a grin.

"Yeah, well not Nathan, so I'm drinking my oranges," she stated holding up the bottle, "I've got my Skittles which contain Lime, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry I think, then Fruit Roll Ups, in Watermelon and Strawberry, and some Orange and Strawberry Crème Savers."

"Covering a lot of fruits that way," Travis commented.

"Yes sir I am," the teen smirked, reaching for her bag, "I'm also covering the other food groups."

Travis stood and watched as the teen pulled out more goodies from her bag including, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Slim Jims, a pack of beef jerky, and a bottle of V8 Splash.

"Sam," Vin stated, grabbing the teen's attention, "Mary Poppins called, she said she wants her bag back."

The girl rolled her eyes, turning back towards the older man, "The Ding Dongs and Twinkies represent the grains and dairy group, while the Slim Jim and beef jerky are the meats, and V8 is a great source of vegetables."

Travis laughed and patted the girl on the shoulder, "Well done, maybe I should introduce Evie to that diet, instead of the carbohydrate diet she's got us on now."

The man walked on past and straight into Larabee's office as the teen turned back to her computer. In one swift movement, all the goodies and candy were swept from the table and into the bag, leaving the girl holding her Sunny D bottle.

"I'll take these," the team medic stated, turning back to his desk with the bag.

* * * * * * *

"What?" Larabee questioned incredulously as Travis flipped through the manila folder in his hands.

"It's quite new to our branch, but it's been very active in the southeast and southwest. Proven to be effective too," Travis replied.

Larabee shook his head in disbelief as he stated, "Wait, run this by me again. You're trying to tell me that they have a new group called…"

"Well, right now its title is LEGACY. Standing for, law enforcement garnering and changing youths, but they are iffy on the title. The training will be done here in Denver, and there will be twenty different individuals selected for the program. The trainers have selected them from Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and right here in Colorado. Their choices depend on whether the individual meets the education criteria and have a clean file. It's a second school in a way, classes, tests, projects, finals. The students will be put into field work, your basic training exercises, and will also be able to work along side senior agents in some cases. The students will be pushed physically, but in the end they'll have a top notch team of teenage agents, who will be used for undercover operations that require younger agents. Most everything you know will be taught to them. These children are the future, and they intend to make them the best of the best so to speak," Travis stated easily, "It's worked in other branches, such as the CIA, so they figure they'll see how it might be able to benefit the ATF and FBI."

"I thought I had enough kids on my team," the man in black commented, running a hand through his blond hair.

"It's an excellent opportunity; one I think you should consider," the man commented, "It's not an everyday occurrence."

"I'll talk to her about it tonight, and I'll get back to you tomorrow," the leader replied as Travis stood up to leave, "I'm not going to push her into it though."

"I'm not asking you too," Travis remarked, "I'm asking you to consider it. The meeting will be here at 9 in the morning."

Larabee nodded his head in understanding as Travis walked out of his office.

* * * * * * *

Later that evening, Larabee slowly walked into his living room, noting that the teen was curled up in one of the chairs. She had her nose buried in a book and he didn't want to interrupt her, but it was now or never.

"We need to talk," he stated plainly.

The teen looked up and gently closed the book, unfolding her legs out from under her. She leant forward and laid the book on the coffee table as Chris sat down on the edge of the couch.

"About what?"

"Well, AD Travis came to the office today to talk with me about you," he began.

"Me?" she questioned a bit surprised.

"Yeah, apparently you've been one of the few selected for a new program that the government is funding," he stated, then making sure he had her attention, continued, "It's a special group of kids that are to be trained in the same manner as many ATF and FBI agents. They need younger agents for some operations and that's where you'll come in. Due to your file and your grades at school, they feel that you are capable of doing the job."

The girl sat back in the chair and narrowed her eyes, "You're trying to tell me, they're sending in kids like me to help out guys like you."

"That was my reaction, but they say it's very effective," he replied, "I'm not pushing you to do this, it's your decision."

"What all will I have to do?" she interrupted.

"There will be classes, tests, projects, finals, reports, just like at school. I believe you'll also learn the basics, like weapons handling, self-defense, and physical training. Maybe even as far as computer works and knowledge on explosives, I'm not sure what all they'll teach you," he remarked.

"So, it's like taking classes on how to do the things that you, and Ezra, and Vin, and Buck, and JD do? I get to learn how to be an agent, learn cool things, use cool gadgets," she responded, excitement lacing her tone.

"I imagine so, but just remember I'm not pushing you into this, it's absolutely your decision…" Larabee began again.

"Sure, I'll do it," she responded with a smile, "When do I start?"

Larabee forced a grin to his face and ran a hand through his hair, as he let out a sigh, "There's a meeting tomorrow at 9."

The teen jumped up from her chair and grabbed her book, "Alright then, I'll see you in morning." She walked past him, planting a kiss to his forehead.

After she had hit the stairs and disappeared from sight, Larabee leaned back into the couch and rubbed both hands across his face, letting out another sigh. This could turn out to be a problem. It's one thing worrying about the team, but having her out there. What's the world coming too, needing teenage agents to pull off operations? How am I supposed to tell the rest of the team?

* * * * * * *

Saturday morning found the six ATF agents all arriving at the office, for an immediate conference meeting with Larabee. Chris sat waiting patiently on the tailgate of his truck while the other's pulled up. As soon as his six men walked over and looked at him suspiciously Larabee immediately informed them of why they were disturbed on their day off.

"Travis talked to me about something yesterday, concerning Sam, and I was invited to sit in on this conference meeting today. I thought it would be better if you all came and listened in as well, that way I wouldn't have to explain it to you later."

All six shared questioning glances then reflected their glances onto their leader. Buck was the first to speak up.

"What's the meeting about?"

"Frankly, they want to recruit her to be a teenage agent that works for the ATF and or FBI," the man in black stated evenly, "We better go or we'll be late."

He hopped from his seat and started towards the elevators, leaving six speechless men in his wake.

* * * * * * *

Sam sat in one of the plastic chairs, quietly chatting with another girl and a couple of boys. All twenty of the kids in the room looked as if their ages ranged from thirteen to sixteen. Some looked nervous, other's excited, and still others looked blankly at the pamphlets that were handed to them upon entrance.

A few of the children noticed the seven men that entered into the back of the room, but quickly turned their attention to the front of the room as an older looking man stepped up to the microphone.

"If I can have your attention please," he stated, and then continued as the room became silent, "My name is Jeremy Miller. I'm heading this program and I'm pleased to see all of you arrived safely."

As the man rambled on with his welcome speech, AD Travis slowly walked up near the podium and smiled when he saw a familiar face in the crowd. Obviously Larabee had thought his offer over.

"Now, I'm going to do a check, so when I call your name if you'll raise your hand," Miller stated, looking at the paper on the podium.

"Anderson, Mike…Akins, Renee…Baggens, Lisa…Baxter, Ron…Caldwell, Sophie…Coffey, Doug…Gregory, Kyle…Herst, Julie…Jenkins, Valerie…Johnson, Megan…Larabee, Rachel…Pickens, Scott…Richards, Davy…Scotts, April…Simpson, Crystal…Smith, Lee...Sparks, Brett…Stephens, Jenna…Thrasher, Brian…and White, Rick."

All of them had raised their hands, and Sam furrowed her brow a bit, wondering why they had used her middle name instead of her first name. Soon her thoughts were interrupted, as Miller began to speak again.

"You have all been selected for this program that a few of us like to call LEGACY. In the pamphlets you were given, it gives a brief history behind the organization. Starting first thing Monday afternoon, each of you will report to your training officer and you'll be assigned to different places, either the classroom or the field. You will learn everything that a run of the mill agent learns. You will learn to fight, use a computer for more than just video games, even how to tell whether or not someone's following you and the basics to undercover work. I'm not going to bore you with the extremities of the project, because you'll be learning those in the upcoming weeks. One thing you do need to know though, this is not something to be taken lightly. This is serious and at anytime it appears that you are not taking this serious, you will be asked to leave. It's also vital that you not tell anyone about it, your parents know and that's it. If anyone asks what's keeping you after school make something up."

A hand rose up near the back and Miller pointed his finger across the podium, "Yes."

A girl near the back stood up and questioned, "You said we had to report to our training officers. Who would that be?"

"I'm glad you asked," he replied as four older looking teens walked in from a side room, "These are our second year trainees and your commanding officers. I'll go ahead and introduce them, then assign each of you, four to an officer."

The four older looking teens, two boys and two girls came to the front and stood at attention as Miller introduced them, "This is Katherine O'Malley…Matt Harris…Stacy Hart…and Luke Deveraux."

Sam's mouth dropped as the familiarity of the person sunk in. She quickly closed her mouth, and glanced to the back of the room, the shock on Ezra's face present as well.

"O'Malley's group consists of, Anderson, Richards, Johnson, and Jenkins. Harris' group is, Caldwell, Thrasher, Smith, and Herst. Hart's group, Coffey, Pickens, Baggens, and Stephens. Deveraux's group consists of Scotts, Gregory, White, and Larabee."

Sam had to reach down and pick up her pamphlet which she dropped and tried her best to look normal, when actually she was a bit flustered.

Travis saw the reaction and tried his best to hide his grin. He figured she would like that pairing, after Larabee had told him of Ezra's cousin a while back.

"Now, you're all dismissed. You can exit out the back doors, and I hope to see you all come Monday. If you wish to speak with your commanding officer, you can stay and wait."

Sam sat there patiently as many of the others got up and left. Soon she felt someone come up behind her.

"Well, what do you know, it's not everyday you get offered something like this," Buck commented as he and the others walked up behind the girl.

"Yeah, I know," she responded hesitantly as Travis walked over.

"If you're wondering about the name situation, it's something they like to do, that way your first name isn't used or something. I'm still not clear on that one," Travis commented to the girl with a grin.

"Oh no, that's fine with me," she remarked, as Luke slowly approached.

"No Mr. Travis, I don't believe any of mine will be a problem, except for maybe this one," Luke smirked nodding his head towards the teen.

"Oh my gosh, why didn't you tell me you were a…a…" she found herself at a lack for words.

"Better yet, why didn't you inform me of your after school activities," Ezra queried.

"Well, you heard Mr. Miller, it's supposed to be secretive," he replied with a smile, "You ready for this?"

The girl took a deep breath and looked around at the men surrounding her, then with a quick nod of her head she responded, "Yeah, I'm ready."

Luke offered his hand for her to shake, "Welcome to the team Rachel."

The End

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