Legacy II: Repercussions Are Always Nasty

by Ace

Main Characters: Seven, OCs

Notes: Due to April Fool's Day, and a few too many chocolate bars, this little piece popped into my head. I just couldn't help myself. Thanks to Mog for the sandbox. Also, thanks to my BETA, what would I do without you.

The teen stood in front of her mirror, brushing out her long hair and contemplating her mission today. She'd been training for Legacy for a few weeks now and she had to admit it was fun, to an extent. Her calf muscles hurt, and she wasn't exactly thrilled with mile running once a week. The high points of her days were coming home and eating dinner with Chris and being debriefed on her events of the day. She had learned how to use, identify and break apart many weapons, thanks to the training officer, Noah, and of course, Vin. She was going to start working and studying the aspects of undercover work within the next week. Ezra had already started training her on that one though, so she would more than likely be ahead of the other three in her group.

Although she felt as if every day was filled with the same old routine, it certainly wasn't boring. She would wake up at 4:30, put on jogging clothes and go for a run around the ranch. Then it was back inside at 5 for a shower, dress for school, grab the school books, and head to the kitchen for breakfast. With a kiss to Chris good-bye she would catch the bus and then wait to get to school. Then it was to sit through the same four classes a day; English, History, PE, and Computer, and afterwards head out to the parking lot where she was picked up and taken to the training facility. Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons were filled with classes on weapons, self-defense, explosives, and the most fun; doing reports. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons were the work-out days spent in the gym or on the running track. After evening classes at 7 she would head home, do homework, eat dinner, and then hit the bed in exhaustion. Saturday and Sunday were filled with practice missions and quite frankly she was beginning to miss their usual Saturday barbeques or just hanging out. She knew though, that this was very important, and that as soon as training was over she would have more free time. Chris and the others seemed to take it all in stride and she didn't have many chores to do anymore when she got home. They seemed proud of her and she wasn't about to let them down on this. She felt she had a knack for being an agent, and had been informed by Miller that she had progressed further than any of the other recruits. Luke had also been very keen to tell Chris about the comments that the older agents had made on Sam's behalf as an agent.

The teen grinned in the mirror thinking, I work for the government as a special agent. She had been the first to receive a badge which was currently laying on the vanity in front of her. How she wished she could tell Crystal or Jaclyn, but it was forbidden. She just had to share her enthusiasm with Luke and the guys.

Today was April the 1st, and she didn't have to be anywhere 'til 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Then it was only to the firing range for practice and then back to the facility to go over some undercover procedures.

Right now she had a mission though, but one that was not for the government. This mission was personal and was on behalf of six very unhappy agents. She had to admit Ezra had gone overboard with his practical jokes at times and she, for one, didn't appreciate getting up three hours before she had to and arrive three hours early to the facility on Saturday, when she could have slept in and just relaxed. But no, Mr. Standish had snuck into her room the night before while she was watching TV and reset her clocks. So, the next morning when she arrived to the facility ready to apologize for oversleeping she was surprised to find it empty. She had sworn she would seek revenge and today was that day.

This mission had been in plan for two weeks now, and she was ready to put it in motion. It had all started when Ezra had accidentally forgotten he had a date on a night that he was suppose to be watching her, and wound up letting her stay with Vin. JD had decided to come over and keep them company and they spent the evening regaling the stunts Ezra had pulled around the office during the week. So, when Ezra came to pick her up the next morning, he had no idea what they had wound up doing the night before, and had told the three not to tell Chris, letting Larabee believe she had spent the night at Ezra's apartment. Boy, was Ezra going to be sorry for ditching her at Vin's. There's nothing like the revenge of a teenage female.

* * * * *

The incessant pounding noise slowly brought the man out of a deep sleep. Turning over, as if to brush the noise off, he pulled his pillow over his head and hid under the covers. After a few more minutes of the pounding, he slowly clawed his way from under the covers and managed to stumble to the door. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he peeked out the peep hole and began unlocking the bolt.

"What are you doing here?" he mumbled, opening the door.

"Sorry to wake you, but I needed to talk with someone and I thought maybe you would understand," she stated, walking past him into the room.

Ezra slightly rolled his eyes as the intruder brushed past him. He turned and shut the door, scratching his head, still not fully awake.

"And what is it that needs talking about at this ungodly hour my dear," the southerner responded, turning to walk to his couch, wondering how she had made it to his place.

Sam sat down on the couch and rubbed a hand across her cheek as if brushing away a stray piece of hair. Ezra's eyes had become more focused and he realized it wasn't a hair, but a tear. Her cheeks were stained with traces of tears and her eyes were slightly red.

Automatically filled with concern he sat down beside her and pushed her hair back, as if to get a good look at her face.

"What's the matter darlin'? Why are you crying?"

She sniffed a bit and turned innocent eyes on him. "I'm in trouble Ezra."

Confusion written on his face he queried, "With whom? Chris? Miller?"

"No, not quite," she replied, then looked to her lap, nervously wringing her hands together. "I'm late."

"Late," Ezra laughed hesitantly. "Late for what? Work? School?" What day was this? "I'll go get dressed and we'll come up with a reason to explain."

She sobbed and started crying more, then exclaimed, "Not late. Late! As in late, like in my time of the month, late!"

Ezra sat back in shock, this was not something he wanted to hear. He was not the 'friend' or 'uncle' to talk to about this stuff. Why had she chosen him? Why me?

When Ezra didn't respond to her last statement, she started sobbing more and blurted out, "I'm pregnant Ezra."

Ezra looked as if he'd been shot, stabbed, and blown up. He didn't know what to say, he didn't know what to do. He felt like someone had just dropped a bomb on him.

"H-Have you told L-Luke," he stammered, unsure of what to do.

Her next response was not one he wanted to hear either. "It's not Luke's."

Oh my god, now what? What do I do now? Why me? Why not Buck, why couldn't she tell Buck? He's an expert in all this; he'd know the right things to say. Hell, even Vin would be a better candidate than me.

"Then, w-who's is it?"

"Well, that's kinda hard to say. You know a couple weekends ago, when you had that date, and I stayed with Vin," she waited till he nodded, then continued, "well, they . . . he and JD, had had a bad day, and so had I and, well, they started playing 'quarters' and after awhile I joined in. Well, we were pretty gone, you know, and one thing lead to another, and . . . let's just say, there's only two possible choices."

I'll kill them! I'll shoot them both through the head. She was supposed to be here, safe, with me, in my care. She wouldn't be in this position if…what if Chris finds out? Of course he'll find out, he'll kill them, then me for not doing as he asked. Oh my god.

His facial expression had not changed, although there were mixed emotions; surprise, anger, and depression to name a few. He felt badly for Sam.

"I haven't told Chris, I was hoping maybe you would help me tell him. If he gets mad and disowns me, I thought I could live with you. I haven't told Vin and JD yet either, I wanted to wait and have a paternity test run, then let the one know. Oh Ezra, I'm not ready to be a mother. I can't even keep a hamster alive," she started sobbing and threw her arms around the southerner.

He pulled her into his arms and tried to soothe her.

"It's alright, we'll figure something out. Don't worry."

Truth was Ezra didn't know what to do. He had just been hit by a train, he was lost, completely confused. He couldn't believe that this had happened. Not to her . . . to other girls maybe, but her? This just couldn't have happened.

She was still sobbing into his shoulder, thoroughly soaking his shirt.

"If nothing else, I'm here. I'll help you, don't worry, everything will work out."

"I'm scared Ezra, I'm really scared."

There came a knock on the door, and Ezra gently removed Sam from his arms and walked over to open the door.

The sound that followed made the girl's sobbing cease. Ezra was in a tirade. She looked over and noticed it was Vin and JD. The words flying from Ezra's mouth were unlike those she had ever heard before, especially from this man's usually calm demeanor. He was still in his tirade on the two of them when he suddenly threw a punch at Vin, who ducked.

"Stop it!" she screamed, causing Ezra to settle down.

JD immediately rushed to her side, Vin right behind him.

"Sam don't worry, I'll help you," the youngest remarked, sitting down beside her.

"I'm here too, I'll help in any way," Vin commented as well, sitting down on the other side of the teen.

"Just how do you plan on telling Chris?" Ezra demanded, the initial shock gone, anger flaring his tone.

Another knock at his door had him swinging around just as the door burst open and the black cloud himself stormed in.

"I found the test," he snarled, glancing at the teen. "I'll kill him. No, I'll make him wish he were dead. I'm sorry Ezra, but I thought your cousin had more sense than that!"

Chris' tirade was comprised on what he would do when he got his hands on that "damned kid." Ezra had taken a few steps back, glancing nervously at the three seated on the couch.

"It's not Luke's," the teen spoke up quietly, causing the man to stop mid-sentence. "It's either Vin's or JD's."

Ezra saw the flash of fire in Chris' eyes. He wasn't sure what to do, save the scoundrels or let Larabee tear the two apart right there in his living room. Quickly contemplating if his furniture had scotch guard and how much it would cost to have blood stains removed, he was about to say something when Chris did the unexpected; he pulled out a revolver from his vest and pointed it toward Vin.

"You son of a . . ." he growled.

"No!" the teen screamed, jumping to her feet.

A single shot rang through the room and there was a deathly silence as the girl took a jagged breath, and sank to her knees, placing her hand over her right shoulder. She pulled it back, finding it covered with blood.

"Shit," JD exclaimed, as Ezra rushed forward.

"Call an ambulance," he ordered, grabbing the girl and gently laying her back.

"I'm shot," she whispered in shock.

"It's alright," he soothed, tossing Chris a death glare as the man stood holding his gun in his hand, shock written on his face.

He looked down and pushed some hair from her face.

"This isn't how I wanted it to go," she breathed raggedly. "I wanted to try and work it out."

She sobbed a bit and took another jagged breath. "It hurts Ezra."

"It'll be alright, you'll be fine," he soothed again, sweat forming on his brow. "Did someone call for the ambulance?" he yelled, looking at the men.

JD jumped up and headed for the phone, a shocked expression still on his face.

"Just hang on darlin', stay with me," he told her gently as her breathing became slowed.

She had a bit of a dazed look on her face as she asked, "Do you think they have horses in heaven Ezra?"

Ezra tried to laugh it off, "Of course, but you're not going to be visiting there anytime soon."

"Ezra," she whispered, causing him to lean forward to hear her, "just tell Chris that I still love him and not to hate himself. Let the other's know I love them too," she sobbed a bit, "and that I'll always be watching."

"Don't talk that way," Ezra ordered, letting a tear fall. "You're gonna be just fine."

"Ezra, one more thing," she breathed.

He leaned forward, her voice slightly fading away, "April Fool's."

He sat back stunned as the 'dying' girl burst into laughter. Then the laughter of the other men in the room met his ears, and laughter from a few others floated in. He looked and noticed Josiah, Buck, and Nathan standing at his door.

"April Fool's," they all called simultaneously.

Sam sat up and pulled her jacket off, revealing the usual button down shirt, laughing she unbuttoned it to produce a Kevlar vest. She wiped away some of the red, left over from the squid. JD walked over and patted her shoulder laughing.

Ezra was still stunned and just looked about in a daze.

"Payback for the last couple of weeks at the office," Buck stated joyfully.

Through the laughter of all the men and the girl in the room Ezra exclaimed, "You cretins! I hate you, all of you!"

"Come on Brother Ezra, can't you take a joke," Josiah laughed heartily.

Ezra glanced around and then locked eyes with the over joyous teen, who dotted his nose with her 'blood.' Ezra grinned and then laughed a bit.

"Was funny wasn't it?" Vin questioned.

"I must admit, you pulled that off amazingly," the con man remarked, watching as his leader laughed, which was a rare sight.

"Congratulations Sam, that was some acting," Nathan commented.

"I'd like to thank the Academy," she stated dramatically, holding an invisible Oscar.

Ezra pushed her shoulder, causing her to tumble against the couch with laughter.

* * * * *

Later that evening Sam sat at a desk, a man sat opposite her on the other side. He passed a black and white photo across the desk.

"Tell me what's odd about this?" he questioned.

She quickly examined it. "It's warm weather, because those teens are wearing shorts and tank tops, but that guy," she pointed to the picture, "is wearing a heavy jacket, definitely hiding a weapon under there. He's got his hand resting on it. See the bulge?"

The man behind the desk smiled and took the photo back.

"Excellent. Now this one," he passed another one over.

She reviewed the photo a little longer, and then passed the photo back across the table.

"Granny's packing a 9 millimeter under that grey cardigan," she stated calmly.

Once again the man smiled and looked to the mirror on the side wall.

On the other side of the wall stood three men, Chris, Ezra, and Miller.

"She's talented," Miller commented. "She'll be in the field in no time."

Chris beamed proudly as they watched the girl go through more photos. Miller's beeper went off and he excused himself from the gentlemen. Then, as if he had been pondering it all day, Ezra turned in surprise.

"You had surveillance cameras in my house, that's how you all knew when to come in. You were watching me," he stated incredulously.

Chris laughed and draped an arm around the younger man, leading him out of the room.

"Yep, just remember next time that black hair coloring does not belong in my shampoo bottle," he chuckled. "Come on, I'll buy you a drink."

The End

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