By Joy K, Winter, Phyllis, Chris G, GinaD,

KT, LunaDey, Jeanne, LaraMee and Nancy

Little Britches ATF Universe

Summer's over and school is in full swing. The boys are working on another memory book, but this time the whole family gets to help and they'll just keep going until the book is full. Join Junior (Vin) and Little Bit (JD) as they share the Things They've Learned in school, at home and in life in general.

This series follows "In The Good Old Summertime". Be sure to check it out for their previous adventures.

Week 1 - Cast Away - Joy K
Week 2 - Legends in Litter - Winter
Week 3 - Empty Faces - Phyllis
Week 4 - Heroes - Chris Gantt
Week 5 - Cowboys and Trolls - GinaD
Week 6 - Thanksgiving Melee - Phyllis
Week 7 -  Fighting the Infidel- KT
Week 8 - Snow Days and Matchbox Cars - LunaDey
Week 9 - Twas The Week Before Christmas - GinaD
Week 10 - Jingle Bells Las Posadas - Jeanne
Week 11 - Old Ann's Eyes: A New Year's Eve Story - LaraMee
Week 12 - It's A Children's Museum - What Could Happen? - Phyllis
Week 13 - A League of Their Own - Joy K
Week 14 - Go West Young Man - Gina
Week 15 - Media and Miracles - Winter
Week 16 - Empty Kingdom - LaraMee
Week 17 - Always Be Mine - Joy K


Torkus (the Tortoise) belongs to Nancy and made his first appearance in the great adventure, "Are We There Yet?"

Ringo  (a black and white, blue-eyed Malamute) and Elvis (a brown eyed Golden Retriever) belong to LaraMee and first made an appearance in "Merry Christmas and Chicken Pox to You".

Heather F's fun and poignant, "Hey Joe," likely influenced the idea of Vin's essays in this series.

JD is responsible for his own artwork…

Comments: Joy K