DATES, DARES AND DANGER by Debra M. and Monica M.

Disclaimer: The M7 characters in this story belong to MGM.

Rating: PG13

Thanks: To Sally-Ann for her collage, as always, it´s a beauty. Thanks for your patience in waiting for us to finish the story to go with it!

Notes: This is set in the Regents AU. So sorry for the long delay since the last story. Won´t bore anyone with the RL issues that caused the delay. (Besides it´s probably better not to mention the RL issues. Things have quieted down, don´t want to jinx that! <g>) But there is a bright side! Well we like to think of it as a bright side! Because of the delay it´ll be a few months yet before we have to really start to broach the subject of Chris and Josiah´s graduation. We will get to that eventually, but before then we´ve got a couple of more things for the seven to get involved in.

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