Disclaimer: The M7 characters in this story belong to MGM. Other characters and situations are from the TriStar movie Toy Soldiers.

Thanks: To the lovely and talented Cin for her tireless beta work. If there are still errors in this thing, it is not her fault. She is lovely and talented, but not Wonder Woman. <g> Although she did manage to exorcise one terrible demon word (well almost <g>) so maybe she does have powers beyond the ordinary. And the reader has her to thank for not having to read the word said, oh, I don’t know about a hundred or so times.

To the gifted and resourceful Sally-Anne for creating a wonderful picture for this story.

Notes: This story is basically a retelling of the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers with our seven as the main characters. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry, ‘cause those who have will barely recognize it. We had to fiddle a bit with the boys’ ages to get them all into high school at one time, but they are all here. The high school in question is Regents, an all boys prep school. (Oh, don’t feel bad for Buck! <g> Y’all know where there’s a will there’s a way, and that boy’s got a lot of will!) We just had to ask the question of what the boys would be like if they had met as teenagers. And naturally, these being our seven, they just had to run into trouble.

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Webmaster Note: This story was written and posted to
the M7 fic list prior to the events of September 11th.

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