Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

by Squeakypeep

I was intrigued by the 'brothers of the heart' idea.

Disclaimer: Not Mine blah blah..No profit..blah blah….You've heard it all before and others are more eloquent than I.

Rating: Language a bit harsh in places. Slushy, romantic, suggestive.

Acknowlegements: Mog's Universe, apologies to anyone whose toes I've stamped on - I've read so many fics I can't recall who belongs to whom. Angel belongs to me and this is my first fic - go easy. I'm Irish so Texas speak was a challenge and I have a UK spellchecker - you have been warned. I still have to have the American jokes in these fics explained to me!

Warning: OFC If you don't like the boys getting hitched this Series is not for you. Think M7 meets Mills and Boon!

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1. Cough, Please (Vin, OFC)
2. Fight Night (Nathan, Rain)
3. Seven Dwarfs (Ezra, OFC)
4. The Other Side of the Coin (JD, Casey)
5. Bella Dancing (Buck, OFC)
6. The Twelve Days of Chris' mas (Chris, Mary)
7. A Twist in the Tale (Josiah, OFC)