The Other Side of the Coin

by Squeakypeep

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Part 4/7

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Rating: Language a bit harsh in places. Slushy, romantic, suggestive.

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Team 7 Office

Saturday Night


The images flashed up on the computer terminal but JD Dunne, computer whiz and Team 7 techno expert was, for once, not fully focussed on the flickering screen. Whilst his eyes absorbed the light, the message was not reaching his brain. The blockage was caused, not by injury, for once, but by something stronger.

Casey Welles.

They'd fought. Not in itself an unusual occurrence but this one was a humdinger.

Casey had overheard the team discussing a recent bust when JD had taken a big risk on his life to get the evidence. She'd laid into JD as soon as they were alone and JD had retaliated by telling her it was his life and His job and he'd do what he liked. Casey had gazed at him in silence and said that perhaps he should find another line of work. JD told her that she should find herself an accountant. A shouting match had ensued, drawing the whole team to watch. JD had been mortified and they were no longer speaking to each other.

His ears were still buzzing, two weeks after the event. Or perhaps it was his mind humming. He finally realized it was the cell phone strapped to his hip.

Impatiently snapping it open he answered the call, if only to get the buzzing to stop.


'JD. It's Vin. I's at the hospital'

'Vin, you hurt?' His mind came back to the present with alarming speed. A call from the hospital could only mean one of the team was injured. Again.

'Not me JD.'

'Who is it?'

'JD, ya sittin' down?'


'It's Casey.' JD felt blank initially. That wasn't what he expected. Casey?

'Casey? What happened to Casey? She Ok?'

'She's in surgery. There was an accident…'

'I'm on my way.' JD picked up his jacket, flicked off his computer and headed for the elevator.

'Vin, what happened, is it bad?' He felt the bile rise up as Vin answered.

'Ain't purty JD, I ain't gonna lie to ya. She was in a pile up on the interstate. Nettie called me ta give her a lift ta the hospital. We don't have much information at the moment. Jest git here and we'll take it from there. JD don't do nothin' dumb, she'll still be here when ya git here an' we don't need two patients.'

'I'll take it handy Vin,' JD had reached his bike, 'Try and find out what's happening will you?'

'See ya soon JD.'

Mercy General

Surgical Waiting Area

Nettie and Vin were sitting on the uncomfortable plastic chairs as JD approached, almost at a run.

'Any news? What happened?'

Vin rose and drew JD away from the distraught looking old woman.

'We're waitin' ta hear. There was a truck jack-knifed on the highway. 17 cars piled in, Casey was caught in the middle. She has internal bleeding and a couple of busted legs, that's all we know.'

At that point a doctor in surgical scrubs appeared. 'Mrs Welles?' He approached Nettie. Vin moved towards her and supported the now standing woman.

'Give it to me straight Doctor, please. At my age, I ain't got time for fudging.' Seeing the determination in the old woman the Doctor gave them the bare bones.

'I won't lie to you, Miss Welles's condition is serious but stable. The surgery went well but there was considerable damage to her ribs, bruising in her lung cavity and severe breaks to both legs. We repaired as much as we could but we will have to wait and see how well the lungs recover, fortunately her heart was not affected and she was in good health before the accident. Her prognosis is good and, barring any unforeseen infection, she should recover. We'll be moving her to ICU from recovery, you may visit one at a time.'

JD sank onto a nearby chair, his head in his hands. His last words to Casey had been curses. How could he have let that happen?

Vin went off to call Buck, casting a concerned look at the youngest member of the team. Nettie moved to JD's side.

'Casey is a strong girl JD. Just remember how stubborn she gets and you'll know she'll be OK.' JD wasn't sure if she was reassuring him or herself. 'She'll come round giving you hell for fighting. She called me on her way back from the seminar, she was coming to beat some sense into you.' She smiled at him, a poor imitation of her usual grin.

JD smiled faintly in response. 'I should have been giving her hell Nettie. I was in the right.'

'Now son, I don't see that it matters who said what and who was right. Casey and you matter and what you have together is more important than any exchange of angry words.'

'I shouldn't have said what I did.'

'No point in going over that now boy. You're going to have a chance to make it right, make sure you do. I'll take first visit and then I'll let you take over while I go home to rest my old bones. I'm not young enough to sleep on these chairs.'

Two hours later, having assured Nettie he would call as soon as Casey regained consciousness, JD was sitting at the beside holding Casey's hand.

'Case? Can you hear me? I just want to tell you I'm sorry for what I said. Case?' He looked up at the nurse checking the monitors on the other side of the prone figure. She smiled at him encouragingly.

'Just keep talking to her. We don't know how much she can hear and your voice may help.' JD didn't want to tell the nurse how many times he'd done this before, with his brothers, instead he just nodded. 'If you run out of things to say try talking about things you've done together. Like telling a story.'

As the nurse left, JD started to talk about how they'd met. He started haltingly but soon got lost in the memories.

3 years earlier

'Vin, who is this woman?'

'I done told ya JD, she took me in when I kept runnin' away. She was a teacher at the Adult Education Centre where I went ta get my papers so's I could join the Rangers.' The soft smile on the sharpshooter's face was more informative than his words. He was obviously very fond of the old woman.

They pulled up outside a small house on the outskirts of town and Vin leapt out of the jeep. 'C'mon JD.' Dunne followed, reluctantly. He was fairly new to the team and this was his first thanksgiving without his mother. His heart ached and he was glad of the distraction of dinner at the Larabee Ranch with all the boys, the Welles and the Travis's. Nettie and Mary were going to be cooking the food provided by the men.

Vin opened the door without knocking and was immediately knocked in the face with a basketball.


'Sorry Vin. You should have knocked. I got the net set up on the back of the door. Nettie's nearly done. You'd better come in before she starts yelling about heating the whole of southern Colorado.'

'I heard that!'

Vin had moved inward, pulling JD by the arm. 'Casey this is JD, our new Computer Expert. JD, Casey, Nettie's niece.'

JD and Casey sized each other up.

'Miss Welles'

'Kinda young isn't he?'

JD's back went up. If he had to hear that one more time… besides she was probably just as young. 'I bet I'm older than you.'

The brunette smiled at him, enjoying riling him. This could be more fun than last year. She could tell the young man was easy to torment. She caught the warning look from Vin and subsided. He was playing big brother again. She could bide her time.


Nettie appeared and more introductions took place before the two ATF agents loaded the Jeep with the homemade cookies and pies before heading off to the ranch.

JD and Casey argued for the whole of the 40 minute trip. In the front seats, Nettie and Vin exchanged looks and rolled their eyes at each other 'kids!' Relieved to get out of the vehicle, the elders set the youngsters, along with 6 year old Billy Travis, to unloading and unpacking food. It kept them busy for a while until Billy told them he had a new playstation game and they headed off to the den. The bickering had become quite heated. Billy had wisely given up his console when it became too competitive.

After dinner, Chris had sent them to the barn to tend Pony and Peso, hoping for some peace. They were still fighting when they returned.

'Sister Casey, Brother Dunne, this is a time to be grateful for what we have, not to engage in pointless arguments.' The two had been going through a 'did' 'didn't' repetitive phase.

'I would have thought, Mr Sanchez, that Thanksgiving in most American households will inevitably deteriorate into bickering, if not amongst the children, then amongst the adults.'

The combatants suddenly joined forces and turned on Ezra. Eventually, when everyone but Chris, Nathan, Josiah and the ladies were involved in the fight, Chris called time out and sent everyone off in different directions with pseudo-chores to do.

JD and Casey found themselves in the barn.

'So you been to any proms recently?'

'Funny Casey. I'm 21 not 17.'

'You look 15. I was only asking. You're new in town, I just wondered how you were getting along, can't be easy living with Buck.'

'Always plenty o' women around with Buck.' JD tried to sound confident and failed.

'Yeh right. I can't see how you and Buck would like the same kind of women.'

'You interested in what kind of women I like?'

'I didn't say that!'

'Maybe I like them young and feisty.'

'Feisty? What the hell do you mean by that.'

'You should know.'

'Me? You saying I'm feisty?'


'You asking me out?'

'And if I was?' JD could feel himself flushing. This was not the kind of conversation he was used to. His temper had got the better of his tongue, either that or he really was spending too much time with Buck.

'Okay. How about Friday?'

JD was stunned. He wasn't quite sure who had asked who out. He was fairly sure he hadn't.

Casey wasn't phased by his silence. She'd known Vin for years. 'You chicken?'

'No. Friday's fine. I'll pick you up at 8pm.'




Glancing down at the pale sleeping face, JD sighed and rubbed his hand across the back of his neck. He still didn't know who'd asked out whom but whichever of them it was he was grateful. He climbed somewhat stiffly to his feet and made his way down the corridor to the vending machine, nodding to the ICU nurse as he passed.

It was there that Vin found him.

'How's she doin' JD?'

JD shook his head. 'No change Vin. I can't believe she's in here. It's usually me in the bed and her hovering. That's why we fought. I figured she was getting too protective.'

'Ya ever wonder why? Angel's al'ays on at me ta wear m'kevlar vest, make sure I have proper back-up, not ta take chances blah blah blah. I don't let it get ta me, I know it's only 'cause she loves me. I still won't let her do field work. Probably never will and for the same reason.'

'You saying Casey loves me?'

'Ya cain't says ya never noticed!' Vin grinned, the blue eyes sparkling. 'She don't jest love ya JD, she's IN love with ya. Bout as much as you are with her, I'd guess.'

'How do you know I'm in love with her?'

'Obvious. Jest ask any o' the guys.' At JD's blush and stammer, 'JD, it ain't a sign of weakness, ain't nothin' ta be ashamed of. Look at me, look at Nathan, hell look at Ez. Didn't do us no harm.'

'EZRA's in love? I know you can read him better than most of us Vin but EZRA?'

Vin grinned at his expression of disbelief. 'Chris an' me both think we'll be addin' an Elf ta the family 'fore end of the year.' Vin referred to Kezzie MacCormac, Ezra's diminutive English girlfriend.

'He'll be along at some point. Ask 'im.' Vin looked at his watch. 'I gotta get home, catch Angel afore she goes ta sleep again. She's sure sleepin' alot now she looks like she swaller'd Texas. Ya better get back ta Casey, be hell ta pay if ya ain't there when she comes round. I'll be back ta check on ya, the boys'll be comin in too so don't be surprised if ya see 'em.'

'Why? Why would they do that?'

'Cause you's family JD, and Casey's part o' you so she's family too. I gotta say, it took me a while ta get the hang of this family thing, ain't had no practice. Think I like it.' With that the scruffy Texan left.

JD stared after his brother. 'Yeah I like it too.'

Settling back in the chair at Casey's bedside, starting on the first of his candy cache, JD started talking again.

'Our fist date wasn't exactly what you'd had in mind was it Case?'

3 Years earlier

'You're late. I hope you don't expect me to actually get on that death trap.'

JD sighed. 'I'm sorry I'm late and I don't have a car.' JD indicated the motorcycle. 'Borrowed a helmet for you.'


'Casey! How are we supposed to go out if you won't even get on the damn bike?'

'Where we going anyway?'

'Movies. There's a new horror flick on at the Odeon, I've been looking forward to seeing it for ages.'

'I hate horror movies JD and I'm not getting on the bike. Nettie'll kill me. Can't we just go out for dinner or something?'

'Aw Casey! That's for old folks.' He looked at her. 'Okay. If you won't come on the bike we'll have to do something round here. What do you suggest?'

'There aren't really many restaurants near here. I suppose…'


'Can you roller-blade?'


'There's a place about a mile down, we can rent skates, they do a mean chilli dog - what do you think?'

'Fine.' Now he felt like he actually WAS 17.

Much to JD's surprise he'd enjoyed himself. They messed around, chasing each other and trying to knock each other over. The guys at the rental had known Casey by name and it soon became clear she'd spent quite a lot of time here. She was better than him and he was soon aching from spending so much time hitting the floor.


They'd eaten chilli dogs, which really were quite good, and then walked, or limped in JD's case, back to the house.

'I enjoyed myself JD thanks.'

'Me too Casey. Night then.' He turned to leave.



She just looked at him and he shifted uncomfortably.

'Oh for God's sake.' JD suddenly found himself in a clinch as Casey kissed him.

'Good night JD Dunne.' She inserted her key into the front door.

'Casey?' She looked over her shoulder at him as she entered the house.

'I'm working down at the animal center tomorrow but I'm free Sunday. Be here at lunchtime and we'll go for a picnic. I'll cook.' She shut the door.

JD got onto the bike grinning, that's twice she'd asked HIM out.


JD was brought out of this musings by a tap on the shoulder. Josiah was standing beside him while Nathan was reading the chart at the foot of the bed.

'Hey guys'

'JD how you holding up brother?'

'I'm OK Josiah, thanks. Nathan, see anything there I should know?'

'She's doing Okay JD. Give her time. She come round yet?'

JD shook his head. 'I hate this. She shouldn't get hurt like this. I'd rather it was me.'

'Well, JD I had exactly that conversation with Casey not two months ago when you were here.' Josiah smiled at JD. 'When you love someone that much, it's easier to be the one in the bed.'

'I know Rain is always telling me she wishes I could see the other side of the coin.' Nathan came to stand on the opposite side of Casey and looked down at her, brushing the tangled brown hair further back from her face and taking her limp hand.

'What do you mean?'

'Brother Dunne, allow me to interpret. People in love are two parts of the same entity, they are faces on opposite sides of a coin. Whilst they feel each other, they can only see from their own perspective. Their vision is narrow. Sometimes, you need to have a little glimpse of the other person's view in order to be able to appreciate exactly how things are from where they usually stand.'

'You have to spend some time in someone else's shoes, see things from their point of view, in order to understand their actions and reactions.' Nathan's explanation was clearer and Josiah gave him a pained look. 'That's what I said Brother.'

'I get it.'

'You understand then, that you and Casey have something special?'

'I'm beginning to. Don't know what to do about it though.' He looked at the older agents, his eyes asking for advice.

'No Brother, you must decide if you are willing to be vulnerable, to take a risk entrusting your emotional well being to another and whether you are willing to invite Casey to take the risk with you.'

'And if you do, to accept the pressures and pain, along with the good stuff.'

'Think on it Brother. We will be back. I expect the others will be in as well at some time. You have time to consider. Use it.'

Left alone again, JD began to consider how he'd got into this situation, and if he was ready to commit to having someone else to be worried about. And to worry about him.

His was a high risk job. He'd been in the hospital enough times in the last three years to know all the regular nurses by name. He knew the daily menus by heart. If they were committed to each other, if something happened, what would happen to her? Maybe it was better to just let her live safely with someone who wouldn't keep breaking her heart. Perhaps he loved her too much to put her though that.

'JD?' Chris materialized at his elbow. 'How's it going?'

'Hi Chris. Okay I guess. She's not awake yet.'

'You were miles away when I arrived, anything you want to talk about?'

JD sighed. He was silent for a while looking up at his boss, a man he admired and respected above all others. Larabee had faced this particular demon and he trusted him to give sound advice.

'Chris, how did you cope, going out every day, knowing that you might die at work and knowing what that might do to Sarah?'

The fact that JD had mentioned his dead wife startled Chris. He'd always been very careful not to say anything before, careful of Chris's hurt. This must be serious.

The leader took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked.'

'S'okay kid. I understand where you're coming from.' Chris pulled up a chair and sat down beside his young Agent.

'I ain't gonna lie to ya JD. It was never easy. I was often injured and I saw what it did to Sarah, and even to Adam later on. I tried to walk away before I got too involved, I tried to push Sarah away, I even encouraged her to date other guys.'

'I was still with DPD. I remember her standing in the doorway of the office one afternoon, giving me her own version of the Larabee glare, while she went for the jugular. She was very calm, too calm, and painfully polite. She told me that she understood why I was pushing her away. That I was worried that I could be taken from her at any time, that I had a better than average chance of dying young. She said she knew the risks but loved me in spite of the heartache she may or may not suffer sometime down the road. Then she started telling me about how she'd been mugged earlier in the day, the reason she was at the station in the first place. I went mad, JD. I started yelling at her. I couldn't cope with the thought of her being in any danger, of being hurt. She just stood there and smiled at me. That made me more mad.

Sarah just waited for me to run out of steam and then asked me if I considered HER worth the risk. That SHE could also die at any time, but that she'd rather have spent what time she had with me than without me. We were married within the week and Adam arrived nine months later to the day.'

There was silence for a few minutes as JD thought this through.

'Of Course, I never really thought she'd die first, that I'd be the one left to cope.' He placed his hand on the younger man's shoulder. 'I was grateful for the time we had, but I'm still trying to cope.' Chris rose. 'Don't waste what time you have JD. Be thankful.'

Alone again, JD took Casey's hand.

'Case? Can you hear me? Would you be willing to take a chance on a guy who could leave at any moment? Can I do that to you? Wouldn't it be selfish to ask you to risk it? Would you be better off cutting loose and finding someone else?'

'If I were killed, and you were left, like Chris was, would you regret getting involved with me?'

'No Mr Dunne, she would not.' JD looked up at the immaculately dressed Standish.

'I'm collecting Keziah for dinner, she's running late, some crisis in the children's ward. Just thought I'd see if you required any assistance or sustenance.' He handed JD a paper bag full of hamburgers and fries. He placed the upsized Shake on the bedside table and leant forward to place a kiss on Casey's forehead, surruptitiously wiping his hands on his handkerchief.

JD looked from the bag to his brother and back again. He grinned. 'YOU went to MacDonalds?'

'I was willing to venture into the establishment, Mr Dunne, to acquire something I knew you would appreciate. Just don't ask me to eat anything.' He eased himself into the chair vacated by Chris.

'You're a fraud Ez.'

'You are not the first to make such an observation. I, however, admit nothing.' He smiled at JD, the humor showing in the green eyes.

They sat in silence while JD demolished the offering. Ezra kept his distance, his lip curling slightly at the smell.

'What you said, that she wouldn't regret getting involved with me. Why do you think that?'

'Mr Dunne, consider that Mr Larabee has been through the nightmare scenario which seems to be tormenting you. Do you think, for one moment, that he wishes he had never had them? There is a saying, I'm sure you have heard, that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.'

'He's right JD.' Keziah had arrived to collect Ezra for dinner. 'He usually is and even when he's not he still agrues that he is. Hello Darling.' She kissed the top of Ezra's head and then moved on and kissed JD cheek. He blushed and Standish grinned.

'Ezra is probably more at risk of getting killed than most of you. If not by 'miscreants' then by Larabee.' This was met by smiles from both ATF Agents. 'I consider him worth that risk, and I wouldn't ask him to change his employment, what he does is part of the man I love.' Kezzie was rewarded with a long kiss and a dimpled smile.

'We will see you later JD', Ezra raised Casey's limp hand and kissed the back, 'Miss Welles.'

'Does this mean Vin was right? Can we expect an announcement?' JD asked the couple as they moved hand in hand to the exit.

'Mr Dunne, JD, you know how I enjoy making announcements.' Standish winked at the younger man as they passed Buck in the doorway. 'Mr Wilmington.'

'Bye Ez, Kezzie. JD how's she doin'?'

'Hey Buck. Still waiting.'

'So what's been happening, has everyone been in to see you?'

'Yep. You're last.'

'Sorry JD, Had to take Miss Maddie.. er... Melanie home.'

JD rolled his eyes. 'How do you stay out of trouble when you can't get their names right?'

'Just call 'em all Darlin' or Sweetheart, keeps me from makin' mistakes in the heat of the moment, if you catch my drift.'

'Jeez Buck, You're lucky you're not the one who's catching things. Why can't you just find a nice girl and stop chasing?'

'Unlike you Kid, I ain't been lucky enough to find the right one. I envy you boy.'

JD let the 'boy' comment pass. 'You envy me? Why? I'd have thought you'd have been terrified to find yourself hooked into one woman.'

'You're wrong. I want to have what you have, same as Vin, Nathan and Ezra. I saw Chris with Sarah and won't settle for less.'

'You telling me you're looking for Mrs Right? That why you date anything with the right equipment?'

'I knew a Mrs Wright once, nice woman, bad husband. No JD I ain't lookin' exactly, just hopin' someday I'll catch a fish I can't throw back.' He leered suggestively, 'In the meantime, I gotta keep practicing my technique, keep my muscles toned. Some more muscles than others.'

JD threw him a disgusted look.

'So. You know what you're gonna do with your relationship? Been dating three years JD.'

'I think I know Buck. Don't push me. Seeing Case in here kind of shocked me. I could have lost her.'

'She could have lost you many times, Kid. She still loves you even though you scare the pants off her on a regular basis.'

'I guess.'

'You don't know if you love her or are you worried she doesn't love you?'

'I love her and I think she loves me. It ain't that. It's just… It hurts me seeing her hurting. What must she go through every time I'm in here? What would she go though if I got killed?'

'Can't think about that Kid. Life ain't given with guarantees. You gotta take as much good stuff as you can and to hell with the rest. I didn't think you'd be scared to live.'

'I ain't scared.'

'Yeah you are. Casey's your life, I understand that. You got to grab that with both hands and hang on for a hell of a ride.'

'That's what Chris said, sorta.'

'So has Casey's accident helped you sort things out in your head?'

'Yeah. Thanks Buck. You guys have all been a great help. I guess nearly losing her has opened my eyes.'

'Do I still get to yell at you for sayin' those nasty things to me?'

The weak voice from the bed made both men jump. They had been so intent on their conversation they hadn't been paying Casey any attention.

'Casey, Honey, you okay?' JD reached foward and tenderly brushed his hand over her cheek. 'Are you hurting? Is the pain bad?'

'Dumb question JD. I feel like I been hit by a truck.'

'No the truck didn't hit you, you hit the truck.' Casey frowned at Buck.

'Buck will you call Nettie? I want to stay with Case.'

'Sure kid. Rest easy now Casey, JD don't tire her out now, ya hear? I'll be back ta see you in the morning, little darlin' Okay?' Buck squeezed Casey's hand and left to call Nettie and the rest of the team.

'Casey? I'm sorry we fought. I'm sorry I got mad at you for trying to get me to take more care.'

Casey smiled at the sincere look on JD's face. 'Me too JD. I can't stop worrying about you but I shouldn't have said the things I did.'

'I promise to try to minimise the risks before I do anything, that I will try to come home to you, but I can't give up my job. It's part of who I am.'

'I know. Kezzie was right. I love you and team 7 is part of you. Without them, you wouldn't be the same JD, I won't ask you to choose again, I'll take what I can get and be grateful, like Chris said.'

'You heard that.'

'Yep. All of it. I couldn't quite reach you to join in the conversation but I knew what you were saying.'


'JD. Tell me.'


'JD, please, say it to me, you told everyone else.'

'I love you.' It was a whisper.

'Good enough. I love you too.'

'Now what?'

'We go on as before, all is forgiven, we're back to normal. Aren't we?' Casey looked unsure suddenly. 'You haven't decided to 'spare me the pain' and give me the shove have you?'

'No Casey, I could never break up with you. I'm just not sure we can go on as before. I need more.'


'Casey, will you marry me?'


Vin couldn't believe he was doing this. He peeked through the curtains and groaned out loud at the crowd of whistling ATF agents gathered in the theatre for the annual review. AD Travis had announced that Team 7 were to provide an act this year, regardless of their caseload, no excuses. All the performances were humourous in content and the AD had given Ezra the task of coming up with an act. Taking into account Vin's inherent shyness, and the fact that Josiah was currently on crutches, Ezra had come up with a five 'man' act. That had been fine until JD went and got married two days earlier.

Turning at the sound of heels clicking behind him Vin tried not to laugh at the sight of the infamous Larabee glare coming from below a curly black wig. He dared not look lower.

'Don't even think about it Tanner. You should see yourself. How the hell did I let Standish talk me into this? I'm gonna shoot his sorry ass full of..'

'Agent Larabee!' The Ad's voice came from right behind him and he turned slowly to face his boss. 'There will be no unpleasant repercussions for Agent Standish, he was acting on my orders, is that understood?'

Chris fumed for a full minute in silence before gritting out a reluctant 'Yes Sir' from between his teeth.

Ruthlessly repressing the chuckle threatening to escape as he turned to rejoin the audience Travis added, ' I trust you boys um.. girls, are ready to perform - your fans await!'

Chris and Vin were joined on the stage by Ezra, Nathan and Buck, all in costume. The five men looked at each other until Vin broke the silence.

'Damn Ez, ya how'd ya get inta that?' He pointed at the lower half of the undercover agent.

'Trade secret Mr Tanner. As an undercover operative I am capable of adopting many varied personas without difficulty. Suffice to say it involved vaseline, a shoe horn and a considerable test of my endurance.'

'Ya mean ya've done this before? Does Kez know?'

'If she doesn't she soon will, our ladies are in the audience.' Ez had also taken a look frontstage.

'Aww Hell. Is Angel out there? Damn JD for takin' his honeymoon now. He did that on purpose, jest ta get outta doin' this.'

'Places Gentlemen please!' The call came from the show organiser. He drew up to the break in the velvet curtains. 'I'll announce you and then the music will start. Don't look at the faces of the audience, stare above their heads and try to ignore the catcalls. Don't worry boys, cameras were confiscated at the door and the whole thing will be over in 5 minutes.' He disappeared between the drapes and they heard him calling for quiet.

'Thass what he thinks, we gotta go to work on Monday. Is now a good time to ask for leave Cowboy?'

'Shut up Vin and get onto your mark. Think of it as a case.'

'Ladies and Gentlemen. For your entertainment, the most Feared, the most Fearless, the most Infamous and, some say, the most Magnifiencent! See them now, as you have never seen them before, Ladies and Gentlement, I give you, Team 7!'

The Curtains opened with a soft swish, audible only to those on the stage as the first strains of 'If ya wanna be my lover' by the Spice Girls belted out over the speaker system.

There was a noticable gasp from the audience as they took in the sight before them.

'Oh my God!' At Team Seven's table, Josiah was playing host to his brothers' womenfolk, all of whom were gaping in astonishment.

'Would you look at that! Ezra 'Ginger Spice' Standish!' Kezzie Standish gawped as the man she'd just recently married tokk center stage. She'd know those legs anywhere. 'I didn't know Ezra could even walk in stilletos.' Her gaze travelled up the shapely legs to his Union Jack sequinned Mini Skirt. It was bulging slightly where it shouldn't and she grinned. A cut off T-shirt, whilst highlighting a fake cleavage, exposed the flat belly she was well acquained with and a red wig, complete with blonde streak sat comfortably on is head. He was mouthing his lines and prancing around on three inch heels like he'd been born to it. 'I wonder if he can keep them?'

'I guess Maude's taught him more things than most women teach their sons!' Rain Jackson laughed. 'Thank God Nathan's costume didn't require women's shoes, I don't think they make them that big.' All the women focussed on the Medic, now Sporty Spice. With his long ponytail and equally bared midriff, complete with glittering navel-stud, he was performing highkicks with all the grace of a bull elephant in a tutu. They all held their breaths as suddenly he missed a step and almost kicked 'Posh' where it wouldn't have harmed the real thing but could do the pseudo-Posh some serious damage.

Buck, complete with bobbed black hair, dangling diamante earrings and moustache, glared at Sporty and re-adjusted his 'little black number' with a little shimmy of his hips, sending the ATF female employees into rapture. Strangely, the whole effect was only enhanced by the copious quantity of matching black leg hair. Flashing the trademark leer at the audience and pushing up a fake chest to rival Pamela Anderson, he moved aside to allow his fellow performers to come forward to mouth their lines.

Up next was Baby. It had been decided that JD should be baby, since he was the baby of the team. Now though it was Vin. Angel's eyes roamed over her husband. He in turn stared right over the heads of the audience, blue eyes glued to a spot on the wall and smile pasted in place. He looked cute. There was no other word for it. A dark, pleated mini-skirt, white shirt and loosened school-tie were set off with blonde braids hanging on either side of his face and tied with ribbons. Angel didn't notice the knowing looks she was getting from her sister as she considered taking him home in that outfit and locking the doors. Her mouth dropped open as he flicked his hips to each side in time to the music. I didn't know he could do that! Perhaps there was a hotel nearby. They could book in for a weekend. She watched as he turned on his heel, back to the crowd, and did it again. Maybe a week would be better.

The new mother was brought back to earth by an elbow in the ribs from her big sister. 'Mary!'

Mary just grinned at her and turned back to the stage. The moment she'd been waiting for, a closer look at Chris, suitably, Scary Spice. She licked her lips. Ah hummm!

Wearing the curly black wig and usual glare, Chris gamely mouthed along to this lines. If Vin could do it, then by God, so could he. He would never ask his men to do anything he wouldn't be prepared to do himself, although this one was close! He shut his eyes briefly, opening them to be met by Mary's stare. She winked at him. God Damn.

Mary couldn't resist. She tried really hard but the laugh escaped anyway. Chris Glared hotter. She allowed her gaze to drop slowly down his body, aware that he was watching her. The tight black leather bra-top, bulging leather mini-skirt and high boots, looked good. Long legs, covered with downy blonde hair, seemed to shimmer in the spotlights and the chains and studs in his costume glittered. Unlike her sister, whose intentions she didn't care to examine too closely, she would rather have him costumeless, with the possible exception of the studded black leather dog collar and matching cuffs. There was an interesting line of thought.

'I wish I had my camera.' Kezzie lamented. The others all agreed.

'Now ladies. There was a good reason for confiscating them at the door. You never know when the pictures may get into the wrong hands. However, having said that...' Josiah garnered the attention of the women with his unfinished sentance.

'Something you want to share Josiah?' Angel Tanner's look was speculative.

'Well you know JD and his gadgets...'

'Where is it? Hand it over.'

Josiah smiled at Nettie Welles, his 'date' for the evening, and pulled his mobile phone from his pocket. Not his phone, JD's. 'The wonders of modern technology..' He flicked a switch on the side of the phone and a small flash appeared. 'Just point and shoot. We can send the pictures to JD's Email before the performance is even over!'

The show finally came to an end and Team 7, this years review gold medalists, amid much teasing from their fellow Agents and a congratulatory handshake from AD Travis, collected their partners for the trip home. Mary Travis, Kezzie Standish and Angle Tanner each left with a parcel and a wicked smile, not unnoticed by their men, who after a brief consultation and another look at their expressions, wisely elected not to comment.


'JD, the flag's up on your Email!' Casey called to JD as she wrapped herself in a sarong.

'The show! I'd forgotten. Josiah promised to send pictures!' JD bounced out of the bedroom wearing only the boxers he'd donned after his shower. Exchanging a brief kiss, the newlyweds grinned at each other and opened the files.

A pair of elderly guests passing down the corridor were surprised to hear the gales of laughter coming from the Honeymoon Suite. They smiled at each other and walked on. 'Oh to be young and in love!'

The End

To Part Five: Bella-Dancing

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