Las Vegas AU Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided strictly for the sake of continuity. We realize that some authors might chose to expand or change these for their storylines. We do ask that you keep their current places of residence the same to avoid confusion, but you are free to do what you will with their history and with current events, both at work and in their private lives.

Location: The Montecito Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Jobs: Chris, Vin and JD work full time in security. Buck, Josiah, Nathan, and Ezra have other jobs but assist with security when needed. Buck is the hospitality/casino host. Josiah works as head valet. Ezra is the head pit boss in charge of all the pits. Nathan is the doctor on call for the hotel and casino.

Hotel owner: Orin Travis

Surveillance room: Think of the surveillance room on the Las Vegas TV series that this AU was modeled on. It is a large room with walls full of monitors showing activities from all over the hotel and casino. They are capable of pulling up any film footage they need, and have a wide variety of programs they can use to enhance the images they see. They use facial recognition software to locate specific individuals anywhere in the hotel or casino, except the guest rooms and restrooms. Think high tech all the way.

Chris' office: located next to the surveillance room. It is one level up, reached by stairs leading out of the surveillance room, and it looks out over the room below it through a solid glass wall. There are automatic blinds that can be lowered to cover the wall for privacy when needed.

Personal information: Personal information on each of the guys can be found in their bios. These things are not written in stone, but we hope that you will use them to help maintain the continuity of the AU.