Chris Larabee, a former FBI Special Agent who was assigned to investigate organized Crime, left the Bureau when his wife and son were tragically killed in a house fire while he was out of town on a business trip with colleague and long-time friend, Buck Wilmington. Hearing about his departure from the FBI, Orin Travis persuaded Larabee into being the Head of Security for the Montecito Resort and Casino. After coming on board, Chris hired only the best to be on his security team and part of the Montecito staff, including his former FBI colleague Buck Wilmington. He forged a friendship with the six men that he considered to be the core of his staff. Still recovering from the tragic deaths of his wife and son, his new extended family has helped him through the rough times.

Drives a 2006 Ford Expedition EL, SUV- Black/Camel cloth interior. Keeps a horse named Crusader at Nettie Wells stables.

Lives in a white stucco house about a twenty-minute drive outside of Las Vegas, on a two acre lot of desert sand, with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, den, utility room, a bath and a half.

Vin Tanner is Chris Larabee's right hand man on the Montecito's Security force. This former Texas Ranger was under suspicion for murder until charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. After which, he resigned from the Rangers and headed to Las Vegas to start a new life, but he still continues to search for evidence that will clear his name. His specialty is weapons and surveillance, which comes in handy with his job at the Montecito. Vin's Mother died when he was a young boy, after which, he grew up in various orphanages and foster homes. This soft-spoken man has keen observations skills and doesn't miss a thing.

Rides a 2000 Harley Davidson XL 1200C Sportster Custom – Black with gold leaf trim. Keeps a horse named Crazy Horse at Nettie Wells stables.

Lives in a two bedroom doublewide trailer with a carport outside of town on the opposite side of town from Chris.

JD Dunne received his Master's degree in Computer Information Systems at the age of 21 from MIT. Graduating early and well ahead of his class, the youngest member on Montecito's Security Team put himself through college, after his Mother's death, with scholarships and money earned doing odd jobs. Wanting an exciting and interesting job, JD packed up his bags and headed west to Las Vegas. This computer savvy man is responsible for updating the Montecito's high-tech security system and currently lives in the same apartment complex as his (adopted) big "brother" Buck Wilmington.

Drives a 1997 Dodge Neon- Magenta/Medium slate gray cloth interior.

Lives at Cactus Arms Apt complex, apt 302.

Nathan Jackson enlisted in the army at the age of eighteen. He received his degree through an Army Scholarship Program and then served as an Army Health Care (AMEDD) doctor for an additional two years. Upon his discharge, he opted out of opening his own practice and instead opened a free clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help those in need that were short on funds. Persuaded by Chris Larabee, this Good Samaritan doctor joined the Montecito's team as physician on call. He also helps out with security when required. His warm and friendly style has made him a favorite of the hotel’s staff and guests.

Drives a 2006 Toyota Yaris Liftback-Olive Mist Metallic/dark charcoal interior,

Lives in a loft above his free clinic in the rougher part of town.

Buck Wilmington, former FBI Special Agent assigned to investigate organized Crime, is a long-time friend of Chris Larabee. Buck followed his good friend to Las Vegas in the hope of earning penance for the guilt he feels for delaying Chris’ return home before the unexpected and tragic deaths of his wife and son, Sarah and Adam. He was hired by Chris to be the Montecito’s Hospitality/Casino Host and part of the Security team. Buck enjoys his job because it allows him to meet a variety of interesting people as well as a bevy of beauties. He has sort of ‘adopted’ JD Dunne as his ‘little brother'. He keeps an eye out on the young man and makes sure he doesn’t get in trouble in Vegas.

Drives a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 convertible-Torch red/medium graphite leather interior. Keeps a horse named Little Darling at Nettie Wells Stables.

Lives at Cactus Arms Apt Complex, apt 422.

Josiah Sanchez, a son a missionary man who has traveled the world seeing the sights and learning about life. Multilingual, as well as a student of the martial arts, this former preacher can also get a little "Old Testament" if needed. Haunted by a past incident where he killed a man in self-defense, Josiah learned that sometimes words are better than fists. He settled in Vegas, the City of Sin, to help the wayward "lost souls". Hired by Chris Larabee, Josiah chose the position of Head Valet in order to be close to his flock. When the occasion arises, Josiah also helps with Resort and Casino Security.

Drives a 2000 Dodge Caravan-Marine Blue/Medium Slate Gray cloth interior.

Lives in a small condo in the outskirts of town. It has one bedroom, kitchen, living room with a fold out couch for guests, utility room, and one bath.

Ezra Standish, the son of high-rolling con artist he grew up in his Mother's shadow. Raised by Aunts and Uncles, unless needed on a con, Ezra grew up resentful of his Mother and learned how to fend for himself. After getting caught trying to run a table at the Montecito, Travis offered him a deal he couldn't refuse – either work for him or go to jail. Who better to catch a cheat than a cheat? Hired as the Montecito's casino Head Pit Boss, Standish still has not earned Larabee's trust.

Drives a 2006 BMW series 3 convertible 330cic-deep metallic green/sand leather interior.

Lives at the elite Country Club Towers Apt complex, apt 833.


Orin Travis: Owner of the Montecito. His wife's name is Evie and he is Mary Travis' father-in-law. His son, Steven, was murdered over three years ago, and at the beginning of these stories his murderer had not yet been identified.

Mary Travis: Reporter for the Las Vegas Tribune, and daughter-in-law to Orin and Evie Travis. She had been married to their son Steven who had been murdered a little over three years ago. She has one son, Billy who is seven years old.

Billy Travis: Mary Travis' seven year-old son and grandson of Orin and Evie Travis. He was only four years old when his father was murdered and can barely remember him.

Nettie Wells: Friend of Chris Larabee's. She's late middle-aged, somewhere in her mid to late fifties. She runs a ranch outside of town near where Chris lives, where she boards horses and offers riding classes for handicapped children. She lives with her niece, Casey.

Casey Wells: Nettie Wells' niece. She's twenty years old, lives with Nettie, and helps with the ranch, while going to Las Vegas college, where she's working toward a degree in business administration.

Inez Recillos: Hispanic heritage. Manager of Mystique nightclub. She is a real spitfire when it comes to her business, and will not be wooed by any of the slick guys who frequent the club, including resident ladies' man, Buck Wilmington.

Rain Gennessee: A lounge singer who works for Inez Recillos in the Mystique nightclub. She's half African-American and half Seminole. She caught Nathan's eye the first time she came into the Montecito.

Maude Standish: Ezra Standish's mother. Con woman extraordinaire. The one who taught Ezra everything he knows about gambling and cheating. She's been married five times and is currently unattached.

Gloria Potter: Middle-aged widow who manages the gift shop at the Montecito.

Rafael Martinez: Head of Security at rival casino, the Palms.

Annie Nechaus: Sales clerk who works for Gloria Potter in the gift shop.

Hiram Nechaus: Annie Shaw's husband.


Sally Frost: Chris Larabee's office assistant

Shirley Unsworth: Orin Travis' secretary

Cheryl Tingle: Ezra's second in command over all the gaming pits. She fills in for him when he is off or on break.

Luis Perez Lieutenant with the Las Vegas PD. He is usually the one to come out to the Montecito when a police presence is needed. He's on very good terms and a first name basis with the Montecito staff.

Jess Camby: Works under Ezra and Cheryl. Pit boss for a single pit. A quick learner who Ezra calls on when he needs someone to keep an eye on a suspected cheater.

Amy Sweetwater: Works under Ezra and Cheryl. Pit boss for a single pit. Another quick learner who Ezra calls on when he needs someone to keep an eye on a suspected cheater.

Frank Castillo: Friend and contact of Chris Larabee's at the FBI office in DC

Jeffrey Talbot: FBI agent from the local office.

Sandy Merle: Front desk manager

Greg Sidney: Covers for Josiah as head valet when Josiah is off or on break.

Beatrice Hedley: One of the Montecito's housekeeping staff.

Eddie Lamb: Owner of one of the Motecito's rival casinos, the Stardust. A bad character that most of the other hotels owners and managers try to avoid.

Ford and Arthur Ryan: Twins who work for Eddie Lamb.