Forbidden Love

by Lisa S.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: A HUGE thank you to Antoinette/RiverOtter for quickly and efficiently betaing the story. Also thank you to Rhonda for helping me work out some of the kinks and providing suggestions. And, last but not least, a special thanks to Sarah for creating this wonderful AU for us to play in.

DISCLAIMER: Mag7/Las Vegas alternate universe was created by Sarah (aka Midnight Profit) and is based on the "Las Vegas" TV series. This AU is not related to the Mag7/Las Vegas RPG created by Lisa O. and Ruby. Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirish Corporation own "The Magnificent Seven" characters. NBC Studios, NBC Universal Television, DreamWorks Television, and Gary Scott Thompson Productions own "Las Vegas." They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.

Vegas AU Bios
Glossary of Vegas Terms
Putting Together a Security Team (AU Intro)

The television was turned on and flickering across the screen was the TV evangelist Owen Mosley. Montecito's Head Valet Josiah Sanchez paused a moment while getting ready for work as he listened to the gray-haired gentleman's fire and brimstone sermon.

"Damn that man can preach," commented former preacher Josiah out loud before taking one last sip of his coffee. Turning off the TV and then grabbing his wallet and keys, the big man headed out to his job at the Montecito Resort and Casino.

The taxi drove down the busy Las Vegas streets. The young couple sitting in the back seat enjoyed the passing scenery.

"Why so quiet?" asked Chanu to the beautiful blonde seated next to him. "Having second thoughts?"

Claire shook her head 'no' as she said, "No, I don't regret what we did but just wished Daddy and Rafe could have been here on our special day. . ."

"Now Claire you know how your father feels," said Chanu as he gently squeezed her hand. "He doesn't approve of us together."

"I know," said Claire sadly as she glanced down at their clasped hands, the matching wedding bands on the ring fingers catching her gaze. They were now husband and wife and there was no going back. It was time for them to think of their future not their past.

Owen Mosley finished his sermon and walked off the stage. His son, Rafe, was waiting in the wings, neither said a word until the microphone and battery pack was removed from the evangelist.

"Any word from her?" asked Owen finally as the two began walking.

"No Pa, not a word from Claire," said Rafe. "I'm checking with all of her friends to see if they know anything."

"What about the boy?" asked Owen who couldn't even bring himself to say his name.

"Chanu?" answered Rafe and Owen grimaced as he nodded.

"I'll try him too," said Rafe. "Maybe his brother might know something."

"You know, Rafe, I've devoted my life to bringing the enlightenment of the Lord to the people and this is my reward..." said a clearly upset Mosley.

"Pa, we'll find her and get her back," reassured the young man.

Josiah Sanchez was at his duty post as Head Valet at the Montecito Resort and Casino. Sure, he could have had a cushier job inside but this was what he enjoyed the most . . . being close to his flock, helping those wayward souls, lending a hand when one was needed. As the taxi pulled up, Josiah moved forward to assist with the door.

"Welcome to the Montecito," he said as the young Native American man and then a pretty blonde woman emerged from the cab.

"Thank you," said Chanu as he smiled. The cab driver had popped the trunk and was removing two bags from the trunk.

"Can I assist you with your bags?" asked Josiah.

"No, thanks, we've got 'em," said Chanu as he paid the cab driver.

"Well, check-in is through those doors and to the left," said Josiah. "Enjoy your stay."

"Thank you," said Claire as she smiled at the friendly man.

Josiah watched as the young couple walked away. Definitely newlyweds, he thought, but there was something else there. He had seen sadness in the young girl's eyes and he wondered why. Unfortunately he didn't have much time to ponder why because the next set of Montecito's guests pulled up and required his assistance.

Sandy, the receptionist behind the Montecito's main desk, smiled at the newlywed couple as she handed over the card key to their room. "Sir, let me welcome you and your wife to the Montecito," she said. "I hope you enjoy your stay in the honeymoon suite . . . if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you," replied Chanu as he took the key and then turned to his bride. "Ready Claire?" he asked.

The blonde woman smiled up at her husband as she replied, "Yes, sweetie. . ."

Sandy watched the couple that was obviously in love walk away and head to the bank of elevators to start their honeymoon in their suite.

"Mmm... this is wonderful," commented Claire as Chanu and she relaxed in the large luxurious bathtub, sitting at opposite ends as they recovered from the past several passionate hours as husband and wife. She smiled, still not believing they had run off to Las Vegas and got married.

"I'd have to agree with you there," replied Chanu with a smile on his lips.

"I wish we could have told Daddy," stated Claire softly. She was not happy she had to run off without telling her father. If only he approved of her relationship with the handsome Native American.

"Claire, you know what he would have said," said Chanu, who didn't want talk about her father to spoil the mood.

"Yea," said Claire as her hand lightly skimmed over the bubbles, gathering some up she brought them up to her lips and blew, sending them into the air.

"Anyway, let's not talk about your father," stated Chanu as his hand slipped into the water and found the delicate curve of her ankle.

Claire smiled at him as he gently tugged her to him, his hands sliding over the curves of her body as she murmured her approval. "We've got more pressin' matters to discuss. . ."

"Yea? Like what?" said Claire as she wound her arms around his neck.

"Like do you want to continue this here or back in that big ole bed of ours?" asked Chanu as his lips found her slender neck, nipping at the soft flesh. Claire moaned softly as they were swept away by the passion. . .

Owen Mosley hung up the phone as he sat back in his chair. They were in Las Vegas . . . the sin capital of the world . . . staying at the Montecito. His precious baby girl had run off with that heathen. . . how could she? She deserved far better than him, he thought.

Well, there was only one thing to do . . . he would go there and get her . . . and he wouldn't take no for an answer. . .

He stood up as he yelled to his son, "Rafe, we're going on a trip . . . pack your bags!"

Josiah Sanchez was assisting another guest when the black limousine pulled up in front of the Montecito Resort and Casino. He watched as several of his men moved quickly to help the occupants, and he was momentarily taken aback when he recognized THE Owen Mosley as one of the men emerging from the limousine.

'Well, I'll be,' he thought. Maybe if he was lucky he might get the opportunity to talk to the very famous TV evangelist. Being a former preacher, he respected the older gentleman and admired him for the work he was doing. Taking a moment, he watched as Mosley and a younger man walked inside and then returned back to his job at hand.

The TV Evangelist, Owen Mosley and his son, Rafe, arrived at the Montecito Resort and Casino, pausing as they stepped in the main entrance to take a look at the grandeur of the hotel's inside lobby area.

"Check in's over there, Pa," commented Rafe as he pointed to the main reception desk. The two men walked over and stood in line for a few moments until they reached the front of the line.

"We'd like to check in," said Owen. "The name's Mosley, Owen Mosley."

Sandy recognized the preacher from the Sunday morning TV evangelist programs as she smiled and said, "Mr. Mosley, so nice to have you join us." She typed the info on the keyboard and paused for a moment as the information popped up on the screen. "We have you in the system; you'll be in suite 747. How would you like to pay for the room?"

Owen nodded as he handed her the piece of plastic. "By credit card," he said.

Sandy nodded as she ran the credit card through the system and a moment later returned it to him with a piece of paper to sign. Once the paperwork was finished, Sandy handed him the receipt and two keys (one for each man).

Owen smiled as he took the key as he said, "Oh Sandy, I have one more question . . . could you please tell me the room number for one of your guests?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mosley," said Sandy as she apologized. "Due to security reasons, we are not allowed to give out that information . . . we recommend you call the individuals through the hotel's switchboard and they will connect you directly so you can arrange to meet them."

Owen nodded as he hid his disappointment. They'll just have to find out Claire's room number another way.

A few minutes later Owen and Rafe were entering their room.

"So, what's next, Pa?" asked Rafe as he placed his suitcase on one of the double beds in their room.

"I'm gonna go have a little chat with the Chief of Security," answered Owen. "I believe he'll be helpful once he hears of our plight."

Rafe who had other plans, anxious to find his missing sister, said all eager and hotheaded, "I say we forget the security people, Pa. Be easier if we just go door to door, until they answer one of 'em."

"Patience, Rafe," said Owen as he placed a calming hand on his son's shoulder. "Our time will come."

A knock on the door signaled to Head of Security, Chris Larabee, that he had a visitor and he looked up to see a gentleman who looked vaguely familiar standing in the doorway.

"Mr. Larabee," said Owen as he entered. "I am Owen Mosley and I have a situation that needs your expertise."

"Please sit, Mr. Mosley," said Chris, as he gestured to the chair sitting across from him at the same time as he realized this was the same Owen Mosley who did that preaching on Sunday mornings on TV. "What can I do for you?"

"It's a very delicate matter," said Mosley as he leaned forward. "Something I do not want the press to get a hold of."

"Of course," replied Chris who was slightly annoyed that the old man would think he would blab his personal business to the press. "What you say here will stay here."

Owen nodded as he said, "I have it from a good source that my daughter is currently a guest at this hotel, and she is with a man who abducted her and took her against her will. It's imperative I find her and make sure she is safe."

Chris frowned, something just didn't seem right. If Mosley's daughter had indeed been kidnapped, someone on the staff would have noticed and would have reported it. "Can you give me some information, Mr. Mosley?" asked Chris. "Her name as well as the name of the man who 'abducted' her? I will check into the matter right away and will get back to you."

Mosley passed the information to Chris and then said, "I would appreciate anything you can do. Once you find out something, I'm in room 747."

"All right," replied Chris as he nodded and stood when Mosley stood to leave. He shook the man's hand as he said reassuringly, "I will personally handle this situation and will get back to you as soon as possible."

Chris sat back in the chair as he watched the surveillance video that JD Dunne had found, frowning slightly when the young couple in question came onto the screen. Well, it definitely didn't look like the girl was being held against her will, he thought, as he watched her kiss the young man. In fact, they looked very friendly to one another . . . like they were in love. He watched on the tape as they walked away, and he hit the 'stop' button and then 'eject,' deciding he would keep the tape just in case Mosley wanted proof.

He stood up, walking out of his office. "I'm headin' down to the main desk if you need me," he said and JD nodded in understanding.

A few moments later, Chris arrived at the check-in counter. "Sandy, could I have a moment of your time in private?" he asked.

"Sure thing, Mr. Larabee," said the young woman as she motioned to the other receptionist that she would be right back. The couple walked into one of the back private offices that was currently empty, and Chris shut the door behind him.

"Sandy, I wanted to get some info from you," started the Head of Security as he took a seat. "We had a young couple check-in into the honeymoon suite a couple days ago . . . room 1477 . . . can you give me any info on them? Did you notice anything strange?" Chris handed her a picture of the young couple that he had printed from the security tapes.

"Oh, Chanu and Claire," replied Sandy as she immediately recognized the couple in question. "No, nothing strange . . . they're newlyweds . . . I believe they just got married before arriving . . . they looked so happy and in love."

"Did you get the impression that Claire was here against her will?" asked Chris as he glanced down at the picture of the couple.

"No," replied Sandy slowly. "Not at all . . . in fact she seemed ecstatic to be here and was very anxious to be alone with her husband up in the honeymoon suite."

Chris nodded. "All right . . . thank you, Sandy, for taking the time to answer my questions. You were very helpful."

"Anytime, Mr. Larabee," replied the young woman as they both stood and made their way to the door.

Chris returned back to his office, his thoughts on the Mosley situation and exactly how he was gonna tell the man his baby girl came willingly with Chanu and that, in fact, they were married.

Chris took a deep breath before knocking on the door of room 747. A moment later the door opened and there stood Owen Mosley.

"I hope you are here with news," said Owen as he gestured for the Head of Security to enter.

"I do have some information," replied Chris. "But I am not sure you will like it."

"Don't tell me they're no longer here," started Mosley. "That . . . that heathen took my baby girl and left. . ."

"No sir, they are still staying at this hotel," replied Chris. "It's just . . . Sir . . . your daughter was not kidnapped. . ."

Owen shook his head in disagreement as Chris continued, "In fact, she married Chanu before arriving here . . . they're husband and wife."

"NO!" said Owen as he turned his back to the Head of Security. "My baby girl wouldn't have done that . . ."

"I'm sorry, Sir," replied Chris in a low voice. "But it seems she did. . ."

"Do you have any children, Mr. Larabee?" asked Owen as the anger began to swell within him.

"No sir, I do not," replied Chris as images of his son, Adam, flashed in his head . . . the son he lost so tragically.

"They can add so much happiness to one's life," replied Mosley. "As well as pain . . . I gave her everything and this is how she treats me . . . disrespects me . . . by marrying that . . . that heathen. . ."

"Sir, I'm sure she had good reason," replied Chris quietly. "Maybe she loves him?"

"Love? Ha!" replied Mosley as he began to laugh. "She's too young to know what love is . . . she had so much ahead of her and now she has just tossed it all away. . ."

"Don'tcha think that's for her to decide?" replied Chris.

"No!" answered Mosley quickly, and just as fast he calmed down, suddenly realizing just how deranged he must have sounded. "Mr. Larabee I appreciate you looking into this matter for me."

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" asked Chris.

"No, I'll be fine," replied," Owen. "I believe I will go find my son and see what he is doing."

Chris nodded in understanding as he turned and walked out of the room. This was one conversation he was glad was over with. . .

Owen Mosley paced back and forth in the hotel room, seething that his daughter would do something as stupid as marry that fool of a boy who clearly was beneath her. He paused in his pacing as a thought came to him. He needed to find his son, Rafe, and then they would track Claire down and drag her back home . . . kicking and screaming if need be.

Owen entered the casino and paused at the entrance, his disgusted gaze moving over the guests who were sinning. He made a mental note to discuss the seduction of Las Vegas and gambling on his next program as his eyes landed on his son, Rafe, at the Blackjack table. He moved quickly, weaving through the crowd until he was standing behind his son.

"Rafe," he said as he placed a hand on his shoulder. "We need to leave this den of iniquity."

Ezra Standish, who was working the blackjack table that evening, raised an eyebrow at the man's description of the casino and said, "Sir, are you in or out?" to the young man sitting at the table.

Rafe looked at the dealer and sighed. As much as he would like to continue with the game and win all his money back, he knew he had to do what his father said. "I'm out," he said. "What's the deal, Pa?" he asked as he stood to face the old man. "I was enjoying myself . . ."

Owen shook his head in disbelief as he said, "I thought I raised you better than to be tempted by such sinful stuff . . ."

"Pa, I wasn't down here just gambling away," countered the young man, who technically was, but figured he would try to spin it to make him look good. "I figured Claire and that boy would be coming down here at some point so I've been on the lookout for 'em but I haven't seen 'em yet. . ."

Mosley nodded and then said, "Rafe, we've got more important things to tend to." He took his son's elbow and lead him away from the Blackjack table. Rafe quickly scooped up his measly winnings as his father continued, "Security was no help in locating your sister. So we'll have to do it ourselves."

The two men exited the casino and were walking past the hotel's array of stores when Rafe said, "Hey, ain't that Claire over there?" while pointing to his sister and the man who had their backs to them and were in one of the boutiques.

Mosley quickly moved himself and Rafe to a discreet distance away from the shop . . . close enough to where they could still see them but far enough away where Claire and Chanu would not spot them.

They watched in silence as they purchased a few items and then exited the shop, Chanu's arm around Claire's waist as he kissed her lightly on the cheek before they headed into the casino for a little gambling.

"Rafe, follow 'em from a distance," directed Owen. "I'll go check with the shop owner . . . maybe I can get a room number from her." Rafe nodded as he did what his father asked and discreetly followed after his sister and boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Mosley adjusted his suit coat before entering into the store his daughter just left. He began perusing the items on the shelves and a few moments later, Gloria Potter, the shop manager, came over and asked, "Can I help you?"

Mosley smiled as he said, "I was looking at these watches . . . it says to ask for assistance."

"That's right, Sir," replied Gloria. "We store them in the back. If you wait one moment, I can retrieve the watch you are interested in."

"Thank you," said Owen. "That would be wonderful." He followed her to the opposite counter, watching as she walked through the backdoor to the storage area. Once she was out of view, his gaze searched the counter around the cash register and immediately spotted the receipt/delivery book. He slid the book closer as he flipped the page to reveal a carbon copy of the previous order . . . the order that belonged to Claire. His eyes landed on their room number . . . 1477. He smiled as he slid the book back into place right before the shop owner returned. Now that he had the room number he would go have a little chat with his daughter.

Housekeeper Beatrice pushed her cart down the hallway as she continued with her daily chores of cleaning the rooms. Stopping by Room 1477, she knocked lightly to ensure no one was there. When the older woman didn't get a response, she used her master key to open the door.

"Housekeeping," said Beatrice as she slowly entered the room, stopping suddenly in her tracks when she spotted the body of a young woman lying on the floor by the bed. She let out a surprised scream and then turned to hurry out of the room. Grabbing her cell phone in her pocket she called Security immediately to report what she had found. . .

Security and Medical personnel converged on room 1477 at the same time, the men hurried into the room. The Montecito's Doctor, Nathan Jackson, moved to the woman lying in the middle of floor and quickly went to work.

"Vin, get Beatrice's story," directed Chris in a quiet voice.

Vin nodded as he approached Beatrice Schroeder from Montecito's housekeeping department.

"Mrs. Schroeder, I'll need a moment of your time," said Vin in a soft voice. He was anxious to get as much detail as possible. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Beatrice nodded as she brushed the tears from her eyes and began to relay how she found Claire. When she was finished Vin nodded and thanked the housekeeping employee, adding that if she thought of anything else to contact one of them immediately.

Meanwhile, Chris turned his attention to the medical officer. "Nathan?" he asked.

Nathan looked up and shook his head sadly. "It's too late . . . looks like she was dead before Beatrice arrived."

The statement brought tears to the older woman's eyes as she turned her back to the scene. Vin placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Chris nodded in understanding as he replied, "Emergency personnel have been called and should be here shortly. Nate, I want you to work with the medical examiner's office to get as much information as you can." The doctor nodded in agreement.

"Vin, I want you to work with the police," continued Chris. "Meanwhile, I'll get JD to start checking all the videotapes to see if there's anything on them. I don't want a word of this leaked out to anyone . . . everyone got it?"

Everyone in the room took the Security Chief's warning seriously as they nodded. A few moments later Head Valet Josiah Sanchez arrived escorting the police and various emergency personnel. . .

There was a scuffle at the entrance to room 1477 as Chanu yelled, "Claire" while pushing his way into the room. His eyes immediately spotted his wife, lying on a gurney, the medical officials about to zip up the body bag that she was in.

"OH GOD . . . no . . . Claire!" cried out as Chanu rushed to her side, covering her body with his as he cried, "Oh baby . . . what happened?"

"Sir, you need to step away from the body," said the police officer after a few minutes had passed, giving the young man a chance to grieve.

"This is my wife," replied Chanu angrily. "Not just a body."

"Sir, I'm sorry for your loss," replied the officer. "But we need a few minutes of your time to find out where you were. . ."

"You can't think I did this?" commented Chanu. "I could never hurt Claire . . . I love her . . . loved her. . ."

"Sir, I'm sure it's just a matter of procedure," interrupted Chris who could sympathize with the young man. He too had lost his wife and knew how that felt. "We have a private conference room that would probably be better to hold that discussion. . ."

The police officer nodded and Chanu, whose attention was focused on the body of his wife, reluctantly nodded as well.

"Where are you taking her?" asked Chanu as he watched as they wheeled Claire's body out of the room.

"To the morgue, Sir," replied the police officer. "So we can find out the cause of death."

"Gentlemen, if you will follow me," said Chris. "I will escort you to the private conference room."

Chris paused at the doorway. "Gentlemen, if you could wait for me at the elevators, I will be there in one moment."

The police officer nodded as he escorted a very upset Chanu to the elevators.

"Josiah," said Chris in a low voice. "I need you to do something."

"Sure," replied the big guy. "Name it."

"Find Owen Mosley and his son, Rafe . . . they're guests in his hotel," started Chris. "And escort them to the conference room. Don't tell them what happened. Mosley is Claire's father."

Josiah nodded and Chris finished, "You might want to bring someone along with you just in case they give you trouble . . . I don't want any more incidents and I don't want anyone else hurt or killed."

"Will do boss," said Josiah as he nodded.

"If you need to reach me, just call," said Chris as he turned and headed toward the two men who were waiting for him.

Josiah Sanchez and one of the men on the security team stood outside room 747. Josiah knocked lightly and after a few moments a young man answered.

"Can I help you?" asked Rafe Mosley.

"Is Owen Mosley in?" asked Josiah.

"Pa, there's someone at the door for you," said Rafe in a loud voice.

Mosley closed the bible he was reading and stood, making his way to the door.

"Sir, if you and your son will come with me," said Josiah. "We have a matter we need to discuss with both of you. . ."

"Is this about Claire?" asked Rafe who was a little confused by the unexpected visitors.

"Sir, I can not discuss the matter," replied Josiah as he looked at Rafe. "But if you will follow me, we will answer all your questions."

Rafe nodded and Mosley lay down the bible he was holding, both men following Josiah and the Security personnel. . .

"Hello," said Chris as he answered his cell phone. He was out in the hallway with Montecito's owner, Orin Travis, when the call came in.

"Chris, it's me, Nathan," replied the hotel doctor.

"Nathan, what have you found out?" asked Chris who was anxious to hear any new information.

"The preliminary autopsy shows she died from strangulation," started Nathan. "No other signs of physical or sexual abuse . . . they did manage to lift a good set of fingerprints from her neck and found a piece of hair that they believe belong to her attacker . . . they're running tests on that now."

"Ok, if you hear anything else, call me right away," replied Chris. "Thanks Nathan." He hung up his phone and turned to Travis, filling him in on the phone call.

Chris and Orin returned to the conference room, joining Owen, Rafe, and the Las Vegas police officer.

"So, Mr. Mosley," said Chris as he took a seat across from the preacher. "Would you care to tell us where you were this mornin'?"

"I was in my room," stated Owen, repeating his earlier story. "Doing my daily devotional."

Chris nodded, not believing a word the preacher was saying. For some reason his gut instinct told him Mosley was lying. "Interesting you should mention that because God is not the only one who sees everything." The Head of Security looked up to the security camera that was tucked in the corner of the conference room, Mosley following his gaze to the camera. "'Cause we see everything that happens too."

Mosley squinted at the Security Chief, trying to decide if he was bluffing or not . . . it was hard to tell.

Travis interrupted Chris as he said, "Mr. Mosley I understand Claire was your only daughter and how difficult it must have been for you when she ran away with Chanu." The older man was playing the "good cop" role, trying to bait Mosley into slipping. "I know how children are . . . never listening to their parents, thinking they know more than we do. . ."

Mosley nodded as he commented, "Claire was a good girl, but she was easily swayed . . . Chanu corrupted her mind and turned her against me . . . She deserved better than that . . . THAT . . .heathen." The preacher stood as he began to pace in the small room. "She wouldn't listen to me . . . She used to, but ever since she met HIM, she stopped. How would it look if my congregation found out about her? I would lose all respect among them . . . I just had to do it . . ."

"Do what?" asked Chris in a quiet voice as Rafe watched on in horror as his father began to reveal his story.

"I tried to show her the error of her ways," continued Owen who was caught up in his emotions. "I insisted that she return home with me . . ."

"But she didn't want to?" asked Travis.

"NOOO. . ." said Mosley as he held his fist up into the air. "She said she . . . loved . . . him . . . that they were married and she was going to have his . . . child . . ." The last word was spit out in disgust, the old man not believing his daughter would have that man's baby. "I couldn't allow it . . . it wasn't right . . . she gave me no other choice. . ."

"Pa," murmured Rafe, but his father didn't hear him; he was wrapped up in reliving the events from earlier that morning.

"I had to stop her," continued Mosley. "She wouldn't listen to me . . . she pushed me away and I . . . I didn't mean for it to happen." He held up his shaking hands as if he was strangling her and then broke down crying.

The other men sat in silence as they digested Mosley's story. Finally the police officer said, "Sir, you'll need to come with me." Owen nodded, resigned to the fact that it was time to meet his maker. Rafe accompanied his father out of the room, sadness filled his features . . . he not only lost his sister but now his father.

"I should go tell Chanu," stated Chris and Travis nodded in agreement. The two men were relieved to have this whole ordeal almost over with.

"You and your staff did a good job," said Travis as he stood up.

"Thank you, sir," replied Chris as he followed the Montecito's owner out of the room.

Orin Travis returned to his office at the Montecito and found a visitor. His daughter-in-law, Mary Travis, was waiting for him. Mary had been married to his son Steven who was murdered several years ago. Fortunately for him and his wife, Evie, Mary stayed in the area working at the Vegas Tribune so they could continue to see her and their grandson, Billy, on a frequent basis.

"Mary, it is so good to see you," said Orin as he gave the young blonde woman a hug. "How are you doing and how's my grandson?"

Mary smiled at the mention of her son, and replied, "I'm fine and Billy's doing great . . . he loves school and has just started soccer."

"Well, be sure to give us his game schedule," said Orin as he took a seat behind his desk. "I know Evie and I would love to see him play."

"I will," replied Mary as she sat down in one of the chairs across from him. She paused for a moment, clearing her throat and then continued, "The other reason why I wanted to stop by is work related . . . I had heard there was a death . . . a young woman . . . at the Montecito and wanted to see if you could give me any information for the Tribune?"

Orin smiled as he replied, "Now Mary, unfortunately at the moment I can't do that . . . the police are tying up some loose ends and we've been instructed not to say a word to anyone."

Mary nodded as she replied, "Ok, no problem, Orin, I understand. I just thought I would check. The Tribune wants to make sure we get the story right and not publish rumors or half-truths." Later, she thought, she would contact her source down at the police station. Maybe they would give her an inside tip for her story.

"So, when can you and that handsome grandson of mine come over for dinner?" asked Orin as he changed the subject. "I know Evie would love to see you both."

"How about Friday evening?" suggested Mary.

"Friday it is!" replied Orin as he smiled. "Evie will be ecstatic!"

"Well, I should let you get back to work," said Mary as she stood and Orin followed. "We will see you all Friday."

Orin nodded as he replied, "Thanks for stopping by . . . tell Billy we said hi."

"I will," said Mary as she smiled and then turned and left.

Josiah Sanchez was fixing dinner when he heard the news report on the TV.

"This is channel four news with a late breaking news item. TV Evangelist Owen Mosley was arrested today for the murder of his daughter, Claire. Mr. Mosley's representatives were not available for comment. We are watching this story very closely and will have an update during the 11 o'clock news. Now back to your regularly scheduled program."

The Montecito Head Valet shook his head while thinking it definitely didn't take long for the news to pick up the story. It was such a sad situation . . . a young woman and unborn child dead because of her father's narrow-minded beliefs.


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