A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste



Rating: PG13 (for language)

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Comments:  Yes, the sequel to Man! I feel Like a Woman.  The song comes from a concept album - Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down the Wind.  The song is sung by Meatloaf.

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Mary had put some water on to boil and excused herself for a moment.  When she came back she had changed into a T-shirt and well worn, faded blue jeans, which she wore well.  Chris had made himself relax and had gone over to the stereo and put up the volume slightly.  It was not at the level that Mary had cranked it up to, when he could feel the glass actually vibrating. He had to admit he had watched a bit before she caught him at the door.

If only
If only
If you could listen to the night you can hear the darkness call
I can never stand to wait
I can never stand at all

There she was moving around having a great time, with a great set of legs to boot.  What was he doing? He ran a hand over his face. Where was Billy when you needed him.  The boy had always come along on their so-called dates, and he broke the ice for Larabee.  Course any man would be happy to have Mary alone for himself.

Come on closer to me now like we're sharing the same skin
We got to get out of this jail
We got to let the future in

So many things in your life that your bound to regret
Why didn't I do that?
Why didn't I do this?
So many chances you lost that you never forget
Why didn't I make it?
Why didn't I take it right there?

He heard her chopping in the kitchen. "It's nothing fancy. I hope you like it."  She stopped chopping and got a glass out of the cabinet, which she put on the counter. "Would you like a glass of wine?"

Chris picked up her glass from the coffee table and brought it over.  He filled his glass and then refilled hers.  She took the glass and raised it for a toast.

"To a memorable evening." Their glasses met with a faint clink.

Okay, he had to say something or else she was going to think he was a mute. He opened his mouth and nothing came out as he watched her lips rest on the glass. He wanted to . .

The loneliest words you'll ever know-if only, if only, it were so
The emptiest words that they'll ever be. .
It could have been me
It could have been me
Believe me, believe me

And this goddamned music wasn't helping any. Damn it! Meatloaf, the man doesn't sing songs, he has to do an epic! He ended up giving her a lopsided grin.  He wanted to pound his head against the white walls.  Instead he walked around taking in the décor and gave the stereo a glare, hoping to stop it from playing with a look.

A kiss is a terrible thing to waste
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste
It's something that has always been so
And one of these nights your going to show me what you already know
There's a feast waiting for you and you never even gotten a taste
It's later than you think and a kiss is a terrible thing to waste

"Nice paintings," he finally said.  Nice paintings? This was the best he could come up with?

"Thank you," she came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. "I painted the watercolors myself."

He stood cemented in front of the landscape.  She came and stood next to him.

"You're very talented." That wasn't too bad.  She crooked her head so her hair rested slightly on his shoulder.  He reached out and brushed the hair off his shoulder.  His hand lingered and touched her face, tipping her chin up so that their lips could meet.

We shouldn't tremble when we touch there's no reason for these fears.
It's a promise that was made.
We've been promised this for years.

I want to show you it all, what to do, and where and how
So many prayers in the night that you try to ignore
Why didn't I do this?
Why didn't I do that?
So many unanswered prayers, so many unopened doors.
Why didn't I take it?
Why didn't I make it come true?

Mary wrapped her arms around his neck. Then he heard a strange noise.  Was that his stomach growling?  Then he heard an audible thump, causing Mary to drop her arms. He stopped the kiss.  Sheepishly they both averted eye contact and looked at the slider.  There slamming into the glass was the cat.  Chris walked over and opened the door. He was able to see two coyotes howling in Mary's backyard.  When he turned the cat was in Mary's arms.  She was patting the cat hard, as if she was punishing it, or maybe like him she was wishing Seymour had been a coyote snack. Now, Cuervo was a cat that minded his own business.

"Is he okay?" Larabee gestured to the cat.

"Him," she looked down at the cat. "He's fine." The music was still playing in the background, and Chris felt awkward. Maybe it was better if he just left.

A kiss is a terrible thing to waste
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste
It's something that has always been so
And one of these nights your going to show me what you already know
There's a feast waiting for you and you never even gotten a taste
It's later than you think and a kiss is a terrible thing to waste

"It's late.  I should be going," Chris looked to the door.

"But, but, what about dinner?" She detached the cat from her T-shirt and tossed him to the ground.

"Maybe another time?" Great Larabee, that sounded like a brush off.

Which was probably exactly what Mary believed when she said in a husky voice, "Yeah, sure.  I'll walk you to the door."

She opened the front door for him. "Goodnight," she said as she rested a hand on the doorknob.

He bent forward. He wanted to kiss her, but then thought different. "Night," and the door closed behind him with a soft click.

He took two steps away from the door.  What the hell am I doing! That is a great woman and I am missing my chance.  He turned on his heel and raised his fist to knock on the door when suddenly it swished open-an it was a damn good set of reflexes that prevented Larabee from rapping Mary squarely in the nose.  They shared wide eyes and an awkward smile at the near miss before Mary took the initiative.

"Yes. . ."

He took a deep breath. "Um, well, I was wondering. . ." She looked at him patiently.  "Would you like to go out next Friday?" He finally gritted out.

She beamed a smile at him.  "Yes, I'd love to."

He backed away from the door. He'd done it and now he just wanted to go home and relax.  What an evening. "I'll call you during the week then."

"Okay," she said as she slowly closed the door.

Her head was still peeking out when he reached his Dodge. He waved and she closed the door.  He turned on the radio as he pulled out.  That stupid song was still on.  You know Meatloaf, Chris thought to himself as he brushed his fingers over his lips. You're right, a kiss is a terrible thing to waste.

The End