The Road Not Taken

by Heather M

Disclaimer: I do not own them, other people, corporations, etc. do. The intent of the writing of this fic is enjoyment.

Notes: There is a lot story line herein pertaining to Josiah’s personal history. I tried to stick as close as I could to Mog’s original creation and still accommodate my own story.

It would help if you have read my other fic, Sometimes It Takes a Mother’s Touch. I refer to it a couple of times but it’s not vital. (I promise this one is better written.)

Appropriate acknowledgements of the works of Dr. Suess and the characters of the TV Series X-Files.

Special Thanks: To Helen Chavez and Tess for their beta work. They are fabulous; generous with their compliments and there is no doubt in my mind, their input helped bring this work up a notch.

As always, anyone who writes appreciates your comments – I’m no different.

Size: Approx. 250K

Contains some profanity

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