Sometimes It Takes a Mother's Touch

by Heather M

ATF Universe: Bless Mog for her creation.

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven do not belong to me but to Trilogy Entertainment Group/MGM/Mirish Corp. No infringement of copyrights is intended, only the enjoyment of the writing and the reading of this work of fiction. No money will be made from this work.

Original Characters: Ellen Kendall, Philip Winton, Judge Wilfred Bradshaw, Josh Kendall and OFC.

Special Mention: My thanks you to Heather F for allowing me borrow Ryan Kelly, Supervisor Team 8.

Author's Notes: I've never been to Denver, hence the street names are fictitious. My medical, legal (and for that matter) my computer knowledge are all very limited. If I was professional writer (or I just plain had the time) I would put more time into research. Finally, yes, the premise is a bit of a stretch but it is fiction and only meant for fun.

Personal Notes: I'm a rookie. This is my first fan fiction, I had a great time writing it so I doubt it will be my last. I would very much like to receive your comments.

Extra Note: To American fanfic readers you will find a number of words end in "our" instead of "or" and "re" instead of "er" as you might expect. They are Canadian spellings, you get used to the differences pretty quickly.

Size: Approx: 190K

Contains some profanity.

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