JD Dunne
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Series Pilot

One Day Out West

Working Girls




The Collector


Inmate 78

Series Pilot

"I here you fellas are headed for a fight?" (67.4K)

"My name is J.D. Dunne, and I can ride." (74.4K)

"I was covering you... making sure you weren't walking into an ambush." (46.7K)

"Told you, I can ride." (18.4K)

"He'd be dead, rignt now, if it weren't for me!" (28.8K)

"I saved your life, twice... twice!" (30.8K)

"You're full of crap." (15.4K)

"YES!" (16.9K)

"You look awful..." (13.9K)

"Try and keep me away!" (19.4K)


One Day Out West

"I'm older than I look." (20.9K)

"Huh?" (18.2K)

"Gettin' enough money to be called 'mister'." (21.9K)

"You know, Bat Masterson wears a hat just like this one, Buck." (33.8K)

"A badge!" (9.4K)

"You'll be wearin' a coffin tomorrow, mister." (23.3K)

"Gunbelts on the bar!" (15.9K)

"Now, you told me your mother was still alive." (32.3K)

"I'm in, if everyone else is." (29.3K) [BACK]

Working Girls

"This ain't my first--I've had a whole gaggle of women." (42.1K)

"Buck, how many times do I gotta tell you? I already know what to do." (42.1K)

"I agree, you don't treat women like that, but now we can't go back to Wickestown." (44.6 K)

"I really think that Emily and I could have had something. I mean, she said she might not even charge me." (52.1K)

"What do you know, preacher? Women never meant nothin' to you." (36.2K)

"Is there anyone alive who doesn't feel obliged to give me advice?" (39.1K)

"You know, Buck, if you are so hell-bent on a roll in the hay, why don't you go buy one for yourself?" (59.5)

"I think that I'm ready.... I could do it now." (60K)

"You know, there's more to those ladies than meets the eye." (32.2K)

"Hell if I can figure it out." (23.3)



"I saw you win that watch in a poker game, last week." (42K)

"Absolutely not!" (19.4K)

"A saloon is no place for a pretty lady to wait." (26.8K)

"Not to say I'm not fast... this side of Chris Larabee, I am the fastest hereabouts." (54.1)

"Hey... Seen my cufflinks?" (40K)



"Y'know, I can do rope tricks, too. You wanna see some?" (29.8K)

"What're you tryin' to do to me, Buck?" (16.9K)

"Take a bath?!" (10.9K)

"Maybe you should try your animal maggotism on him, Buck." (31.8K)



"Act like you've never seen a man in a coffin before." (27K)


The Collector

"I'm one of them." (10.5K)

"Not as good as you..." (25.3K)

"No...No...I'm not gonna race no girl." (34.3K)

"Scared?! Oh for Pete's sake!" (35.3K)

"That girl gets on my nerves, Buck." (67K)

"Hell, she ain't even hardly a girl." (33.8K)

"He backed down like a yellow dog, Vin." (27K)

"What's he got, anyway? A dozen men...a dozen men, and we could have wupped him easy!" (58K)

"Can't a man play a quiet game with his knife?...Without being distracted?" (50.5K)

"You don't know nothin', Buck." (18.5K)

"You know what, Chris, if you don't ever tell Top Hat Bob that you remember him, he...he won't ever kill you." (69.5K)



"Reputations gotta be growed into, sonny. You got yourself a few more years before you qualify." (83.9K)

"Ooooo.....ooo... we're shakin' in our boots... skakin' in our boots... aren't we?" (71.5K)

"Mmmm... this is good. What is this?" (37.2K)

"Hey... fire! HEY... FIRE!" (51.7K)

"Josiah... Josiah, those men are naked in there!" (41.7K)

"I think it's nuts, alright? And I also think that we're nuts for staying here." (51.7K)

"If this is their idea of help, I'd hate to see what they call a hindrance." (44.7K)


Inmate 78

"Let's see... a three-legged dog... He walks into a saloon, right? He walks right up to the bartender and he says, 'I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw.'" (82.4K)


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