by Estevana Rey

WWII Alternate Universe

Kerry and Bonns - for beta reading
Winter - for her historical expertise, a title, and the video of Memphis Belle
Joy K (whose tracking skills rival Vin's) - for the technical info on the Sperry ball turret
The Bad AOeLement - for their encouragement and inspirational fan fic discussions.
Raquel - for help with Rafael's dialogue
The Dirty Dozen - for being there

This story was written in response to a challenge put forth on the M7 fic list to adapt an episode of another TV series to any M7 universe, and it was inspired by "The Mission" episode of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories (although it is not actually a re-write of it).

I have taken literary license in explaining Nathan's presence as part of the bomber crew. While thousands of black soldiers provided vital ground support for the B-17s of the U.S. Eighth Air Force, and an elite few served as fighter pilots with the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, the prevailing social attitudes of the time were such that B-17 aircrews were normally not racially integrated.


Rory Selkirk is an original character created by Tiffiny, and is used with permission.

Dr. O'Neill is an original character created by Mady Bay and Suzy, and is used with permission.

The idea of the Seven as a WWII B-17 bomber crew was originated by Jean Graham in Fortress: Beginnings; which is a "closed AU." However, this fic is not a sequel, prequel, or companion piece to that story, and it was completed before the concept of a "closed AU" existed in this fandom.

This is a work of fan fiction, and as such should not be construed as a historical document or technical reference pertaining to World War II, the 8th Air Force, the Boeing B-17G bomber or the Sperry ball turret. I have endeavored to incorporate actual details whenever possible, but, I'm not an authority, I wasn't there, and I can't assure anyone that my research is 100% accurate. I have, however, actually flown in a B-17, in the bombardier's seat, and though it was one of the most awesome, breathtaking thrills of my life, I can fully appreciate how terrifying flying one into combat must have been. The men who flew them were truly magnificent!

Comments are welcome, but flames will be shared with my buds, and we will laugh merrily.

Contains profanity.

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