La Corrido del Coyote

G. M. Atwater

Disclaimer: The characters from The Magnificent Seven television series are property of Trilogy Entertainment, The Mirisch Group, MGM Worldwide, and CBS. No matter how much I beg or grovel, they won't let me have 'em. Therefore I am borrowing them for a while, and I promise to put them back when I'm through, although overdue fines may apply. Nor have I received any monetary compensation for this story.

Ratings: PG-17 (Some language, some violence, and a couple graphic descriptions, including later mentions of domestic abuse.)

Warnings: No obvious spoilers, but I do assume everyone is familiar with the original TV series.

Notes Comments: This is my first-ever attempt at fan-fiction, so while it may be too long and too laughable, please be gentle . . . Meanwhile, my thanks to the talented writers and film-makers who gave us the Magnificent Seven, and a hearty salute to the (I gotta say it!) magnificent actors who brought the Seven to life! The interpretations of the characters in this story are mine, however, as is the creation of Sam McLachlan, so blame me if this stinks. Last but not least, please forgive the introduction of an original character on my first try, but I am still getting to know the Seven, and felt a little more comfortable exploring, this time, with the aid of an outside viewpoint. P.S.: All Seven are featured in this, so just be patient! :-)

Size: Approx 251K

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