Last Impression

by Karin

ATF Alternate Universe

RATINGS: PG-13 (some naughty words)

WARNINGS: h/c agnst - it's me writing it, what were you thinking.

NOTES/COMMENTS: I took some liberties that I need to point out so no one gets I know anything about law enforcement? No..I'm an E.M.T. This is a work of fiction and I have no idea what the difference is between any department or agencies so I kind of made it up (that's why they call it fiction) anyway... Just one of the few stories I've been working on.. Is it good? ..heck I dunno I was pushed to write this.. Did I have fun? How can you not when you're in this Universe Mog so graciously created? I didn't ask her permission (like she really knows who I am) but I hope she doesn't mind me playing in this AU. This fic refers to events that take place in Seeing the Other you need to read that one to understand this one? No..but it would be nice!

Parts 1 - 2

Parts 3 - 5

Parts 6 - 9

Parts 10 - 13

Parts 14 - 17

Parts 18 - 19

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