One Question

by Kim

ATF Alternate Universe

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Warnings: Mild profanity.

Sitting in the saloon, the Magnificent Seven was unwinding from another successful raid. $1.1 million in cash and guns and drugs was now sitting in an evidence room at ATF headquarters. Forty-seven people were under arrest, including the head of the gang. It had been a very good day.

"OK, you get to ask one question from any one of us and he's gotta answer truthfully. Then it's his turn and he asks somebody else. You can't ask somebody who's already answered a question and everybody has to answer one question. That's the rule. Who's gonna go first?" JD scanned the faces of his friends eagerly.

"I'll give it a go." Josiah sounded slightly drunk as he spoke good-naturedly. "Hhhmmm, uhm, well son, since this game was your idea, I think you should answer the first question. Two weeks ago, when you didn't arrive home until 5:00 in the morning, what were you doing?"

The rest of the table hooted with laughter. JD had refused to tell them why he was so late. Buck had gleefully related JD staggering in looking exhausted at five. When he'd asked the kid why he was late, JD had just glared and went into his room and slammed the door. Buck had taken every opportunity to tease JD about it, without knowing the real reason.

JD turned bright red and started mumbling an answer.

"Speak up kid, we can't hear you." Buck was gleeful. He liked this game the kid had suggested they play.

"OK! Casey and I had a fight and she left me out at the pond and made me walk home." The kid glared at them, as they roared with laughter. He wasn't so sure he liked this game anymore. "You can all laugh if you want to, but it's my turn now."

Six pairs of eyes watched the kid as he searched each face, before settling on his victim. "How come you never cut your hair?" JD demanded of Vin.

The smile on Vin's face disappeared and the rest of the team turned questioning eyes on him. They'd all wondered why Vin wore his hair so long. Whenever anyone had asked him before, he'd just give them that funny little smile he had and change the subject. Now he was stuck.

Vin's raspy drawl was soft and his eyes got a faraway look when he replied. "It was mine. It wouldn't get left behind."


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